Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 13 - Do Not Send Us Astray

Hello friends and welcome back!  Well, I talked about treading water last week.  The seeds they were planting definitely paid dividends in this loaded episode.  That was a good one.  They finally brought back the fear of the dead in this episode.  I still don't understand the logistics of the poison weapons, but whatever! It ups the ante on the drama.  Let's discuss.  

Discussion Points

Lots went down in this episode.  The Saviours, under Simon's direction, showed up at Hilltop.  They failed in their attempt to "exterminate" everyone.  But, their infected weapons paid dividends.  I'm struggling to figure out if that was just an added bonus or if that was still their plan all along.  Add in Henry with his superb acting (please sense the tone!) and vengeance plan and things went crazy fast.  
  • RIP to the "go to" Alexandrian minor player guy who had the hots for Carol.  I'm surprised they hadn't done this type of plot more often.  A walker amongst them and the plague spreads.  They build up some other minor players within this episode and WALKERIZED them by the end.   
  • The A crew figured out what happened.  But now I'm confused.  Rick apparently has a cut and everyone keeps talking about infection.  Was he cut by Lucille?   Now Tara was shot with an arrow.  Is she on borrowed time now?  Hmm, was she shot by Dwight's crossbow?  And if so, maybe the fact that she won't be infected will prove that he is on their side.  
  • Morgan is being haunted by the dead Lieutenant dude (yep, forgot his name again) who is basically saying he should've been the one to kill him, not Henry.  Henry is weaponized now and gets a buzz off killing saviors.  And he was close to getting his guy.  But instead accidentally freed all the savior prisoners and Gregory from their pen.  I'm sure his story is somehow setting up his exit from this show to Fear The Walking Dead.  
  • Theirs the one savior guy (don't know his name either) that is always super nice and tried really hard to convince Maggie that he's on their side now.  Simon basically told all the prisoners they're expendable.  So he and some other saviors stuck around and said they're on Team Maggie now.  We'll see.  Theme of these past few seasons has been "never" trust a savior.  So we shall see. 
  • Saddiq was put to the test with his medical abilities in this ep.  He and Rick were able to hold a bit guy down to amputate the arm.  (Something that was asked of him earlier if he'd be ready to deal with that)  
  • Rick and Maggie both talked about their sloppy tactics to try and take out Negan.  Both of them just want him dead.  But, Maggie was also getting praised for her leadership tactics by the team.  But, in the end there was a cost to her tactics.  They lost many lives in the the battle and the after effects of infection.  
As always, there's much more going on in the episode but these were the big takeaways I had at first glance.  I look forward to everyone else calling out what they caught as well.  I am hoping that the show is taking a break for Easter next week, but I'm not so sure it will.  If it doesn't, I probably will be skipping a recap.  But, rest assured I'll still put a discussion post up!  Hope you enjoy my ramblings and I'll see you the next episode! 


Plumbarius said...


I think you are spot on about Tara's would make sense if she had been shot by Dwight and they can determine who actually shot her.

Tobin was Carol's love interest and even as a minor character, I like how he evolved from being that sheltered Alexandrian type to a real contributor to Rick's group.

I know it's in the script, but it's mind boggling to see that front door WIDE open and NO ONE on guard duty as the zombies come right in and start munching on the folks. Really?? Rick mentioned something about generators off to save gas so maybe they were trying to get cross ventilation or something but they couldn't have had at least one person awake on the front porch? Who's to say the Saviors weren't lurking outside, hiding, and waiting for a chance to strike...never mind the zombies!

I can't figure out how Morgan is going to assimilate to the FTWD side, since that show is way behind the current time frame of the WD.

Sure Henry....bring the M-16? that you have no clue how to use and threaten a group with nothing to lose. What could possibly go wrong by opening the locked door? :(

I'm looking forward to the new season of FTWD as it was much better last season, IMO, than the two half seasons of the WD that it was sandwiched in between.

Keep up the great work, Mike!

MJ said...

LOL on Henry's acting. Yeah - I think the original plan as laid out by Negen was to infect some of them and hope they in turn take some people out. But since Simon went all rogue he turned it into kill them all - but we stopped them from taking over so they were left with just infect us. And look at Dwight saving tara's life by hitting her with non-infected arrow before someone else could hit her with an infected weapon ! Yeah - kinda figured the dude who liked Carol was gonna get it since they showed them having a moment earlier LOL.

Yeah - not sure about Ricks cut or how he got it. But weren't they talking about that before he met Negen ?

Is that what the guy is saying to Morgan ? I did not think he meant that Morgan should have been the one to kill him. I wasn't getting what the guy was saying really. But we got Crazy Morgan again.

Still not sure how Morgan is going to show up on FTWD. They are years behind and I think were heading to Texas. Oops - see Plumbarius said the same thing.

Yeah - and Henry can't figure out that you can shoot THRU a chainlink fence ? Too funny

MJ said...

Ricks cut - was thinking of when he cut his hand weeks ago. Not the face cut from last night

MJ said...

“You know what it is! You were supposed to!” I just don't get what this phrase meant.

Plumbarius said...

@MJ Gavin is probably telling him he needs to hustle if he is going to make it time for the FTWD crossover! :)

Mike V. said...

LOL on Gavin and FTWD. I just thought it was in reference that Morgan was supposed to kill Gavin. And instead Henry has become a monster. But maybe that's too simple! :)

Rick's Cut - ahhhh forgot about that cut.

Tobin - ahhh that's his name. Never would've remembered that. But yeah, he was a nice minor player on the roster. Agree MJ, when they kept showing him it was a good sign it was the end for him. Even these other guys that we never met but got a minute's worth of dialogue. lol

LOL on shooting through a chain link fence. He even tapped Gregory on the shoulder with the gun while on the other side!

Plumbarius said...

Found this on a WD timeline site: It clears up how Morgan transitions to FTWD.

"The spinoff's timeline has so far been behind that of The Walking Dead's with Rick Grimes and company years ahead of Madison, et al. but that's all set to change once Morgan Jones (Lennie James) jumps shows for the prequel series' fourth season.

The timeline confirmation arrived within the Letter Hacks section of The Walking Dead comic book issue #176 by creator Robert Kirkman who revealed: “This half of season 8 leads directly into Fear the Walking Dead season 4, which will shake that show in a majorly cool way. So make sure you hang around for that.”

MJ said...

Oh - so FTWD is doing a time jump ahead ? Interesting. They really are adding a lot of new people this year - known actors.

LOL on Gavin too. I do think it is referencing the kid killing Gavin - but even the You were supposed to on that is somewhat off. Ah - who knows. It's in the mind of a crazy so I guess it shouldn't make sense. LOL

Mike V. said...

FTWD - Since they're airing it as a 2 hour event with TWD I'm sure they're going to make it accessible for people like me who gave up on the show. With a time jump that probably means there will be new characters in cahoots with the existing ones. And Morgan will be the way in to learning who everyone is. Does this mean I'll start watching again?? ehhhh...not sure! lol

agreed on crazy Morgan!

Jason B. said...

I'm not sure if anyone will come back and see this, but the "You know what it is" and "You were supposed to" quotes go all the way back to season 3, when Rick went back to his hometown and ran into Morgan. So I guess they are just Morgan's go-to "I've lost it" quotes haha