Monday, February 10, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 2/9/2014 - 2/15/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

True Detective--transitions. Wife leaving, going from investigation to pursuit. Not my favorite ep though. Maggie telling Cohle he must have been a good husband was interesting. Hart showed a more out of control side than Cohle.


Anonymous said...

GoT--I couldn't wait for it. Joffreys wedding will be a big deal just listening to them talk about the set. And Danny's court will be a more permanent place for her. The dragons are growing. They said ep 9 won't be the big ep it used to be since there will be many stories with climaxes.


Mike V. said...

Didn't see td because of twd lol

But I did watch the got special. I'm so psyched!! I could see them waiting for ep 10 for one of the big moments. Of course I won't specify. Yeah drogon looks awesome! Seems like they may get into a lot of book 5 this year. Crazy.

Anyway I'm in training all week so my posts might be minimal! Saw all the bbt comments last week and I'll comment later if I can. Lol

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone--lol

Helix, saw the pilot and helped a lot. Julia is key--she and Hataki will have those weird eyes after transformation. Monkey's--were scared off, wonder why?

Intelligence--established USCC as a big time player--LOL. I love pretend shows and how it's always the evil general--lol. Leaves no doubt as to writers' background. And now we have partners. It's absolutely hilarious how he's supposed to have been so BA, but yet he's a wimp with her or another special forces guy--inconsistency drives me nuts as it did with revolution the first season.


mj said...

Am in another office this so acces outside is tough.

Mike - the guy in Eps is not the guy fr Better Off Ted. You led me wrong and made my hubby correct! I'llpay you back for that! J/k

Almost Human - good ep but this one really highlighted how out of order they are. Did we know that Minka was a 'chrome' ?

Following - they got me with the suburban housewife! Don't know why I did not think she was with Joe - but her being ex fbi was surprising, and fbi chicks ex-lover too. Ryans niece is truly written 6o be just like him

Intelligence - interesting story with the virus . Like Revolution I just watch for enjoyment so I guess I'm not really noticing the inconsistencies that have been mentioned seveal times

Shameless - wow! Had a bad feeling about that coke - but thought Carl or Deb. Ian a hot mess. Frank loked dead - sure not though. Hate that Lip willbprob drop out now.

Mike V. said...

My bad MJ. He looks just like the guy! Looks like I recognize him as Brian the cameraman from the last season of the office lol

Still in training.

Watched true detective - everyone is raving about that final sequence and how it was a 6 minute continuous shot. Pretty cool! Still watching them too late and falling asleep! But again great performances!

Finished orphan black! Great stuff.

Started my game of thrones rewatch. One ep in. :)

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Had the same bad feeling about the coke. Agree on Frank, but yeah probably not dead. Ian definitely looks messed up. Kevin starting a "rub and tug" over the bar was hysterical. And yes it definitely seems like Lip will have no choice but to drop out of school. But, you never know!

Starting to fall behind...still haven't watched Justified and we have yet to watch an episode of The Following...I guess at this point we'll probably be waiting until nothing else is on to catch up...and by that point we'll know if the show is even getting renewed.

Excited to face yet another snowstorm today! At least it means I get to work from home. :)

mj said...

I worked fr home yst too. Very busy.

Tru Det - guess I just don't remember the end? Lol

GofT - am rewatching S3 - 2 eps in. Knowing what I know now it was SO obvious who was holding Theon. Even the huge X he was tied to told you! Too funny

So much not on that I am mostly caught up with everything but Opening Ceremonies. Might even redbox or netflix a few movies. Think House Cards starts this weekend - prob won't get to it right away tho

Glad you liked Orphan Black. I haveto rewatch final 2, and want to watch final 2 of Bates as well

mj said...

Doh! I remember end of TruDet now! The house raid. Mind was blank there for a minute

Anonymous said...

True Detective--That's funny, to me it wasn't the best ep overall. Kind of funny when he said he was tired of talking to the biker guy like he was a human.

Helix--this show is getting better and more complicated. I can see 3 different groups setting up now(likely go to 2 soon). Is Julia related to Hataki somehow? I'm beginning to think that Hataki is a kind of good guy. And is Constance naturally a "silver eyed monster" since she didn't seem to understand Narvik B significance?