Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 14 - Fear and Loathing

Hello and welcome back to the Revolution!  Decent episode with a crazy twist of an ending!  They definitely are continuing to infuse more mystery and weirdness into the story as it progresses and it is better for it.  Of course, it all might be too little too late for a season 3 renewal.  Stranger things have happened, but we'll keep plowing through until the end here on the blog!  That said, I'm back into 2 blogs on Wednesday night territory (yep, I'm still doing Idol. Don't judge me.), so let's be quick about this!

Discussion Points
  • The whole Monroe/Charlie/Connor story went down pretty much as we expected.  Charlie inevitably got Duncan on their side even when it seemed like the opposite was happening.  But, the story gave the opportunity for Monroe and Connor to do some bonding and sharing of unpleasant news.  Monroe explained how Connor's mother died in his arms.  Monroe taught Connor some of his fighting skills and even talked about his major weakness in his blind spot.  Will that come back to haunt him in the future?  Maybe/maybe not.  Also, it showed a more human side of Monroe which we've been exploring all season.  We predicted even last season that Monroe would be more humanized eventually so that we could root for all of these guys against a larger foe.  But, he spoke to his regrets of not staying with a woman and getting the joy of watching his children grow up.  It was his only wish for Connor, but of course, he doesn't want him to have a life with Charlie! 
  • The twist on getting the militia is that Duncan said they'll only take orders from Charlie, since she's the one that saved her life.  Our very own Dany and the Unsullied on Revolution!  Of course, they only got 5 soldiers.  Will it be enough to take on the Patriots?  Maybe if they can swing Tom Neville onto their side too. 
  • The Willoughby story wasn't hard to figure out either.  Miles usually catches on to things pretty quickly and Rachel never listens to orders.  So they spent the whole episode tracking down Julia's husband Secretary of State guy.  But Tom and Jason were pretty much protecting him and leaking information about Miles/Rachel all in an effort to accomplish the goal of killing Monroe.  The story ended with 4 guns pointing at each other in an old fashioned Stand-off.  Truths were all laid out on the table and we're left hanging on a cliff to see how things fall next week.  I'm going to assume they'll all work together but maybe somehow keeping Tom and Jason undercover for a bit, and having us question the true motives of the Nevilles.  All to be further complicated by the Charlie/Jason/Connor love triangle!  
  • It was also revealed that there still is a plan to turn Willoughby into a reprogramming center.  So, it doesn't really clarify what the controlled virus was all about then.  Maybe weeding out the people who weren't good candidates for reprogramming? 
  • But, the weird and wacky stuff was happening with Aaron and his computer dork squad in Lubbock, Texas.  The nano visited all 3 of them and stated that they were dying and needed to be saved.  They all had different ideas on how to respond to this.  Preacher guy saw it as their destiny, and spoke more about their godly powers.  Ex-Wifey wanted nothing to do with saving these things. She wanted the nano to die, which would inevitably bring power back to the world, right?  Aaron claimed that they had no choice but to help, but of course he was only saying this because he knew the nano were listening.  It was pretty easy to figure out that he was going to do something to the code to try and destroy the nano.  It was pretty cool when the computer just randomly powered up.  The nano can just choose what it wants to power up at any time.  Could be an interesting thing going forward. 
  • Of course, before we can go forward we have to go backward into OUR future.  I'm not making sense?  Well, when Aaron put that virus into the code, everything went haywire, but then he woke up on March 5, 2014 which is next week for us people in the real world.  There was power, Aaron was with his wife in his old rich life.  The blackout happened in our not too distant future, and the present day on the show is 15 years after that not too distant future.  So, there's no telling if March 5th was pre or post blackout.  But, we can tell Aaron feels out of place.  
  • I'm going to guess he's having a bit of a Desmond "Flashes before your eyes" type moment instigated by the nano tech.  He may relive events that he's already experienced to give us a new perspective on THIS show of a flashback.  Or, it could be a totally fictitious environment/scenario created by the nano.  Either way, it's certainly an interesting thing I'd like to see more of!  
But for now, that's all I have!  Look forward to discussing in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!  


Anonymous said...

I wasn't crazy about this ep mostly because it brings Charlie into a bigger role---lol. Yea, most things went as planned, even Charlie doing the rescuing--lol. 5 soldiers and notice none of them very noticeable--cannon fodder anyone?

I loved the Aaron stuff since to me, that's what the shows mostly about. Maybe he's being transported back in time to try to change the future? What an original idea--lol. Who knows at this point.

Seriously, if anyone thought Rachel wasn't coming--you've either never seen this show or believe in tooth fairies--lol. It's always been--Miles says something, Rachel does the 180 on it. Great relationship. Maybe he should use reverse psychology--lol.

As you can tell, I had a hard time taking this ep seriously except for the Aaron stuff.


Mike V. said...

I hear you. That's why I didn't find much to write about this week. Those stories were pretty obvious from the minute they started where they were going!

The Aaron stuff definitely was interesting. I guess he could be time travelling there to change the future...but I doubt it! And yeah...if so...been there done that!

mj said...

Watched this last week but never got here to talk about it.

Loved tht Duncan said Charlie was i charge and her men take orders from her only.

Nannos all saying they were dying was interesting. Damn programmers and their memory leaks ! LOL All that writing on the wall reminded me of something but I don't know what.

So the nannites are making him think he's in 2014 ? What ? LOL Hope they aren't ripping off Lost with the Desmond thing as you mentioned Mike

I actually watched the coming for this week - looks like quite the ep !