Sunday, March 18, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 3/18/2018 - 3/24/2018

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly spot to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Counterpoint, one more ep to go.


MJ said...

Shield Boy - you can see immediately that the actor playing Candyman is a Busey ! Loved all the Hammer jokes too - and young Mac. Loved Deke calling Fitz grand pa too. And wow he has been crabby ! And felt it was a shout out for years of saying Fitz-Simmons when they talked about hyphenating their name to Simmons-Fitz. But what am I missing ? Why does General Hale hate Shield so much ? Most awesome - Mac getting YoYo her needed arms !

Legends - got behind on this but caught up now. Amusing the whole Damien sending them back in time to stop him killing someone. I could care less about the whole Sara/Ava story - but I like the Ava character. Second one was about Elvis ! How funny - and odd. I know nothing about Elvis so no clue about a twin brother but i just went with it. But the whole rat thing was really bizarre. They are making Mick so odd lately.

Flash - Lord - who hasn't been a speedster at this point ? And why was her flash purple ? Cause she's a girl? And she really is useless LOL. How dod they pay rent on their apartment ? Barry is not working - Iris isn't working. Just saying. Liked the Meta power the guy had though. Liked the Thinking Cap story though. But Ralph was annoying this episode.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - He totally looked like a Busey. lol Which one is he? Is he a son of Gary? The hammer jokes were hilarious .

So I had a theory...not sure how good it is. But we're seeing a world ripped apart by something. Quake is being blamed. But what if we're going to see that the events ACTUALLY tie into Avengers: Infinity War? I was thinking about the lineup between now and the next Avengers film (next april/may) which is to be the finale of this era that started with Iron Man. I keep assuming that this movie will end with Thanos having all the infinity stones in the gauntlet. Maybe he'll even snap his finger like Gamora hinted at in the trailer (and supposedly has big comic book ties). Anyway...I'm getting sidetracked...Antman and the Wasp looks to take place BEFORE Infinity War. Captain Marvel is going to take place in the 90s. What if something pivotal happens to the world/universe at the end of Infinity War that we won't get any resolution until the next Avengers film (Still untitled and I'm guessing will be until Infinity War is released)? But what if this thing is so pivotal that we're already seeing the repercussions in AGENTS OF SHIELD's vision of the future? Just a thought. In any case....SHIELD has been on fire since the 2nd half of last season. Really good stuff.

As for the Simmons-Fitz joke...yeah once they mentioned hyphenating....I knew they were going to say it backwards. lol I think even in season 1 they referenced them as FitzSimmons on the show.

Legends - yeah I've been enjoying this season...the rat thing certainly was weird but I did love the AXL tribute to him at the end of the episode. lol Don't know about Elvis's twin brother...but wasn't that one of the theories of why people still thought he was alive? I forget. Okay, I googled it. Apparently Elvis was a twin but his brother was stillborn.

Flash - Why is reverse flash's lightning yellow? They probably just wanted to distinguish it visually...but yeah maybe because she's a girl. lol Good question on rent! Still trying to figure out how the FRIENDS afforded their apartments. :) Even with Chandler's "Rent Control" comment in the series finale. lol Ralph certainly was annoying until the end.

ONCE UPON A TIME - I know no one watches but they did a shout out to HOFFS DRAWLER (anagram used in LOST to tease Flash Forward in season 3 finale) in this episode. If I shared with anyone else they wouldn't get it so I threw it up here. :) This is the final season so they should be wrapping stuff up soon. This 1 off season about older Henry has actually been decent.

MJ said...

Shield - Jake Busey

Crap - I forgot about And man/Wasp ! Have to see that one too. Just saw Black Panther and Ragnarick. Have Spiderman on my list. SIGH But yeah - decent theory Mike. And yes - been really good

Timeless - been very good so far.

Americans and Silicon back soon ! Americans next wed and Silicon this sunday

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - ahhh.....

Spiderman was really good. Loved the MCU from a teenager's perspective take in the movie. Feels like a lived in universe and great version of Spiderman/Peter parker. And they totally skip the origin story which is a welcome relief.

americans - good timing...x-files wrapped up this week. Good finale! Ready for the final season of Americans too!

HBO - I'm going to have to pick up HBO Now to watch Silicon. I changed my cable plan and lost HBO and was going to ante up when Westworld came back. Didn't realize Silicon was coming earlier.