Monday, February 24, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 2/23/2014 - 3/1/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

True Detective--Cohle, Hart and Maggie sure have each other's backs when it comes to the interviews. So, now the guys are going to be working together to solve the mystery. I can't believe either of them is involved at this point. The big scar faced man will be interesting to see. And whether Tuttle is involved.

The Maggie/Cohle sex act seemed to be coming, but Cohle knew it wouldn't end well. He was used by her and still they all 3 have each other's backs. Only 2 more eps left.

Blacklist returning, yea.


mj said...

No TD last night.

Shameless - I still keep trying to figure out how they don't kill frank! Feel both ways about Fiona - she def did somehing wrong, but she's given her whole life up for all of them and never complained. Lip is being too harsh. Ian is really a mess, but Deb is worrying me - feel something bad is coming with her

Americans - watched those last 2 - forgot morethan I thought. But was able to piece it together.

Mike V. said...

Americans - yeah, I'm sure it wouldn't be too fresh in my head either if I hadn't just watched most of them. It was #1 on the EW Must List for this looking forward to it!

Sunday TV - Probably will be catching up throughout the week. Last night's setback really messed us up here. So TWD and HIMYM tonight...and if we have time for something else great! lol

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Loved the episodes. So many callbacks to older episodes and running jokes that could be discussed. And I'm sure I will but for now I'll just share, as always, my response on the ew comments section to someone who said they need more mother. lol

"Ironically, when the episode ended I thought to myself "Surely, people won't still be complaining that they need more mother." lol They've been featuring her a lot more as we get closer to the finale while still servicing the core 5. I'm not sure I would've expected anything different. While I've been trying to find the good in the majority of this season, I thought this episode stood out as one of the better ones. Sure, the main setting is still "wedding weekend" but we also got a look into the future of each of the characters. We know the series will end with the meeting, and we also know many wanted to see what happened AFTER the meeting. We're getting glimpses of that. Marshall's going to be a Supreme Court Justice? Maybe not in 2020 as the titles on the screen implied (probably closer to 2030 or even later lol. Unless, all that Minnesota greasy eating caught up to him pretty quickly!) Robin and Barney will go to Argentina? Robin always wanted to move there...maybe they're just visiting, maybe they did move there. Ted will finally be happy with his wife and kids.

Anyway, as for the gang being at Maclarens, they have been there this season. Just not in the present day. It's not like they completely ignored the original set pieces. Even the main apartment setting was in this episode.

There will be positives and negatives for this "Wedding Weekend" format that they chose for the final season. But, having the gang all hanging out together and participating in some event that leads to character flashbacks or flash forwards for each of them? That's classic HIMYM and I look at that as a positive as we continue in the home stretch to the infamous meeting."

Episodes - It's been a really funny season. We know they're going to end up doing this show because Sean didn't know how to stay away from all of the praise! But, the question will be if they'll be working for this new agent or if whatserface (can't remember her name) will steal the script! Matt and his longest relationship being with the stalker was pretty funny too.

Still no TD or Shameless. I'll get there.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--glad it's back. Liz was a criminal and Red had a love interest. I think that Christmas story was likely true. And the PO being told to back down from investigating Diane's death--that seemed pretty heavy duty.

Who could possibly blame Tom from wanting out. There's a reason law enforcement has a lot of divorces. The show is trying to make it like Liz doesn't have a choice. Yet we all know she does. There are options for an experienced college educated, articulate young woman.


mj said...

Blacklist - do we know - is Red behind this teacherTom keeps meeting up with? Liz does have a choice but not if she wants her job to be the same. Thats the hitch- she loves her job and does not want to change it. But that job does not allow for a normal life with normal hours. And its in the sript. Lol

Truthfully every show portrays crime fighters like that. That they work 24-7 til case is solved and most don't.

Justified - another great ep. Hysterical Rachael Tim passing messages to Raylan. And the guy going out the window

Haveto go- be back later

Mike V. said...

It's been a rough weekend into the week at our household. If Parker's not keeping us awake, one of us has been sick and out of commission! lol We only watched New Girl last night, which was hysterical!

So, this means I still haven't watched TD, Shameless and now Justified.

I am 4.5 episodes into my rewatch of Season 3 of Game of Thrones! But that will go on hold tomorrow as I'll probably be watching The Americans in the morning. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Red is behind the woman teacher for Tom--we saw him speaking with her as I recall. I also firmly believe it is the shows way of making Tom look like a bad guy while Liz is consoled by her partner. In reality, if I were Tom and this is after her agreement as to how much she would work--it would be hard not to drift apart. After all, she's not there and most people want to socialize. Anyway, your point about "it's the script basically" is absolutely true.

What do you think about possibility of M coming back in another ep?


mj said...

Himym - their son goingto mclarens was hysterical

Eps - agree about stalker.

Vikings - watched finall two- totally forgot he got the princess preggers. And their daughter died during plague. Tv has article today about s2 - pretty spoilery with what is to come. I'm excited for it - esp a tidbit about time lines. Dontwant to say in case some dont want to know

Swamped again. No time. will tryyo come back late

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Was that McClarens? I thought that was the local college bar. lol

Vikings - Wow, don't remember any of that. Hopefully they have a good previously on!

Americans - Watched half of the episode this morning. Will try to wrap it up tonight or tomorrow. lol Good so far!

mj said...

Sure you have seen the new GofT poster. Very cool - but puzzling.

About Boy -was pretty funny

Mod Fam - hysterical with all the lice

Mike V. said...

My home wifi somehow isn't letting me access the blog so bizarre. So anyway MJ emailed me these comments to post. I'm pasting from phone. Hope they look okay!

Justified - Don’t get the ‘Charles Monroe’ thing and the EP’s reference to it in the post mortem on EW. Loved that the backgammon guy’s hired gun kills him then demands his money. Also enjoyed the the IT guy was a jerk LOL. RIP Johnny – he lasted longer than I thought he would.

Blacklist – so Liz was a con artist? Really ? The FBI wouldn’t know about that before they let her in? That’s stretching believability a bit ! Cause they don’t just check your criminal record and are done – they talk to everyone you’ve ever known. Most interesting was that they were told to back off investigating Fowlers disappearance. Red as her gay friend was totally hysterical though. But nuclear weapons hidden across the states ? Hmmm. Totally saw through the faux Red is kidnapped with that chick – that’s the problem with shows like this. They make the character too perfect – never wrong – so you just know he’s not really kidnapped but really behind the kidnapping.

New Girl – finally watched last weeks with her sister visiting. Too bad they couldn’t get her real sister – would have been funny.

Almost Human - usual Kennix/Dorian banter – Dorian communicates with Kennix’s smart bed? LOL And the little person in the big person suit was cool. Totally knew the woman was blind, but that’s ok.

Following – the bodies are really dropping this season. And Mike Weston is out of control ! So now that even Joe thinks Lily is a nut job – are we going to be chasing 2 psychos ? Very exciting ep.

Vikings – will have to watch this tonight !

Americans – holy crap ! Can’t believe they introduced this other couple just like them, then the guy makes him do a hand off using his kid. Then they kill most of that family. Wow. I was half convinced he was going to turn around and kill the poor boy cause he’d seen his face. Hysterical in the beginning when he lost his toupee during the scuffle. Could be interesting – now that they are actually working on having a real marriage and obviously both are still having sex with others and jobs require – will jealousy now begin ? Too too funny with Paige walking in on them – every parents nightmare. But a great job with the breakfast scene the next morning.

Scandal – I re-watched the final ep from 12/12/13 so it was fresh in my mind. Joe Morton gave Pres Fitz some speech in that one, and he gives Olivia some speech in this one! He’s so awesome an actor. Lord I missed this show. But I really don’t get the whole Quinn thing. She came back and Huck tells her she’s no longer one of them and she leaves. Uh – Olivia runs the company – shouldn’t she have spoke to Olivia? I think Olivia would have been on her side after what Huck did to her ! Loved Mellie’s fake lunch with Olivia, and Olivia forcing poor Jake to play the boyfriend again, and Jake replacing her dad ! Wow. Interesting have Sally run against Fitz but not leave office. I say you go james ! Cy has been really horrible to the man he supposedly loves – he doesn’t even hide the fact that he bought him a baby any more. Surely that woman kissing Harrison isn’t the one he didn’t want to be allowed into the USA ? I felt that would be a guy some how."

Mike V. said...

Okay, not sure what was going on but I can finally get on here.

MF - Definitely a funny episode with the Lice!

NG - I think Linda Cardinelli (sp) is doing a good job as the sister. But yeah it would've been cool if they got her actual sis. Probably didn't have time with Bones.

Vikings - Decent opener. I thought it was a little Soap Opera'y' for a history show. These people are supposed to be savages and not up on our modern culture. But the wife is this upset about Ragnar cheating on her? And she says stuff like "did you have sex with her?" Just sounds too modern for this show. lol Anyway...she moved out?? I get that they're trying to change up the dynamics for season 2...but it just felt a little corny to me! And of course the opening battle was pretty hysterical too because none of the main characters could get mortally wounded. Rollo conveniently didn't have a weapon with a blade when he went up against Flocki. lol Good times.

Americans - Great episode! That whole murder scene of their "friends" that we had never met before and the daughter...with the son finding them was too disturbing for words. But very effective to set up this season where protecting the family will be the central theme. Yeah..Paige walking in on them?? ouch!!

Scandal - Yeah...they have some quality actors on this show. The Quinn thing is probably the worst storyline going on right now. They really destroyed her character...she initially was our way into this crazy Gladiator world...and now she's turning into an hitgirl? I don't know about it. But everything else? SCANDALOUSLY Delicious!