Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sons of Anarchy: Season 4 Episode 13 - To Be (Part 1)

Well, it's happening folks.  I just can't let an episode go by without mentioning something about this show!  Plus, with us being so close to the end of the season I figured I should just finish it out with some dedicated posts to the show.  And WOW what an incredible season it has been.  I can see why Sutter wanted to split this finale into 2 episodes and not cut anything.  Everything in this half seemed fairly important.  And would you want to cut that any of that pivotal scene between Gemma and Jax?  Sure lines were repeated from her conversation with Tara, but it was just so intense and so good!  Cue the Emmy people now!  Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Things are certainly looking grimm for ol' Clay and after this season the fanbase is probably rooting for this.  But, I'm still not so sure Kurt "Otto" Sutter will pull the trigger this season.  I have full faith in his abilities as a showrunner if he does, but I still smell a giant twist coming.  Let's discuss below!

Just like the past 2 weeks, I'm not recapping the show, just throwing out my thoughts for discussion. Here's my bulleted list of reactions from part 1 of the finale.
  • As I had mentioned last week, Clay was most certainly not going to die at the hands of Opie.  Those gunshots were so purposefully not hitting the vital organs to prolong this conflict out into the finale.  Compare this to Shane on The Walking Dead shooting up a zombie in every vital organ to prove that this thing is not a living human being as it kept on walking.  Now, as I say all of this, Clay did get a punctured lung, but the miracle surgeons at Charming Hospital (sans Tara of course) were able to save ol' Clay and he is "scheduled" to make a full recovery.   Of course, what the doctors don't know is all of the behind the scenes drama going on outside of the hospital.
  • So we were left on a cliffhanger last week as Jax threatened to shoot Opie if he did anything to Clay.  Jax did hesitate but when Opie was going to put the "FINISH HIM" death blow on Clay, Jax shot Opie's hand/wrist or something.  This gave Jax the time he needed to sort this whole conflict out.  He sent Opie away and made another "promise" to figure out what is going on.  Exit Opie for the rest of this episode.
  • Jax and his quick thinking decided that they needed a cover story to get Clay to the hospital and treated (as well as a story for the club too).  They decided to blame it on LeRoy and the Niners for fallout from the whole cartel business.  Loved how Unser had to clean up another crime scene and he said he's getting used to it. 
  • The whole subplot with Tig feeling guilty for not having Clay's back and needing vengence was a little nuts.  But, it seems like this is setting up a future conflict with the Niners.  And while he went for LeRoy he actually ran over LeRoy's girl/old lady or whatever she was.  This brought out RAGING LeRoy who sent the whole club after Tig.  Somehow, the whole SAMCRO gang was able to get out on the road and protect Tig.  The whole thing seemed like a Dog fight on the ground.  Amazing scene for television though!   But what was up with all of those parked cars on the highway?   I thought it was a traffic jam at first but there was not one person in those cars!  So, to be continued on the SAMCRO/Niners conflict.  Perhaps something to keep Jax in town for after this season's major conflict is over?
  • Then there is the whole RICO investigation that is causing some background tension for us fans.  We know something is coming but it just wasn't the prime focus of the episode.  Jax kept talking about the meet but something seemed off.  Bobby never checked out when going to see Otto, Juice is off the grid  (we know they're both locked up in cells right now).   Jax got intel from another dude in the clink (I forget his name) that Otto flipped.  So crazy cartel guy told Jax he'd look into it.  Now, things got really shady when crazy cartel guy said that Otto most definitely did NOT flip.  HUH?!?!  Is he in on the whole RICO investigation?  Why on earth would he say the deal is still on?  Certainly his people on the inside could find out something, right?  Fireworks are sure to blow up next week!
  • By the way, how about the prospect watching over Tara and his giant bowl of cereal?  Hysterical.  "well it's a light cereal."   Captain Crunch!?!   Good times.
  • The rest of the episode was dedicated to the Puppet Mastery of Gemma and Tara who both seek the same goal with a different final outcome.  Gemma coming clean to to Tara about everything that has happened this season because of those letters was intense and heartbreaking to watch.  But the minute she got the key to the storage bin with the letters, I knew she'd be taking them right to Jax to try and force him to stay and take his seat on the SAMCRO throne.  And of course, while she told the truth to Jax, she happened to leave out any letters that implicated herself and Unser.  And Tara knew all of this was going to happen.  So what's up with the flip flopping with Gemma?  First she wants Clay dead, then she didn't, now she does again?  I guess she wanted to hold off his death until all the right pieces were in place?  Probably until she had those letters herself and could manipulate Jax and maintain her and her family's stature in SAMCRO.  And what was up with Tara's whole "tell me you love me" bit she did to both Jax and Gemma?  Was she trying to see which one was more sincere?  Or is she just a raging lunatic!?
  • So Jax vows to kill Clay to both Tara and Gemma.  But he also promises Tara that he is out once the Cartel deal is done and Clay is dead.  Gemma, clearly wasn't happy about this turn of events.  And, come on, even if Jax ends up leaving we know he'll be back next season.  And if he stays, something tells me he will be taking over as President of the club.  But does that mean Clay is going to die?  It all seems kind of too obvious at this point doesn't it?  Like I said, I'm fine if he does and trust Kurt Sutter, but I'm just not so sure yet.  Something tells me that Clay has been holding on to some very important piece of information that could get exposed in the final hour of this season.  We've discussed it here and I keep going back to the scene when Clay beat the living daylights out of Gemma.  Remember him implying that Gemma killed JT?  There has to be a backstory there.  Clay seems to feel like he got manipulated into killing JT.  And then there was the whole end of that episode a few weeks ago where he was crying about the sudden turn of events.  What was that about?   Something isn't clear here and it seems like he'll be recovering just in time to see Jax injecting that "death needle" into him.  And there's a chance that he could say something that will make Jax understand the FULL truth. 
I could be totally off here, but Kurt Sutter is all about the shocking twists, right?  Killing Clay at this point would be the expected thing, so instead I'm expecting the unexpected.  And that is all I have to say for now!  Great hour of television and a great setup for the grand finale of season 4.  I have been on the edge of my seat all season and again so thankful that I caught up on this show to experience season 4 live.  I look forward to your thoughts, agreements and disagreements as always!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll probably see you next week!


MJ said...

OMG OMG OMG ! This show just gets better each season, and this season each episode. I think 2 WOWs cause next week will be three !

Oh - 'light' cereal. I thought he said I like cereal. Either way it was funny.

Funny - 2 weeks ago when Lincoln 'not Harry' Potter was getting his orders from Otto and Otto asked that Lenny get visitations back he used his full name. I meant to look it up as it sounded like a name of a real famous person - but I fogot. Now he's Lenny the Pimp.

I was on the edge of my seat from the first second when Jax shot Opie's hand - what a shot by the way. LOL Op's face was classic when Jax was making all those promises to get to the bottom of it all.

Ep should have been called 'Do you Love me ?' Tara's answer to jax was chilling - I wish I could stop.

Poor jax - he really had the truth bomb detonate on him this ep. What a great actor. And all while he's trying to get familiar with the stuff for the big meet.

One correction from your comments though Mike - jax/unser did not blame LaRoy and the Niners - Uncer clearly said just some random black guys he barely saw. Tig took it upon hemself to assume it was the niners.

I thought Tig might bite the dust over this one and be the first death of the 2 part finale that was not a red shirt - that they'd get him before the MC could get there. Tig crying was very moving - more great acting.

My jaw fell open when Romeo told jax that Otto did not flip. Could Romeo be in on the whole thing with Potter ? After jax left he DID tell his 2nd (Aceveda from Shield - oh that's right you didn't watch that) to look into it. If he were in on it he'd have to make it look good for his second - then just not tell jax.

Off topic - there are/were 3 characters from The Shield this season on this show. The guy who got blown up by the mine, Romeo's second, and Potter's second all were on that show.

Any way - I give kudos to Tara. I was yelling 'don't give her the letters' and was not happy when she did. But she was ahead of Gemma apparently. We shall see.

It was chilling with Tara asking Gemma and Jax if they loved her, but more chilling was her handing Jax that blood thinner and telling him what to do with it. Wow. More great acting. And Gemma's face was priceless when Jax said he was still leaving.

Well - I've rambled on and on here. I just cannot wait for next week now.

Very few shows promise increasing tension and interest but few can deliver. Even Lost got lost many times. But this show is just unbelievable. Along with Breaking Bad and Justified - all have a greatness about them.

Agree with all your points - Sutter not known for doing the obvious, but he might just fool us by doing the obvious but putting twist on it. Will def get a big twist is all I am sure of. LOL I'm not even going to try to guess. I know I'll just put my seat belt on next week and enjoy the ride. This season feels so much like a final season I can't fathom how it's going to continue - but I know it will.

Sorry so long !

Kelly said...

I think he did say "I like cereal". But yeah, either way would work for me :)
I got a little weirded out when Tara did the "tell me you love me thing" to Gemma after doing it to Jax.. it just seemed psychotic, lol. But yeah, I guess she was testing Gemma or something? Who knows, but the claws have come out on that broad, huh? Go Tara!
I also got chills when Tara brought that syringe out. I think that hand injury shook a screw loose in her head! LOVE IT!
I definitely don't understand why Romeo's intel said that Otto didn't turn. Methinks the RICO op is just that top secret, or Romeo is working for the feds. The feds are mostly after the Irish, so it would make sense that they'd set up SAMCRO with Galindo so that they'd strike up a deal with the Irish.. "Things that make you go HMMMMM"..
Oh, Opie, I'll tend to your wounded hand! lol!
WTF Tig?! I love you, but that was an idiot move. Now there's going to be a war between the Niners and SAMCRO, way to go, dingbat! I wonder how that'll play out. It's probaly something being set up for next season.
I didn't notice that there weren't any passengers in the cars on the highway. Think it's probably a production thing? I can't imagine that SAMCRO would have a boatload of cars at the ready like that. They probably just didn't realize post-production that they would have to hide the fact that they didn't have any stunt guys in the highway cars or something.
I'm still holding true to Clay dying. I don't think it'll matter what he may tell Jax in the 11th hour- I think that it's too late for ol' Clay, and that his death will be what keeps Jax in town.

Oh, and on a side note with AHS (I noticed there was some chatter in the Terra Nova post, but I don't want to post in a bunch of different places cuz I lose track)- I, too, was a bit disappointed in the reveal of Rubber Man. But we'll see how it goes, new ep tonight!
Does anyone watch Ringer? I wanted to get someone else's take on how badly they did Penn Station in last night's episode. I mean, you're looking out the window in Penn Station?? IT'S UNDERGROUND!! LOL! I still love the show, though, so whatevs :) Nothing can hold a candle to SOA right now though! I can't believe there's only one week left!

MJ said...

I DO watch Ringer but have not yet watched the last one. Holidays have messed me up.

Yeah - I didn't notice the lack of peeps in the cars either. Got a glance of something on the road - just guessed it was an accident and let it go. But you'd think with that big of a back up the cops would have already been there ?!? I'm just ignoring those little deets. LOL

Yeah - Tara said something like "I am thinking clearer now than I ever have" and Jax said Rage makes it seem that way. But I agree - she's got a screw loose right now.

I still can't forget her spiel before she re-smashed her hand how this was apparently her destiny to be here and for them to be stuck in with the club. How she never should have even hoped they'd get out. Just chilling

Agree on tig - idiot move and the WTF ! Wonder how he's gonna feel when he finds out that he tried to exact revenge for no damned reason !

Mike V. said...

MJ/Kelly -'s been a busy afternoon so I'm going to just read all of this and respond after I read it all! lol Okay...I read it we go!

I think Tara actually said "I'd stop if I could" but we're even after my whole "cereal" incident that I clearly heard wrong! lol Good point on Leroy/Niners/Black guys thing. I just automatically assumed they would be blaming the Niners, but you're probably right. Tig probably just went and took it out on someone!

I asked the same question on Romeo (aka "crazy cartel guy" lol)....but I also read that maybe it's his #2 (shield guy) giving him false information. Maybe #2 is the fed. I also read speculations that "not harry potter" might be wanting vengence for Stahl or something like that. Again, it's all speculation!

Agreed that Breaking Bad and SOA have only improved over time. I'll admit that LOST did struggle here and there but I still think the show was as strong as it ever was in season 5. We won't get into the season 6 debate here! lol Justified is on my next summer list. I'll probably set the tivo to record all of season 3 so I'll have it! (I'm asking for that super tivo I mentioned before for Christmas! 4 tuners, 2'll be legend...wait for it ....)

I'm finally starting to see how a next season can come out of this. The Niners conflict, Jax unwillingly taking the reigns of SAMCRO (with Clay dead or alive)....but totally agree. The stakes have never been higher, and tough to imagine they ever could get higher. They went all out this season and it led to some fantastic televsion!

Agreed Kelly on the Tara "tell me you love me" was all a test. Weird, but a test! Love crazy Tara as well!

Nice C&C Music factory reference!

I'll leave the Opie tending comment alone (and while we're at it...thankfully no one has brought up naked Jax yet! Oh damn, I just did)

Tig was totally an idiot for going after the niners. But totally entertaining to watch! Could be a production thing with the parked cars. Being a person of Road Rage myself and hate when bikes pass me, I was purposefully looking to see if any drivers were flipping out! lol maybe not everyone was looking that closely!

You could be right about Clay and like I said...I'll be fine with it. We'll see!

Cool on AHS - Not much new tonight so I may get a chance to watch it tonight. We'll see! I'm way behind on Ringer but I probably would have laughed at Penn Station too if they were looking out a window!! lol

Thanks for the comments as always. And for the corrections! See what happens when I just write off the top of my head!? lol

....DARY!!! :-) (told you had to wait for it)

MJ said...

Wow - your REALLY made us wait for it. Good one.

The more I thought about it the more Romeo can't be undercover cause he called the hit on Tara. Romeo's 2nd is interesting though.

I did watch AHS - so let me know if you did as well.

Kelly - watched Ringer last night. Hysterical about Penn Station.

What a great ep though ! I knew that cop with Machado was the Matador - but forgot he's the one who talked Bridget into running. My husband reminded me - this show has had so many twists I'm getting lost.

Can't believe Shiboan killed the guy who was helping her - he's had 2 names and both are escaping me. And set Bridget up for yet another crime !

And now Shiboan and Fake Shiboan are both in NYC ! WOnder how many eps this show has - cause it feels like we are closing in on a finale.

For a short minute I thought Gemma might get away. I was actually hoping she'd just hit him a second time to make sure he is knocked out, then go outside for that cell reception. LOL RIP Gemma.

MJ said...

Oh - and congrtas on the new DVR to come your way Mike. I am not good with numbers but I know that I have the new Fios HD ones and they have a huge capacity compared to the old ones. We can have like 12 hours of HD and only be at like 30% now! Loving it.

I hesitated to mention naked Jax. While I enjoyed that scene very much I know you try to keep it family friendly - so I will withhold comment. LOL

Mike V. said...

I am ready to discuss AHS! I forget where I started to write about it but looks like my whole "end of days" scenario I brought up wasn't far off. lol But of course Ryan Murphy hinted in his weekly interview with EW that it might not be the case. I also read some comments that they screwed up the definition of the Immaculate Conception. It actually deals with Mary being conceived without "original sin"...but it often gets confused with the virgin birth of Jesus. But whatever, it was still an interesting scene and the cast members may not be catholics so it would be perfectly fine for them to mess up the conversation! The whole 2 fathers of Twins thing was very interesting and the fact that McDermott (i'm awful with these names) now sees Moria as the old lady was cool too. So it's not about Men and Women seeing things differently, it's about their perspective on things or something I guess. I didn't know much about the Black Dhalia but apparently it is a real unsolved murder in LA so it's kinda cool that they wrote that into the story. Someone also commented that it seems like most owners of this house have been some type of Doctor....interesting, I guess!?!

That's cool with the FIOS DVRs. I could never go back from TiVo at this point. I'm too far into it! Plus it helps me snag those screenshots every week! lol But the big selling point of this TiVo is the 4 tuners....4 shows can record at one more DVR issues on Thursday and Sunday nights! I'm sure there will still be issues when there are 5 things I need to record. It's unbelievable! lol But this whole thing will allow me to record Justified and store it away without having to worry about it conflicting with anything else that I'm watching right now.

Naked Jax -'s a family friendly blog to a point. Kids shouldn't be watching SOA!! lol And my wife was very excited about it too. lol

Kelly said...

Yes, MJ, the Matador reveal wasn't surprising... but what I want to know, is if he's working with Bodoway, why didn't he just kill Bridget in the first place? So if Tthe Matador is working with Charlie/John/whatever his name is, and Charlie is working for Siobhan, then is Siobhan wirking with Bodoway?? If that's the case, then Bodoway would know where Bridget is, he wouldn't need to torture Malcolm for the info.. my head is spinning!
I really don't understand having Gemma survive all through that- even be shot and still live- just to die minutes later? I mean, this isn't a head-scratcher mind-blowing show, but I don't know. It's still fun, I'm still gonna watch it when it comes back in January. I need me some soapy fix!
Jax does nothing for me, so I chose not to swoon over the nakedness. I actually thought that was Tara for a second! LOL!
AHS- I was underwhelmed by this episode. I'm getting really sick of Hayden. She's a good actress and can do "crazy" very well.. but man, it's time for her to move on! And now Constance's boytoy is trapped in the house? COME ON! I think we have enough dead people in this show! That being said, I have always been fascinated by the Black Dahlia story, so it was nice to see an homage to that. There is so much more myth than fact in that whole shebang (in real life, not on AHS), since the media totally took that story and made it more grandiose than it really was. But I liked how they integrated her into the story. And yeah, that's definitely how her body was found! All mangled with a "Glasgow Smile". And Charles being the one who did it fits in perfectly!
I also liked how Ben can finally see Moira how she really is. I'm really getting annoyed with all these women throwing themselves on him! I mean, after a while that's gotta be just plain frustrating! Then again, I'm not a guy, so I wouldn't know what it'd actually be like, lol. It's still a great show, I just hope they continue on a good path instead of becoming the unfocused "weird and raunchy for the sake of being weird and raunchy" stuff we saw last night. Then again, that's my own humble opinion!

Mike V. said...

Kelly, I'll respond in a bit. Just wanted to share this info on the Alcatraz Premiere/Schedule info. Looks like Alcatraz will have a short 12 hour run and then Touch will take over in the time slot on March 19th. There will be a 2 hour premiere and 2 hour finale of Alcatraz on March 12th. Interesting! If that's the case, maybe I can cover TOUCH too on the blog. We'll see. lol

Mike V. said...

AHS definitely wasn't the best ep but I didn't think it was awful. Agreed that there has been a little bit mich of Hayden but I guess for an episode that dealt with the temptations of Ben it made sense that she'd be featured. As far as Dead people....I don't think they're going to put any limits on the crazy dead people in the house!

No comment on how a typical guy would respond in that situation. lol I think most people might be able to show restraint, but Ben is an "addict" so it would probably be tougher for him. lol I think everything that was done in last night's episode was for a reason. Sure, maybe it was a bit over the top but they had to show how much Ben had grown and even as the situations kept getting more intense, he showed restraint and started to believe his wife. We'll see how things go from there!

Kelly said...

It was definitely a good episode as usual, I think it just rubbed me the wrong way a bit. It definitely wasn't a dealbreaker for me, lol!
LOL on the "no comment"! I dunno, redheads don't do it for me... neither do women (cue Seinfeld's "not that there's anything wrong with that!").
Thanks for the info on Alcatraz! Hooray, a new Monday show for me to watch!
Anyone thinking of checking out "The River" on ABC? I saw a video on it, it looks interesting.. I may give it a watch, if my TV schedule allows me. I wish Awake had a premiere date, I'm really looking forward to that one.

Mike V. said...

Understood on AHS! lol And way to go on the almost required Seinfeld reference at this point! :-)

Yeah, I'm actually excited that I won't have to make room for both Alcatraz and Touch and they'll just run one straight through and then the next. But yikes, that FOX schedule is very confusing for the Non-DVR community. lol And the thought of renewal time with Fringe, Terra Nova, Alcatraz and Touch all fighting for 1 or 2 slots....well that just makes me nervous for Fringe! But we haven't even seen how good Alcatraz or Touch really are. But the previews make them both VERY enticing!

I have seen previews for "The River" and it looks like ABC is trying to "subtley" draw comparisons to LOST with the whole mystery jungle aspect. lol We'll see if I get drawn into that one. I just don't know how much time I'm gonna have. But, the benefit of a 4 tuner TiVo is that I don't need to have time right away to watch it but can record it anyway! lol Could make a great treadmill show. :-)

Awake - yeah I haven't even heard anything about NBC and when they're going to try and air that one. I guess they're going to see if one of these new mid-season replacements work well and if not, they'll throw Awake in there in March or something. (kinda like Touch will come in for Alcatraz) I'm really looking forward to that one too.
All the networks definitely held back the more anticipated shows for this mid-season! Could be a very exciting time that I won't be able to take part in because I'll be changing diapers and stuff. :-) (don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to do so! Well maybe everything except the diaper part. lol)

BTW - this is for Dexter watchers (aka MJ lol) - There's an article on talking about how this season is the beginning of the end game of the show. I guess that's a relief considering they renewed it for 2 more seasons. Maybe they're just saying that to make us think there's a plan, but it's comforting to hear it! Didn't want to read much of the article in case they revealed something from the last 4 eps which I still haven't watched! Maybe Sunday I can watch 1 or 2.

Oh yeah, and HIMYM is on Netflix now so this week I started watching from the beginning again. Episode 2?? You'll never guess who was in it. SHANE from The Walking Dead! (he played the mysterious Carlos who no one could find at their 3 day party. lol) Hysterical.

MJ said...

I'm loving Jax's look this year since he cut his hair. ;-D

Yeah - Ringer puzzled me too as to why that cop who works for Bodoway told Bridget to run instead of just killing her. Only thing I can think is that while he's dirty he's not willing to kill ? It's a fun show so I don't hold up too big a magnifying glass. LOL But why are you saying that Matador is working for Charlie ? I didn't catch that at all !

What kinda bugged me was that when Ben finally saw the real Moira his reaction was underwhelming. One would have expected a bigger shock/surprised kind of thing.

Yeah - the Black dahlia thing was very interesting. I'd heard of that case before.

I am also feeling like - alright we have enough ghosts to keep track of. LOL

I think I will also check out The River Kelly. I try to give most things a try at least.

Thanks for the Alcatraz/Touch info. I was just complaining to my husband that there was no work on when Touch would be out, and that Awake was NOT on the mid-season schedule.

Mike V. said...

I'm not gonna sit here and talk about how pretty Jax is since I'm a dude (not that there's anything wrong with that!! :-)) but I will say the short cut works a lot better for him. lol The craziest thing is, I still can't picture how this is the same guy that was on Judd Apatow's Undeclared all those years back. ahhhh I loved that show.

AHS - I didn't think the show even gave us time to process Ben's reaction when Moiria's image changed. The thing I don't understand is, why would we see an older Moiria in the first place? Wasn't she killed when she was the younger version? I know she's been there for awhile, but do ghosts age? lol I'm sure it all has to do with symbolism and stuff. lol

No problem on the Alcatraz/Touch info. I guess we'll just have to keep waiting to hear about AWAKE!

MJ said...

To any one who watches Grimm - they are having a new ep thursday and friday this week.

That's an interesting question - how old was Moira when she was killed? I don't think they have said. She was old when she visited her mom though. But I don't think that ghosts age - that would suck since that's probably the only thing that's good about being ghost - no agina or gaining weight. LOL

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up MJ! I had read that too, but probably would have forgotten lol. I'll make sure the TiVo is set.

I thought we saw Moria (sp) killed in a flashback, didn't we? Didn't Constance shoot her for messing around with her husband or something? It was the young version of her.

I'm not going to be around too much today for responses. All day!

Kelly said...

MJ, in the previous ep of Ringer, it was revealed that Charlie hired the Matador to make Bridget go on the run, and he planted the gun in her bag. But yeah- it's a fun show, I'm just along for the ride!
I don't know much about Touch, I'll put that in the "maybe" pile. It definitely seems like The River is the next "Hey Lost fans! Watch our show!" lol.. I'll bite though, can't hurt, right?
OMG Delcared!! I watch part of one episode when it was on the air, then when I had Netflix a couple years ago I watched the entire series. Halfway through the second episode, I was like, "HOLY CRAP! It's Jax! Look how skinny he is!!"
I like his short hair, too, BTW.
I think the deal with Moira is that men see her as the sexy vixen, women see her how her soul really looks. We did see her being killed as a young woman, I wonder what the deal with all that is.
YAY Grimm! I saw the extra episode on my DVR scheduled recordings :) I'll be going to Philly this weekend, so I'm going to have to catch Friday's episode when I get back.
Did you guys catch Alan Dale (Chalres Widmore) and MscCutcheon Whiskey on Once last night? :)

MJ said...

I did not get to watch Once lst night unfortuantely. But will watch tonight and look for him.

Mike V. said...

Kelly - you should watch the preview of Touch (I think I link to it in my end credits on some posts (Latest Terra Nova should have it) might get sold on it!

That's hysterical that you just watched Undeclared recently. But I guess that channel was airing them so that makes sense. I tivo'd all of Freaks and Geeks because I had never seen that and watched a bunch of em.

The "old soul" is the angle I'm looking at Moiria with too. Makes sense.

Nice that you'll be in Philly this wknd! You won't be far from MJ or Me lol But you probably won't be running into me as I'll most likely be prepping for the baby arrival as well as some holiday shopping! :-) Enjoy!

And I definitely saw the whiskey and alan dale in ONCE. There was an article on TV Guide about how Eddie and Adam used their experience from LOST to fine tune their vision for this show that they've had for years. Pretty cool! So, I guess we just need some NUMBERS references in the show to make the LOST Geekdom complete! I love that now Fringe, ONCE and LOST have all used Macutcheon's Whiskey on their shows. Good times!

I'm now 5 behind on Dexter. (Christmas Tree trimming ran late last night lol)....we'll get to it eventually!

Mike V. said...

Here's that ONCE/LOST column I was referring to. Good Stuff.

MJ said...

That was great seeing Widmore and the scotch again. LOL Alan Dale needs to become a spokesman for them already - he's always around it, even though he wasnt' the drinker this time.

But - Mike - please tell me you watched HIMYM last night !!! GOT to talk about that gut puncher !

Dexter - all I will say - without spoiling - is that they caught me off guard with something last week. Haven't seen this past sunday yet.

Mike V. said...

LOL @ Widmore being Macutcheon's spokesperson. SIGNED! lol Of course he may have some competition from Cartoon William Bell! :-)

Yes, I wouldn't miss HIMYM unless I had a good reason to do so! Great ep last night. And lots of trickery involved!! I thought it was really cool when we were getting some detailed information about Robin's future but thought it was crazy that they called out Barney as the father of the kid and had them together in the future (in Barney's apartment too! Note the stormtrooper!). But then it was all a fantasy. Cool to show Robin's growth as a character though from her season 1 persona (which I'm still rewatching and loving). Now she wants to have kids...and even Barney is interested in that future life step too. Crazy stuff. Had to love Ted's Steamroller seranade for Robin in the apartment. Very touching. And Poor Marshall!! lol Good times. Great episode. So cool to see this show thriving this far into its run. I know not everyone would agree with that but I firmly believe it!

I'm looking forward to catching up on Dex, and I did hear there was quite a shocker last week. All I can say is EVENTUALLY!! lol Can't wait for SONS tonight! I have lots going on tomorrow morning (ultrasounds, meetings, etc...) so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post my thoughts...but I will eventually!

MJ said...

HIMYM: Yeah - at first I was all like OMG they are confirming Robin and Barney !?! Which I am still not totally in love with. Then to tell us it was all fake ! Ugh ! Those writers are brutal. LOL But the end was awesome with Xmas Ac/Dc. It makes me want Ted and Robin back again. But I know that is def not going to happen. But they are so great together. SIGH. that kid getting the best of marshall was pretty funny too. But we did find out that Robin becomes a famous journalist.

I wonder if the fact that Barney wants kids so bad and Robin doesn't have them in the future points to them not being together.

I still hope they aren't. I don't think they are right for eachother. Robin is more like a guy than a woman so she needs someone who balances her. Nicer than she is, but not wussy.

Her punching Barney was awesome. LOL

Am DYING to see SOA tonight. I'm already excited !

Mike V. said...

OH WAS AC/DC at the end. I'm not sure how I didn't make that connection to the beginning of the episode. lol Yeah, I thought they were hinting at Ted and Robin getting back together for a brief stint there. But, I just don't know about that! lol And yes, we did find out a lot about Robin at the end...I forgot to mention that too. And she was never alone... I took away from this episode that there is a chance that Robin WILL want kids eventually. But yeah, there could be signs here that they will not end up together. Putting those 2 together in the end seems a bit too easy and way too much like FRIENDS with 4 of the 6 ending up together. lol (not that I'm complaining about the best comedy of all time or anything!) I guess we'll see what happens! But yeah...Robin punching Robin was classic!

One more thing...didn't even make the connection earlier this season....the whole "slutty pumpkin" thing? That actually was the name of an episode in season 1. Just watched it again. He spent a whole halloween on the roof waiting for her to show and she never did. It's tough to keep track of all of these long running storylines..... I remember having to wait a few seasons for the GOAT story. lol Now we need to hear about Robin as a bull fighter! lol

MJ said...

I guess you missed it at the beginning of the Slutty Pumpkin ep this year that they referenced meeting her years ago and looking for her all this time ? LOL

I feel ya - it's hard to remember what to retain and what to let go.

Some network started airing HIMYM all over - but I don't have time for a whole rewatch. One day.

Problem is the husband hates this show ( he hated Friends and Seinfeld too). I know ! WTH ! But he does like 30 Rock and Modern Family - so no accounting for taste.LOL So my time to watch all the HIMYM's would be limited.

Mike V. said...

No I caught it, but they do stuff like that all of the time and they show flashbacks but sometimes they insert NEW history into the flashbacks and film them in the current production. (if that makes any sense) i just forgot the pumpkin thing was from season 1 and not a new storyline! lol

Yeah there are tons of networks showing them in syndication but it's tough to stay on top of it that way. I love that it's on netflix now. (i have the first few seasons on DVD too, but I'm just too lazy to throw those in! lol)
Looks like he is another one of those that hates the Live studio audience/laugh track comedies! So crazy as that's all that used to be around back in the day. I love 30 Rock and Modern Family also...but I can appreciate the differences between the styles of comedy! As for rewatching HIMYM...while my wife would probably be up for it...I'm doing it during my morning "treadmill time" so no need to waste anyone else's time for me! lol