Monday, January 7, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 1/6/2013 - 1/12/2013

Hello TV Addicts and Happy New Year!  We return to our new tradition of weekly discussion posts for all non-recapped shows.  The Fall onslaught of Cable Dramas is over but there are some returning over the next few months that will keep us busy chatting!  (Can't wait for Game of Thrones!!)  See you in the discussion!


Mike V. said...

ONCE: Watched last night. So glad they're all back in one place. I even caught my wife watching the episode again instead of being glued to her phone and/or tablet. lol Some of the stuff was a little too obvious like Red running up to interrupt Cricket and Regina's conversation just so she can say she witnessed a feud later...but overall the episode just felt like "old school" ONCE Upon a Time. lol Loved the many layers of disturbingness of Henry AND Emma walking in on Mary Margaret and David/Charming. Loved that Cricket isn't actually dead. I thought for awhile they actually killed him off. Interesting that they're trying to play the sympathy card for Regina more and more this season. But they still found a way for everyone to continue to hate her. But, I like that there are bigger villains at play now with Hook and her mother. It allows them to at least consider making Regina one of the "good guys" in the long run. This will forever be known as "Ben Linusing" someone. lol

Anyway, glad to have the show back! Still way behind on Revenge, but we'll catch up eventually! It's been nice to take a break from TV for a couple weeks...but we haven't even had time to watch anyway! Been super busy. 1st Birthdays and Christmas all in one time period will do that! :)

MJ said...

Didn't watch Once or Revenge last night.

Is Parker one already ? Wow.

So did you guys catch that Inside The Following ? Just curious how it was.

Mike V. said...

Parker turned 1 on 12/29. We had a party in Tennessee, then the 3 of us had our own little celebration ON his bday, then had the Northern Bday celebration this past Saturday. Throw TN and Northern Christmas in there and a birthday for my brother and my wife and I have been SWAMPED! LOL

Yesterday we breathed a collective sigh of relief! lol Now we just need a place to put all of his toys. Our house looks like Santa's workshop! lol

MJ said...

I can't imagine all the toys with both xmas and birthdays ! LOL

6 things to know about return of Revolution

What Grimm will be doing when it returns

They also had some Smash info but nothing I hadn't already heard about S2

Mike V. said...

Oh there are tons! lol

Thanks for the links. I saw tons of tweets yesterday during the NBC panel (winter press tour I think?)...but didn't read the articles. So, maybe I'll check them out. I think there's a GRIMM trailer on EW too. lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah and everything I read about SMASH makes it sounds like it's going to be more like the show that was promised in the pilot and less the show it became! lol So, I'm psyched about that.

MJ said...

yeah - I didn't watch the trailer yet, and yes from the press tours.

Funny - i was watching the first Bourne movie and this guy seemed so familiar - then he said a certain line and I had it - itw as Nolan from Revenge. Hadn't realized that I'd seen him in anything before the show.

MJ said...

Oops - also meant to add that Abrams has stated that the Fringe finale is very emotional and should be very satisfying.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I love rewatching older movies and then catching a minor actor in the movie being a bigger actor now. lol Didn't realize nolan was in Bourne. Pretty funny. I actually got Bourne Legacy for Christmas, so I'll have to get around to watching that. (Can't get to the theater for all of the movies anymore!)

Saw the Fringe post with Abrams. My comments are all over that post! lol (naturally, people started dissing LOST, and I came in to support lol)

Leslie said...

ONCE – It is nice to have them all back in one place. Definitely funny with Emma and Henry walking in on MM & David, and David’s line about still being able to cause trauma for their kid or something like that. lol I was sure surprised that Cricket wasn’t really dead. So, I guess it was some random resident she killed and not anyone we know??

Didn’t watch Revenge yet. I recorded Inside The Following, but something that came on before it must have run long, so I ended up recording the news. Oh well... gonna check it out anyway.

Mike – sounds like y’all have been having tons of fun! Can’t believe either that Parker is already a year old, but then I remember that I found out he was born ahead of your official post because I spent time between Christmas and New Year’s last year watching The Walking Dead from the beginning and when I posted something about you still being on baby watch, you replied that he had arrived! My how time flies!

MJ said...

AHS - Was a little thin that they'd all believe that 'santa' had just changed overnight to a better person. But I almost fell off the couch when the priest was hanging on the cross.

Maybe I just wasn't paying attention but I read a good point, if Johnny looked up his ancestry on the net and found he was Bloody Faces son - then that means that Threadson gets revealed to the world as Bloody Face! Also never noticed that both seasons have had improbable pregnancies - a ghost and an alien. LOL

MJ said...

Oh - and that show The Cult is on CW starting in Feb - it has the guy from Prison Break who played Tbone.

Mike V. said...


AHS - I did notice both seasons had pregnancies, but didn't think of them being improbable! lol And yeah, sounds like Threadsen will get exposed. Or he'll get killed and then exposed after the fact. lol Agree on the Good/Bad Santa routine and the crucifiction. That definitely was a shocking sight. Leave it to Ryan Murphy to actually put that on TV. lol

The Cult - I think you mean T-Bag! lol Lots of T-People on TV these days. T Dog, T Bag, George Costanza wanted to be called T-Bone but ended up being CoCo the Monkey. lol


ONCE - Yeah, maybe we'll find out down the road who actually died, but I'm guessing it's no one important! lol

Non-TV Stuff - WOW, totally forgot that I sent you a message pre-official post! lol Funny stuff. Time certainly does fly. It's 2013 which means we're 1 year away from the 10th Anniversary of Friends ending, and the 10th Anniversary of LOST Starting! That's insane. lol (I measure Time through TV, obviously)

Mike V. said...

Happy Justified Day! So glad I'm caught up so I can say something like that. lol

MJ said...

AHS - I'd call having aliens and ghosts get someone pregnant improbable. LOL

Once - watched last night. Snow and Charming getting caught was funny - but hello - the 'we'll go make tacos' really doesn't work in a studio apartment - they were in bed 15 feet from the kitchen. Yup - totally bought that Jimney was a goner, but so who is dead? For some reason I thought Belle would be locked up in that ships hold. LOL

You worked hard to get up-to-date on Justified, can't wait to see where they go this year.

Lislie - will try to get Revenge watched so we can talk but heard tonights NCIS is a biggie so ...

Mike V. said...

AHS - Oh absolutely, I just didn't think about it from that perspective! lol

ONCE - Hmmm Belle would've made sense too. No idea who died, not sure it matters...wouldn't be surpirsed if they did make it matter eventually though. lol

Bringing up Tacos made me think of something. I wonder if they decided to do "taco night" in honor of the "taco night" in LOST season 3 episode 6 "I DO" know the one when kate gets married to Nathan Fillion? lol "I don't DO Taco Night!!" Good times.

Justified - I sure did work hard! So funny to say that about a TV show, but it's true! Those binge watching sessions are tough these days!

Mike V. said...

Justified Season 4 Preview:

MJ said...

Leslie - sorry for the earlier misspelling. ;-P

HIMYM - a little scoop on the new Robin Sparkles to come. Love VanDerBeek on b***h in apt 23

LOL - only you would think of the Lost ep where Kate marries Fillion when you hear taco night ! too funny

Thanks the the Justified preview, will check it out.

Leslie said...

MJ - I knew you meant me! :) I haven't watched Revenge yet either. Plan to tonight. I'm a season behind on NCIS.

I didn't even remember Nathan Fillion was in LOST until my rewatch last summer! Would never have connected the two taco nights! lol

Mike - have you heard a date for Mad Men to return?

MJ said...

Nice little Fringe article - nothing spoilery

MJ said...

NCIS - Ah - I forgot you are a season behind and not watching it each week.

Once : Technically 2 people missing since one was turned to a fish. Loved that they randomly included Pongo from 101 Dalmations too. They need to stop taking deals by Gold/Rumplestiltskin - it's getting ridiculous that they keep trusting him. I know - they always say to him that they should not trust him, but then they do.

Article I read points out that Hook and Cora were not part of the curse so they can leave town any time they want.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the links MJ! I'll check them out.

Ugh, I'm so disappointed in myself. I was all psyched to watch Justified last night, and started it, but I started falling asleep during it. So, I was in and out for the first half hour and then my wife just told me let's watch tomorrow (i.e. today). lol That kid must take all my energy! LOL It's the only explanation for why he has so much!! lol

anyway, it was entertaining from what I saw, but I'll have to rewatch tonight! Sorry!!

@Leslie - no idea when Mad Men is coming back. My guess would be after The Walking Dead ends its 2nd half. (then Breaking Bad when Walking Dead is over)

MJ said...

Justified - LOL! Yeah - they are like the energizer bunny and keep going and going. Was a great ep - looks to be a great season.

One thing I can tell you without spoiling a thing - the preacher guy is the kid from the first Jurassic Park. I did not recognize him but read it today.

Mike V. said...

wow...i forget if I saw the preacher guy or not (think I did),but I definitely would not have made the connection. lol I think just recently I went on IMDB to see what the kids from Jurassic park were up to these days. Why? I dunno I'm weird like that. I forget if I saw he was going to be on Justified. lol

I did see that Yost is continuing his weekly discussions with EW so I'll be sure to read once I watch the episode with eyes open. :)

I did see New Girl last night, that show just keeps getting funnier! lol

MJ said...

I haven't read the Yost rundown yeat but I was glad to see he was doing it again. Rewatched the finale before watching the new one - loved that arm being chopped off again. LOL

TWD - new mid-season poster !

MJ said...

Justified - i wrote some comments - don't read them until you watched. I will be swamped tomorrow am so figured I'd just post them now. Still haven't had time to read Yost though.


I'm already hooked - what is the deal with that 30 yr old bag !?! Can't believe that Arlo killed that guy like that. Great name though - Waldo Truth.

Having just watched the finale fr last season I am shocked that cousin Johnny is still in the loop. Once the Ho told Ava that she did not tell Dickie Bennett any thing then Ava should hae realized and told Boyd that Johnny betrayed him. Though Johnny is not pretending he's wheelchair bound any more I guess. But was on the floor laughing when the 'bear' got shot. OMG !

I actually enjoyed the runner that Raylan had to Bounty hunt - too bad he's not staying around. Loved it that he was in the trunk when the car was stolen and when Raylan shot the air bag. The girl who flashed Raylan was kinda funny too. But constable Bob was just too funny. Buying his own lights, and of course the go bag - we know that's going to have some kind of need as the season continues. And who knew how to find junkies was look for bikes being stolen. LOL

I was a little confused by Boyd's friend - stating he won't do murder but then when Boyd says 'take care of him' he just shoots the guy. Great scene though.

I recognized the preachers sister immediately from True Blood though not the preacher as I already posted.

MJ said...

Revenge - hey we're back to smoting someone once in a while - I've missed that. Still hating the whole bar storyline but am thinking it's one of the Ryan brothers in the sunken boat we saw in the premier.

Mod Family - loved that BillyDee assumed Phil was Mitchell - hysterical. And that creepy bellhop telling them about the hot spring. Nice change of pace to have the girls get along and work together for once.

Leslie said...

Revenge - Yeah, that whole storyline with the judge was pretty good. His face at the end when his wife was revealing all was great! Agree that the brothers with the bar seems kinda pointless, but you're probably right that it's one of them on the boat. That would make sense.

Modern Family - So funny! I knew something was gonna happen with Phil and Claire in that hot spring, but I didn't expect it to be nudists! lol There were a lot of them crammed into that little spring!

MJ said...

Modern Family - every time one of them turned around 'something' was in their face. Cracked me up

Mike V. said...

Whew, sorry guys, I haven't been able to post at work. In a training for the next few days. So, I'm just getting on here really quickly to say I read everything.

I watched Justified and pretty much agree with everything you said! Didn't catch all the cousin Johnny stuff last season though. So, good to know! Patton Oswalt (Constable) seems to be a nice addition to the cast so far, agree. Didn't notice the girl from True Blood will have to check it out. But yes, great start to the season. I like that they're going to keep this mystery going all season.

MF - you guys captured it all....loved that Phil called him Lando. lol But yeah confusing him for Mitchell? Classic! The whole episode was fantastic. Even the kids' storyline with Luke and Manny macking on the girls. lol Good times.

I'll just say it now because I probably won't have time tomorrow. HAPPY FRINGE FRIDAY!! lol

Mike V. said...

John noble previews final fringe eps. Getting excited!

Leslie said...

AHS - Anyone watch this week's episode yet? Don't want to spoil anything. WOW!

Mike V. said...

Ahs -I watched. It was crazy! Of course not much time to comment. I'll try later!