Sunday, March 11, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 3/11/2018 to 3/17/2018

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly spot to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

iZombie - Brain martinis ! Loved it. As lame as it was that Blaine did not kill his dad - loved that the character was back.


Shield - 100 episodes already ! Did NOT see the wedding coming. Also did not see it coming that his time as the Ghost rider is what was making him sick. But what was that that Deathlock was saying about this all having not happened ? That Phil is still in the place whter loki stabbed him ??? or was that the fear dimension ? But the biggest shocker - of course - is that Deke is the grand son of Fitz and Simmons ? Whaaaat?

Mike V. said...

iZombie - I'm surprised TBag (his prison break name) is still on the show given the accusations against him in this heightened climate. Of course, I forget what the accusations were and even if they were legit. But yeah, he's always a magnetic presence on any show. the show in general is still a lot of fun too!

SHIELD - I didn't see the wedding coming either except that I got spoiled on Facebook. lol Still forgot about it by the end...even with Deke bringing a 6 pack of ZIMA. I was shocked by the relationship twist....but I just figured Son, not grandson....I guess he'd be too young to be a son?? I forget how far in the future we went. You're probably right. I think the deathlock stuff was the fear dimension. Other people were experiencing similar things throughout the episode.

Good episode! Hit me in the feels! :) Always was rooting for Fitz-Simmons! lol

Mike V. said...

TiVo was messed up last night so Flash and This is Us didn't record. I'll watch tonight on streaming options.

It's all good, just dug into my Last Jedi bonus features instead. lol

Legends - Entertaining episode with the King of Rock n Roll. lol Fighting off ghosts with a magic guitar. Sure, I'll go with it! Really fun show still though.

iZombie - halfway through the ep...but the Rom Com brain is fantastic.

MJ said...

This is Us - didn't watch yet. Worked late.

Agree on all the rest.

Timeless - hasn't missed a beat

MJ said...

iZombie - meant to add - Tbag was already filming when the scandal broke. The show announced he won't be back - but not because of the accusations. Hope that's not a spoiler

MJ said...

This is us - How odd that Kate was going to 'tack on' her dads tshirt to her wedding dress. LOL Glad that kate finally let go of those ashes. It was sweet - but weird that they kept cutting to a dream of Rebecca and Jack renewing their vows since it ever could happen - just saying. Really surprised at that future thing - Kevin and Zoe heading to vietnam ! And interesting they had the whole hting with Toby's parents saying Kate was unstable - but Toby is then in that depression apparently.

Mike V. said...

Timeless - Still need to wrap up season 1. Whoops! Have maybe 4 or 5 left.

iZombie - Ahh okay...might be a spoiler but don't really care too much with that show. lol

This is Us - Apparently she ended up putting Jack's screwdriver in the bouquet. He fixed her window with it or something. Yeah the dream stuff was weird, but Kate's explanation sufficed for me. lol The flash forwards were certainly interesting. I wonder if the Vietnam trip is related to Jack's brother? And yeah the Toby depression was certainly an interesting twist as well. Randall and his daughter not wanting to visit some "HER" in the future also.... Could be sister, could be Deja, could be Randall's wife or someone we haven't even met yet.