Sunday, March 4, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 3/4/2018 to 3/10/2018

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly spot to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Shield - SPOILER

Damn ! They cut off YoYos arms ! And I was shocked with the reveal of it being the generals daughter in that mask !

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Yeah that was nuts. And that goes towards the future coming true again. But the first thing I thought of of course was that Coulson has a robotic hand/ technically it's not out of the realm of possibilities that she could get some gear too. lol

Anonymous said...

Seals--still great

Blacklist--OK, so if you pretend it's not related to reality, Liz coming back is ok.

Counterpart--Wow, the dudes wife is a copy!


MJ said...

Shield - I thought the same about 'gear'. Agree about pointing towards future coming true - but so soon !

Black Panther - saw it Monday. Not bad. A little political for me but good

Mike V. said...

Counterpart - well guess I don't need to watch that one now! :) J/K Of course reading that without any context just makes me think of BSG twists and all the copycats before and after that. lol

Black Panther - true, but that had to be expected. They didn't hit the points over the head. It was just a well made and fun movie. But the box office success is certainly multi-factored.

Star Wars TV - Jon Favreau has signed up to write and produce the first Live Action TV Series for Star Wars which will coincide with the launch of the new Disney Streaming service. It's pretty much guaranteed I'll be paying for the Disney service for access to all of this. The next animated show(s) will probably launch there too. Speaking of...

SW Rebels - Series finale aired this past week. They really went out with a bang. The final 5 or 6 episodes were really good and they set up well for the future and possible next series to tie together in the whole Filoniverse (Dave Filoni who has been showrunner of Clone Wars, Rebels and oversees all SW animation. Pretty much was Lucas's disciple on Clone Wars and all of fandom trusts his vision of SW.)

Goldbergs - The whole Indiana Jones and Philly Cheesesteak stuff was fantastic. And I googled it...the Donkey place is real...there's one in Camden (which is not open at night or weekends. lol) and they opened one in my hometown of Medford, NJ! Might be making a pilgrimage to get a cheesesteak on a poppyseed Kaiser! LOL

(but the answer to best tourist cheesesteak is ALWAYS Pats. Cheese on top!!)

MJ said...

SW - yeah I knew you'd be watching all of it LOL

Gberg - I am a bit behind on this one. Think the last one I saw was the boys teaming up with hurtful rap about Murray.

Netflix - behind on everything ! I know Jessica Jones dropped. SIGH Netflix will have to be a summer priority this year

iZombie - been loving it as usual

Anonymous said...

BBT did you see longclaw in the last ep

Mike V. said...

Longclaw or ice? One of them has been hanging back there for awhile. I think we’re 2 episodes back. But I know Bernadette had the baby lol I’m past the point of caring about spoilers. At least on that show.

Modern family is another one. I like these shows but it’s time to wrap them up. And I think they are both ending next season.

That said, I am a little interested in the Roseanne reunion. GettIng decent reviews too.

Anonymous said...

Ice has a wooden handle, Longclaw a leather wrapped. At least that's how I recall.

Anonymous said...

Ice has a wooden handle and Longclaw has a leather wrapped handle, at least that's what I recall

Mike V. said...

Yeah, the more I think about it I think you're right. It also has the wolf on the hilt. I'll look for it when we watch the ep. But I do think it's been on the wall for a couple seasons now.