Monday, January 14, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 1/13/2013 - 1/19/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  As usual, here is our place to discuss any non-recapped shows for the week.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Watched the Globes last night, so I'll be trying to watch Shameless, ONCE and HIMYM tonight. That was once a light night of TV. But now, I'd be surprised if we can watch HIMYM! lol

MJ said...

I didn't watch the globes but didn't get to Shameless or Once either. LOL. I'm def watching HIMYM - I'll wait to comment until you have done so though. Ok - off to Fringe recap !

Leslie said...

I watched the Globes last night too, so didn't watch Once or Revenge yet. Tina and Amy did a great job! And, I'm a season behind on Shameless.

I did have a Showtime preview weekend, so I was able to finish this season of Dexter! I admit that I had read how it ended, but I was still tense in that last scene with Dex, Deb and La Guerta. WOW! I wonder where they will take this all next season. I guess Hannah may still surface. Great season!

MJ said...

Dexter - just read it comes back in summer for finale instead of fall.

Mike V. said...

Dexter - I saw that too! I was getting Showtime Tweets during their panel. Homeland will be taking the 9:00 slot in the fall and Dexter will be starting in June. Crazy! Makes sense though. They also declined to comment at this point if it was the final season or not but noted that there is an end game established. I am hoping it's the final season though. Only so many ways to skin a cat, right? I think they're down to the last possible way! We'll see.

Golden Globes - Agreed on Tina and Amy. Great job! I didn't mind Ricky Gervais though when the Hollywood elite did. lol Tina and Amy do a good job at making fun of people but where they laugh with them. lol The awards themselves weren't too surprising. Homeland winning big, Les Mis/Argo (actually 2 movies I saw in the theater, which is a rare occassion these days lol!!). We'll see how it translates into the Oscars!

Mike V. said...

Okay, I watched everything! I'm going to be busy all day so figured I'd make a few comments.

HIMYM - HOLY CONFETTI!!! lol I haven't laughed so hard at this show in awhile. When Marshall was changing that diaper and the confetti sprayed was a grand payoff and classic HIMYM. lol Throw on top of that Rachel Bilson's cameo and the whole payoff to the Band vs. DJ thing and it was a great episode! I think we did know that the mother played at the wedding, right? Maybe we just theorized it so much that it seems like we knew. lol But, it certainly would seem like Ted meets the mother before that train stop session. Or maybe he got his first glimpse of her there but didn't get a chance to talk to her. In any case, May 25, 2013 is THIS year. Kinda making me think we're meeting the mother this year regardless of season 9 happening or not. Exciting stuff!

ONCE - Great episode! Can't believe Hook shot Belle and it made her cross the line! I may have been nodding in and out on this one last night. Did everyone else find out that Cricket is alive? I know he escaped. (or at least thought he did) Of course, if Belle lost her memory and Hook still has him, then no one else would be able to find out he's alive. lol Unless she told "Rumple" . Oh right, and then just as it was foreshadowed by Grumpy....a non-fairy tale person has come to Storybrooke! Oh boy!

Shameless - Man I missed this show. The whole episode was intense and insane. Frank in Mexico was hysterical.....loved the payoff that it was Sheila's bedroom antics that allowed him to stuff 18 or 19 logs of cocaine up his rear. lol Jimmy/Steve and his whole situation is crazy, but certainly keeps things interesting for him and Fiona while their domestic life seems to be boring her. Lip and the Robot Car laser stuff was great. The neighbors (can't think of their names) and their website aka The History Channel....was all hysterical. I guess Sheila's daughter is still MIA. But it will probably be like Steve/Jimmy last year. She'll show up eventually. That's about all I have for that one!

MJ said...

HIMYM - thought you'd love that whole part ! I can't remember if we knew she played at the wedding - if yes then I forgot. I do recall that she had a guitar at the train station but thats it. I hope we do meet the mother and get another season. I mean - I don't want to meet her in the last 15 mins of the series ! I want to see them dating - I want the whole story !

Once - Cricket escaped and then we only saw him show up at henry's - don't know who he told. But he's def free and now they know Regina will be pissed when she gets back. LOL So did Belle die? guess not. Never saw Mulan movie but man - she's a mean girl. LOL

Shameless - OMG ! It was poop night apparently betw this and HIMYM. I assumed the ep name Gran Canon meant the gun but apparently it was about Frank ! Agree - Nando kiling that guy and just cutting him up - making Jimmy help ! This show just cracks me up - it's all so wrong and so funny.

Revenge - Leslie I'll wait til you comment so I don't spoil.

AHS - ok - so i watched last weeks ep finally - yowza. What I was afraid of is coming to pass with this guy who did Nip/Tuck - he's just ratcheting up the nuttiness just to do it. LOL Was this the finale ? Lana is out, kills Thredson. Kit is out - got girl and his kid back and then goes home to find his dead wife an baby back ? Jude is never getting out apparently. But - OMG with current Bloody Face and the hooker. And he's living in daddy's house ! Loved Judes' speech to the Msr though.

Leslie said...

AHS - When I was watching last week, I wondered if it was the finale also, but there are 2 more episodes. It was an action-packed episode! That scene with BF's son and the hooker was just icky! But, it was cool how they were going back and forth between now and then with son and dad. What a legacy! Interesting how they made us not like Jude in the beginning, and now I kinda feel sorry for her.

Haven't been able to watch Once, Revenge or HIMYM yet.

MJ said...

AHS - wow - 2 more ? Agree - they've changed my mind on her too.

HIMYM - Lily and Ted's rooftop conversaton was so sweet, and Ray Wise was the perfect choice for Robin's dad. Too funny.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - I was always fine with either approach they decided to take. If he met the mother at the end then it fulfilled the title of the show. If they want to show the season of "courting" then that's fine too. I still think next season could be a bit of "How I Met Your Father"....Probably could only work for a few episodes though, not a whole season. lol Agreed on the rooftop scene. Many complain that Ted is still not over Robin after so many gestures he's made to do it. But, that's just the fact of life. He has always thought Robin was the one and will until he actually finds the one. I read a comment on EW....that it also makes it more meaningful that the story started with how he met their Aunt Robin. She was an important part leading to meeting the mother. All works for me!

ONCE - Belle definitely didn't die. Even Hook said she wouldn't, but she has forgotten who she was! Never saw Mulan either and I'm thinking it's not much like the Disney movie. lol Who knows though? (well, people that have seen it i guess!)

Shameless - lol...good times indeed. Nothing else to add!

AHS - Yeah, Ryan Murphy is just a bizarre dude. He does Glee also and that show is over the top in its own way as well. Obviously not as grotesque and controversial as AHS or Nip/Tuck could be. (i'm way behind on Glee now too...not too sad about it either lol) Yes...the "milking scene" was definitely interesting. lol I was also surprised when I found out how many episodes were left. I have no idea what it's going to cover!

Leslie said...

Once - Watched last night....okay, when they focus on Rumpel crossing the line, did anyone else think of Archie in Field of Dreams doing the same thing and turning back into Doc Graham? lol Love that movie!

Revenge - When Nolan's old CFO came back (can't think of her name), I had a bad feeling about her, then we find out she's working for Helen and the Initiative! And, Ashley worms her way back in. Funny when she said she knows where the bodies are buried. With this family, not just a figure of speech! lol

MJ said...

Justified - also loved Boyd's and preachers quote-off ! Love it when Boyd makes his speeches. Look forward to the preachers sister (recognize her in this one?) and Boyd tangling. Agree on Waldo family scene. I too love Art - especially the 'stiffy' comment - and his whole thing with the other head marshall looking to take Art's job.

Thanks for the link - I've had no time this am for any web browsing.

Revenge - I have been on the fene about Nolan's g-friend/CFO for weeks and i just kept not trusting her - but did not think she was working for the Initiative. I kept thinking that her and the guy CFO seemed to be the same race so maybe they were in cahoots somehow. The male CFO - he kind of reminds me of the annoying Ellis from Smash! LOL Right before they opened that wine I thought wouldn't it be funny if they didn't like that wine - and then they had it go bad.

MJ said...

fene = fence ! LOL

MJ said...

Look - a whole article about Lost's Nicki and paulo ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Justified - The preacher's sister looks REALLY familiar, but I can't place what I know her from. Do you know? lol No problem on the link. I'm a little swamped today too, so I understand!

Thank YOU for the link too. Gotta check that out! lol

MJ said...

LOl - told you last week - she was in True blood as Jason's panther chick, the one who tried to turn Jason.

oh - that Nikki and Paolo thing - hated it ! I posted that link before reading it - agreed with very little as I never hated Nikki and Paolo.

Mike V. said...

Justified - OHHHH YEEAAAAAAH!!! lol I'm telling you...this baby has robbed my brain of some smart cells or something. lol

LOST - Yeah...the Nikki/Paolo stuff...I didn't really read the whole thing and instead jumped into the comments and did my usual defense of the show! lol

MJ said...

Leslie - Heard AMC is giving The Killing a third season. WHole new murder and nothing to do with Rosie larson.

COntinuum - any one watch it? Wasn't half bad. Time travel though - makes my head hurt. LOL

Mike V. said...

I heard about the Killing too. Unbelievable. Why torture people like that?? lol

Watched AHS - They're working on tying the 2 time periods together now. Makes sense. Jude's story was insane. She's become a total nut job! lol Then again, Kit's story was insane too! lol Nothing much else to add. Looking forward to the finale.

Anyone going to watch The Americans with Kerri Russell? I guess it's taking over AHS's slot starting the week after. I'm undecided.

MJ said...

Def checking out Americans. Looks interesting.

Justified - Read the thing with Yost and I was sorry to hear that we won't be visiting the Truths again ! Anyone who keeps a dead guinea pig as pet and tokes up in front of 3 marshalls deserves more air time !

Have you checked out Neil Patrick Harris in his webseries: Neil’s Puppet Dreams? I saw one on EW.

MJ said...

Very surprising article about what shows have the most buzz.

Leslie said...

Yep, I heard The Killing is coming back. Interesting.

AHS - Insane is definitely the theme of this show! lol I do like how they are tying it all together now. Couldn't believe when Kit's wife killed Grace then ended up in Briarcliff herself. I wonder if the finale will show BF's son meeting his mom. Will Lana survive it? CRAZY!

Mike V. said...

Forgot to mention I didn't watch Continuum....I also have forgotten to keep up with the Battlestar Blood and Chrome mini-series that was airing on YouTube. I think SyFy is going to air the thing in its entirety eventually. But the first clip I watched was pretty good!

Justified - Touche' lol

NPH - Didn't watch any, but saw the link on EW. Worth checking out?

I'll probably set the tivo for Americans then we'll see. I've watched all of AHS on the treadmill, so maybe this will take the place. Really looking forward to The Following though! Probably will be a lot better than Revolution and I'll be stuck recapping that when it comes back! lol (Both Monday shows)

Buzz - very interesting!

@Leslie AHS - Oh I'm absolutely sure at this point that that's where the finale is headed. Definitely ties the 2 time periods together. Seems like whats her face (reporter turned inmate turned author aka Sara Paulson) seems to have forgotten what happened to her in the pursuit of fame. And she dumped her baby in the garbage or something and claimed he was dead! That's pretty nuts.

MJ said...

AHS - not reading comments since I still haven't watched it.

NPH - it was different that's for sure. I'm going to check the others out.

Did you hear that the originals on TVD are getting a spin off ? DOn't think I'll bother though.

BSG Blood and Chrome - I'm waiting for it to air.

HIMYM - EW has a new pic of Robin Sparkles from the upcoming ep. Nothing exciting really.

Mike V. said...

NPH - Still haven't checked out, but I'll try to remember.

TVD S.O. (lol) - I heard about it. I can barely stay up with TVD so I doubt I'll be getting into it either!

BSG B&C - Probably me too.

HIMYM - Saw it and laughed. lol Looking forward to it!