Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 11 - I Ain't No Judas

Hello fellow Walking Dead fanatics!  We're marching closer and closer to the ultimate conflict between Rick's crew and the Woodbury crew.  This episode seemed to be the fallout from Phillip's welcoming party at the prison last week.  If there would be anything that was comparable to last season in terms of pacing, it would be this one.  But, of course, I rather enjoyed the change of pace and the chance to catch up with our characters.  Definitely some interesting chess pieces moved in the episode and in a place that I didn't quite expect.  We'll see where it all goes, but let's dive into this episode in the meantime!

  • The Governor continues to play his mind games with Andrea.  Meanwhile, she wanted to try and create a merger of camps between her friends and the Woodbury crew.  But, Woodbury is gearing up for war.  She was able to "sneak" out with Milton's assistance (secretly approved by the Governor).  She even created herself a Michonne-like Walker pet.  But, it was all ulimately part of The Governor's plan.
  • But, it was nice to have a reunion of characters with Andrea coming to the prison.  Rick did not make her feel very welcome though.  She was frisked and questioned as if she was an outsider.  She got information about Shane and Lori and was shocked at the things that happened to them all.  I love how she needed to be reminded about T-Dog.  Good times!
  • Loved that Carol has come so far since her crazy husband in season 1 that she suggested to Andrea that she needs to give ol' Phillip a night he will never forget and then kill him in his sleep.  That's pretty dark stuff!  I never got the impression that Andrea was considering this when she left the prison though. 
  • Rick is still dealing with his issues, and got reamed out by Hershel in this episode.  Hershel was furious and said that he has trusted Rick with his family and he better sort his issues out and LEAD.  Hershel also thinks it's time to leave the prison.  Rick does not agree.  Things have gotten so bad that even Carl is suggesting for his dad to step down from the leadership position.
  • Michonne and Andrea had their little reunion scene as well.  Michonne was furious with Andrea for falling under the Governor's spell.  So, she returned to expose him and intentionally hurt Andrea in the process.  Ouch!
  • There was also the whole "should we or should we not trust Merle" storyline throughout the episode.  By the end of the episode, he had seemed to earn his place.  He and Hershel traded war stories about their hand and foot.  Merle explained what kind of person in the Governor they're dealing with.  How he'll kill Merle and Michonne first.  Then he'll kill the women and children and save Rick for last.  I still am not 100% sure we can trust Merle, but I'm also sure that's by design.  But, considering he did lie about killing Michonne, it's tough to think that Phillip would've given him a 2nd chance to prove himself (off camera).  But Merle seems like the kind of guy who will switch allegiances in a heartbeat if it benefits him.  So, we'll see where he stands when the conflict comes!
  • Oh right, and Tyreese and crew made their appearance again this episode!  They ran into Andrea and Milton in the woods.  And that stand-up guy Tyreese was still offering a hand, wanting to help out.  But, they sent them to Woodbury.  It was interesting seeing the Governor welcome Tyreese and crew similar to the way he welcomed Michonne and Andrea.  Of course, this time, we've peeled back the layers of the Governor a little bit more. 
  • Things took a turn once Phillip and Team Tyreese realize they're talking about the same people that they've been in contact with.  Crazy Rick and the Prison crew.  One of Tyreese's guys said that they are up for a war with Rick if it would come to it.  All Tyreese wants is a safe haven from the walkers, so he seemed game as well.  The Governor asked if they could recall the layour of the prison, and Tyreese seemed to think he could.  Looks like we might be getting a secret invasion to the prison!  Now, while in the long run, I'm sure we'll see Tyreese aligned with Rick and co this certainly was a twist I was not expecting!  Rick's bad decisions have given them additional enemies to deal with.  Oh boy!
  • And of course, there was the final scene when Andrea returned back to Woodbury.  She told Phillip all about how broken her friends are.  And he filled in her words for her telling her she belongs here.  They have their "unforgettable night" while Beth sings a song in the echoey chambers of the prison.  Andrea gets out of bed, grabs the knife that Rick gave her and points it at the Governor.  But, of cousrse, with it only being the 11th episode of season 3, she just can't go through with it! Damn that Governor and his powerful ability to brainwash Andrea! \
I'm sure there's a lot I missed, but that's what the comments sections are for!  So, just a heads up, I will be out of town this coming weekend so I probably won't have time to get a recap up next week.  But, I'll still post a separate discussion post for that episode and I'll comment after I've seen the episode!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you in one form or another next week!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great episode. I am hoping that Rick is starting to get back to normal. Merle is not stupid, he knows he needs to find a way to contribute to the group, but I wouldn't trust him any further than I can throw him! Interesting to see how all of this has hardened Hershell from the mild mannered person he was at the farm. I'm glad Michonne had her say with Andrea, she needed to hear it. Loved the scene where Andrea created her own personal protective walker! That was pretty gross, just when you think you've seen it all....

I was a little disappointed that Tyrese didn't explain more about how the rest of the group treated them when the arrived at the prison -- I mean Carl actually saved them and provided a safe haven -- that it was only Rick who insisted that they leave.

I got the impression that Carol has thought of that whole "murder him in his sleep" scenario many times before this. Remember, her husband was a wife-beater. I think that's why she was able to mention it so calmly.

I am hoping that somehow the regular people in Woodbury join forced with Rick's gang and they overthrow the Governer and take over the city...but I guess that would be too much like a happy ending, and this is not a happy ending kind of show!!!! oh well...


MJ said...

Don't know why so many are up in arms over Andrea not killing the Gov - hello! then we would not get a Rick/Gov showdown ! Strangely off-putting that Carol is the one who told Andrea to give the gov a great night and then end him. Awesomely cool when Andrea made her own 'pet' to get her to the prison. Don't know why so many Andrea haters - she wants to live in a nice place with decent surroundings - after the last few years why wouldn't she !?! But glad Mishone finally spoke to how she felt betrayed by Andrea staying in Woodbury. But oh - was not happy to see Tyresse and his crew land in Woodbury. I thought it was good that they went thru all the peeps they had lost - sometimes its easy to forget what Andrea doesn't know now. And Carl stating to Rick that he should step aside I think is a real turning point for their relationship.

Mike V. said...


Tyreese did seem a little uncomfortable with the conversation that was taking place with the governor, but yeah surprising he didn't talk to how nice everyone else was. I really think Tyreese will be able to tell the difference between Rick and the Governor when the conflict begins! And his true allegiance will show.

Good point with Carol thinking about possibly murdering her own husband in his sleep. Makes sense for her character to go there. But, the old her may have never suggested it out loud!

You may not be far off with a mutiny on the Governor. No, it's not a happy ending type show but the audience does want something to root for. And our group, after last season and this season deserve some kind of a victory! Sure, it will lead to further conflicts and troubles to tackle, but that's all television shows.


Yeah, I knew Andrea would never go through with it. But, I'm not even sure why she was even motivated to go through with it at that point in the first place. I didn't feel like Carol really convinced her to do it. But, I was fine with it. I know the ultimate showdown will be in the finale or the penultimate ep to the finale (as a lot of shows do it now lol)

Agree with everything else!

Leslie said...

You guys covered most of my thoughts already. Kinda funny that they had Merle separated. I wouldn’t trust him either, but he’s more likely to stay loyal to Daryl than anyone, but I think Merle looks out for Merle.

Agree about Andrea making her own “pet” and Michonne having her say finally. Loved when she said something about not knowing the Messiah complex was contagious. Didn’t expect Tyreese to show up in Woodbury.

Funny when Carol told Andrea she couldn’t leave until meeting “little a** kicker.” Agree that Carol probably had those fantasies about putting an end to her husband, but no way the Governor would go out that way. I kept expecting him to suddenly grab her hand.

mj said...

Read Kirkmans post mortem today, was shocked that he states Andrea was witk Michone in woods longer than with Rick and group. Whaaat

Mike V. said...

MJ, I think I had read that before. Season 1 and 2 happened within weeks or maybe a month. But there was at least a 9 month time jump between seasons 2 and 3. Lori DID have a baby remember! lol

mj said...

Well it cant have been 9 mos betw 2 and 3. She knew she was expecting at end of 2, women usually a month or more when they realize they are preggers. Still, did not realize Andrea s pent more time with Mishone than Carol and group. Seems wrong somehow.

Hope they r kee ping lil ass kickers dirty diapers, they can throw them over the wall GofT style. J/k

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I estimated with the 9 months. But Andrea and Michonne were together for the majority of Lori's pregnancy which is longer than the group had spent together. You have to think of season 1 and 2 as not a lot of time passing by...then between season 2 and 3 we had a huge time jump. Now..I don't know how long Carol and Andrea were together before Rick joined the group. I forget how long he was in a coma. But I still think the break between seasons 2 and 3 still wins out.

And funny with the dirty diapers! lol

I looked up the timeline...this clearly depicts how long Andrea spent with Michonne

Mike V. said...

New TWD Showrunner is Scott Gimple:

Thought we knew that already, but I guess they just made it official.