Monday, March 11, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 3/10/2013 - 3/16/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Finally caught up on last week's ONCE, but didn't get to this week's.

I did watch Grimm though, awesome! Will comment on it later when I get a chance.

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah, and I finally watched the Following too. lol I'll have to go and read everyone's comments from last week! :)

Leslie said...

ONCE - I was a little surprised by some of Cora's backstory. Won't say anymore until others have watched.

Haven't watched Revenge yet.

Random movie note - I saw "Alex Cross" this weekend (on my new blu-ray). It had Tyler Perry playing Cross and Matthew Fox as the killer. It was a different side of Matthew. I saw that he lost like 35 lbs. and worked out like crazy for this role. He was gaunt looking, but muscular. He was a convincing bad guy.

Mike V. said...

Alex Cross - I had seen the previews for it and interviews with Matthew Fox for it (he's still on my TiVo wish list because of LOST lol). Bizarre to see Tyler Perry as an action hero, but I do kinda want to see the movie. Maybe I'll rent it or wait for cable! lol

MJ said...

Shameless - OMG ! I've been saying for weeks that Carl is a psycho and Deb is getting more like him. But wow. And that Karen put the baby daddy up to coming and getting Hymie. I thought it odd that they showed up out of the blue - but somehow did not add up that Karen showed up the very next day. Duh ! Liam using that out of order toilet in the LR was hysterical.

Grimm - god how I missed this show ! Heard ratings were on par from bef the hiatus - which i was worried about. Them pulling eachothers shirts off - and Juliette firing that gun ! Holy crap. Nick and Renard throwing down was off the charts.

No Once or Revenge yet either.

Mike V. said...

Whew I almost started reading your post about Shameless, then forgot I hadn't watched yet. I stopped. lol

Grimm - Yeah, it was really awesome. The Renard/Nick encounter was great. Loved that it went back to the pilot location. Also loved that they closed the door (almost) on the 1st half of the season's story arc and now we'll move forward with Renard and Nick on the same side (hopefully). The whole what'sherface being pregnant at the end (cut off by my TiVo, had to watch it on streaming) was a bit "of course she is!!!" to me. But, I'm sure it will have downstream reprecussions or give her her powers back or whatever. lol

I like that Nick will have an even bigger support system now if Juliette and Renard enter the picture. We'll have to see how everyone recovers now that Nick has drank the crazy potion. lol Glad to have it back!

BTW...they have been promoting Revolution's return very heavily. And I think the one thing that it'll have going for it that we really didn't consider, was that THE VOICE is premiering that night too as a lead-in. So, Revolution may actually return pretty strongly. We'll see! I've read some teasers from the producers. One comparing it to Game of Thrones on how they've retweaked the show. (from a political side of things) Could be interesting, but something tells me it won't quite be on that level. But, they did say Charlie will be less whiny. I think we can all stand for that!

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Yeah, I chalked it up to writing conveniences or symbolism that Karen showed up the next day. Never connected that she was the one that made it happen. And of course, she's trying to get Lip back too now. Or at least get him when she wants him (like previous years). The toilet was hysterical and yes...Carl is crazy!!! And Deb is definitely braching out this season. lol Really looking forward to sh** hitting the fan when Jimmy's antics are exposed. Of course, he'll have ammunition all set to fight back with Fiona with the neglect he's been feeling this season. Then there's the whole awkward Baby making story which I'll just leave at that. Was funny when Fiona walked into it though. lol Frank and the Clinger!! good times. lol

I've tried to watch ONCE twice now (get it?)...Sunday night, Parker was awake. When I put it on, he grabbed a remote off the floor and handed it to me. (he didn't want to watch it...he wanted to watch Mickey. lol kid cracks me up) Last night he didn't go to sleep until 9 so we had to skip right to Shameless and The Following!!

The Following - We finally met Rodrick....dude looks familiar, but I don't know what I know him from. I thought it was John Candy's oldest son in the Great Outdoors. But, it's not. lol And we may or may not have confirmed that Mike is in on it. There were lots of vague statements made during his captivity. And he knew that the dude was Rodrick. But, he was the only one that knew the location of Claire and didn't give it up. I still think they could throw a twist on us! It's almost as if they're intentionally vague so if they decide to write in a twist down the road, the can. TV is organic afterall! lol The whole commune of Followers was certainly creepy...then all the crazy lusty love scenes at the end was all kinds of weird! And then Hardy going all ballistic and shooting down 5 guys at the end? That was kinda nuts.

mj said...

Grimm - lets not forget mom never got on that bus. Def think its gonna get interesting with capt.

Revolution - saw/read same. I have faith in Kripke! just no faith in the fans to give it a shot.

The Americans - this show has been pretty good.

Continuum - im hoping carlos heard some of what she was saying, cant believe next week is finale! I did not see that the kid was the tatted guys younger self coming but my husband called it. Cant seem to get their names down!

Oncs - omg! Watched and will comment later. Revenge too

Anonymous said...

Continuum--Carlos getting shot for a while looked like he was no prob going to make it, then he was sure to die when she was confessing, to he's going to live--roller coaster. Roland getting shot was set up throughout the ep, but how it happened was a little cheesy. Liber8 is coming alive. With her being seen in that "superman" suit and confessing to Carlos makes me wonder how long her secret will be held from a wider audience. The scene at the end on the boat was very interesting.

The Following--Joe wants his family back together and he seems to be delusional that he's a good guy. The new FBI leader has to take tight control given the screw ups. After the ep last night, I'm not sure about Westin. It's like if he's in on it, why didn't he just tell them Claire's location and if he's not the stabbing by white T shirt guy and the results of that are not clear. The whole scene with Joe killing the white T-shirt guy was just weird. So, if you screw up twice, you're dead and it's not totally clear how he screwed up since it was a team effort with Rodrick leading.

Grimm--one of my favorite shows and what a great ep. They really took the show a long way in 1 ep. Adeline getting pregnant was not surprising when she wanted him to be in his exposed state before they got her pregnant. The writers have some options with her now, like royalty lineage. I don't quite get Renard's look when he's exposed--like he's disfigured, maybe some history on that? Juliette will now know what's happening with Nick being a Grimm in addition to Nick/Renard working together along with Nick's partner being in on it. Tells me there's a showdown coming. Which side will Adeline be on--REnard or his brother? I thought it strange that the sign when the lady shop owner got off the bus said San Fransisco and yet they're in Portland. I thought that Renard's Tahoe had an Ontario license plate?


Mike V. said...

I'll comment on the discussion a little later, just wanted to share a couple of links. EW is doing interviews with the Game of Thrones cast every week day leading up to the premiere. They visited the set at some point and conducted all of them. So far we have gotten Brienne and Ygritte!

1.) Brienne -

2.) Ygritte -

Mike V. said...

Parks and Rec - I don't think we did. The wedding was great! You remember it a lot better than I do but all of those things you mentioned were hysterical! lol Midichlorians in the water! Loved it!! lol Man, it feels like it's been ages since those comedies have been on. Probably just 3 weeks as of this Thursday. lol

Following - I feel like they are trying to make us think that EVERYONE could be a follower. lol Probably easier to just keep watching and see what happens. But yeah, I'm glad they didn't kill Mike. Speaking of Iceman...I didn't realize "X-Men: Days of the Future Past" was going to have the Older Cast AND the Newer Cast collide. That's pretty damn awesome! I believe that actor is all signed up to return. lol Richard, agree on the new FBI leader...he seemed like quite a pushover so far, which was pretty comical. lol As for Joe killing Claire's "follower"....I think that guy volunteered for it. He felt like the screwup and give himself as a sacrificial gift to Joe. Joe, probably like Dexter, has a desire to kill and it is therapeutic. (btw...i just saw that MJ said the same thing. lol)

Grimm - Totally missed the San Fran info on the Bus (maybe that was the next stop?? lol) ...and I never look at license plates so I totally missed that too! lol

GofT - Brienne is the lady knight (yes tall) that was last seen under the orders of Catelyn Stark escorting Jaime Lannister back to King's Landing. I don't want to hype it up too much, but that was one of my favorite stories from book 3. Ygritte is the redhead wildling that was last seen taking Jon Snow to the King Beyond the Wall, Mance Rayder. She also has been doing some crazy flirting the virgin vow of chastity man. lol Don't worry...if you don't get to rewatch the can always count on me for a good recap with trying to avoid spoiling at all costs! :)

Leslie said...

The Following – well, that was a particularly disturbing episode! Interesting to find out Roderick and Joe’s connection. Very twisted! Charlie offering himself to Joe to kill so his life would be important? Creepy! Surely Mike isn’t one of the followers after all that! But, it does make me nervous that he and Ryan seem to have such a bond now.

Once – I didn’t make the connection about Princess Eva becoming Snow’s mother. (Thanks, MJ) But, I was surprised that Cora admitted to Rumple that he was the reason she took her heart out because he was the only man she ever really loved.

Revenge – Haven’t watched yet.

Mike – Parker obviously has strong opinions about his TV viewing. Like father, like son! :)

Mike V. said...

I actually forgot that I watched "HALF" of ONCE last night, so Shanna actually pointed out to me the connection of Princess Eva becoming Snow's mother. Funny, because she only half pays attention to the show! lol I'll watch the rest tonight, hopefully. Still don't know who dies!! (but obviously know someone does!)

Parker - @Leslie - I know...I created a monster!! lol Wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Yeah it was a pretty crazy story. I think the fact that Snow's mother died because of Cora made her actions just (revenge-wise). Of course, I agree that it was pretty stupid, and she knew it was. We did see Snow coming in to stop Regina from doing it, but it was too late. Then again, we need the Evil Queen to have a reason to continue to be evil, right!? lol The phone call that Gold made the Belle was pretty moving. As for Emma with probably has something to do with her being the chosen one or whatever. And the one that broke the curse. As for picking up the dagger....good point, but of course Emma is under the impression that Gold is family now so for the moment they're all on the same side!

At one point, I was starting to think that the flashbacks were leading to indicate that Gold would be Regina's mother. LOL That would have been a ridiculous family tree, even more so than it already is! lol

Justified - Great episode once again. Lots of crazy stuff happened which is all summed up nicely in the Yost interview....but all I can remember clearly from the episode was the chief's speech about how badass Drew Thompson is. lol It was fantastic...and clearly indicated that they had no idea they were going to make Shelby Drew from the beginning. But, that makes the speech even better! lol Looking forward to the final episodes.

MJ said...

Justified - did not expect to see Limehouse again. Don't know why but I got nervous when I first saw that dog, don't know what I thought they'd do so was happy it just reminded Drew of Ellen May. THe choise Boyd and Ava had to make - they each went the opposite I thought they would. I thought Ava would want to buy Ellen May and Boyd would want Drew - but they each wanted to help the other. They truly love eachother. Art was awesome when he was all mad at Raylan and telling him he'd be suspended, and when he was saying how 'bada**' Drew is.

Once - I'm sure you meant Gold would be Reginas FATHER. LOL

Leslie said...

Revenge - MJ, you pretty much covered my thoughts. Jack sure bounced back from that surgery quickly! Will Jack be able to accept the whole truth about Emily once it is finally revealed? The longer it goes, the harder that will be, but maybe true love will win out in the end. Oh wait, that's ONCE! lol

Mike V. said...

LOL...yep sure did! Must've been the glitter and the hair. :)

Agree on your comments on Justified!!

mj said...

Revenge - true about jacks recovery. And lol on true love.

Fringe - read on ew abour Septembers notebook - interview with peeps who did it. Very nice

Mike V. said...

Fringe - Yeah, I read about it too. They were actually on the FRINGE Podcast a month or so ago to talk about it. They did great work with the LOST Encyclopedia and I'm sure this book is great too. I had it on my amazon wish list for awhile, but took it off. I know I'll never read it! lol

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Day 3 of 15 Days of Thrones! BTW, this week's EW cover story is on Game of Thrones as well. Can't wait to get home and download it to the iPad! lol

Mike V. said...

Day 5 of Game of Thrones (the day 4 link is in there too)

Basically, all of these little articles are in the COVER STORY article in EW. lol

mj said...

Tgif - thank Grimm its friday.

Parks - another good ep. Love the town now co-owning a porn shop.