Monday, February 11, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 9 - The Suicide King

Hello fellow Walkers!  Glad to have this show back for the next 8 weeks!  It was pretty intense as always.  Unfortunately, due to the timing with other obligations, I'm not able to give this week's episode the full recap treatment.  (Advanced notice, the same thing is going to happen later this month too. Sorry!)  But, I will definitely be providing my thoughts as soon as I have the chance! I'll post a few talking points after the jump to get us started!

  • I think the most unsurprising TV moment in history was seeing Merle and Daryl walk away from that fight alive!  But, still glad it happened! 
  • Nice to see Andrea starting to question the Governor's antics and finding out some of the stuff going on behind her back.  But, it doesn't seem like she's going anywhere anytime soon.  So ol' Phillip still has his clutches on her. 
  • It may have been just me, but I definitely could feel some budget restraints in the Woodbury scenes where they had to show a lot of people panicking.  I know there were more, but it seemed like maybe 20 people flipping out.  And then the "2" cars trying to get past the gate was kind of comical! 
  • Looks like Michonne has some convincing to do over the next few episodes.  I'm sure Rick will realize she's a valuable asset.  And now he knows that she knows Andrea.  Come to think of it, now they all know Andrea is in Woodbury too.  
  • Can't believe Daryl went off with Merle.  I mean, I can believe it because we all discussed something like that.  But, to ditch his crew like that?  It's partly Rick's fault, but I can't blame him for not wanting to bring Merle in.  
  • But, he might be forced to bring Tyreese (I think that's how it's spelled on this show) and crew in, thanks to Herschel's sage words.  I think we gotta watch out for that Adam and Ben guy though.  At least I think that's what those red shirts' names were.  (I'm just assuming they're not going to be around for the long haul, but who knows with this show?!) 
  • And then there's Rick.  Dude is going crazy!  Hearing ghosts on the phone, seeing Shane with a beard, and now ghost Lori all in white?  That creeped me out more than ANY walker I've seen on the show.  And to be the last thing I watched before going to bed?  Not cool Walking Dead!  But, cool at the same time!  So, not sure if Tyreese and crew actually left the prison or just that room when Rick was freaking out.  Guess we'll see! 
  • Oh yes, and loved the Mail Crate aka CRIB with the "Little Ass Kicker" label on it.  Good stuff! 
Okay, that's all I have time for.  And truthfully, that's probably enough of a recap for The Walking Dead!  I should be busy more often!  Anyway, looking forward to reading everyone else's thoughts and contributing some more of my own.  See you in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my "BRIEF" ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Leslie said...

Good episode to get us started again! Guess it was inevitable that Merle and Daryl would go off together, but Daryl is a big part of our main group’s strength especially now that Rick is going further off the deep end. I suspect they will end up back together before long. Daryl earned his place in the group, and he may get tired of Merle being a bully all the time. Loved it when Rick knocked Merle out when he was mouthing off at everyone! Glenn sure let out some of his frustration on that walker he stomped on!

Andrea’s eyes are open more now with the Governor, but I also think she likes the illusion of the Woodbury setting. She sure jumped in with her pep talk for the town. But, now that she knows her friends are close by, I think they will be a conflict for her.

Rick definitely needs to listen to Hershel and give Tyreese (and even Michonne) a chance. His group is getting smaller by the day.

MJ said...

Merle was back 5 seconds when he went back to his old racist ways. Can't believe that Talking Dead did not even mention that. And - have to say - for all the public jokes about the show only being able to have 1 black man at a time - where did all those black guys in Woodbury come from? Did TWD go out and hire every black male extra in Georgia ? LOL Just saying. I'm sure we all see the irony that last year Rick was begging hershel for a chance to stay on the farm, a chance to live and now someone is begging the same and he's saying no.

Yeah - I also think that Daryl will be back with the group eventually. Was discussed on Talking Dead but I guess it's Glen's turn be the the bada**. Him and Maggie both were sure weird with eachother.

MJ said...

Wow - if you read EWs recap this week they were harsh. And I don't agree that Lori was a horrible character, I liked her.

I'm hoping next season they find some balance between the action but also dialog and character enrichment.

Mike V. said...

Hello all, finally getting back to some commentary!

I agree with both that Daryl will work his way back to the group. It was a gut reaction to go with his brother, but he may realize how much he has changed (Daryl, not so much Merle lol).

Hmm...didn't even consider the Herschel/Rick, Rick/Tyreese mirroring going on there. Definitely interesting to look at it that way. And funny on the demographics of Woodbury! lol I actually didn't notice...was too busy "admiring' how "CHEAP" it all looked. lol

Glenn definitely has become more of a bada$$...makes sense after what he's been through. I watched Talking Dead too. Good stuff.

I never have understood all of the Lori hate. But yeah...a lot of critics thought she was an awfully written character. Maybe I just liked the actress from Prison Break and chose not to see any of that...because she didn't bother me either. Sure, she made some lousy choices in her brief existence on the show but so did a lot of people! lol Most of the critic's hate has now moved from Lori to Andrea as she most definitely is making some bad decisions and maybe contradicting to decisions she may have made in the past.

MJ, That's funny that you're looking for balance between the action and character development now...when last year it was the opposite. lol I really didn't mind last year's pace but we've been through that already. I think a lot of the problem comes down to budget. They are the highest rated show on AMC but the budget doesn't match that. They HAD to stay on the farm all last year because that was the only set they could afford. Just like this year is all PRISON and Woodbury. I think they've been doing an okay job on character development this year. Maybe not with EVERY character, but certainly Rick and maybe the Governor. I agree, I could certainly stand for some more. And maybe that's the balance AMC is looking for as well (even though it's probably the very reason they fired Frank Darabount too).

MJ said...

Me too on liking the actress from PB. I knew you'd coment on my wanting balance. LOL

Yes - i was very vocal about being bored on the farm - then they kicked it up a notch towards the end. This year has been non-stop action. Both years have had the show runners 'let go'. So I think they need to strike a balance between the two types of seasons. Can't have it be all slow and mostly dialog for 10 weeks then 6 weeks of high action, they need to blend it better. I don't need action every week, but don't want a month of talk either.

And i didn't mind them staying on the farm - but they needed to make it more interesting. I think they need better dialog if they are going to have less action in an episode.

And they need to do more with some of the non-core group. It was a shame that they gave Cdog so little to do or say, and now we have the blonde that just walks around holding the baby. If you're not going to give them something to do or say why have them !?! LOL

And I will say they seem to have issues writing for the women. ;-D

Mike V. said...

I was going to say...they've either written that Beth character awfully or she's just an awful actress! But you make a good point..why have her there at all?? She seems to be there just to be killed off eventually and get Maggie even angrier. lol

I would agree...some of the dialogue is flat out awful. lol

I actually didn't think this past episode was THAT great either. It was good...but yeah, there just seemed to be something off with the flow of the episode. Or the acting or something. I've heard some quote the episode as "AMAZING'...but I've also heard some say it was pretty subpar. lol

Anyway, yeah...I hear you on pacing. It should be more even throughout the series. There definitely needs to be periods of reflection and not just all out action. As I mentioned in season's the slow character moments that make the action scenes that much more impactful. But as you say, they pace that out better.

As for showrunner changes...that won't impact any of season 3. This season is Glenn's vision from start to finish. Season 2, he did take over for Frank in the middle of the season, so there was a definite noticeable change of pace when that happened.

MJ said...

agree - won't affect this season - thinks it's already in the can.