Monday, February 25, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 2/14/2013 - 3/2/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Shameless - another great ep. OMG - I'm sure i was not the only one when Ian's lovers dad (ugh names!) said to get the Russian that I thought it was some big bruiser of a guy. But the dad put quite the beating on both of them.

Can't wait to see what Fiona does to Frank now that she knows he did the reporting on them. And how gross was his urine test !?!

And how icky was the scene with V, kevin and her mom ?!?

Mike V. said...

MJ - Didn't watch Shameless yet. It was Oscars (too long!!) and Walking Dead last night for me. We'll try to watch tonight. We're looking forward to it!

Leslie said...

Oscars - Can't say I was too impressed with Seth as the host. The whole Capt. Kirk bit fell flat for me. Kinda funny they used the Jaws theme to get the winners to wrap up. Thought the loser song at the end was a little ridiculous.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Yep, those were the big 3 events that I took from the episode too! lol The show is on a totally different level of wrong but it's so damn funny! lol ICKY is definitely the right word for V/Kevin/Mom....i couldn't watch/I couldn't look away! lol

Yeah we were definitely meant to think about the Russian being a bruiser. lol

And absolutely, Fiona is about to go to town on FRANK! Can't wait to see it! Though, it may take me into the middle of next week to do so since I'll be coming home from my trip late Sunday night. lol

OSCARS - Yeah, you can tell Seth tried to be tame (or was forced to be tame). There were some moments, but overall it fell flat. I think i missed the loser song...but I cracked up at the Jaws playing off music. Probably better in theory...but a little insulting to the winner in practice! lol No big surprises on winners for me...i assumed Argo would win, J-Law, Anne Hathaway....maybe Cristoph (sp) Waltz (sp) winning AGAIN for a Tarrentino role. He's good, but there were other deserving candidates!

Anyway, the show was way too long! lol They need to retool that show for the new age. We'll see if it improves next year.

HIMYM - Yet another good one! The playbook lived! But it was blown up by crazy girl! lol I like that we know that she was the last girl before he meets the mother. All signs point to him meeting her this season. Of course, I could see them throwing in some kind of a twist and pissing off half of the fanbase yet again. lol Doesn't matter to me either way! (and LOL at Weekend at Barneys. Good times. Marshall and Ted surprisingly resemble the 2 guys from the movie too! Or it could be just my poor recollection!)

The Following - When that Cop said she'd go along, I thought for sure she was a goner. But it turned out she was a follower instead! Of course, she still got shot by Hardy! I still don't think this clears Mike from being a follower. The thing they're making is clear is that they're all not aware of each other, so anyone could still be a follower. And now we have followers that follow specific people, like Claire? Creepy!!

Now, the question we're being forced to ask...Who the hell is Rodrick?? (that was the name, right? lol)

Anonymous said...

The following, Rodrick is right. I still don't trust the FBI girl. Shocked that Claire got away except that they kept Joey, which made it almost necessary to keep the Ryan/Claire tension going. If Joey had been brought to safety then less need for the Claire/Ryan tension. Ryan was surprised at how deep the cult goes, now realizing they're in cells with big time assets/connections. Now it's approaching a fear level where few will know who they can trust. And with big assets you can do great harm which can approach terrorism levels. Glad the girl got away. I really wanted Emma to get it and hope the one guy doesn't make it.

I still like what's going on in Continuum. Crazy that the future has practically no privacy. Great to see her suit work.

I've been catching up on GoT. Pretty good stuff. So, what are the spoiler rules given the books are ahead of the HBO series and we know so much more than what is broadcast? Lancasters(Wars of the Rose=Lannisters(GoT)--I know many have got to suspect that one.


Mike V. said...

THE FOLLOWING: Yeah, I think Emma will get what's coming to her! She's a minor player in the scheme of things (my guess at least). And the gay/straight guys too. But she must be higher ranking than them or just knew enough to look out for herself.

GoT: you read the books or are reading the books or just watching the show? Oh man...that's gonna be tough for me to keep my "spoiler warning" senses if you're reading since I've read them too. But MJ is an avid commenter too on GoT and has not read the books (and you never know who else is reading and not commenting)! lol I usually wait until something has aired before discussing differences or similarities to the books. Seems to be appropriate spoiler-proof tactics for the show. But yes, GRRM (author) has often compared his book series to the War of the Roses. I don't know much about that, but I would assume the Lancasters = Lannisters...since the names are familiar! lol The series is pretty great though so far. Love the books. A Storm of Swords (book 3) is going to be the centerpiece of Seasons 3 and 4. And it was by far the best of the books so far. Can't wait to see how they handle it. I already know one big event that will be showcased this season and it's taking all that's in me to not talk about it! lol

mj said...

Shameless funniest was urinestatest.

HIMYM i will say i was not in a comedy mood straight off. Barney annoyed me. Did not like that he lied ti Robin at all. They are all supposed to have gown up over the yrs but they keep making him childish. Am over Je anette too so hopefully she is really gone this time. RIP red cowboy boots. Think the cast wasnt supposed to laugh on that but they did.

GofT. Ill be fine if you just warn book talk so i can ignore.
FOLLOWING. dont know how i didnt see deputy chick would be a follower but i didnt. Def did not then see the 2 swat guys also being followers. I like that even the chars r saying how did they put someone in a local cops office. The guy following claire def creepy.

Continuum. havent watched yet

GofT. ill be fine if you just sta

mj said...

Shameless. Meant urine test

Mike V. said...

Shameless - oh man..i blocked the urine test out of my memory already! lol I almost threw up. Good times though!

HIMYM - I think the writers struggle with making Barney "too grown up" because then he loses the appeal of being "Barney" on a sitcom that has 1.5 seasons left. I think it's why they broke up Barney and Robin a few seasons back. So, yeah it's a stretch for him with the lying stuff...but it didn't bother me too much. You're definitely not alone in your thinking though! I don't know how, but I totally missed the red cowboy boots being destroyed. Going to have to rewatch that part.

GoT - I'm totally fine not spoiling. I don't think Richard has read the books anyway, just wasn't sure based on his comment! But, if it comes to that...maybe I'll throw up a spoiler warning! It's what I do when I post on too. lol

The Following -'s nice that they're asking those questions, because then maybe there are some logical answers. Of course, being a LOST fan...we know that's not always the case! :) lol

mj said...

HIMYM boots were one of the last tossed and it seemed Cobie was cracking up

Leslie said...

The Following – I suspected the female cop for half a second last week, but when they were going in and she volunteered to go because she knew the house, I figured she was one of them. Definitely didn’t see the swat guys being in on it.

I’m with Richard, still don’t trust Agent Debra. Yeah, we found out why cults are her specialty and got some of her backstory, but she also still kept saying how she understood about wanting to belong to a community and be a part of something. Could make her a prime candidate to follow Joe. They also showed at the end that she still carries her cult necklace. And, who keeps updating Olivia? She is getting inside FBI information to report to Joe. Maybe Debra?

Also agree this doesn’t clear Mike. He had his vest on which could have been good protocol or could have been he was prepared for a nice show for Ryan. Is it possible he is Roderick? He always makes it a point to stick with Ryan, and he’s been building trust there.

Mike V. said...

The Following - Interesting idea Leslie! Mike being Rodrick/Roderick. I could totally see them doing that. In fact, it almost makes TOO much sense. lol :)

Anonymous said...

GoT--I'm watching the series on HBO GO and reading the wiki on the books as well as many other resources on each character as much as GRRM has written. Even the chapters he's posted from upcoming book. I started reading about the books and characters of the books since I really like and have studied the medieval time period. I have art works of Robert the Bruce over one of my fireplaces. I am considering buying the books too, but time just short now. At the rate GRRM is going it'll be another decade before he's through--LOL.

GRRM says he used Ivanhoe and Wars of the Roses as a couple of bases. One is obviously fictional and based about 3 centuries before the other. I think he's also throwing in some Harry Potter or similar--IMHO. One thing that keeps you guessing is, who is our hero/heroin? Who's going to win? We started out with Ned Stark but are left with??? That's part of the fun.

I'm trying to figure out who the Yorks are--lol. Kind of hard in a Kingdom with so many Kings.

It would be fun to discuss where GRRM will be taking the books/story though. Honestly as I kept reading I thought he would be further along by now with an end point on the horizon. We all know that "winter is coming" and should know the ramifications. Got to love those dragons too.

I know of the event you are speaking!!


Anonymous said...

The Following--Mike being Roderick is very possible. He had to excuse himself to leave. He's more of the computer/tech guy and I found that a bit unusual. Even though he saved Ryan, maybe even because of it since the girl who was killing Ryan was going off the reservation so to speak.

I think Emma was handled differently to keep Joey. But that is going to be harder to do and not injure him. At some point that story line will have to change gears.

I had NO idea about the girl cop. But, her being in on it shows you how many years of planning/work went into this. Just when we thought there was an over the top amount of work done like by Claire's follower, Emma and the two guys--wow and the SWAT stuff. All of this planning/work can't be to just kidnap Joey and Claire while killing a few people.

This showed the FBI and everyone just how bad off they are. Very unusual situation. If this happened for real, the lawyer would be locked up and law enforcement personnel replaced. And the master mind likely put into isolation. Under domestic terrorism laws--IMHO.



Leslie said...

AHS - You guys probably saw this, but just in case:

We know they can both play CRAZY really well! lol

Mike V. said...

Thanks Leslie! I actually didn't see it. Very interesting!

GoT - @Richard...ahhh so you're cheating!! lol The books are so good, but yeah they're really long and it's a dedication. As for it taking GRRM a decade to're probably right but it's a scary thought since he's in his mid 60's and not in the fittest of shape! lol But books 4 and 5 were a big hurdle for him. It required lots of rewrites and took over 10 years to get himself out of that knot. Book 4 is basically half of the character storylines and book 5 tells the other half during the same timeline..(then moves on past that timeline and progresses the story ahead). It was either that or release a ridiculously long book and lose the audience in the middle of it. There's more to it than that but I'm being vague to avoid spoilers. lol Big picture, I think most readers know where everything is going. But he has so many plot threads up in the air, it's tough to see how he'll bring it all to conclusion in even 2 books. And he even said himself he may break his word on just 2 more books. (originally it was supposed to be like 3 or 4 books or something like that)

The fun thing is that everyone is so hung up on who is on the Iron Throne when the real threat is looming beyond the wall. Dany may want to conquer or foes, but she and her dragons (when grown) may have a bigger task ahead of them when Winter truly comes. And Jon Snow might be part of that battle as well. There's lots of history (within GRRM's world) at play that might make some big reveals in the long run. And there are lots of prophecies in the book that people keep guessing at who they are referring to and what it all means.

But yeah...if you really want to know some of the stuff that is being theorized (if you haven't read it yet)...I can post up a spoiler warning and start ranting! lol Of course, I finished reading the books last I'm a little rusty. Rewatching season 2 right now and watching the special features on the blu-rays. So, I'm getting back in the swing of things. I'm officially obsessed with the Song of Ice and Fire (both books and show!)

MJ said...

Justified - OMG ! I will not say anything until I know you have seen it - but they surprised me.

AHS - I will check out that link - thanks Leslie. I had not seen it. A lot less time on line these days.

Following - Excellent thought Leslie about Mike being Roderick - but I hope not as i like him. Not sure about psycologist/cult expert - she'd be an obvious choice so I hope not.

MJ said...

AHS - Hmm - they keep saying that S3 will be glamorous, now that Kathy Bates will be Jessica's best bud. Hate to say it but I don't see Kathy Bates as glamorous and if Jessica is glam normally you'd be friends with that type of person as well. LOL just saying.

Mike V. said...

Justified - I totally watched! With my jaw dropped half of the episode. I knew Arlo's time was coming, but didn't realize it would happen so suddenly, and due to Raylan's actions. I started to read the Graham Yost interview on EW, but didn't finish yet. lol

It was pretty heart breaking to watch Raylan try to hold it together and act like he didn't care. Loved the negotiation of time off. There was so much more to the episode, but it's tough to think about it. All of the Boyd stuff with what's his face (forgetting his name but Jere Burns plays him lol). And the fake Drew Thompsons. And of course Raylan outdrawing that fake cop dude. Great episode all in all in a great season!

mj said...

Justified - havent read yost yet either. Did not think theyd kill Arlo. RIP. Loved his comment when he shot fake cop - hope i didnt mess up. Or something like that. Boyd is getting bold i tell ya. Great when the rich guy goes to call hisbudies and they have alla changed their numbers.

Mike V. said...

Justified - I should clarify...i didn't think they would necessarily kill Arlo this season, but he was an old man! So, I didn't see them keeping him around for the whole series! lol

Yes, the rich guy calling his buddies was hysterical.

We haven't talked about Boyd's army buddy either (with the ridiculous hair). That dude is nutso! I have a feeling Boyd will take him down by the end of the season. Or maybe his cousin will.

Anonymous said...

GoT--I am cheating somewhat. Daenerys being a modern day version of Azor Ahai crossed my mind, but she doesn't look like a sword swinger. Stannis is supposed to have Lightbringer. But I'm not sold on him or it yet. We don't know how many years this winter will be so I think we may not have seen him yet.

Yea, the real issue is the coming winter and the "others"(being a lost fan I can't help using that name vs white walkers). Basically ice and fire at odds. It seems more natural for me to say fire and ice vs ice and fire--is there something to that or me just being wierd.

Watching season 2 finale last night, again. Picked up a LOT. Particularly liked the dreams/visions that Daenerys had in the Iron Throne room and North Wall. Throne room looked destroyed by fire(possibly dragons) to me. And it was winter. The song at the end of S2E9 is great--The Rains of Castamere.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones BOOK DISCUSSION below (I'll try to be as lightly spoilerish as possible)

GoT - By the end of book 5, it seems pretty clear who the prophesied return of Azor Assai (sp) is probably going to be. Dany definitely fit some of the characteristics....but there might be someone else who fits it better! Melisandre makes it pretty clear that she read the flames wrong with Stannis. At least I think she did. I forget! lol Also, we also know when winter is going to begin by the end of the 5th book!

Oh yeah...the funny thing with GRRM calling them the "others" in the book is that Damon Lindelof didn't even read Game of Thrones until AFTER LOST was over. (Not sure if you ever heard the one-way feud that he and Lindelof had when the GoT the TV show started. GRRM said he didn't want to "pull a LOST" with ending his series. Ouch! But everyone is entitled to their own opinion)

Yeah...i've said Fire and Ice a lot too...but I think it's finally ingrained in my head that it's a Song of Ice and Fire.

Yeah...that House of the Undying scene in the book is a lot different than the one on the show...but for good reasons. In the book...Martin had the benefit of using descriptions and not actual actors. So there were clear prophecies of things to come in future books. A certain event that will happen in season 3 is depicted but you don't know the people involved until it happens later on in the books. So they totally changed it up in the show but it still was awesome. Seeing her in the throne room covered in snow and possibly ash. Going beyond the was good stuff. The Rains of Castamere....remember that song! There's a chance it will come back to haunt us. Of course, if you've read probably know what I'm referring to. lol And yes...Blackwater was a great episode. They spent a lot of extra budget on that ep. They had to do a battle and not skip right past it like they did with another battle sequence in season 1. The wildfire explosion was incredible. In the books, there is more to Tyrion's genius in the battle. (a chain that trapped stannis's fleet in Blackwater bay...he had been working on constructing it the entire book) But, they can't cover it all.

Excited that book 3 will be covered over 2 hopefully, they'll get a lot of the guts of the story in. There's so much great material! I enjoyed books and 5 too, more than others. But I didn't have to wait over 10 years to read both of them either! I'm sure it makes a difference. We'll see if I'm as excited when Winds of Winter comes out eventually.

Let me ask you this. Have you read any theories about Jon's parents? There's a really big one out there that most of the hints of the book still support. I think I've even brought this up in non-spoiler discussions because it's still all theories. My long running theory is that Eddard Stark will be vindicated in death by the end of the series. There is one big Dishonorable thing that happened in his life and that's his bastard son. But, what if that gets turned on its head and he actually was doing something honorable by taking him in instead and concealing some truth to protect many people? It all gets summed up in a little equation that goes like this: R+L = J LOL

Leslie said...

Cult - watched the second episode last night. Has a similarity to The Following in that you don't know for sure who is a member in "real life". Only two episodes in, but it hasn't grabbed me yet.

Anonymous said...


This is great stuff!!

R+L=J is very likely. I have never bought into the E+W=J. It provides an answer on the Azor Ahai theories also. At least to me. He is good with a sword too and this would bring some fire to the ice, he would be able to relate to the dragons. As I recall, Stannis and Jon have some disagreements and Melissandra gets involved--but it's been a while since I've read that section.

But before we get there, we've got a lot more Esos storyline coming. Which makes keeping up with GoT very difficult without a great memory--all the perspectives, time lines, locations and connections.

Also, another Targaryean like this makes me wonder about a future with J+D=? Ygritte just didn't seem long term. But that may be another series.


Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Keep us posted on Cult! I haven't made any appointments to watch it, but if I start hearing good things...well..we'll see! I'm having a hard time keeping up with what I'm watching right now! :)

GoT - Books/Spoilers (I'd avoid this discussion if you don't want to know upcoming stuff! My last comment was vague enough. lol)

So yes...Jon is the other candidate for Azor Assai lol J+D??? Hmmm you never know. D has another interest over in the lands far East, but it's tough to tell how permanent those feelings are! Of course, Jon is a man of the Night's Watch. Unless he changes some rules...he really can't be taking a wife or anything. The Ygritte thing was his moment of weakness and we'll see that featured this season, I'm guessing. Maybe into season 4 too.

Agreed, the Essos storyline aka the Dany stuff is a little taxing. And it only gets more into it in book 5 when various people are coming her way. But, they do have to eventually make their way West! But, I like how GRRM is finding ways to explore this whole world he's created through various character perspectives. I can't wait to see Arya's continuing storyline.

Have you read the theories that Jaq'uen (sp) might be the same person as her dance instructor? (name is failing me right now). We never see/read about him dying, and we know that some people from Braavos now the trade of changing their appearances. So, it could be that he changed his appearance to follow Arya along her journey. But, we actually see him show up again in the prologue to book 4 (and actually near the end of book 4 I think...with Sam). The crazy thing is, if you don't pay attention to descriptions of character's appearances, you may totally miss the connection in the books. Since he's writing from different character's perspectives, if they've never met the person before, they don't know the character's name. But, that's what makes discussing the stuff or reading sites about it so interesting because people piece it all together.

I'm all over the place..but with the TV show...I just hope they find a way to get a lot of the History of Westeros into the show. There are discussions at length by characters of the old wars that cause a lot of the conflicts that face the present day characters. And really...the key to R+L = J is in the history of Robert's War and events the preceded it (like the Tournament at Harrenhal). They haven't done flashbacks yet...but, they may need to unless they're going to have some long dialogue explaining it. of course when rewatching seasons 1 and 2, I do see that they do drop in some important details in discussions every now and then. I just didn't pick up on it the first time because I hadn't read further into the books yet.

That's another cool thing with the's adapting a Song of Ice and Fire...not book by book per say. So we saw what Robb was up to in book 2 during season 2...but we never read about it in the book. We only heard about it later in book 3.'s a good bet that Theon will still be in season 3 even though we don't hear again from him until book 5. (of course, when reading the books..i actually thought he died in book 2. But, that may have just been an assumption, since we never really did see read about him dying)

I just hope that things in book 6 and 7 won't drastically alter how they would have told stories in seasons 1-6 (or however many seasons it will take to tell stories from books 1-5. My guess is that GRRM has divulged "SOME" information to the Dave Beniof and Dave Weiss to help them with the show. We'll see! (hopefully)

Clearly, by the amount I'm typing on's definitely a topic of huge interest to me. And I cannot wait until season 3 starts!!

Mike V. said...

GoT - Dance Instructor = Syrio!!! (how could I forget?? lol)

Anonymous said...

GoT books/possible spoilers

I have read that Beniof and Weiss have been briefed by GRRM how the story is supposed to end/key characters, due to his age. He will not let anyone else finish the books however. At the rate things are going this could be an 8 season run for GoT and we're only into season 3 starting! So much to go and yet I can't help but think about the end. In a way the perspective of some degree of how it may finish helps me when watching. Picking up on little clues, a line here or there, etc. Like when Jaqen invited Arya to Braavos to learn about what he does.

Syrio dead or Jaqen? Don't know of course and you were left with his wooden sword broken and screams. But his training was definitely not typical when you see other training. I am open to the idea. You would have to believe Jaqen/Syrio allowed himself to be caged and that he could have gotten out of the cage when it was on fire. Probably not a big stretch.

When you rewatch S2 you will see that Theon is not dead--they put a bag over his head and carry him away--as if he is abducted. You can also see him hit with the handle of the sword/fist to knock him out. HBO has it set up so you can watch with additional features--helps with backstories, etc.

J+D=?? is only a thought based on our having a LONG way to go and the history of the Targaryeons. She is not supposed to be able to have kids, so in order for her to have one, something has to be different or change. Of course she could just end up single/or not and Jon at the wall, being loyal to his oath--as you point out about Jon. I just have to believe that the Targaryeons are going to have a continued lineage and as things are now, probably not--at least at my knowledge level.


mj said...

Cult - im liking it. Need to have more of cult leader guy. Hes creepy. What was with cop kissing Merediths husband? Not sure i got it, but he said the phrase bef he died -tho did not kill himself. Were we to infer by his comment that he watched and then got his wife into the show?

Justified - loved Arlos last words ti Raylan 'kiss my a**' if they show his funeral it could be fun - Raylan and lawmen plus Boyd and crew. Johnny now stuck finding Drew since he bragged to Wynn how Boyd did not. No way Boyd dies so i fear for Johnny next, Wynn too

Mike V. said...

Justified - Yes, Arlo's last words were classic! It really couldn't have been anything else. (unless per Graham Yost, it was on HBO or something. lol) It seemed like Johnny was on the chopping block earlier this season too, so yeah his time might be coming. I must've read in that interview that some are theorizing that the Sheriff might be Drew Thompson (I forget his name on the show...Shelby I think?)...could be interesting. It'll be interesting to see how many long recurring characters they'd kill off in on season! Of course, there's always the potential for Jeremy Davies to return next year if they needed to bring back another great character! lol

GoT (Book/Spoilers)

Yeah, I read that too about GRRM and Benioff/Weiss having a discussion. It's definitely tough not to think about the end. It seems obvious where things are going in the overarching scheme of things, but you never know. So Jaqen inviting Arya to Braavos....did you read about where that storyline goes? Or are you only reading about things that you've seen on the show and then may stumble upon additional information that way? Trying to figure out where to draw the line on what I say. lol

Yeah..the Jaqen/Syrio thing is definitely a popular theory. The thing with GRRM is that if you don't see them die, then there's a good chance they're not dead. The whole Bran and Rickon thing in the book was a lot bigger of an impact. 100s and 100s of pages went by where the realm learned that Theon killed the boys. (in the show the ravens were all killed so word did not get out) It wasn't until the end of the book that we learned they were hiding in the crypt the whole time. So, the same could be said with Syrio...we didn't see him he might be alive and might be Jaquen. As for Tyrion...yes in the show we see him dragged off. It wasn't that clear in the book. So for 2 books, many assumed him dead until he returns in book 5 in quite a different form. But the TV show will have the ability to show this transformation over time if they so choose. Yes the HBO Go stuff is great...the features on the Blu-Rays are even better!! The both contain lots of historical elements that come into play with the show.

J+D - yeah, there is lots of speculation that D may be able to have children and that the witch lied to her. But....there are other men that come into her life while she's on the East. Again, I don't know how much you've read up on so I'm treading carefully! But, I see what you're saying with the Targarayan lineage. But, there is a chance that Dany may not necessarily be the last living Targaryan. Again...don't want to say much else! :)

Anonymous said...


I know Arrya heads off to become a faceless one, like Jaqen. She is temporarily blinded, etc. We are going to Esos, aren't we. Lots of people heading there. It will be interesting to see how it is handled on the TV show since so much can be one side or the other dominant, that is Esos or Westeros.

You've got to like Bran's ability to see/communicate.

The Starks are so scattered about.

Do we dare talk about Robb and Catelyn?

I have read some things on GRRM's perspectives on Tyrion(favorite character), Catelyn(traditional and strong woman-unusual character for today) and Jamie(he says the best fighter in Westeros). He really likes those characters. Also, he pointed out recently that although Lancaster=Lannister possibly, don't forget that really a Tudor(as I recall my history a Lancaster descendant though) won, that the York's and Lancasters fought each other into extinction. So, we shouldn't be surprised to see that happen in GoT. With Targaryans we are basically there. Do you think they will recover?

Doesn't Sam still have the glass spearheads? I was wondering why the White Walker just went on by him on the TV show.

Mike, I've covered just about everything I can find, so there probably aren't many spoilers for me.

Of all the people that have died off Ned is the one that gets me. I really questioned whether I wanted to go on with GoT after he died.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Books spoilers

Well Braavos is in Essos (or Esos, not sure the spelling lol). And yes, many people are heading towards Dany and arrive in Merreen by the end of book 5. I believe there is one still enroute. But there's still plenty going on in Westeros as well.

Bran's ability to communicate is awesome. His chapters got really awesome and there weren't many of them in book 5 which sucked! But, it's probably because he's where he needs to be and everyone else needs to catch up. I have a feeling that Bran will "warg" with one of Dany's dragons during the big battle against the White Walkers. But, we'll see!

The fact that you asked me if we should talk about Robb and Catelyn lets me know that you know! lol But yes, Catelyn's story gets VERY interesting. I think we'll see plenty of that this season on the show so we can just let the show speak for it. :)

I have no idea if the Targaryan's will recover or not....But, there is a hint that they could. I just know that the Starks will get there revenge one of these days! lol

Sam and the dragon glass...yes. I think the white walker went on by Sam in the show because they were just hinting at what was about to happen there. They started getting into book 3 with that little scene. But there was more conflict to come!

Totally agree with Ned. I was really into his character and I heard rumors that he died when I was reading the book. But when it happened, I just thought that there had to be a twist! But, now that I've read on, I see that it was essential for the story. He was a great character though.

And yes, it sounds like you're pretty caught up on the story. I still recommend reading the books though if you ever get a year or so. :)

******END of GoT Rant and Spoiler Talk*****

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Heading out on a 4 day vacation, so I probably won't be posting much over the next few days. But everyone feel free to keep talking TV!

mj said...

Sherriff Shelby? Interesting, but i dont thnk so. Thought theyd already given his past as mine wrkr and Drews as living with the rich folk? Could have fibbed to us though.

Uh-oh Leslie. Cult has been moved to friday now! Prob not good, but my much loved Supernatural was moved there for a few yrs and did well, but it already had its fanbase established as Fringe did.