Sunday, February 17, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 2/17/2013 - 2/23/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

The Following--Really, Claire voluntarily jumps into the car of a likely killer hours after being told by Ryan that he's gone to get her son.

So, another cell activated and this time with guns. But the lady lawyer not going to the police after having 2 fingers cut off and being threatened--does not make sense. Unless she doesn't believe that she can be protected, that Joe is so powerful he can overcome being put into isolation. Which after the communications resulting in further murder would happen.

I NEVER expected the boy to be killed, especially after Sandy Hook. It would be interesting for Denise's "boyfriend" to help the police and the girl downstairs.

Continuum--It appears our heroine has some sympathies to liber8. Things are starting to heat up in the current day timeline on multiple fronts.



MJ said...

Less internet time at work now - so much harder to get on here and read and post.

Once - So Bae is Emma's ex and baby daddy! How convuluted they are making that family tree ! LOL Snow listing it out for David was funny - though that he acts surprised that Henry's Step G-grandma became his adoptive mom was puzzling since we've known that forever. Poor Henry - his g-parents are snow white, faux Charming, an evil abaondoner and a whore. Both parents have been to jail (probably since dad is a criminal adn we know Emma went) LOL Great gene pool.

Parks and Rec - wow that is dedication to take your registry and make it for the park ! Wedding looks amazing next week.

HIMYM - another good one. Haven't seen the 'sandwich' device in a while, and what a great way to bring the Captain back. Always love the eps where they tell the story over and over until the final truth comes out. Barney was a bit lame this week though, hate when they make him whiney.

Following - very tense episode. Cannot wait for next week. Saw that EW has exclusive video of the start of next week's ep which they are calling a game changer. Will watch later - no time now.

Revenge - haven't watched but I'm hearing it was a doozy ! Try to watch tonight Leslie so we can talk.

Continuum - yes I also felt that she was starting to see that Liber8 had some validity. Could be very interesting if she feels somewhat that they are right and she herself wants to change the future - but of course they want to do it in very different ways.

Mike V. said...

The Following - I doubt Sandy Hook had anything to do with the boy getting killed or not. I'm sure these episodes were in the can way before that happened. But, maybe there would have been reshoots. at one point, I did think hardy was going to accidentally shoot him though!

As for Claire getting in the car...she's obsessed with getting to her son and she'll do anything. But agree, it's a stretch! lol

It was a decent episode...especially since we finally got the Feds in the thick of the action! The standoff next week looks like a good time!

@MJ - I hear you...I've been really busy lately...which makes it tough to manage this blog! lol

ONCE - I totally called True Blood dude being Rumple's son after the season premiere!!! The fact that he's Henry's father too is just icing on the cake. (which we already knew or suspected from a previous episode). Definitely an exciting family tree. lol Anyway, it was a really good episode. Getting out of Storybrooke is a nice change of pace. The only thing that was a little cheesy (or a lot) was the whole PROPHECY flashback stuff with the eyes in hand lady. I get that everything that was revealed was quite important in moving the plot forward. (rumple needs to kill the boy. the boy is important. we've heard this stuff on a different show before!! lol) But man it was painful to watch some of it! lol

HIMYM - man this show is on a roll! I love whenever the show tells multiple versions of the same story from different perspectives. Adding the Captain back in just made it that much better! (ahh you said the same thing as me. lol) Agreed on Barney...I couldn't help but laugh though. lol

Anonymous said...

That was my Sandy Hook point, if the boy were supposed to have been killed, they would have to reshoot. Unless they wanted to make the news the next day and be demonized for glamorizing violence/killing of young children.

Since you're swamped and likely forgot, I'll point out that last week I made the call on additional cells coming into play.

MJ, thanks for sharing on Continuum.

Mike, thanks for doing this.

Mike V. said...

@Richard - I get it. Makes sense. But, I think we would have heard that they had to reshoot something too. I remember after 9/11 (obviously 2 different scales of tragedy), FRIENDS had to reshoot an episode because Chandler was making jokes about bombs on airplanes. That made a lot of press. And actually, the episode in its original form has just found its way onto the complete blu-ray set. (Oh that's right, I have it! lol)

But, it's a good point regardless!

And I do remember your comment about multiple cells. Good call!

And no problem...I love having discussions of Television. I can't quite give it the time that I used to, but we're continuing on in the best way we can! lol

Leslie said...

The Following – Pretty intense at the end. I didn’t think killing the son was an option because there is still that question in the back of our minds as to whether he is Ryan’s son. Note to parents: Be sure you teach your kid your phone number. Agree with Mike that Claire would do anything if she thought it would get her son back.

I figure Olivia didn’t go to the police when her fingers were cut off because there were threats against her family or something like that. She was obviously freaked out having to talk with Carroll again.

Once – That seer may have been cheesy, but also creepy looking! Nothing else to add except they mentioned August knowing that Neil was Bae. I keep wondering when we’re gonna find out what happened to August/Pinocchio.

Revenge – Haven’t watched yet either. Hope to this evening.

Oh, good news for me! I finally got my first blu-ray player! Woo hoo!

MJ said...

Congrats on the bluray player !

Once – one thing didn’t see coming is that Henry was predicted to be the un-doing of Rumple.

Shameless - have you watched Mike ? I might never be able to baste a turday again. LOL

Mike V. said...


The Following - Don't think there is much more for me to add to the conversation here but I agree on your points! lol

ONCE - Yeah, the whole August/Neil (Bae) stuff was great. I guess you're right, we haven't seen what has happened to him since the curse was "broken", right?

Congrats on the Blu-ray player from me too! Looks like it's time to rewatch LOST all over again!! :-)

@MJ -

Shameless - YES! totally forgot. lol Watched last night. The show is just hysterical and LITERALLY knows no limits. Loved that the nun with a vow of silence was an avid blogger on her iPad. LOL Turkey baster.....ew... couldn't even watch!! What's her face at the pool was pretty rough...and I thought she might actually kill that girl at the end. Lip coming around on his girl was a good was his call to Karen. Jimmy's non-stop talking about his Dad and it driving everyone crazy. lol I thought he was going to crack on Fiona and come clean on what's going on in his "other life". And of course, every possible thing that could have gone wrong did at the time the social worker showed up! Great stuff! lol

BTW...still haven't watched last week's The Americans. And every time I have the choice to watch that or something else, I've been choosing something else. Hopefully, that's not a bad sign for me continuing to watch the show! Did anyone watch the 3rd ep? Was it good?

MJ said...

Shameless - OMG - the nun blogging was too too funny. Deb is a little scary - takes after her psycho brother Carl when she gets riled up.

Americans - I'm enjoying it. Not appt tv like Justified or our others but still liking it. It
s why I gave up TVD - sat longer and longer on the DVR and I kinda lost interest.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Agreed on Deb!

Americans/TVD/DVR Pileup - Yep, agreed. We are way behind on TVD, and I have no idea when we'll go back and watch. Same with Revenge. lol Thanks for your opinion on Americans. We'll see if I get to it. I'll probably

Mike V. said...

hmm that sent before I was done. lol

I'll probably be watching Game of Thrones in the mornings until I watched all 10 and the special features! So, that'll give me a few eps of The Americans to catch up on! lol

MJ said...

I don't even have time for extras - i'll be lucky to get to see some of S2 before S3 is on. LOL

Justified - I liked Jody, sorry to see him go. But made me realize Raylan hasn't shot anyone in awhile now. The 'filmmaker' was funny too. Very interesting - these rich peeps allow Crowder family these business over the years to keep the riff-raff in the holler. Hmmm. I think they are in for a rude awakening if they think they can control THIS Crowder.

Didn't get to Smash, New Girl or Revenge. Also did not get to check out the new Cult. Tonight I have my much loved Supernatural but otherwise I start my catch-up on wednesdays. LOL

Mike V. said...

LOL on GoT extras. You really should watch them though. They provide a lot of insight that you get when you read the book. Just adds to the experience!

Justified - Good ep last night again! Yeah...that Jody character was nuts! Was glad to see him finally taken down though. He was quite elusive. lol The film maker was a good time too. I know that actor from Mad Men. Yeah, I'm sure Boyd will get the upper hand in his little situation going on. Somebody needs to find this Drew Thompson already! LOL Loved Raylan and his Dad's conversation. And the new girl...she apparently is a character from the Elmore Leonard (sp?) books which the show is based on.

Watched on loved New Girl. Smash, I think we're giving up on. Just don't have time. But we'll see!

Leslie said...

Revenge - MJ - it was crazy! Let me know when you've seen it!

Cult - Checked it out. Interesting premise. Cult leader guy is creepy.

MJ said...

Leslie - I had read that Revenge was a good one. Should def watch tonight. Cult that guy was on Prison Break so I know how creepy he can me - one of the reasons I wanted to check the show out.

MJ said...

Cult - wow - that was one creepy show all right - you nailed it Leslie. Everyone said it was confusing but I was ok. So far at least.

revenge - OMG ! So it was one of the brother dead on the boat! But why'd he light it up himself? Guess he thought he'd get Amanda too. And wow - they killed off faux-manda ! Did not think they would do that.

New Girl - despite the fact that every sitcom in NY seems to do a parking spot ep itw as pretty good. her sucking on that hoodie sting trying to look hot was hysterical.

Mike V. said...

New Girl - The first thing I thought of was Seinfeld. lol But, New Girl isn't in New York is it?? I thought it was in LA or Chicago or something. I'll have to look it up. After all my meetings of course! lol Episode was hysterical though!! lol

Leslie said...

Cult - That man in the wall caught me by surprise! And, we find out the lady detective has the cult tattoo. That can't be good for the brother. Guess all we can say for now is "Well, hey, these things just snap right off." lol

Revenge - You called it a few weeks ago that it would be one of the brothers that would be dead in the boat! Yeah, I think he knew he was a goner, so why not try to take out Amanda. Was I the only one who had Titanic flashbacks in that one scene? I was waiting for Jack and Rose to drift by! lol What are the Graysons gonna do since Victoria framed fauxmanda for killing Helen? Guess this leaves the door open for Emily and Jack to get cozy.

Mike V. said...

New Girl - Confirmed that it's set in Los Angeles! lol

mj said...

Cult yeah that line is creepy. Agree on guy in wall.

New girl. Oh yeah it in in LA. My bad.

Revenge. I think eveyone thought of titanic right with you. Greysons have all the luck, frame a girl and she dies so she cant refute it.