Saturday, November 12, 2011

TV Addicts Blog Hiatus

Hello TV Addicts!   As I've been warning for the past few posts, I will be out of town over the weekend so I will be unable to post timely recaps for Fringe, The Walking Dead and Terra Nova.  I will try to post some brief thoughts on all 3 shows when I return plus anything else fun I've had a chance to watch!  (Sons of Anarcy, American Horror Story anyone!?)  But, feel free to continue discussions in my absence, just be clear of whatever show you're talking about just in case people don't want to be spoiled!

Thanks and I apologize for the inconvenience!  See you when I return.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the place to post but what the hell.

FRINGE (SPOILERS) - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think that was the best episode of the whole show. Bold statement maybe but it was just brilliantly executed. Do we now have 3 timeline's? The original where peter is loved, the alternate timeline with walternate and what not. and now the 3rd where peter died in the lake?

does he have to find a way to get back to the original? or is the 3rd timeline the original but changed by the observers?

so many questions, but the one thing i do know is I LOVE THIS SHOW!


Mike V. said...
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Mike V. said...

Oops! Crazy iPhone pasted in text from a comment I left somewhere else. I was trying to say that you poste in the right place! Lol loved the fringe ep too and will post my thoughts when I get a chance!!

MJ said...

Some info on NBC's winter schedule. Mike - think you watch Community so you won't be happy. And no Awake on the schedule. UGH!

Whoa! So I'm not the only one who took away that there is a thrid version of our universe ? I had thought of it earlier - but said nah !

Let me know once you've caught up Mike. I was very sad at the end, though I shouldn't be.


Wow - he'd gone off the map last week when he drowned that guy in a rage and the repurcussions were quite interesting. Glad Dad is back. SPOILER: cracked me up that the illusion in his head ate with him and hugged him.

Not surprised by whom the Queen is sleeping with really. Were we supposed to be surprised ? I really have to look up Rumplestilskin to see his deal in the original tale. I shudder to see what favor Emma will have to grant him.

I'm sure we all kinda guessed that they were keeping walkers. I knew they exchanged funny looks when our team was talking about killing walkers. Wow - Daryl really suffered this week. SPOLIER : Great seeing Merle though - sorta ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Hey MJ! Had to pick and choose what I could read there. Lol I had seen the NBC schedule and am not happy! (beauty of twitter. Always up ony news! Lol)

Saw fringe, twd and himym among others but nothing else mentioned below. On my way back home which will take all day. Hopefully will be home for soa!! Lol will comment more on a computer! Lol

Mike V. said...

Hello all! I'm finally back! I watched the 3 shows that I blog about and am going to do a quick posting with my thoughts on them. I'll also try to address the comments here in the process.

And as a special bonus...we'll discuss the latest Sons of Anarchy ep as well. Because...OMG!!!

Still behind on AHS (probably will be behind 2 tonight), Dexter (2 also), Once (1), and who knows what else? lol At least a few shows are going on hiatus after this week so it shouldn't take TOO long to catch up!

I'll try to get something up later this morning!