Monday, February 24, 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 11 - Claimed (Discussion)

Hello fellow walkers!  Sorry to disappoint, but I was unable to watch The Walking Dead last night due to my priorities of being first a good parent over a timely and amateur blogger!  Without getting into too many details let's just say the Mrs. and I didn't get to bed until well after midnight and no television was watched!  Anyway, I'm sure I will watch the episode as soon as I can, but I didn't want to hold up the discussion.  So, feel free to add your thoughts here and I will join in as soon as I see the episode.  Sorry, this happens at least once or twice per season these days.  I'm sure that number will increase when baby #2 rolls into town, but that's a "problem" I look forward to having!  Thanks for your understanding and see you in the comments!


mj said...

What a shame - about being up so late. Hope Parker is ok

Great ep. Tense with Rick and him 'marauders' as Talk Dead called them. can't believe Talk Deadgot the mullet vote either! Call me clueless but I didn't even catch it that Rick left a 'zombie bomb' ( another Talk Dead phrase) til mentioned on talk dead. Funny but not with science guy shooting their own ride. Again a lot of Michonne/Carl time - starting to wonder why. They certainly could be giving us this Michonne info much more quickly then with all this playful banter.

Poor Glen! Now three hours away from prison.Sure its romantic that he wants to go see if his wife survived but being a romantic in the zombie apocylpse can get you killed. Just like Maggie last week trying to see if Glenn on the bus. I think this will be the point of Sgt Abraham's char. In a world like this is it better to risk yourself for your loved ones or for the greater good . Should Glenn have joined this very important mission instead of going on his own mission? Hmmmmm

Mike V. said...

I probably made it sound worse than it was. He's fine and thanks for asking! He just refused to go to sleep last night! Of course, we all came down with something at one point during the weekend or another, so maybe he was still recovering from that. :)

I'll try to chime in on TWD tomorrow!

Leslie said...

Glad Parker is OK! :)

REALLY tense with Rick waking up to voices in the house! All I kept thinking when he was under the bed is that is when I would start sneezing or something! lol MJ, you're not clueless! I didn't think about Rick leaving a zombie bomb either. I think he was too in the moment to think that through.

Science/mullet guy seemed like a dufus! So, what could this be that he knows that he could save everyone if he could just get to Washington? And, this new guy, Abraham, sure had a fresh hair cut!

Mike V. said...

I agree with everything you guys said. Very intense episode. Not sure I realized the "zombie bomb" was intentional but I certainly thought about him rising again. And didn't think it might serve as a distraction for him to get away. Pretty crafty rick!

That actor that we saw in the house has been in lots of stuff. OF course, the first thing that came to mind was his small role in Kate's Flash Sideways episode of lost. The mechanic who took off her cuffs. I'm sure he'll be back. Chris H said the same thing on Talking Dead.

Eugene and the mullet was fantastic. Yeah...I kept thinking the whole time that they were heading to DC....surely something is going to happen to stop that! But reality, you'd probably need to just go with the flow and serve the greater good. But, I think fans of Glenn and Maggie would reject that idea! lol Abraham is a great character already. And as Michael Cutliss (sp) said on TD, his story/behavior is torn right from the pages of the comic. I'm sure they went more for that than the realism with his haircut too. lol But who knows, maybe he has lots of batteries and battery powered clippers? lol