Monday, November 7, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 7 - Nightfall

Well what do you know folks?  I was hesitant to press play on my TiVo tonight and start this episode and it turned out to be probably its best episode yet!  Now, as always, I'm not saying it was great when comparing it to some of the great dramas in TV history or anything.  But, I did find myself thoroughly entertained throughout the episode.  And it felt like we finally made some progress on the whole Sixers mystery and the overarching mythology.   Not much, but it was nice to know that they didn't forget about it.  To tell you the truth, about halfway through the episode, I was starting to get worried there wouldn't be any cheesy dialogue or moments and then the stuff just came pouring down like it was Hurricane Velveeta!   It was beautiful folks!  And we'll get to it all in the recap below!

Basically, this episode dealt with the fallout from a meteor hitting near Terra Nova and producing an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and wiping out their entire electrical system and backup power.  So, basically we had to see everyone go into survival mode.  And the Sixers saw this as a perfect opportunity to strike and grab something they feel is rightfully theirs.

Setting the Scene for Chaos
The opening moments of the episode put our characters where they needed to be for Meteor Time.

  • Jim had a big surprise for Zoe today as he brought her to some super secret room called THE EYE.  It's a place where any wish of yours can be granted electronically!  (Maybe this is Ben's metaphorical Magic Box from LOST?)  When I first saw the seat, I automatically thought an amusement park ride so it was fitting that Zoe wanted to ride the ancient roller coasters from the 20th Century!   But first she wanted to see where she was born, which we find out was some desolate house in the middle of nowhere.  They apparently lived there for awhile to avoid the "overpopulation police" from figuring out that they had an illegal 3rd child.  I can see this "EYE" room being used in future episodes for who knows what.  Maybe creating some kind of holodeck or I dunno, finding all the mutants or humans of the world and ending them with one shot? Hmmm, maybe I'm thinking of the wrong show?

  • Elisabeth had a big day at work today so she went off to Doctor land.   Josh had a big day of working at Cocktails and Dreams but first ran into his pals Skye and Hunter.  Hunter has been "hung over" for a week now after eating some kind of root.   Turns out he had a parasite growing in him which put Skye and Hunter with Elisabeth for the big blackout!  Because duh, there has to be an old-time surgery during a Meteor Power outage! 

  • Meanwhile, Maddy and Mark (Reynolds) had to go recreate the greatest love scene ever from Attack of the Clones.  They skipped right past the not liking sand and went right for the jugular with the "I'd be much too frightened to make fun of a senator" scene.  Actually, I believe the phrase in Terra Nova was "You're Perfect."   And I know they would have gotten to frolicking in the fields if it weren't for that stinkin Meteor! 

The meteor hits and we see some pretty decent effects taking down Terra Nova's power with some sonic wave.  Taylor yelled for everyone in his immediate shouting distance to hit the deck which he and Wash did as well.  And poof, no power.   The place is suddenly vulnerable to dino attacks and whatever else.  

The Mysterious Box and Chip Replicator
So, one other big plot piece of the episode was that crazy box that Mira tried to snatch a couple of episodes ago.  They still could not figure out what the thing was but Malcolm feels that it was designed to be opened by a specific person.  They guessed Mira, but we find out in the end it was someone else. 

When the power went out, Malcolm's focus went into how to start powering up the complex again.  And wouldn't you just know it that they have a chip regenerator machine?  Only problem is that the chip that powers that device was damaged too.   It figures that the one man who still knows an old trade is good ol' Bartender Boylan.  He tries to haggle with Taylor but to no success.  He agrees to fix the chip and get the regenerator machine going.  But he's going to need some time!

Jim and Zoe
So, Jim and Zoe really have no idea what's going on as they are stuck in The Eye when the place powers down.  Jim examines the room to figure out a way to get the door open.  They discover that the only way out is via some air duct or something underneath the Eye's amusement park seat.  From there they could get to the manual override for the door.  The only person that can fit is Zoe.  With a little encouragement and song, she eventually is able to get through.  I'll admit, the girl is really cute but we have a whole bunch to discuss on the Cheese List below! 

Jim and Zoe catch up to what has happened and they get Zoe off to the school for safekeeping with her friends. 

The Surgery
Elisabeth is forced to use local anesthesia and old fashioned surgical tools to try and get this 500 foot parasite out (I forget the actual dimensions of the thing).  Skye clearly is in emotional turmoil over her friend going through this.  And wouldn't you know it?  She thinks of him as a brother but he has always wanted to be more.  But everyone knows that she has the hots for guitar noodlin Joshy boy and he's too dumb to realize it.  Plus he's got the old ball in chain millions of years away in a different time stream.   

Naturally, there is some drama when the parasite breaks and dives back in to Hunter for some more pain and anguish.  Skye, who was helping with the operation, now has to run to Boylan to see if a chip is ready.  It just so happens that he got the first one replicated.  Josh accepts the baton toss and brings the chip to Mommy dearest.  Then we're all digital again folks and with a tap of the surgical stylus, the parasite died!

Enter a Love Triangle/Square situation with Hunter/Skye/Josh/Invisible Kara.  I'm sure everyone is thrilled for this advancement!   Oh and did I mention that Elisabeth is so trying to be matchmaker between Skye and Josh now?  Josh could not be more scared! 

Maddy and Reynolds
So brilliant Mark never told any of his soldier buddies that they were going off the grid for a romantic picnic/prequel reenactment.  The Nova Jeep and his Electro Gun were both powered down and useless.  But no fear, they're only 6 clicks away and might be able to make it back to Terra Nova before nightfall.   No such luck.  They only make it 2 clicks before they had to get all camouflaged up with stink leaves!  Maddy was not a happy camper until she got to spread it all over Reynolds.    Of course, the scent didn't keep away all the creatures of the night.  The crazy Nyko Raptors came after them.  (I forget if these are the guys I called Shark-o-saurs.  Oh well, just this once I'll give them their official Terra Nova name!) 

Mark pushed Maddy up a tree and that's where they climbed up and spent the night.   It's just too easy to talk about Maddy and Reynolds sitting in a tree and what they did up there, right?   Needless to say, they did have their first smooch, but you'll have to wait for the cheese list for the rest!   

Don't worry, they got back in time before anyone caught them.  And no one got in trouble, save for a few bad smells! 

The Terra Nova Invasion
The Sixers received word (most likely from Boylan) that Terra Nova was powered down, so they decided to act quickly.  They lured a TyranaStegosaurus towards Terra Nova using fires and arrows.  (oh yeah, he had a stego back but it walked on its hindlegs.  That thing was crazy!)   

Taylor was worried about a dino attack and knew the fence would snap like a twig.  So, he and Jim created a Fire fence with some flaming arrows.   

Little did they know though though that this was only a diversion and the Sixers had already infiltrated Terra Nova.  Uh oh!   So, they have a whole band of soliders under the employ of Terra Nova but Jim and Taylor decide to take them all on themselves.  There's some fantastic fist a knife fights with some Sixers that looked like they were fresh off the set of a Capital One commercial.  But one of Mira's men made off with the box.  Jim pursued while Taylor stayed back to have one more knife fight.  Just when things were looking bad, Boylan showed up with an old fashioned 6 shooter.  He ended up shooting the Sixer with it to save Taylor.   And thus, he provided the perfect cover for his RAT status.  

Jim was unsuccessful in stopping the Sixer from getting away with the box as he was protected by some flaming arrows of his own.  Mira just hissed at Jim and Taylor with those perfect teeth of hers.  Taylor is now all but convinced that they have a rat inside Terra Nova and they're making it priority number one to find him!  

Sixers Rendezvous
As mentioned, the box was not for Mira though!  They had a meeting with a man we have yet to meet.  Of course, we only know of one mysterious man wandering around out there alone.  So, we could easily assume this was Taylor's son Lucas.  And sure enough it was!  

The Sixers had been sent to Terra Nova with that box to get it to Lucas.  He activated the box (which somehow avoided being harmed by this EMP) and it showed some interesting charts and globes and what not.  Lucas thought it looked beautiful and knew there was much work to do.  Mira mentioned that Taylor knew Lucas is close to an answer.  An answer to what?  We still don't know.  But Lucas said in the end Taylor will have to choose between his son and his precious Terra Nova.  Dum dum dummmmm!

Very interesting!  Do we still think it will have something to do with impacting timelines?  Mira said something about "controlling the future" in the pilot episode.  Hopefully in this second half of season 1 they'll start exploring that more.  But, I'd say this episode was a step in the right direction!  But we're not done yet folks.  One more gift for you all! 

Cheesy Lines of the Week
We'll save the best for last:
  • "Let's Dance" - Taylor to Knife wielding Sixer.  But it was the way he said it that had me rolling.  There was no amount of excitement behind it.  It was like "I can't believe the writers are making me say this line, but I'll deliver it with the least amount of enthusiasm and show them!" 

  • During the Tree House Sleepover, Maddy asked if they were going to survive.  Reynolds said something like he'd never let anything happen to her.  And then she said she was asking so she could get a kiss in before they died.  Reynolds said well maybe they should just in case.   And if all of that wasn't cheesy enough, after the kiss Maddy threw in a "Now I can die!" for good measure!

  • But the ultimate amount of cheese occurred when little Zoe was afraid of running into spiders in the air vent.   But Jim said he used to be afraid of spiders too until he learned the "Go Away Spiders Song" which he promised to sing for Zoe.   We got a little teaser with "Go away spiiiider go go go!" But it didn't just end there folks!  Zoe got in that tunnel and would not go any further until Jim started singing again.  "The song daddy."   "We don't like you no no no!  Creepy Crawly webs are all sticky!!"    He'd stop because he'd have no more words.   "The song daddy!"   "Freak me out all icky icky spiiiiider!!"   Oh it was unbearably hysterical the whole time.   When Zoe finally got out, Jim asked if she saw any spiders down there.  Zoe said "Nope, the song worked!"   Ugh, if that girl wasn't so cute!!    No amount of writing those song lyrics here could ever explain how cheesy the whole scenario was!   But you all had to know that I would be loving every minute of it for blogging purposes! 

So that's it for this week folks!   As I have been mentioning in all my recaps as of recent, I just want to remind everyone that I'll be out of town this coming weekend so there will be no recaps of Fringe, The Walking Dead or Terra Nova for the next round of episodes.  But no fear, I will post something when I return for all 3.   Maybe Obser'ver'ations section for Fringe, highlights from Walking Dead, and Mythology advancement/Cheesy lines from Terra Nova all in one post!   We'll see what I have time for.   I'm sorry about the inconvenience, but I'm sure we'll all get by!  Feel free to discuss any of the shows we discuss in the comments while I'm gone.  If I remember, I'll post a "VACATION POST" while I'm out and you guys can go to town! 

So with that, I'm out!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you sometime next week! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra NovaThe Walking Dead and Alcatraz. If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly. This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch. It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox. I highly recommend the view!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: Alcatraz, Awake and Touch. I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


Kelly said...

Ok, so I was making dinner throughout some of the show, yet I realize now I probably should've rewound it so I could see all of it.. but I simply don't care about the show that much. That said, I did like the episode and thought that it was probably the best one yet.
Capital One commercial guys? GENIUS! haha! Love it :)
I was eating dinner when the parasite was beginning to be surgically removed. I had to look away. I didn't want to eat my chicken and quinoa while that was going on, lol.
You know, I am finding that I purposely look for cheesy moments for your Hall of Cheese! LOL! The kiss thing was definitely on my list last night. I wasn't watching/paying attention when the spider song came on, and I'm glad because I would've gagged, lol.
I was kinda hoping that the whole Maddy thing with "now I can die" would be foreshadowing. But I knew that they wouldn't do that. Oh well..
Did anyone else have a flashback when Zoe wasn't answering Jim after she went through the access hatch? I immediately thought of Lost- when Locke was trapped and Ben (then known as Henry) climbed over the door to enter the numbers- and Benry wasn't answering when Locke was yelling out to him. Man, it's gonna take a while to get that show out of my head, lol!
Speaking of that access hatch- you'd think that the people who built that thing would make an access hatch THAT'S BIG ENOUGH FOR NORMAL-SIZED PEOPLE!! Did Oompa Loompas design this thing? Sheesh!
I feel like Boylan is too obvious as the rat. I mean, of course he's a rat, we know he's in contact with Mira and all that. But I feel like he's kind of a Sawyer- a total jerk, but he's doing it more to look out for himself and not necessarily help to bring down Terra Nova. Unless I'm looking way too into it and just need to turn off that Lost part of my brain.
AAAAAAAAND speaking of Lost again (for the 3rd time in this comment), my Lost-actor-turned-Hawaii-50-extra of the week is... Roger Linus! He played a cancer patient who was smoking pot in front of Jin (Chin) and Boomer (Kono) while they were interviewing him, lol. Oh, and an added piece of useless trivia- did anyone catch Roger Linus (or whatever his real name is) on the beginning of last season's Son of Anarchy? Very small part, but I get excited about these things way too much, lol

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, and where was that baby dino they were gonna keep??

Mike V. said...

Hey Kelly before I get started here, browse around the comments of all of these latest blog postings, MJ was looking for you to discuss Revenge. lol

Okay, so now for TERRA NOVA. I'm with you, I don't care about this show too much either, but I was thoroughly entertained last night. Only thing that was missing on the Capital One comment was a photo caption asking "what's in YOUR wallet?!" Ahhh hindsight. lol

Ironically, my wife and I were actually eating some cake when they start working on the parasite. (baby shower cake...gotta love it! lol) Yeah...the Kiss and the Spider Song were definitely the top 2...and if there was a Hall of Cheese, they might rank up at the top of that Greatest Hits list too! Absolutely fantastic. lol I'm glad you're looking out for these things too. You never know, I might miss a hidden gem. lol

I gotta say...I didn't catch any LOST comparison with Maddy in the vent. It just reminded me of every other show when someone has to crawl through a vent to get somewhere! lol But now that you mention it, Kate did some vent traveling in that hatch too! lol Was that really an access hatch and not an air duct or something? I didn't think it was meant for people to actually go into...but I could be wrong! Funny with the Oopa Loompa comment though! lol

You could be right about Boylan. I take things pretty much at a surface level with this show. We have seen Boylan bring Josh to the Sixers and Taylor has no idea he is providing supplies to them either. But yeah...I guess there could be someone else in hiding. The Sawyer comparison is good for Boylan...naturally, I prefer Sawyer! lol

Nice on the H5-0 LOST casting! I think I mentioned this before, but I'm sure the LOST cast is going to start showing up everywhere like the Deadwood Cast did/still is. Should be a good time!

No idea where that Baby Dino is! Maybe he's still in the medical facility growing to a healthy pet size. lol

Kelly said...

LOL! When Taylor said "Let's Dance" before fighting that guy (another cheese vote for me, lol) he really should've said, "What's in YOUR wallet?" and then the guy should've wielded his knife, HAHAHA!
I'll look in the other comments to get some Revenge chat going. The CMA's are on tomorrow, so there will be no Modern Family or Revenge (BOOO!!!), so we'll have to make do with our discussions for now.
Hey, btw are you guys on Facebook (Mike and MJ)? I feel like I've gotten to know you but still don't know your faces, lol. If you WANT (no pressure or anything), my full name is Kelly Lieb. I should be the first one up there, but if I'm not, perhaps it says that I studied Aviation Admin at SUNY Farmingdale.. feel free to hit me up there!
Maybe it was just a vent, but for some reason I feel like he said "access hatch". Eh, whatevs, but you're right- it's like every show where someone has to crawl through something, lol.
Oh man, I totally prefer Sawyer as well! He's much easier to look at! Buy yeah, like I said, I may be giving the show more credit than it deserves!
Oh totally- a lot of the Deadwood cast has been in SOA (though I never saw Deadwood), and hey- some of the Deadwood cast wound up on Lost, too! Lee Adama from BSG was also the patient-of-the-week on House (I don't watch that show but I did see that he was on it). Why am I so addicted to pointing out actors in other roles? LOL! My sister and I love to do that.
I think the dino is in the same place where that girl is- the one who ran away from the Sixers and is living back in Terra Nova? lol.. Neither of them will ever be mentioned again!

Kelly said...

MJ- in case you look here, check out the Fringe post for my Revenge/AHS comments

Mike V. said...

The wallet line definitely could have worked for Taylor! lol
Well, considering I'm a full on Country Music convert due to the Mrs., I'm totally on board with the CMAs! I'll just have to find a way to fit in AHS too before we head on down to TN! lol

I am on Facebook. I don't update my photos very often (still have my wedding pic up...because it's a great one lol) but I'm on there. I know MJ is all anti-twitter so it's a 50/50 shot on her having Facebook. :) lol Last name is Vitullo and am in PA. But I'll look you up later if I think about it! lol

He very well could have said access hatch I have no idea!! Yep Deadwood cast shows up all over the place. At one point I thought LOST was trying to get them all on there. lol Speaking of LOST alum, looks like Emile DeRavin (Claire) is going to play Belle on Once Upon a Time. And so it continues! lol The best part about catching people in other shows is finding them BEFORE they were stars in reruns of stuff or old movies. Like seeing John Locke as Kim Bauer's father in Old School (mustache and all!). Or in last week's Fringe I couldn't pinpoint who the scientist guy was, and then I realize I remember him from Rachel's Date from The One When Ross Finds Out on Friends season 2. (I was/am still a very obsessed Friends Fan lol) IMDB has helped wonders in me finding out where I know these people from. It's a good time. You're not alone!

Naaa...the Pet Dino has to come back. But Christmas Vacation girl? Yeah she's probably gone for good. lol

Leslie said...

Another comment that I laughed at was when the bartender came in and shot the guy Taylor was fighting, and Taylor says, "I had him right where I wanted him." It reminded me of the scene from Indiana Jones with the guy waving his sword around, and Jones pulled out his gun and shot him!

And, I have a question on AHS after catching up this we know who the Rubber Man is or have I missed that?

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - That was a great line too. And of course, the Indiana Jones scene was a classic! lol

AHS - We definitely don't know who the rubber man is yet. Some people speculate it's the doctor guy that initially owned the house. Tate did dress up in the suit to scare the daughter (brain fart on her name right now) but it's most likely not him. But I think it's safe to say that the rubber man IS a ghost AND the father of this demon baby inside Vivian! lol

Leslie said...

On AHS - Mike, thanks for confirming that for me. That's what I thought about the rubber man...glad I didn't miss something.

Don't know if you are aware that Eric Stonestreet appears on this week's episode. He's a patient of Ben's. Should be interesting! Maybe Cam is having nightmares!

Mike V. said...

No problem Leslie! Now that you mention about Eric Stonestreet, it sounds familiar. That would be hysterical if he was in character as Cam, but he'll probably be someone totally opposite! lol

Kelly said...

I can't WAIT to see Eric Stonestreet on AHS! I hope he's not playing a comedic role. I want to see his drama chops! And it's pretty fitting that he's on tonight, since Modern Family won't be airing this week :)
Mike, I sent you a friend request.. at least I hope that's you! And I am anti-Twitter as well, lol. I only have room in my life for one social networking site!

That's funny about that Friends episode- that actually aired last night! I didn't watch it, thought I did DVR it because I like that episode and wasn't able to stay up til 2am to watch it!
I totally know what you mean though- about seeing the other actors before they played their more recognizable roles. Like George Clooney on The Facts of Life, lol.
Oh wow, I can't wait to see Claire on OUAT! I'm really liking that show, it's not as cheesy as it looked when I saw the first clip. It's a little too warm and fuzzy at times, but I have Grimm to make me all dark and broody.
LMAO, Christmas Vacation Girl! Doesn't get old :D
O.M.G. Did you see SOA last night? AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME EPISODE! I won't say anything until I know you watched it.
All I can say is that TV this season is the best I've seen in a long time. I was talking with a couple that I'm friends with, and they aren't even TV people, yet they have to park themselves on their couch every night, lol. And we're not even done yet, Alcatraz and Awake are coming soon! Among others as well, right?

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - You got the right person on Facebook. lol Sorry I forgot to try and add. I'm never on facebook on the computer, and sometimes I have issues with the iPhone app with adding people. lol

Stonestreet apparently is gonna be on both The CMA awards tonight AND AHS. That's pretty funny. lol

As for being anti-twitter. I just don't get it! At first I was too, but then I saw the benefits of it by joining. You don't need to broadcast to all of your friends that you're on twitter. For instance, I'm on there as TV Addicts Blog, not me! lol And I share with all of my followers when I post a new recap. And sometimes I'll share other news I find. And the people I mostly follow are celebrities, writers, LOST/TV fans, news and entertainment news entities. For some followers I sign up for text alerts so I always have the latest news as soon as it's available. It's a great tool. I don't understand why people are so against it! lol But oh well, I'll just keep staying one step ahead of everyone until they eventually cave. :-)

We have our bedroom TiVo (with 1.5 Terabytes of storage) set to record all Friends episodes on Nick at Night (they're all remastered for HD and look fabulous!) and probably have about 60-70 episodes recorded at a time for whenever we just want a quick friends fix. The hysterical thing is that we have them all on DVD too but it's just not the same! lol

George on The Facts of Life...that's pretty hysterical! Yeah, I'm glad that people are enjoying ONCE more than originally expected. It's pretty good so far! Grimm, I still haven't watched the 2nd episode, but maybe tomorrow morning before I ship off on my road trip!

Of course I watched SOA! Appointment TV! Of course, next week will be tough because we'll just be getting home. But I'm guessing that we'll be staying awake to watch all 90 minutes in all of its glory! Agreed about TV in general right now, it's fabulous! I'd even go as far back as saying we've been in a Golden Age of TV since the turn of the millienium. Mostly on Cable but a few network gems. I mean, how is it possible that we have gotten to experience The Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire, LOST, 24, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, among various the past 10-12 years? That's insane! And that's not even getting into Comedy where there have been so many good ones too. Excellent time to be a TV fan!

As for SOA - My God that episode was gruelingly awesome. The Gemma/Clay stuff was very very powerful. Apparently, Sutter is going to try and humanize Clay before the end of the season so we can see where he's coming from. Perhaps some flashbacks are coming?? Tara and her hand!! Yikes....Jax coming clean to Ope. The sheriff's apology to many great moments in that episode. I kept waiting for someone to bite the bullet, and I'm sure it's still coming. But I still have a hard time thinking this is the end of the road for Clay, even with Gemma's declaration. But surely, something is going to come out of that beating. Perhaps Jax will learn about the letters. Maybe Opie will be the one to go after Clay now that his father and wife were killed directly and indirectly by Clay. CRAZY!!! Great show. Can't even imagine what's coming next.

Mike V. said...

Meant to include this interview with Sutter about SOA in my last comment:

MJ said...

Mentalist just had Ethan from Lost on. ANother show last week had someone too, can't remember now though

Still haven't watched Terra Nova yet so not reading those comments yet - but I'll catch up eventually.

Kelly - nope - not on FB. Not even twitter which Mike tries occasionally to get me to try. LOL. But my name is Mary Johnson and I'm in sout jersey - not too far from Mike actually, as the bird flies. But i don't mean those 'eagles'. LOL

SOA: Tara's scene with Jax in the hospital was just heart wrenching. For both of them.

And the Clay/Gemma stuff - wow. I found it interesting that Clay said it's her fault that they killed Teller. If you remember back Gemma thinks nothing of twisting people to do her bidding. They've backed off from that a bit, but her early days she was quite the game player. So I could see it.

I did hear that next week is 90 min - so is that the one that's going to 2 hours, or do we have a 90 min one and then a 2 hour one after that ????

Oh - and Romeo telling Clay that he could not call back the hit, then calling the guy to tell him to be careful. Just chilling.

I was positive that Tara was gonna tell jax to go to that storage locker for the letters before she wound up doing her spiel.

I just don't have the time for facebook or twitter, so I don't bother.

Kelly said...

It's ok, MJ- I can't do Twitter, and FB is starting to annoy the crap out of me! BTW, I knew a Mary Johnson, lol.. I went to high school with her brother. Though I'm sure there are many Mary Johnson's out there! I'm from Long Island, so we're all relatively close to one another. EAST COAST, WOO!!
I'm not really AGAINST Twitter, I just don't have a use for it. My cousin's husband is the VP of Twitter, so you'd think that I would want to support them, lol.
Thanks for that link to the Sutter article! SOA won the cable ratings on Tues night, yay!
I think next week's episode is 90 minutes, then the finale is 90 minutes. I don't know how many episodes we've gone through, but I think there are one or tow (or three) episodes in between next week and the finale.
AHS last night anyone? That beginning scene... wow. I couldn't watch it!

Mike V. said...

First off - all this "don't have time for" when it comes to social networking...I don't get it! You can be as active on it as you want to be! lol I barely check my facebook but if someone sends me a message, I get notified and can check. Twitter...well, sometimes I check a lot, sometimes never at all. Depends on what's going on!

SOA - Yeah, I'm sure we're going to get more story on Gemma's involvement in Teller's death. That's the only thing that would make me think we might understand to some extent why Clay is acting the way he is. I guess we'll find out!

Next week is a 90 minute episode but there has been one week added to this season's run. So the 2 hour finale will air over 2 weeks. (although I had heard that Sutter was tweeting that he had a 90 minute finale and didn't know how to cut I hope that doesn't mean we end up with 2 short episodes and a lot of commercials! Oh wait...duh...90 minutes of footage IS 2 hours with commercials. Don't mind me!! lol
Yeah - I had forgotten about the lockers so I didn't know what Tara was going to say! It was a pretty powerful scene though!

Kelly, I didn't think I'd have a use for Twitter either, but then I saw how powerful it is. Of course, Ashton Kutcher just learned today how painful it can be to have 8 million followers. You say one dumb thing and a lot of people know about it! lol But for just following people to get information and just sharing links to my blogs? Twitter works out well for me!

I didn't see AHS but you guys feel free to discuss. After this post I'm pretty much going to be off the map until next week. I mentioned in the Fringe blog too...I'll post a new HIATUS POST so you guys can discuss any shows that air. When I get back I'll post my thoughts on everything in a new post. Have a great weekend and I'll see you all when I get back!

MJ said...

Hey Kelly - I'm originally from Brooklyn - though my name wasn't Johnson then. Still have family there (Marine Park) and a good frind in LI - Baldwin to be exact.

OMG! I can't believe that Vivian was eating that stuff, and trusting Constance and Moira. I know it's the baby thats doing it though. And that scene in the church was just chilling.

Even though they did not show much actual violence at the school it was a very tense scene.

Kelly said...

Hey hey, I never said I don't have time for it! I just don't want to get sucked into it. Trust me, I have time for it! LOL! Work has been scratch-your-eyes-out slow, so I'm always reading articles and whatnot at work all day. I'm running out of things to do on the internet!
Yeah, Twitter can get people in trouble! Look what happened to Kurt Sutter.. I find that the more friends I have on Facebook, the quieter I am and less I update my status.. because you never know who you're going to offend!
Ok, so SOA only technically has two episodes left? Ugh. Not fair. Need more SOA!
MJ, I live in the Huntington area, in case you're familiar with that. Though it's way too expensive to live here, I need a nice cheap place where I can buy a house! Does such a magical town exist? lol!
I definitely cringed during the brain scene, lol.. I started to watch the beginning, then after he shot his way through the door I couldn't stand the tension anymore! I had to fast forward it. So technically I saw it, but just really fast, lol. I am loving Tate and Violet for some reason. I mean, I know he's a mass murderer and all that, but his love for Violet is so teenage-insane that it brings me back to high school, haha.. I think we find out who the Rubber Man is either next episode or the episode after.. I'm voting for Constance's ex husband, though I don't want it to be him.

MJ said...

That would be great if we find out who Rubberman is. The build reminds me of the guy with the burnt face, or even the gay who destroyed the halloween stuff - but I don't think it's either of them.

Heard of Huntington - but not sure where it is. I moved from NY to south jersey a long time ago though. But no where is cheap in LI or NY. LOL For what my niece just bought a coop for in Brooklyn she could have had a 3 BR house in SJ. Of course, she's a teacher and SJ doesn't pay their teachers what NYC does.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm outta here for the weekend.