Monday, January 21, 2013

TV Discussion: 1/20/2013 - 2/9/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.

1/28 Update: Let's just keep talking about the next week here too since this is still at the top of the page.

2/4 Update: We'll continue here this week too.  I'll post a new one next Monday.
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MJ said...

Very excited for The Following tonight. Will probably be watching it rather than Revolution on Mondays - will have to DVR Revolution.

Modern Family - don't think we talked about it last week. I missed the end, did they say the baby's name ? The stuff with Lily was funny.

Didn't watch Once or Revenge yet for this week.

Mike V. said...

It'll be possible to watch both. Following is at 9 amd rev is at 10! Lol

Mf - don't remember the name if they gave it. But it's a boy! Lily stuff was funny. And the Haley/Phil stuff got me all welled up at the end. Lol

Watched once last night but will wait to discuss. Didn't see shameless yet

Mike V. said...

Not sure if this is what will keep Revolution's ratings up when it returns in March...but NBC launched an animated webisode and it will continue through February. lol

It's not bad, but just bizarre that they're doing it.

Mike V. said...

Okay, so I've watched ONCE, HIMYM and The Following...and those last 2 weren't easy! Parker's growing a molar and has been totally miserable! lol I had to rewatch The Following this morning to catch what I missed last night.

The Following - AWESOME pilot! Everything that we heard from the critics seems to be right on point. This show has great potential. While a recap would be good, I think it would be a little over my head with all of the literary references. Sure, they'll probably cover them within each episode but...I'd rather just listen and watch than write about that stuff! lol But, the whole setup for the show is just intense. I like the idea that Carol (Carroll? something like that) is working on his next literary masterpiece and is setting the players in motion. I love Bacon as the flawed anti-hero. It's almost like the show will be a little meta/self-aware of the Golden Era of television with the Male Anti-Hero Drama and exploit it every step of the way. As sad as it is to see Natalie Zea's role on Justified diminished, she's just as watchable (if not more) as the mother/ex-wife of a serial killer who has now lost her son to the nutcase. Kudos to Maggie Grace for her 1 episode guest stint as "the one that got away....until now!" Great stuff.

Of course the question will always be, how long can they keep this up? How many followers does he truly have out there? I guess that some followers could have multi-episode story arcs or maybe arcs that could potentially span over seasons. I guess Carol could break out again at some point to mix things up. There's lots of ways to go. But 1 episode in, I'm hooked!

I'll let someone else start the ONCE I can't think of anything too important to say right now!

HIMYM - We met Barney's sister!!! LOL I figured it out right when Barney looked at the face on the cell phone. Lots of people had theorized that Barney's sister would eventually be the mother. That was kind of dismissed last week when we found out she was definitely in the wedding band and that Rachel Bilson's character recommended her. It's not like she was already going to her brother's wedding or something. lol Good stuff. I like that Ted is back on the dating scene though, even if it's a pathetic outing. Loved the star wars ring tone which gave them their connection...and of course Barney loves star wars too which could explain why she does. But the fact that she only likes "the new ones" was pretty hysterical since she's so much younger.

Lily and Marshall with the wrist band and mom jeans was hysterical. Robin with the Lord of the Rings ring of invisibility and the references to LOTR and The Hobbit was great too! lol Also loved her daydream of how New York normally treats her on a given day with no engagement ring.

I think the season may have started off a little "iffy" but they sure have found their footing in the past few episodes. Loving it!

MJ said...

Saw ad for new show on ABC - Zero Hour. Looks really good. Kinda feels like a Dan Brown type novel.

The Following - I did wonder about the friends next door, but to make them not even gay ! Too funny. SHould have seen it but did not suspect the nanny. Yeah - not a big Poe reader so I'm just going with what they tell me. Great show - lived up to they hype imo.

HIMYM - marshalls hand repulsed me ! I don't remember knowing that Barney had a half sister - prob just forgot. Star Wars ringtone was funny, as were all the references. I haven't felt they've been iffy - but then I don't expect every ep to be fab.

Once - hey someone finally mentions that some of these characters are not from fairy tales ! Too bad Henry didn't say it last week when he was given a dog that is the father from 10 Dalmations. LOL

I was crushed that they broke Chip! I get that Regina always wanted a relationship with her mother but really? - she secretly comes to town and frames you for murder and asked for forgiveness and it's like 'ok'.

Revenge - so why did Emily stop Aiden from killing Victoria ? Seems like that was against the whole 'ruin the Graysons' plan.

Justified article - havent read it yet

Leslie said...

The Following – I’m with you guys….definitely enjoyed the first episode! I didn’t suspect the neighbors, but you knew something was gonna happen to Sarah because they went to extra lengths to show us how protected she was. Sure didn’t expect that crazy girl in the beginning to stab herself in the eye. Crazy stuff!

Revenge – I figured Emily stopped Aiden because she wants Victoria to suffer and to know it was at her hands. I’m kinda bored with the story with Jack and the brothers. Just all seems like an after thought to fill time.

Mike V. said...

Zero Hour - yeah I saw that too. A combination of Dan Brown or National Treasure (which was a total knock off of those novels anyway! lol) Not sure about that one. We'll see!
The Following - I'm calling it now....that boy is going to end up being Hardy's son. lol But yeah...should definitely have seen the Sarah thing coming!

HIMYM - Marshall's hand was hysterical! I couldn't stop laughing. Barney's sister - I think they mentioned it a couple seasons ago. I kept forgetting about it, but lots of people had theories that she'd be the mother when it was first brought up. Iffy - I was probably a little too strong. I've enjoyed them all...but I can definitely tell the difference in quality over the past few episodes. Plot is moving liners are zinging vs. just getting a mild smile from the audience watching. When I read these comments sections everyone is just complaining that the show is still on the air and that it's running long in the tooth. I always argue the opposite side of those fights....but these past few episodes, I've seen less complaints. lol Translation: I read too much of this crap! lol

ONCE - I kept forgetting to bring up. Cricket had that dalmation last year too! So it's not like he was just introduced. lol But, it makes sense that it would be Henry who would point out that there's more than just fairy tale characters. lol

I didn't get the feeling that Regina was totally okay with things...but I may have forgotten already. lol chip breaking was pretty rough! agreed.

MJ said...

Following - oh yeah - the eye thing was nuts !

Revenge - prob right about stopping Aiden. Agree on the brothers thing - but at least they finally revealed the big deal with the bar - they want a casino. Still dumb though. I don't think Aidens sister is dead - they are just messing with him

Leslie said...

The Following - Good one, Mike! I bet you're totally right about the son being Ryan's.

Revenge - Yeah, I don't think Aiden's sister is really dead either. She is still too useful to them to manipulate Aiden. Loved the scene when Victoria saw Ashley and her snarky comment about her return!

Anonymous said...

The Following. I wanted to like it, but didn't that much. Just too much gore. I may try watching one more time since there are lots of twists/guesses on where the case(s) go. I like Kevin Bacon in that role too. The possibility of the boy being Ryan's was something I was wondering about.

When he got out of the suburban to go into the lighthouse I was wondering about what this guy is doing since he didn't have a gun. Pretty funny when he reached for it and it wasn't there. Also funny that the cavalry showed up just in the nick of time without being called. I guess they decided to use the GPS tracking he suggested earlier--at least on the suburban.


Mike V. said...

@Richard - yeah, I'd definitely give it time to expand its mythology before you bail. But, I'm sure the gore isn't going to get any better! lol I actually figured Carol called the cops because it was all part of his plan to surrender...but not until he got his jab in on Hardy.

ONCE - Totally forgot to bring up the Star Wars ring tone in this show as well. I figured that was a nod from the writers to the fact that they are excited that Disney had the rights to Star Wars now. lol Of course, it didn't stop HIMYM from using R2D2 sounds for a ringtone on CBS yesterday! lol

MJ said...

Once - I forgot too to mention the ringtone - and also thought of the ABC deal, but don't know if this show would have been in the can by the time the deal went public. And since I watched Once right after HIMYM - - it really cracked me up.

Hey - doesn't Emma supposedly have fab lie detecting skills? I think not now. I didn't even believe that guy that he saw nothing.

Globe looked like it pointed to North Carolina I thought, maybe virginia.

Following - I thought of that with the kid and just hope they don't take that obvious path. Hardy stole a cop car so I just kinda assumed they GPS'd it. Of course - they were on site when he peeled away so they could have been 5 mins behind him too.

MJ said...

Justified - Loved the use of a psychic and how that enabled the last scene with Raylan and the FBI guy - different way to get there than most shows. that guy who held Thompsons 'widow' sure was creepy though. Strangely the very first ep when we first saw the snakes I thought that the preeacher and his sister were just con artists and figured they used non-venomous snakes. But since they were revealed to not be cons I forgot the thought. I was shocked today to read that Billy was dead though ! He fell to the ground after getting bit but I didn't realize he died, or I missed something.

Leslie said...

AHS - Looking forward to the finale tonight. Who will survive???

Mike V. said...

JUSTIFIED - I watched last night, but I think I was in and out of sleep for the last half hour, so I'm going to wait to comment until tomorrow. I never thought 10:00 shows would be a problem for me. lol

SHAMELESS - Whew...I did watch this last night. I really love that show! I'm forgetting the name, but the youngest girl in the family really was heart breaking in the scene where Frank ruined her log cabin. And beating the crap out of him with the soap....whew...I was almost bawling. They really executed that well. Lip with his scams were hysterical. (The Wilco concert) HiMey (forget spelling) being left on a garbage can and removed right before the truck got it....LOL nervewracking but hysterical in the end! And now Kevin's WIFE is in the picture?? Whaaaat? lol Jimmy's stalker guy is pretty funny too with his Maroon 5 singing and finger breaking. Bottom line - the show is still nuts and shows no signs of slowing down.

AHS - yep, one more ep! No clue what will happen, but ew's Doc Jensen tweeted that the hour was incredibly satisfying. That's high praise! lol

MJ said...

Mad Men - I don't watch it but just saw that it comes back April 7 - know you guys were wondering a few weeks back.

AHS - didn't watch yet

Shameless - She's Deb and I really worry about her. First she was so upset that he's been gone and now she's beating him - she is so messed up. Last season it was Ian I think (youngest boy that's not the toddler) that they kept showing how bad he was - he is a psycho really. But Deb is emotionally a wreck. I do love this show though. Never realized Keven even had an ex-wife. And Frank as a 'baby whisperer' - too funny

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - I saw too...very exciting! Of course, I'm more excited because that means Breaking Bad will probably come back 13 weeks after that! lol Also excited because that means Game of Thrones started a week before that! Oh crap...Game of Thrones and Mad Men in one night!?!? booooooo :-( lol

Shameless - Agreed on Deb being a wreck. They're conveying it very well as is the young actress. Yeah agree that Ian is pretty nuts too. lol Those graphic scenes of him with the "boys" I could do without but whatever! lol Frank as the baby whisperer...totally forgot to bring that up. I was laughing pretty hard on that stuff. And I don't think any of us knew Kevin had an ex or current wife. lol

AHS - I watched but can certainly wait to discuss until everyone is ready. It was really good! I got confused by the epilogue but after reading Jensen's recap (skimming not reading lol)....I realized I overthought it! lol It was a great way to cap off the season. And, I personally was very impressed with this season of the show. I think I enjoyed it more than season 1.

MJ said...

OMG - Walking Dead midseason trailer !!!

They have 2 of them actually.

Shameless: Then Ian is the wrong one. Maybe Carl ? The one who last year was in so many fights and plays with guns and knives.

MJ said...

TWD: Friend sent me this from some article they were reading

Too funny
Question: How about them driving around in a 2012 honda pilot, when the apocalypse started in 2010, and during this time who is cutting the grass during the zombie apocalypse, all the lawns are neatly cut no matter where they go

Answer: People working at Toyota all work on an assembly line, for long hours, so when they changed into zombies, the never noticed and kept working. There still there! LOL

Leslie said...

Mad Men - excited about that starting up again, and I guess that will be when TWD wraps up.

AHS - Don't want to spoil it for MJ, so I'll just agree with Mike that I like how they ended things coming back full circle to the first episode. When this season started initially, it was soooo disturbing that I wasn't sure I was gonna like it, but turned out they did a good job with it.

Modern Family - Poor little Fulgencio! lol

MJ said...

Modern Fam - too funny when all the kids would not go to Phil for help.

Mike V. said...

TWD - LOL, the question is hysterical. Of course, I don't know how people working on a Toyota line would explain a Honda Pilot! lol I saw that the trailer is out but haven't had a chance to watch yet. I will though!

Shameless: Ian is the red head guy who's into guys. LIP is the 2nd oldest next to Fiona and was the one rebelling last year. (at least I think he's older than Ian)

Mike V. said...

MF - Yes...loved the Godfather ending. lol And least they'll just call him Joe! lol

Anonymous said...

JJ Abrams to direct new Star Wars movie...

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Come on Bill that was so 3 hours ago!! :) jk. I'm pretty psyched and surprised since originally declined!

MJ said...

Shameless - yeah but there are 2 more boys - Liam is the toddler then there is a kid around Debs age - a little older I think. He has a fascination with guns and knives - I was referring to him. think it's Carl. Got the huge lobster at the restaurant.

AHS - watched the finale ! I liked it. Loved the symmetry that she killed her son as she killed his dad. Strange that Kit took Jude in - but was ok with it.

WOuld have liked something about why they kept taking Kit's women though. And wanted to know if his kids really are special in some way.

I would not say that I liked it better than season 1 though.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - ohhhh duh...i forgot about that kid. Carl sounds right. lol

AHS - I think I just enjoyed this season more because I didn't have a lot of questions. 1st season I kept wondering how this was going to continue on in a season 2 or whatever. This season, I knew they were telling a complete story from start to finish so I just watched and enjoyed without worrying about the details. I thought they covered the alien stuff enough and wasn't left wondering too much about it. But your questions are good ones! Agree it was strange that Kit took Jude in, but Kit's justification was enough for me to let it go. lol Plus it led to some great Jessica Lange acting...which is basically the higher priority in Ryan Murphy's mind (I would guess lol)

Happy Fringe Fri...! eerrrrrrr Oh's over. :-( lol

I did watch TWD trailers...looking forward to its return!!

MJ said...

LOL - it does feel strange to not be watching Fringe. Renting a couple of Redboxes to watch.

By the way - have kinda given up TVD - it was getting a little old. Or really I guess I'm too old for it. LOL Same old stuff - and just too much other stuff to watch.

MJ said...

AHS - laughed that they got that damned song in one more time ! never want to hear that again.

Anonymous said...

The Following--Still way too gorry/violent. Something about Sandy Hook got to me I guess. The new FBI girl is possibly/likely a follower of Joe's, due to her giving the Poe book to him and her deep interest in this stuff. On the boy, after the flashbacks, things are muddled as to who the Dad would be. She never looks pregnant, even after her divorce and trial(which takes months and months if not years). But Joe wanted to know when Ryan and Claire had their relationship start for a reason. I think he suspects something about the boy. But how could she even try to say the boy were Joe's if he wasn't born for over a year after Joe's arrest--of course this requires assuming normal trial/divorce timelines. Obviously Ryan must suspect something too.

I hope something good comes up from some of the premieres.


Anonymous said...

Fringe--agree that Friday night isn't the same.


Mike V. said...

Hi Richard!

The Following - I think I'm past the point of gore bothering me on television. Don't know, because I don't notice it too much. I did get freaked out when the guy in the Poe mask came after Kevin Bacon in the abandoned house or whatever. lol

I've seen that new FBI girl on several shows before this. She was on HBO's The Pacific and also Rubicon (underrated and cancelled show). But, the funny thing is I remember her from a random episode of Friends back in season 9. "Joey doesn't share food!!!" lol Anyway, yeah I felt like they meant to leave that whole thing ambiguous with if she's part of Joe's clan or not. Like, they want us to think she is but maybe she's not. Probably all in my head. There were parts in the middle where I was nodding off. (I still can't believe I'm falling asleep so early these days!) So I may have missed some allusions to the fact that Hardy might be the father. But, yeah the fact that he wanted to know exactly when they were together seems to point in that direction. Crazy that that "fake nanny" girl killed her mother too as part of some kind of initiation into the club.

Well, if no other good shows come up this year...there is still Game of Thrones! And season 3, based on the books, is destined to go down as a classic!! (as long as they're able to translate it to the screen)

I watched Shameless too (which I think only MJ watches from our frequent commenters)...but out of time to comment right now. That show is still nuts! lol

Leslie said...

The Following - I really enjoyed this episode. I got creeped out twice when the Poe mask moved and when the legs came down behind the cop in the hallway.

At the prison when Ryan went in to talk to Joe and the 4 guards went in first, the first guy seemed to make intentional eye contact which made me wonder if he was also a follower, then at the end when the guard took the FBI girl and she gave him the book, I thought it might be the same guard at first, but I looked again and don't think it was after all. I took that scene to mean she is part of the cult like maybe she came across him in her studies then drank the kool-aid. But, they could just be faking us out, but what other reason would she have to bring him that book?

I watch Shameless on DVD, but I'm a season behind. Will be starting the 2nd season this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Following. It's a very thick book and normally they have people who bring books to inmates as a specific job. So, that scene was unusual. To the point that I was wondering if something was inside the book since she's a big boss and may have a way around certain security check points.

I wondered about the look of one of those guards too.

At the Claire's house they were talking about the overweight bad guy hiding underneath an air conditioner yet he came down from the attic(no mention of the attic). Makes me wonder about the woman who was responsible for security at the house, if not her then someone else.

We were definitely exposed to the idea that killing/death bonds these followers. Makes me wonder about the suicide in the first show--that maybe she was in then wanted out of that way of life. They certainly like to write about on walls-and their bodies.

I have seen only some of the Game of Thrones and from what I can tell it was very good, so I will try to follow this season.


Mike V. said...


You may be lost as an Easter Egg if you try to start watching Game of Thrones this season. But, if it's entertaining enough, maybe you'll be inspired to go back! lol I think it's a great companion piece to the books. But, the books are so full of detail that couldn't possibly be captured in the show...I think they ENHANCE my enjoyment of the show. lol But, there's more than one way to enjoy the show. It's just so well done.

Following - Some really great thoughts being thrown out there. I haven't even been thinking on another level about how many people could be part of this following. But that would make sense that people on security detail are in on it too which would help Cop dude sneak in. I thought it was strange that they mentioned the basement entrance and then we saw him dropping out of the attic. lol But, maybe he had gotten in via the basement and then snuck his way up there.

MJ said...

Whew - work's been crazy.

Following - I think that guy int he mask got us all ! I jumped. I didn't feel the religion expert women was a follower - but I wonder about the guy from the premier who was so knowledgable about both Joe and Hardy.

Watched Shameless and Justified - but no time to type anything now. I'll be back. Caught up on some Parks and Rec and 30 Rock as well.

Mike V. said...

So you think fake Jimmy Olsen from smallville aka Iceman from the X-men movies is a Follower? lol Actually not a bad theory.

I watched Justified and Shameless as well but not much time to comment either. Enjoyed them both as always though!!

I'm caught up on Parks, but not 30 Rock unfortunately. I'd love to watch the series finale but I've pretty much missed the entire season and am missing episodes on my TiVo too! (had it set to keep only the latest 5 by accident. lol) I know it's only netflix though so maybe we'll catch up when it's released there.

Hearing good things about The Americans on FX...I'm recording but not sure when I'll watch.

Also....Netflix's "HOUSE OF CARDS" will be released on 2/2...the entire season at once! (David Fincher directed, Kevin Spacey stars) This will be the first true experiment with the Netflix "new content" model. Should be interesting!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Season 9 is official and is officially the FINAL season. I think we all knew this was coming but it's nice to know up front that it's the last. Exciting!

MJ said...

HIMYM - Excellent ! Not surprised but glad to hear it.

Americans - it wasn't bad. i enjoyed it. Be interesting to see where they go with it. Nice little surprise at the end.

Justified - Raylan was getting his A** kicked too ! LOL But yeah - not much to say.

Shameless - I knew that kid wasn't gonna be kevins ! And Jimmy is soooo screwed. LOL

Parks and rec - loved the guys bachelor party(s). And that they gave Chris the trophy since he didn't get a party.

Mike V. said...

Americans - Didn't have time to watch last night but I'll get to it. I've heard good things. Did go out and see Silver Linings Playbook though. Loved it! lol

Justified - Yeah, the whole thing with the bean bag gun was fantastic. lol

Shameless - Agreed...didn't think the kid would be Kevin's either. And yes...Jimmy is screwed!

Parks and Rec - That was 2 weeks ago's ep, right? That was a great episode. Last week's was women as garabage collectors. Good times. lol

Community returns next week! Without Dan Harmon running the show, but I'm sure it'll still be bizarre and funny anyway. lol

MJ said...

Shameless - funniest was the grave in the front yard.

Blood and Chrome - premier next sunday 9pm on Dy Fy ! Another sunday show. Sheesh.

Mike - to you and Bill - I wish both your teams good luck. I'm probably just going to root for a good game and not pick someone to win. LOL Both teams are deserving from my pov.

Mike V. said...

Shameless: Oh yes, the grave was hysterical! lol

Blood and Chrome - Dy Fy eh? lol j/k Not sure if you know, but Blood and Chrome is ONLY a mini-series/movie. The youtube segments were like 10 minutes each and there were like 10 of them. It never got picked up for a series, so this is all we get. So, I wouldn't worry about another Sunday show. lol Of course, The Walking Dead comes back that night too, right?

Mike V. said...

Totally forgot to respond to Super Bowl comments! Thanks for the luck! Can't wait for the game. Best of luck to bill too. I'm too old to get upset with these things if it doesn't go my way! Lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks MJ and Mike.

Here's to a good game. And I will say good luck to you too Mike.

But that doesn't change my mantra of "GO RAVENS"... LOL

Feel free to fire a similar sentiment back at me. I don't think a display of enthusiam by either of us will change the outcome of the game.

Have fun.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

Fine! Ravens suck, Niners rule all! Recognize! Mike V out! Lol

Mike V. said...

Congrats Bill! Well fought victory. Even though we tried everything including shutting the lights off for an hour, it wasn't enough to take the lead!

I'd make a big argument for the holding call on the last Niners drive, but they never should have been down that much in the first place. It WAS a crazy comeback though and made the game pretty exciting.

Anyway, at least local boy Flacco got a ring and a LIVE F-bomb on television! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike.
I caught that F-bomb too. No seven second delay on that one!

I won't argue on the holding on the last play, I'll just say I saw it going on the whole game on both sides. In the end the refs kind of called a consistent game. And besides, we all tend to highlight plays that happen in the last 2 minutes as being crucial when similar plays/mistakes/calls that occur during the other 58 minutes matter just as much but are usually overlooked by fans.

I'll also say, that while both teams had to deal with the same situation when the power went out, it sure seemed to give the 49ers a momentum shift that they might have never gotted without the power outage.

Oh well, it's over and the party is still going in Baltimore. Too bad it's not something that changed my life, I still have to go to work and shortly it will fade into history. Sure was a hoot while it was happening though.

Bill B

Mike V. said...

I feel the same way Bill. Maybe 10 years ago, I would take this stuff more personally. I get excited during the game, I'd celebrate or be temporarily upset after depending on the result, but then it fades away. lol Of course, a Niners win for someone in the Philadelphia area doesn't allow me to share my excitement with many people either. So, in that respect, seeing the Phillies or Flyers do something is definitely a more significant event for me! Of course, I still don't let it keep me down when they lose. Too many other important things to worry about.

Good points on the penalties...they called a pretty even game. As for the 7 second know I just read that the delay only is reserved for Halftime and the Post-Game show. Anything "in-Game" is live with no delay...this includes the celebration immediately after the game. Of course, people shouldn't get too worked up about language. There are far worse things that could have happened! lol

TV-wise - I watched HIMYM and The Following last night...will comment later if I get a chance! (both were good!)

Mike V. said...

TWD scoop from Glenn Mazarra:

MJ said...

Blood & Chrome - Knew they were webisodes - but not that they were 10 min each LOL. So it will just be a one-off on Sy Fy, that's cool.

Following - certainly no surprise to me that the two pretend gay guys really did have some relations. Crazy when she cut his arm though ! Guess we're gonna have a surprise follower each week? Though did not see the wife being one.

HIMYM - fab ep ! heard the ratings were great. Grunge Sparkles - loved it.

Leslie said...

The Following - Another good episode. Now I'm confused about the lady agent. Carroll thanked her for the book in their interview with Ryan looking on and nobody seemed to question that, so is she or isn't she? Didn't see it coming that the guy's wife was one of them and then she killed that agent and now she's missing. Definitely some crazy dynamics with the 3 in the house with the kid. Really creepy that they sent the video to the mom showing that they were teaching him how to kill.

Smash - Back on tonight. Looking forward to seeing how the new season gets started.

Anonymous said...

The Following--Given agent Parker's taking up for the killer wife, saying she was a lot like her sisters, etc. Even though she mentioned the book, I think there could be many issues from her background.

It seems Joe wants a boy like himself.

Something fishy about Emma slicing the guys arm and the other guy not really concerned. Of course we had to have the gay thing introduced, absolutely no surprise given the earlier tensions and a letdown for a supposedly heady show--it's SOP for today's shows--LOL. Emma is just about crazy, but she kept it together for years in Claire's house--maybe she's at her end. It will be an interesting dynamic when the killer wife shows up and connects with Emma. I think the count is 4 killers that we know of at this point.


Mike V. said...

Hey Guys...sorry. I've been pretty busy today!

Blood & Chrome - Gotta set the TiVo for it. I keep forgetting about it! lol

Following - Whew, I'm reading everyone's comments and I'm thinking, "Did I watch the episode??" lol This is the 3rd week straight that I've been falling asleep while watching the show. I'm not sure if it's the show or if it's just my parenting schedule. lol It happens when I watch Justified too but that airs an hour later than The Following! Should be interesting when Revolution starts up again. I'm not sure how the recapping is gonna get done. lol

Anyway, after I processed it I realized what you meant about the "Wife"...for some reason I thought you guys were talking about Natalie Zea's character (aka Joe's EX Wife lol). That really would have been a crazy twist if SHE's a follower! Anyway, yeah...I figured the gay angle would come into things too. And the cop guy getting sliced was a bit of a shocker. Did anyone notice that he was left with Iceman/Jimmy Olsen (can't remember his name in this), and when Hardy came back in he was dead? Definitely a chance that he let him die, right? lol

I think I totally missed the scene with Joe thanking what's her face for the book. I may have to rewatch the ep. But, I am enjoying what I have seen of it! lol And definitely the last scene with showing the kid learning to be a killer was crazy.

HIMYM - Grunge Sparkles was fantastic. Dave Coulier (who it's theorized Alanis's "You Outta Know" is about) being on the "Behind the Music" type show was great. The Full House connection with Bob Saget/Dave and "Cut. It. Out!" was hysterical. "Paul Schafer I love You"...classic. lol Loved how Some of Sparkles' songs "went MAPLE" instead of "platinum" lol The whole Dahmer/Dobler thing was pretty funny too. And slowly learning how much of a stalker Abby Elliott's character is. Good stuff!

SMASH - Looking forward to seeing how the retooled show will be. Not sure if I'll get to it tonight or not. We have New Girl and Justified definitely. Maybe we can squeeze in some Smash too. New Girl has been on FIRE!!!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't really considered it too much, but yes you're right--the FBI newbie(remember when he was telling Ryan all about himself and Ryan just got out and left?)--could have let the FBI agent bleed out.

After thinking about it just a little more, the whole thing seems like it was staged. Remember the killer's wife got a text--"now". Which is what happens--Joe does something for Ryan to include in a book. Which makes me suspect Agent Parker even more so.

After considering multiple FBI bad guys, I can see where the black sheriff guy who doesn't like Ryan ends up being a key good guy--who knows?


Leslie said...

The Following - Guess that was kinda confusing, but all the names haven't stuck with me yet. Yeah, who did send the "now" text to Rick's wife? Wasn't there also a "now" text sent to the girl in the first episode who stabbed herself?

I did think for a second about the young FBI agent being involved but dismissed it because that guy was bleeding pretty badly, but who knows?

What about the guy in the hospital, Jordy, I think, killing himself by choking on his bandage? What a way to go!

Now we have the poor girl that was kidnapped from the convenience store. Not looking good for her.

MJ said...

Whew - been was brutal week around here last week and this one not looking any better. Hardly any time to chat.

Read that Lily Rabe signed on for S3 of AHS.

Justified - didn't watch last night. Did we talk about last weeks? Ellen may not getting killed was so surprising to me ! Did she just run off? And so did not see cock fighting coming either. Read Yost - surprised that Ellen May will be a critical character in the story of Justified. Well - if you watched then proabably already know what happened to her. LOL

TWD: Did I send a link last week that showed Hines Ward (former Steeler) is doing a spot as a zombie? I meant to but don't remember if I did it.

HIMYM- I didn't get the whole doughnut thing - are canadians obsessed with doughnuts and I never heard of that ? Loved thicke kicking Barney's a** too. Didn't know the rumor with Coulier and You oughta know. Agreed on all you said - one of the best eps in a while.

Smash - hopefully they have fixed some stuff or I might be giving this one up. I liked that Karen and ivy were competitive last year but ivy only being mean was boring.

Following - funny you call the guy Iceman but I know him from Warehouse 13 and he was a good guy. Hope the Religion Expert is not a follower - that would be soooo predictable. I thought the husband sent the wife the Now text from outside.

Revolution - maybe do shorter recaps. truthfully - I haven't missed it much. Which is what i was afraid of. I'm sure I'll enjoy it when it's back though

Mike V. said...

The Following - I only mentioned "new guy"/Iceman/Warehouse 13 guy/Ex-Jimmy Olsen being a possible follower because MJ brought it up last week as speculation. Now, I'm keeping my eye on him! lol (when they're open and not taking the occasional snooze obviously. lol). Definitely going to have to learn his name so I can stop referring to old shows and movies he was in! lol

AHS - Read that about Lily Rabe as well.

Justified - I started it but didn't finish! (like 13 minutes in started it. lol) But I think we talked a little bit about last week's. Yeah...I thought for sure Ellen May was a it's definitely interesting to hear she may be a bigger character. Of course, Yost does seem to enjoy making minor characters into more major players as the show moves on. Will try to finish watching the ep tonight.

TWD: You didn't post the link about Hines Ward, but someone else sent it to me. Pretty crazy! lol

HIMYM: Naa...I didn't get the donut thing either...but it still cracked me up. lol Seemed like a stereotype that would stick for Canada! I really didn't know about the Coulier connection either...I always thought the song was about Eric Lindros..but that was probably some local philly rumor! lol

SMASH: Well, I had no idea it was going to be 2 we only watched the first hour (which was 1 episode). I can't say if it was better or not. I will say that Ivy was definitely less MEAN. And I think they spent the majority of the hour cleaning up the mess from season maybe that means better things are ahead. We'll see!

Revolution: Oh, I'm not worried necessarily about the recaps...I will definitely make them as short as possible. I'm just worried about actually watching it on Monday nights! lol But, I'm with you...out of sight out of mind. I haven't missed it either. But, I did enjoy it when it was on. So, hopefully the audience will still be there for it. It's a tough thing to try and have a 22 episode serialized season these days and stick to the American broadcast schedule. (september to may). People will complain either way. Too long of a break in between...or too many mini breaks over 9 months. I would think the only solution is to follow the cable methodology. Shorter seasons, less filler. Of course, you could argue that Revolution is doing "2 short seasons within 1 season" with this strategy. We'll see how it plays out.

MJ said...

I thnk they need to keep the 22 eps but run them from Sept to Jan with just having off for the holidays. Then put a new show in place (like Touch is just coming back now) and run them for 22 eps thru to May. Just me though

Mike V. said...

Yeah, that's a possibility. Total rehaul of the TV structure. I think 22 episodes could be overdoing it these days. I guess for procedurals and comedies it works, but for serialized shows it leads to a lot of filler episodes. (Jack's Tattoos is my best example right now)

I think Fox was on the right track with what they did with Terra Nova, Alcatraz and Touch last year (and they're doing it with The Following this year). But with the 3 shows, they essentially ran them in the same timeslot back to back and made it through the TV season. Of course, I guess that could get expensive for networks to be running MORE SHOWS in one season. And obviously it didn't prove to be a ratings success with those 3 shows. But, if the material is good it could work.

Anyway, I watched Justified and going to watch The Americans this morning. Should be ready to discuss later! lol

MJ said...

Once interview.

justified - OMG ! Cannot believe that guy (Major Dad) cut his ankle off ! Hysterical that Raylan and Boyd got stuck in that tin shed - and that Raylan left him cuffed to the tree. Nothing can motivate raylon like keeping his dad in prison.

Americans - enjoyed the second ep. Can't figure out why I enjoy a show where the stars hate america - but I'm liking it. Maybe the clothes and music of the times - LOL j/k ! Was pretty intense that they almost let that kid die. Interesting in the end that the wife is starting to think that maybe their orders aren't always good

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the link! Actually read it this morning too. Shocking because I barely get online anymore. lol

Justified - Yep, agreed on everything you said. Nice to see Natalie Zea making an appearance too even though she's on The Following now. I had heard she would be in a couple eps, but continuity is always nice! The Boyd/Raylan stuff was hysterical. And Sheriff dude is looking to go up against Boyd...pretty intense!

Americans - I enjoyed it as well. I think that's the whole objective of the show. To have us root for the enemy. lol But, they have their conflicted "american" side from having lived here for so that makes it appealing.

Watched Modern Family too and it was funny as always, but I think New Girl has surpassed it for me as the best comedy on TV right now. (of course Community resumes we'll see! lol) If you guys aren't watching New Girl, might be time to start. Definitely ROFL moments every week!

MJ said...

New Girl - I do watch it but am behind. Still don't feel it's better then Mod Fam though - it's not consistent enough yet.

Mod Fam - not watched yet. Read today though that it had a big ratings drop! For me there's just too many cable and network dramas going on so I tend to leave the sitcoms on the DVR.

Mike V. said...

New Girl - Oh it's getting there. The past few episodes have been outstanding. Like I said, the show is on fire! lol I still love Modern Family though...and they're both appt. TV. But, if they aired at the same time and I had to pick one to watch, I'd definitely be going with New Girl right now. So good!

But yeah...I hear you about leaving comedies on the DVR. We usually feel the sitcoms are easier to get out of the way. It's 22 minute hits without commercials! lol I usually can watch one before watching 2 2 hour dramas and still finish when that 2nd drama is ending live. lol

MJ said...

LOl - I save them for when I've watched a bunch of 1 hr shows then am near going to bed but not quite ready to go so it's a quick 20 min watch.

New Girl - loved the one with the 'pogo'. Always wished they'd do more with Winston and they have been lately, also the one where Schmidt wanted his friend to feel more black. Too funny. I know that Jess and Nick have kissed but haven't seen it yet.

Smash - watched both last night - not bad. That song writer Karen is trying to get is a jerk but I'm sure they'll make him less so eventually.

I sure wish someone watched Scandal cause that show was off the charts good last night. LOL

Mod Fam - loved the golfing - and them all crying over Cats in the Cradle. Rest was good as always. Claire was a little lame but rest was good.

TWD is back this weekend ! yay! And Talking Dead an hour now. Keep saying I'm going to call in and say This is Mary from Woodbury. LOL

They keep upping our snow for overnight. Started 1-3, then 3-6 - now 5-7 ! Doubt I'll get that much but you just might ! I love snow and would be happy for 5-7

Leslie said...

MJ - that's the same time I usually watch the comedies, but last night I fell asleep before the end of BBT. Really looking forward to TWD starting back up this weekend! I'll be listening for you on Talking Dead. lol

Modern Family - the Cats in the Cradle thing cracked me up!

Nashville - Anyone keeping up with this? I saw an interview with the young blonde singer who is Deacon's niece (can't think of her name), and she's Australian! I was surprised because she has a great southern accent!

Mike V. said...

Okay, just mixing my responses to Leslie and'll figure it out! lol

I'm looking forward to TWD being back...but I'm concerned about the recaps. This Monday I have to be into work early and not sure when I'll have time...but even if I don't, I'll post a discussion thread. Whew...i don't know when I got so busy!!

MF - Agreed!

Nashville - we have every intention to catch up...just haven't had time yet. Might be a summer thing! lol Pretty crazy with the Australian stuff though! Those crazy brits can sure do an American Accent though (various dialects). Of course, watching Americans try to do a British Accent is almost always comical. I know people say Peter Dinklage as Tyrion in Game of Thrones has a pretty rough accent. But I say it's not's Westerosian!! lol

Scandal...maybe I'll get to it one day!

New Girl - I won't spoil anything but it's good stuff! The ones you mentioned are great too!

Smash - still only watched the one hour and heard ratings I'm debating keeping watching. We'll see!

Have a good wknd, and enjoy the snow!