Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 10 - The Lost and the Plunderers

Hello friends and welcome back to our ongoing discussion of The Walking Dead season 8.  Pressed for time tonight so let's dive right in!


We followed character perspectives of Michonne, Negan, Enid, Simon, Jadis and Rick. The majority of the stories were tied together into one storyline with the Enid plot being the one outlier.

Long story short, Enid and Aaron were captured by the Oceanside crew and almost sentenced to death for killing Cindy's grandmother.  But, Enid reasoned with Cindy and said they will keep fighting the fight and leaving them alone.  Aaron is convinced he's going to get some of them to help out and is going to stay behind and try some new tactics.   Enid and Aaron had an emotional farewell with making promises that they'll see each other again.  Usually when that happens they probably won't, right? 

The remainder of the story dealt with the grief of losing Carl and fighting over the Scavenger clan.   Here's some highlights:
  • We said goodbye to Carl and Alexandria.  There was an interesting scene where Rick and Michonne tried to put a gazebo fire out and put their lives on the line to do so.  I get it.  It held sentimental value for memories of Carl, but come on Michonne!  Get with it! 
  • Rick wondered what Carl's last request truly meant.  Michonne suggested reading the letters. They discovered that Carl wrote a letter to Negan as well.  Basically the message, which Rick finally reads by the end, is to stand down.  Have peace.  Rick gave Negan a call on the walkie to chat about it at the end of the episode.  Rick wasn't having it.  He wants Negan's head.  Negan was shaken by the news of Carl and went on to blame Rick for failing as a father.  Could there be a turning point here?  Can there be peace?  Doubtful, but it'll be interesting to see where things go from here. 
  • Negan has problems on his hands too.  He has lost his Lieutenant in Gavin, though he's not fully aware what happened there.  He also has lost his trust in Simon.  He asked Simon to show some restraint and play ball.  But Simon is a loose canon and we saw that on display as he wasted Jadis's whole scavenger crew against Negan's orders.  (It should be noted that Simon's rage was a little further fueled by Hilltop's occupation of 38 of his people)
  • We found out that Jadis's whole schtick was an act.  They formed the dump into a new world and closed themselves off from the world.  Jadis was shaken to the core by losing all of her people.  And Rick left her there to suffer.  Later it was clear Rick was stressing over his decision and justifying his actions.  But, something tells me they'll be going back for her based on Carl's life philosophy to help.  

I'm sure there was more to cover, but it's late and those were the major points I took from the episode.    I look forward to our continued discussion in the comments!  Hope you enjoyed my brief ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Plumbarius said...

Wow, two really good episodes in a row! I can't remember the last time that happened. Maybe Gimple didn't write these episodes ;)

I thought JDM did a great job at the end of that episode when he was told of Carl's death. How he flipped around his actions throughout this story arc and put the blame on Rick was plausible from his viewpoint, although being controlled and bullied by the Saviors for their protection is not the best way to rebuild the world in Rick's opinion, obviously.

Because Carl is dead in the show but clearly becomes a leader and the future of restoring the world in the comics, I'm going to predict that Enid is going to be the one young person who will emerge as a leader in the future, particularly after her exchange with Oceanside. She threw tremendous "shade" at Cyndie which made her back down and change her mind about killing them.

MJ said...

Aaron and Enid seperatoing reminded me of when Tara and Heath seperated on that bridge - and we never saw Heath again. Of course - the actor left the show that time. LOL

I have no idea why - but I somehow missed the fact that it was Jadis's peeps that she was grinding up. DUH. Very cool scene - but Ugh - gross.

Negen - yeah he says he wants peace but he's not saying he will stop enslaving people to bring stuff to him for keeping them safe.

I don't know that I'd say her schtick was fake - I know she created the way they taked and lived but I don't think their lives were fake.

Mike V. said...

@Plumb - that's a good call on Enid. I had no idea how much time has passed in the comics, but I do know there's a time jump based on "old man rick". So that would make sense that Carl is older and has more of a leadership role. It would be interesting to see Enid take that position. Funny on Gimple writing/not writing. lol

@MJ - yeah it was certainly gross on Jadis's peeps getting killed. I forget what I said. I barely focus on the wording I use anymore in the recaps. Just speeding through to get it done...But I just meant that some of it was an ACT (like the way they were talking). I agree that their lives weren't fake.

Jason B. said...

I don't know if anyone saw my comment on last week's post or not, but it looks like it's actually possible that Jadis could end up joining our group. I kept thinking she was gonna die throughout the episode, but she survived and they even gave her quite a bit of solo screen time. I do hope they keep her around.

Mike V. said...

Hi Jason - I forget if I saw it. I'll check but yeah I totally agree that Jadis will join the group. It seemed like they were trying to make us sympathetic to her character in this past episode which usually leads to us rooting for said character. So it wouldn't surprise me if she joins.

MJ said...

I liked Jadis - but I liked the quirks of her people. Not sure I would enjoy the character without the quirks though.

Mike V. said...

Maybe she'll have a multiple personality disorder. lol She'll keep reverting back.