Monday, November 7, 2011

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 4 - Cherokee Rose

Hello fans of the undead!  The Walking Dead has still been on a roll this season, exploring new ways to gross us out and test our patience!  We had another great episode last night that once again slowed things down to reflect on their current status while continuing the search for Sophia.  And of course, it all ended with a big plot twist that we all speculated might come after certain events transpired last season.  Let's dive in to the guts of the episode!

Disclaimer: While I do strive to keep all of my recaps "Family Friendly" be advised that some pictures from this episode may be quite disturbing!   And a quote or 2 may go into PG-13 territory!

Survivor Reunion/Otis Funeral

The episode begins with the RV crew (and Daryl via motorcycle) arrive at Hershel’s farm. Everyone catches everyone up on what’s been going on. Shane once again comes off as the hero who helped save Carl. And don’t get me wrong, he definitely is! But, he clearly is feeling guilty for what he had to do to Otis. That much was clear when Otis’ wife asked him to speak at the funeral of how he died. Shane told a some true/mostly made up story of how Otis gave Shane his backpack and said “we gotta save the boy.” In Shane’s story, Otis told Shane to run and he’ll take the rear and cover. The truth was that they were down to pistols and that Otis saved both Carl and Shane with his “sacrifice”. The lie was that the sacrifice wasn’t his idea! Shane did what needed to be done to save Carl. But poor Otis! Will someone ever find out? I know we know what Shane did, but some of the stuff he talked about in this episode seemed to be a dead giveaway. But we’ll get there.

For the time being, the mission for the crew refocuses back on finding Sophia. Hershel gets out the county map and tries to help the crew get a little educated on their search. Rick is all ready to go back out and look for her but Hershel refuses. The man is still recovering from giving up 3 pints of blood to save Carl. Shane is all about training people to use guns which Andrea is all over! Of course Hershel is anti-gun man and requested that they not be used on his property. Rick respects it and forces Shane to do the same.

The question comes up to what to do if they find Sophia and she’s bit. Rick says what no one else wants to say, “do what must be done.” And Andrea goes one step further saying that they’d tell Carol the truth if that’s what they had to do. Maggie and the farm crew have had it pretty easy so far. So these hardened survivors are taking them a little by surprise.

So Daryl goes off on his own, which is how he prefers (“my other plans fell through”), to go search for Sophia while Rick stays behind to look at maps with Hershel. Glenn and Maggie eventually will go on a supply run in the local town. Shane will eventually go on an expedition with Carol and Andrea to look for Sophia and a make-shift gun range. But, there is a more immediate issue that needs to be dealt with.

The Tale of the Well Walker

T-Dog and Dale have gone on a pursuit for water at one of Hershel’s various wells. This gives T-Dog the opportunity to tell Dale that he wasn’t himself back on the highway. He is not a coward and doesn’t know where his tirade came from. Dale agreed to put it all in the past and not tell anyone about the outburst. While all of this was going on, Dale happened to peek down in the well to find a fat ol’ Walker hanging out in there. T-Dog was about to sip the water when Dale stopped him. I guess no one would chance drinking water that has been touched by a walker and worse yet that had walker guts in it. But, we have seen nothing yet to say that drinking water with walker guts will infect them, have we? I thought it was only getting bit. I guess, ingesting walker guts probably isn’t a good idea! And they did try to avoid getting it on their skin in the “GUTS” episode last season. So, maybe I’m just rambling on here for no reason at all! Moving on!

So, T-Dog just wants to put a bullet in the well walker’s head, but everyone said that would contaminate the water. So they try to fish the crazy walker out of there by baiting it with ham. No Success, duh. So they decide they need live bait and all look towards Glenn. Except smitten Maggie who doesn’t understand why these people are so crazy! Glenn goes on to “live the dream” by being lowered into the well. Naturally, the pulley can’t handle Glenn’s weight so it topples moving everyone into panic mode. Glenn is freaking out as the walker snatches for him. Needless to say, there is lots of suspense and they DO get him out. And just when you think it was all for nothing, Glenn implied that he DID rope the walker!

So, they start working on getting the walker out of the well and we see just how fat this thing is. At one point I thought that the walker was a woman and pregnant and we were going to be dealing with a walker baby! But just as I was thinking that, the darn thing split in 2 with guts flying all over the place. And the bottom half of well walker stumbled right back into the water, guts and all. Well, that was totally worth it. Meanwhile, much to Maggie’s dismay, T-Dog bashes in the walker’s skull and gets the best line of the night. “Good thing we didn’t do anything stupid like shoot him.” Classic!

Training the Troops

So Andrea isn’t very thrilled about the whole “no gun policy” going down at the farm. Shocker! But Shane isn’t about to rest on his laurels about training some people how to shoot. He does sit down with Andrea and teach her the basics of dismantling a gun. It felt like the 30 second version of Sayid teaching Kate how to do it in the LOST pilot (of course, she already knew anyway but was playing dumb!).

Shane, Andrea and Carol make a brief trip to the highway where they lost Sophia. They left a big sign on a windshield and some food and told Sophia to stay there and they’d come back every day to look for her. Carol is tired of people comforting her but Andrea and Shane both imply that you never know how well she may be doing out in the wilderness.


Then it’s back to training Andrea to become a warrior. Shane uses this opportunity to vent/justify everything he did back at the high school. He wasn’t confessing or anything but if I was Carol or Andrea I think I would have seen through his story. Basically, Andrea wanted to know how long before she could carry a weapon. Shane said that shooting paper is one thing but taking down someone else attacking you is different. You need to realize someone is going to die and hope that it’s your decision in who that person will be. You need to turn off the switch that makes you scared, don’t think, and just act. Someone else is counting on you. There’s nothing easy about taking a man’s life, you just need to get it done and forget it. Then Shane said “I haven’t worked out the last part yet.” Come on, that was a dead giveaway he was referring to Otis! But nope Andrea just smiles and asks if he’s getting there. Shane hopes so, but in the meantime he thinks he found the perfect shooting range.

Daryl and the Cherokee Rose

So Daryl went on his search alone for Sophia. He stumbled upon another abandoned house and decided to check it out, crossbow armed of course. He found an eaten pack of sardines and a closet with some canned goods and a blanket/pillow on the floor. Seemed like a good indication that someone was trying to survive there. He went outside and yelled for Sophia but no answer. What he did find was a flower, which naturally confused as all at the time.

But later, he returned to the RV where Carol had recently cleaned up. Daryl brought Carol the flower in a bottle and told her this story of the Cherokee Rose. When American soldiers moved Indians (ahem…Native Americans!) off their land, there were a lot of grieving mothers who lost their children. A lot of them disappeared. They asked for a prayer/sign to lift their spirits. The next day a rose grew in the place of their tears. He didn’t think he’d be finding any roses for Merle so he said this one was for her. Awww, pretty sweet Daryl!

So, who was staying in that house!?!? Okay, so we’re 4 episodes, 3 days in and no Sophia yet. If they found her in the 1st episode or the 2nd episode, I would have thought maybe she’d be dead. But now if they’re still searching for her, surely they’re going to find her. She might be a little different than before they lost her, but she won’t be a walker! Just my opinion though.

Glenn and Maggie’s “trip to the pharmacy”

So Rick spoke very highly of Glenn as their “go to town and get supplies” guy. He suggested that Glenn accompany Maggie to town. I’m not sure if there was supposed to be innuendo behind Maggie’s “I hear you’re fast on your feet and can get in and out” comment but Glenn’s reaction was hysterical, especially when she told him she would get him a horse.

 Before they set off, Lori had asked him to get some supplies and to do it discreetly. I guess she just wrote the brand of the thing she was looking for because how could Glenn not know she was asking for a pregnancy test? Anyway, we play along with it when she says she needs a feminine hygiene product.

When Maggie and Glenn are riding into town Glenn is amping up his game saying how he is a loner and all. He talks to Maggie about the walker T-Dog bashed in. She had never seen one killed up close. The survivors we are following are a bit numb to it now.

When they get to the store, Maggie tries to split up the list but Glenn said he was going to look for things that could come in handy. He finds the home pregnancy test kit and is absolutely shocked for what Lori was asking for. Again, strange but whatever! The payoff was great when he had to hide it from Maggie and picked up a box of condoms by accident. Maggie calls him a pretty confident guy and Glenn fumbling around for the right words was fabulous. But then that’s when things get crazy. Out of nowhere Maggie just blurts out ““I’ll have sex with you.” Maggie’s right though, the options are few and far between so Glenn has the best chance he’s ever going to have! And before you know it, things are steaming up in the pharmacy (during commercial break of course). Who would have thought the phrases “getting caught in a net” and “going to the pharmacy” would take on different meanings one day?

When the two return from their trip, Glenn cannot wipe the smile off of his face. But Maggie told him it was a onetime thing. Sure, Maggie! Maybe there’s some internal drama and backstory to Maggie’s interesting hot and cold personality (perhaps she lost someone in this zombie plague?) but for now she’s playing hard to get after she already “gave away the farm” (no pun intended).


Rick spends most of the episode with Hershel except for the moments he spends watching over Carl’s recovery. In the beginning of the episode, he lied to Carl and told him Sophia was just fine. It was eating away at him the whole episode.

But he had another problem to deal with. Hershel is not too keen on taking in any more permanent residents. He’s hoping that once they’re all back on their feet, that they’ll be moving on. He wanted to make that clear to Rick.

While they are mapping out Sophia’s possible routes along the creek, Hershel asks Rick to take a momnt and reflect. The subject of God came up once again, which Hershel strongly believes in. Rick, on the other hand, has lost any semblance of faith after he asked for a sign and his son was immediately shot afterwards. Hershel begs him to reconsider that God was behind his coma recovery, finding his wife and child alive and then his son surviving the gun shot. But all Rick can do is think that God has a strange sense of humor. Just wait Rick, you don’t know the half of it!!

Rick does beg Hershel to reconsider his hard stance on kicking his crew off the farm. He said if he saw how it is out there he thinks Hershel never would ask them to leave. He asks him to reconsider for his son and for the price Otis paid. Hershel goes into his abusive past with his father and how he was not at his death bed and doesn’t regret it one bit. He doesn’t think Rick will ever have a problem earning his son’s love.
Hershel discusses that there are aspects that he would rather not discuss (some mystery that’s going on at the farm perhaps?) but if they all respect his rules, he will consider letting them stay. And that is all Rick can ask right now.

Rick has a chat with Carl later wanting to confess to him that he lied about Sophia. Carl already knew though. Lori told him the truth. Rick apologized and was only looking out for Carl’s best interest. Then the two share a moment when they realize that both of them have been shot. He gives Carl his sacred hat as a reward with a request that maybe he can wear it on occasion. Umm, Rick that hat is your trademark! Anyway, it’s a sweet moment but hopefully Carl won’t make a habit out of wearing it. He’d look pretty silly!

Rick finishes off his story arch with the metaphorical putting away of the badges. No more hat, no more badges. What does this symbolize? He’s not going to be a lawman anymore? He’s planning on being a permanent resident of the farm? He’s going to abide by Hershel’s law now? Mike is looking way too much into this? Probably the latter. But, Lori and Rick share a moment and then she lies and says she’s going to go watch after Carl.

Meanwhile, Lori has been keeping a bit of a secret herself. There was a moment earlier in the episode when Shane asked if Lori meant it that he should stay. And she did say she meant it. Maybe not for the promise of a future relationship, but for what he did to save her son. Or, maybe it’s because she’s scared of what she might find out soon!

Glenn did bring Lori a pregnancy test and did so with a very concerned look on his face. That night, when she was supposed to be watching Carl, she wandered off into the dark fields and performed the functions necessary to complete a home pregnancy test. It is no shock to what we found out folks. Somebody’s preggers!!!!

And that’s where we cap off this episode! So obviously, the big question is who is the baby daddy!? Shane or Rick? And if it is Shane, will she ever know anyway? And if she knows, would she ever tell Rick or Shane? I guess if news gets out that she’s pregnant, Shane may start to think that it’s his and things could flare up. But a similar question comes up that came up on LOST. The Walking Dead pretty much strolls along at a pretty slow pace. An episode equates to a day and we haven’t had large leaps in time just yet. How many potential seasons could Lori be pregnant? I guess it’s possible she might lose the child or it was a false positive. Or, maybe they will advance the clock a bit at some point. But, it all brings up some interesting possibilities for the future of the show! And as always, I’m still on board!

I know I brought this up last week and on every recent post, but one more reminder. I will be out of town this coming weekend so I’m going to miss my recaps of Fringe, The Walking Dead and Terra Nova on the dates from 11/1-11/14. I will still plan on posting something to discuss each episode, possibly all 3 in one post. But, it’s just going to have to do! I apologize and hope everyone understands. Another heads up, there are 3 more Walking Dead eps before it goes on hiatus until February. This definitely works out well for me and probably most people with the holidays approaching!

So that’s all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you eventually next week!


Candidate said...

Hi Mike and all, Just got myself caught up on TWD. great recap on a pretty good episode. Good point on the cliffhanger concerning how many eps lori may be pregnant. Oh yeah I loved the caught in the net and going to the pharmacy analogy. Last episode I saw some chemistry between Daryl and Andrea during their walk in the woods scene. I thought they actually might hook up as an odd couple. Now it might work out to be Daryl and Carol. Great water well scene but for the most part this one seemed like a set up episode. I like your point that there may be some farm mysteries. Sounds like a fun addition to the story line. As always I appreciate all of your insightful observations and postings on this show. Thanks again Mike

Mike V. said...

Hey Candidate! Long time no see! Welcome back and I appreciate you taking the time to check out the TWD recaps. Definitely a setup episode, can't argue with you there. But I still love the character drama at play in this one. They can keep the pace slow all they want if they pay it off in fleshing out these characters. That's what makes all of the great shows tick. Being emotionally invested in the stakes by investing in the characters. Anyway, I'm not covering new ground by saying that! I've actually seen romantic possibilities with both Daryl AND Shane for Andrea. You never know. As Glenn and Maggie pointed out, there aren't many options so it's probably bound to happen. lol Daryl and maybe. But I think he just has a real soft spot for finding this kid. Kind of like how Sawyer got all hot and bothered when Walt was taken by the Others. He eventually took it out on Mr. Friendly. lol I always see Carol as the weakest link of the group. She doesn't get much to do besides cry and pine for her child. Last season it was cry and be in an abusive relationship. If they were going to off someone, right now, I see her as the best candidate. But, I don't know what her character gets up to in the books so I don't know for sure!

I'm glad you appreciate any possible insights I might be throwing out there on this show. I'm not sure if I'm onto to anything, but you never know!! lol

Thanks for commenting!

Candidate said...

Oh yes...I am just starting to check out Once Upon A Time streaming at Found out about it through the comments here at tv addicts blog. I am psyched to see discussion on SOA although I'm not up to date with this season 4. Will also be checking out AHM. Hoping that you will consider SOA for regular recaps in season 5. Have a great Vacaaaayyy

Candidate said...

Agreed the acting and character devolopment ..."fleshing" lol is great. Not complaining about slow pace or set up episodes. I too am way on board for this ride. I think carol is gonna do something that will be major to the plot but don't know because i've stayed away from the novels to avoid comparrisons or being spoiled

Mike V. said...

LOL, I never know who is reading these discussions we're having in the comments. Glad we're able to shine the light on some great TV shows out there! Once is pretty decent so far. You'll definitely get the vibe that some LOST writers are involved, but don't expect LOST! Afterall, it is about fairytales. lol Enjoy SOA, I don't remember many episodes I didn't enjoy when we watched straight through this summer. I'm guessing you meant AHS (American Horror Story)....and I am enjoying that wacky show so far. Definitely some loose comparisons to LOST with the whole Island vs. Haunted House and their histories. SOA Recaps in Season 5? Maybe...but it's all a time commitment at this point. We'll see how things are next Fall when I'm settled in with a 9/10 month old. lol And thanks for the well wishes on the vacation!

Didn't even think about it on TWD when I said "Fleshing"...good times! You could be right about Carol. She may have her moment just yet! We'll see. As for the novels....from what I have read...major plot points/settings are there but they do veer off from time to time. And certain characters survive when they may have previously died and vice versa. Daryl is a completely new character who isn't in the graphic novels...and ironically he is one of the best characters on the show. So he's almost a wildcard that is messing with the original story in the comics. Can't wait to see what's coming! But yeah..for the most part I don't know about the comic plots...just accidental things I read here and there!

Candidate said...

I gave up on expecting the next Lost a while back. Although i've seen some good and even great shows since but nothing has reached that level of compelling storytelling. That said I am interested to see what new tricks these great writers have up there sleeve for Once. AHS is what i meant to type and interested to see what all the hype is about.
I usually will read all comments with recaps when I catch up on a series that is being discussed. I usually go into lurker mode as I get behind and out of date. Glad to catch up w/ this one. Interesting info about Daryl being a new character and not in the books.

Congrats on the new addition to your family.

Mike V. said...

Thanks on the congrats Candidate! He's not quite here yet but a little less than 8 weeks to go!

Lurking in my own comments is how I find out about some shows too. It's thanks to some of these fine folks here that I got sold on watching Breaking Bad last summer. So glad I did. It's right up there among some of the best shows I've ever watched. I'm glad the lurking works for others too!

I finally watched AHS from last week. WHEW...great stuff! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It passed the smartphone test. As in....i barely looked at my iPhone during the episode. lol

Candidate said...

I watched 3 eps of AHS last night and I am pretty blown away by this show. lol I like your basis of passing the test. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and totally into it. Great stuff

MJ said...

'And Andrea goes one step further saying that they’d tell Carol the truth if that’s what they had to do. Maggie and the farm crew have had it pretty easy so far. So these hardened survivors are taking them a little by surprise.'

That was not my take at all. She looked at Hershel like they had a dirty little secret was what I took from it. And we know - without spoiling - that we have not yet met all the residents of the farm.

'are aspects that he would rather not discuss (some mystery that’s going on at the farm perhaps?)' - Agree 100% - they are hiding stuff.

No - I absolutely thnk the putting away of the badges was symbolic. maybe pointing to he's
not in charge of the group any more and doesn't want to be.

She already gave up the farm - you so did intend that pun. LOL Good one.

Lori telling Shane to stay I don't think is based on the possibility of her pregnancy. It would be much easier for Lori if Shane was not there. Cause a s soon as its public Shane will def go down then 'is it mine' path.

Funny too but when Shane was giving his 'turn the switch off' speech I thought she was looking at him funny, like wondering. COuld be just me seeing what I think should be happening too though.

AHS - so Addie is dead ! And Tate is def her son. Great ep.

Mike V. said...

I must've not been paying enough attention to facial expressions and who was saying what, because I didn't get your impression at all about that part. You could be absolutely right though! And yeah, I figure something shady is happening at the farm. Or else...why would it be such a major setting for the season? lol

Yeah, that seems like the most logical explanation of putting the badges away. Guess we'll find out next episode!

Definitely intended the pun. :)

Agreed it would be easier if Shane was not there for the pregnancy purposes. I'm sure it's mainly the fact that he saved Carl that she wants him to stick around.
No, I thought Andrea was looking at Shane funny too but then whatever she said to him after his speech, made me thing she was just really paying attention! lol I dunno.

AHS - I didn't even consider that Tate was her son. But I knew addie was a goner because Ryan Murphy bluntly said it in his EW interview a couple weeks back. I know Kelly said that she prefers his upfrontness to Damon/Carlton's dodging questions approach, but sometimes it could be a bit spoilerish for people who don't want to know for sure! I read all of the links you guys posted. Definitely interesting stuff! I'm just loving the concept of this show so far.

Can't wait for SOA tonight! And not sure you saw but they were able to secure an additional hour so Sutter doesn't have to cut the finale. It will air an additional week into December. Awesome!

MJ said...

AHS - that is so funny cause you are usually so intuitive. I always thought Tate was her son ohterwise why was she hating Violet so much !.

On TWD - I also could have been reading stuff into their face that wasn't there since I/we know what Shane really did. That funeral was so hard to take.

I've tried to keep up with the articles but work has been crazy and home life as well. I can barely keep up here. LOL

I guess it's safe to say there is a mytery since we all know a certain spoiler that isn't that secret about some royalty. that's all I can say without being a total spoiler.

SOA - OMG! And WOW. Yes - I'm saying WOW. That's all I will say until I know you have watched. Can't wait to discuss.

Did not here about the extra week - so thanks. Great news. This show is just better each week. Like BB this summer.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Check the Terra Nova comments for my initial SOA comments! lol I can't keep track of where to discuss this stuff either!! :)

AHS - I don't even think I picked up on her hating Violet so much. lol I really gotta up my game on this one!! Don't know anything about the "not so secret" royalty thing either! I'm with you though. I've just been so busy that I think my TV brain is just getting dumber. lol

Totally agree with SOA and crazy that I caught up on both shows only to find myself in each show's best season to date! That never happens! (then again, I caught up on Dexter right before season 4 maybe I'm onto something here!!)

MJ said...

Ok - will go to TN for SOA start.

Yes you know my hint - the Royalty hint is about TWD. I was jsut too vague - had everyone pondering Merle. All I'll say.

AHS - Constance tried like hell to get that ipacac cupcake to her and only her.

Mike V. said...

ohhhhhh nm...I get it now MJ lol Maybe if you said "political figure" instead of "royalty" lol I was thinking a King or Queen!

Didn't see AHS yet. I put it on my phone so maybe I'll watch it when I'm on my trip at some point! :-)