Monday, March 18, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 14 - Prey

Hello fellow zombie enthusiasts!  The Walking Dead's 3rd season has had a very strong 2nd half, and it didn't stop last night.  Shocking, because we only got a glimpse of Rick and the prison setting last night (and none of the rest of Rick's crew).  Instead, we focused on Andrea's "coming of age" story in Woodbury.  Well, maybe less coming of age and more "gaining some common sense"!  The majority of the episode featured the Governor/Andrea chase which was absolutely thrilling.  But, there were some other key moments to discuss as well.  Let's dive in!

  • The Governor's torture chamber! Yikes..Obviously, it was set up for Michonne, but it's going to get a test run on Captain Solo first.  (errr....Andrea.  And no, I'm not comparing to Star Wars...more just finding a way to sneak in a paraphrased scenario from the classic sequel!)   Anyone who watched Talking Dead, got a behind the scenes look at all of the tools in the Governor's "workshop" and their purpose.  Let's hope that they don't get used to that extent on either Andrea or Michonne.
  • That chamber was the final straw in Milton's allegiance.  Well, sorta.  He still is scared sh**less of his old friend Phillip (whom he claims to have known before the breakout.  He definitely isn't the same guy these days, whoever he was before!  Anyway, Milton was seen in this episode ratting on the Governor, but also ratting out Andrea too.  But, I thought it was pretty obvious by not showing the face that he was the guy that burned the pit Walkers.  And of course, Phillip figured it out pretty quickly too.  Oh boy!
  • Tyreese definitely seems to still be a guy that can tell good from bad, and while he currently is loyal to the Governor, he's definitely getting suspicious.  Andrea's speech to him and his sister definitely helped that case.  The Pit walkers was another strike against Phillip.  Then of course, there's that dude in their group that definitely will be killed by the end of the season.  I'm a little confused by their backstory, but apparently Tyreese saved some girl (the other dude's wife/girlfirend/girl he was interested in maybe?) and this other guy resents him for it. 
  • We got a flashback on Michonne and Andrea surviving the winter (which of course, Phillip lied to Tyreese and crew about.  He said Andrea survived it alone to try and discredit her story).  We found out that Michonne's walker pets were people she knew and were 2 people she wasn't really fond of either.  She said they got what they deserved.  I'm sure there is more to this story in the comics, but since I didn't read them, I have nothing to add!  We may find out more eventually anyway.
  • So, then all that's left to discuss is the chase.  Phillip went after Andrea personally.  Andrea was doing a pretty good job evading him until they both ended up at that abadoned warehouse full of walkers (surprise!).  The Governor was doing his best Omar Little with all of the whistling, but instead of a shotgun he had a shovel!  Andrea did end up besting him in the warehouse by releasing a starecase full of walkers on him.  But, with 2 episodes left this season, we knew that wouldn't kill him!  What we didn't know is when we would see him next.  Just as Andrea reached the prison to warn her friends of their pending doom, Rick sees something out of the corner of his eye, but the Governor grabs Andrea and hides her low to the ground.  Now, because we have spent so many episodes with Rick seeing visions of dead people, we are led to believe that Rick thinks he's seeing things again.  Nice touch! 
  • Phillip lies to all of Woodbury and said he couldn't find Andrea, but we know exactly where she is.  The show left nothing to the imagination as we see her bound to the chair in the Governor's workshop. 
Ouch!!  Next episode could be quite painful to watch!  But, that was some pretty intense stuff.  I've been really enjoying this season so I'll be sorry to see it go, but I'm excited to see where things are going to end up at the same time.  I've spoken enough and I'm sure I missed a few things.  So, I'll open the floor for discussion!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!


MJ said...

Haven't read your recap yet - will get it soon.

TWD - OMG! I'm hoping they don't kill Andrea. Her move with getting behind the open door and letting the walkers in on the Gov was brilliant ! I immediately thought (and it was brought up on Talking Dead later) what if the gov got bitten? He'd def not tell any one as he wants to get his revenge on Michonne ! And he was acting odd when he was talking to Tyreese - like he kept pulling his coat closed. And Milton was the one to burn them ? Wow. But that whole scene with Andrea and Gov was so intense. But seriously - hit the guy in the groin, stand up and yell 'help!' Andrea so Rick can hear and see you and be able to shoot the gov dead. LOL I know - he can't die til the last ep. And man - that gov was good - telling Tyreese that Andrea was crazy cause she walked all winter in the woods. Why6 are the psychos always so smart ? Andrea was horrible trying to lie to Tyreese to get out.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, the caller on Talking Dead asked "what if he's infected" instead of "bitten" then of course they all say "they're all infected" But yeah, it's a good point. He might be bitten and is hiding it.

lol on the psychos being smart. I guess it leads to engaging television! :)

mj said...

Possible spoiler

Just read that actor who plays Milton signed up as series reg for some show. Guessing he's a goner. Lol

Mike V. said...

I figured the writing was on the wall after this week! It's a shame, I think he would've fit in with Rick's crew! lol

MJ said...

Read on EW that the book fans would have gotten some meaning from those poles with the chains. I've heard some of what he did to Michonne and other women so I'm just guessing. LOL I was also a little confused with Tyresse and the red shirt - guessing it's the women who was his wife who they killed when they got to the prison cause she was bit. Agree - Milton would have been good with the Grimes Gang. I want Martinez too - we need a few more a**-kickers - Judith doesn't count LOL

Leslie said...

Pretty intense episode! I was worried Andrea wasn’t going to survive the episode when they said she was a guest on Talking Dead before the episode ended! Really interesting to hear her explain on TD that when they shot that sequence in the warehouse, she didn’t always know which direction he was coming from or when he was going to scrap the shovel or whistle so we were seeing her real reactions to all that.

Good thing Tyreese was practicing his shooting! He’s doesn’t have great aim! I was half expecting the Governor to kill Milton in the street when he made the off-hand comment about the burning of the pit walkers.

I hope they don’t kill Andrea or Michonne. I’m curious about more backstory on Michonne and her pets, and I want to see Andrea reunited with Rick and the gang. Now I’m thinking the Governor should end up in his own torture chamber with Andrea, Michonne and Maggie all having a crack at him! lol

Mike V. said...

@MJ - I also heard what he did to Michonne...maybe it was during the same time frame as these torture scenes. So yes...we can probably fill in the blanks. lol Yeah...i figured it had to do with that woman that died when they got to the prison. (The Tyreese thing and ..nice on Red Shirt lol) Agreed...Martinez would be a great addition too. Maybe the fact that they've name dropped him a few times in the past few episodes means something. Of course, It could be just giving a name to a face that might get killed off before the end of the season. lol

I think one thing we can guarantee is that Tyreese becomes part of the crew in season 4. It would be cool if some Woodbury crew make it into the group too after seeing the nut that the Governor has become. There has to be casualties though. I called this last week, but I'll continue to call that Merle is going to bite the dust this season too. It would be quite an emotional catalyst going into future seasons if it was Daryl that ended up being the one to do it. But, we'll see what happens!

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Yes, definitely interesting on how they filmed the warehouse scene. The end result was certainly creepy!!

Good call on Tyreese's aim. That was a pretty funny scene. lol And agreed that the Gov should end up in his own chair! I hope Andrea doesn't get killed off either. I'm really curious to who else they may kill off this season (besides the ones that I've assumed would happen. lol)

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Finally read that article MJ. Very very interesting. Of course that might suggest that he meets the mother and then season 9 becomes "how i married your mother" or "how I met your father" (considering the time elements)

Definitely interesting in any case. I'm along for the ride whatever it may be!

MJ said...

Leslie - I thought the same thing when I saw she was on Talking Dead!

Agree Merle will die - but we all said that about hershel too. LOL

On talking Dead Lori (Andrea) said that she never knew exactly when the gov would whistle or band the shovel or where he'd be so her being jumpy was real.

Seen the episode titles for the last two shows ? If you don't want to then spoiler below. Finale one could be misleading - I think prison cells are sometimes called that.

This Sorrowful Life
Welcome to the Tombs

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I'm thinking the finale, based on the clues we've seen in the past few episodes, will be a showdown at the prison. They'll probably disperse some walkers into the "unguarded" areas of the prison. (however Tyreese and crew got in) and then who knows after that. but yeah, I had seen the names of the final 2 episodes. Good stuff (or BAD stuff? lol)

Good point on Merle too! lol We'll see!

mj said...

Omg. EW has 3 pics fr this weeks ep. Pic 2 the caption is snarking about Daryls jeans but what i see is a walker eating fresh dead, and possibly l it's of fresh dead.

Mike V. said...

Very interesting!

mj said...

Lots. Was supposed to say lots of fresh dead

Mike V. said...

Doing some Smart Phone blog commenting lately? lol