Monday, February 11, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 2/10/2013 - 2/16/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Shameless - OMG !! I can't believe where they are going with that new little girl. All I will say until I know you have watched.

Didn't get to watch Once or Revenge.

Mike V. said...

I unfortunately didn't see anything last night. Barely saw twd!! I'll catch up! Lol

MJ said...

HIMYM - Loved that 'crazy girl' was a cop! Robin telling the Marvin story over the years was cute, especially the Senator part.

Still no Revenge or Once. Tonight should be a good catch up night since the Pres is talking and the only think on is Justifed, I think.

Mike V. said...

I've been totally swamped so far this week. So, I'll try to do some catch-up tomorrow. But I did watch HIMYM. Senator Tyson!! lol Fantastic episode. The show is on a roll...and I'm sure now that we have an end date we're going to see the episodes going for broke even more!

No ONCE, Shameless or Revenge for me yet...watched The Following too. Will try to discuss later! But finally stayed awake for a full episode! And those 3 with the's just getting worse and worse to watch! lol The shower scene? Come on!! lol

I'll catch up later and also add more comments to TWD post.

Mike V. said...

Josh Holloway cast in a CBS Pilot!

MJ said...

Following - yeah that shower scene was horrible. LOL That thing with the magnets was pretty tense though - evven though we all knew Hardy would not die.

Did hear about his pilot - sounds kinda weird though.

Leslie said...

The Following – the shower scene was so heartwarming since they aren’t gonna give up on Jacob yet even though he revealed he hasn’t really killed anyone yet……just kidding – totally creepy! lol Emma will now control them both. Guess with the girl back in the basement Jacob will have another chance. I liked that they gave us a little more info on Ryan and his family.

There seem to be a lot of negative comments on this show, but I’m still interested enough to keep watching.

Haven’t gotten to Once or Revenge either, but planning to this evening.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - I watched!! lol She is a boy!!! LOL Fantastic. The whole episode was hysterical, as always. Jodi (jody/Chodey)'s admissions of sex addict acts was fantastic as was the reactions of everyone in the bar. lol Frank giving him pep talks great.....Jimmy's Dad coming to the Gallagher house and all sh*t breaking loose. Classic. Fiona and the work don't think there is any way that this scenario would ever happen in real life but it certainly is amusing!! lol (granted...I don't think a lot of this stuff would happen to this extent in real life. lol)

The "cancer kid" storyline...I saw where it was going the whole time, but it was still entertaining. Love that crazy show!

ONCE - Finally watched. Wasn't my favorite episode, but it was still decent. Any chance to see more Hurley! (aka TINY) And Rumple lost his ability to do magic by taking off the scarf. Very interesting. But, I still think Emma is the magic enabler so he will probably get it back. I do like the concept that some of them are leaving storybrooke...and how uncomfortable Rumple is out of his normal surroundings. Should be very Crocodile Dundee in NYC-like when he gets to the Big apple. lol

BTW...did everyone hear the flight attendant announce that they were on an AJIRA Flight at the end of the episode? lol Good times.

Justified - Boyd popped the question! hysterical proposal but fitting for them. lol Raylan following up on the severed foot guy and busting that group in the act was a good time. Not sure what else to discuss. This is one of those shows that the details kind of gloss over on me sometimes and I just enjoy the characters doing their stuff. lol Part of the problem could be that over the past year I've been watching TV with a tablet in hand and multi-tasking. lol Of course, when I'm recapping, I'm 100% attentive!

Anonymous said...

The Following--Sometimes I don't know why I watch this show with it's gore and that shower scene was gross. But, it does have some interesting twists.

It looks like the calvary will show up to rescue the boy in the next 2 eps unless a major event occurs. So, I am beginning to think that this group with Emma is a cell and that there are multiple cells. When Ryan told Joe that this was childs play that seemed like an opening to a much bigger scenario.

Great knowing why Ryan avoids Claire but hard to agree with it since it seems the avoidance hurts them both.

I actually enjoyed Continuum in the previous hour a lot more. Time travel and paradoxes at work there(familiar territory)!!!


Leslie said...

Once - not only did I notice Ajira, but they said it was a 42 minute flight. And, earlier in the episode when Ruby visited Belle, she was watching a TV show and the announcer said "back to Expose'", then Ruby gave Belle the book "The Mysterious Island".

Love me some Hurley (Tiny)! Funny when they said Cora made him "travel-sized" and later when he got his ax and Tiny appeared on it.

Revenge - All kinds of craziness this week! Will wait to comment until I know MJ watched.

Mike V. said...

The Following - Richard, I'm sure you're right that there is definitely deeper layers of complexity coming to Joe's plan on The Following. And not a bad thought on multiple cells!

Haven't checked out Continuum....and don't really have time to, but if it catches on maybe I will try to catch up!

ONCE - Wow, Leslie..I must've been sleeping or "tabletting" too much during the episode...can't believe I didn't catch all that. But kudos to you for catching them all! lol

MJ said...

New Girl - caught up on last 2 eps aired. Loved the trench coat and Jess as cooler, and jsut enough Winston to keep it interersting. I always thinks they short change Winston but lately we've got more of him. I was always one of the ones who do not want them to be a couple figuring they'd ruin the show - so far it's been ok (though it was lame that non-indians can join the Indian dating convention). Glad to see CeCe as not all perfect too.

Following - yeah I've read all the negative stuff too but am also liking it.

Shameless - funny cause a coworker also thought she's a boy - but I thought they were bringing on a hermephrodite. LOL Loved the whole Norma Rae meeting and what was said. Agree on bar scene.

Once - missed Expose ! But got the others. Too funny. But - Rump lost his ability to do magic when he left storybrook - he couldn't heal his knuckles. Taking the scarf off made him start to forget everything but it came back when he put it on again.

Justified - read today that him trying to put it on the wrong hand was not scripted - just an accident they kept. The ep was called Foot Chase - too funny.

Revenge - wow ! They killed Helen of the Initiative. That can't be good. How many weeks left? We know we end up with someone dead on the submerged boat - but surely it's too soon yet ? Can't believe that in that small boat they could not notice someonw hiding away ! Daniel is totally cooling it with Em to protect her. Wedding was sweet - Real Amanda giving Fauxmanda that pipe cleaner ring just so Jack could have it ! So sweet - and sad.

Mike V. said...

Gonna be quick here because I gotta run.

New Girl - Agree on everything you said! Love that crazy show.

Shameless - I'll admit it, I was in line with your thinking too. It was my wife that said "she's a boy!" lol I guess we'll see!

ONCE - I don't know if I agree with that. I know he flashed blue when he left storybrooke...but he did that before too when he tested it. Maybe you can only do magic in Storybrooke?? I guess that makes more sense. Nevermind on me not agreeing! lol

Justified - That's pretty funny. It definitely seemed improved now looking back! lol

REVENGE - can you guys just give me an overall statement of how it's been this season? I heard they got a little sidetracked from the main story for awhile. That still going on?

MJ said...

Revenge - it's a little less juicy and OMG this year but still good. There's other stories going on so her 'get them at all costs' is toned down a bit and not center of every ep. i will tell you they have one story going on that no one seems to like. No one that I've heard say other wise anyway.

This year Scandal has become the new Revenge in terms of OMG and juicyness. But I'm still enjoying Revenge.

MJ said...

Continuum hasn't been too bad actually. Especially for a low budget canadian show. Curious to see where they will go now that they just 'killed' the idea that if you kill your grandparents in the past you are not erased on the spot !

Leslie said...

Revenge – I agree with MJ’s overall statement. I’m still enjoying it this year.

MJ - Definitely the OMG thing this episode with killing Helen! I wondered myself how many more episodes this season, but last season they had connected the killing on the beach and then still had several more episodes with Daniel on trial. You said a few weeks ago that it was gonna be one of the brothers that we see dead in the boat. That is definitely set up now. Yeah, the pipe cleaner ring was sweet. Surely we will ultimately get rid of Fauxmanda and Emily and Jack will be together, but that’s probably down the road. And, we found out that Padma (is that her name?) is really being manipulated by the Initiative also to save her dad.

MJ said...

Revenge - yeah I had hoped that Padma wasn't just all out bad, that she had a reason for lying to Nolan and trying to get this program from him. I hope that the series ends one day with Jack finding out about the real Amanda and them being together.

Once - so if they did all go back to fairyland could Henry go there since he wasn't from there? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Continuum thankfully doesn't try to do too much with CGI as a way to make up for it's low budget. Which makes the show more believable and compelling. Especially since they are counting on the actors to act with great story lines to gain our interest.

It is not the typical SyFy channel low budget show where you want to laugh at a CGI helicopter or crocidile.


MJ said...

Agree Richard.

MJ said...

I miss Grimm - nothing to watch on Fridays now.

Mike V. said...

I do too, but I never watched it on Fridays anyway. lol The Science channel moved its Tuesday Fringe airings to Friday the week after the series finale to keep "Fringe Fridays" alive. So, you could always just turn that on!

For me, it's DVR catchup day if we're even home. I just love there not being anything "IMPORTANT" on on Fridays. It's a relief! I did hear Happy Endings is moving to Fridays. Not a good sign for that show at all.

BTW, haven't watched The Americans this week yet. But, I'll get to it.

Mike V. said...

In case anyone is interested (and I did mention awhile ago that the price would drop near release)....Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack pre-order available for 35 bucks!!