Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 10 Episode 8 - The World Before

Hello friends and welcome to the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 10.  Pretty crazy episode and I’m going to try and be as brief as possible as per usual these days. Let’s dive in!
Discussion Points:

  • The opening sequence of Dante/Rosita/Coco/Walker Siddiq was intense!  Of course, it ended with just Siddiq dead again.  But Dante didn’t last much longer thanks to Gabriel’s interrogation in the cell.  Learning how he became an inside man was pretty nuts and caused paranoia for the rest of the episode.  
  • Aaron was tipped off by Gamma on the location of the hoard.  They went over the line to look and it wasn’t there.  By the end of the episode it seemed like Alpha set up a trap to catch them in her hoard cave.  Daryl, Carol, Aaron, not sure if Magna and the Deaf girls were in there too.  
  • It seems like they have set up Michonne’s final mission with the crew (as this is her last season).  Luke had an urge to go to the library on their way to Oceanside to educate Judith as well as get himself some new sheet music.  They ran into a dude who we will learn is Virgil.  He saved Luke in the library but then got caught up in the paranoia in Oceanside.  How about Judith with the sword?  Bad. Ass!  Turns out Virgil lives on a fortified naval base on an island.  They worked out a deal to exchange weapons for paying back Oceanside for damage caused.  The weapons are probably capable of taking out a hoard.  Hope so.  I can’t stand looking at Alpha much longer!
Obviously there was lots of talk of feelings and the nature of man throughout the episode.  And being a parent in the post apocalyptic world.  But, I feel like we’ve covered that stuff before!  Eugene almost saying “home” instead of “domicile” was hilarious.  But, I’m tired and am relieved that we have a break before we get to the 2nd half.   I’m sure I’ll still be here writing something.  Hope you enjoyed my short ramblings and I’ll see you next year!   

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MJ said...

Sorry - been hard week. Training some days at work and others just long hours. I know - by the time any one reads this it will be the next episode . SIGH.

Convenient that Dante was new so Lydia didn't know him - but ok I'll go with it. Why a new guy to the Whisperers would even want to help Alpha rather then actually stay at Alexandria is beyond me - but I'll go with that too. Sad that Rosita had to kill Siddiq in the end though. Brings back yound Carl having to kill Shane. But damn - Gabe lost his stuff ! What's hard to go with - that they are stupid enough to follow Alpha into a damn cave. Was bad enough they believed Gamma /Mary - but at least they went to verify. But to just run into that cave - they are smarter then that.