Monday, February 17, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 2/16/2014 - 2/22/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

True Detective - I actually was able to watch last night. Definitely my favorite episode so far of this limited run. And of course it's because it amplified the emotional stakes for the two leads. Lots to talk about but home with my son today. Might be able to comment more later but probably not too much. So I'll just say this...who the hell is the yellow king!? Lol I'm gonna throw a random guess out there and say its woody harrelson's character because they keep focusing on Cole. I wonder if they're going to go for some big twist on who it ends up being or if the gut punch will be just revealing what happens to these detectives over the years. The whole conversation about things repeating over and over again is definitely interesting. Maybe the yellow king is a concept and the idea keeps passing on to new people who continue carrying out the murders. Hence the same process keeps repeating. I dunno just rambling. I'll write more later!

Mike V. said...

Got trailer #2. So excited!

Leslie said...

Castle - MJ, you asked what I thought of the dress, and I didn't watch that episode until this weekend. I thought it was ugly!

Anonymous said...

True Detective-we know what the symbol is on the dead girls back!! And so much tie in with that symbol--Reggie's back had the tatoo removed and Cole just sat there twirling the flattened beer can. Cole sure looks like he's more involved than just an investigator. It would be hard for Cole to be the Yellow King, but Reggie was on the same theme as Cole with the beer can, even after having the tatoo removed. So, maybe Reggie knew Cole?? Maybe it's just as Cole says it is, but he's obviously obsessed with these killings. His walking around the old school was supposed to supply us clues I guess, but not sure it tells me much about Cole other than he's not guilty? Also interesting about the Tuttle deal.

I loved Hart's longing for the "good days"--do you know you're in them when they're here---

3 more eps to go. It will be interesting to see the Cole/Hart break up.


Anonymous said...

TD--oh yea and REggie's partner telling Cole how he was dark and wouldn't do business with him was obviously upside down, being a criminal calling a cop bad. So much in this ep-- like were the children really the reason Hart killed Reggie.

So, any bets on who the Yellow King is? Google Carcosa and see if it helps.


Mike V. said...

TD - Richard, that's kinda why I was suggesting that Cole (or Cohle however they spell it lol)may eventually be involved in the killings because of his similar mindset. He might be being "recruited" to carry on the legacy of the yellow king. I don't know if that's true or not...but the whole concept of things repeating themselves made me think of it.

I scanned an article that linked Carcosa to TD...but it got too deep to keep my temporary interest! (plus I have a short lunch today and a busy day!) But no idea who the yellow king is...but I kinda like the theory I concocted that it may not be just a singular person but more of a concept. We'll see!

Anonymous said...

TD--There are so many options for where the show can go as breadcrumbs have been dropped for almost any direction. I just googled Carcosa when I heard that name for a 2nd or 3rd time last night and figured it was important--it seems to be since there's a King in Yellow in that story. I don't think the King in Yellow ever got back to Carcosa, but not sure. And their pursuit of him is possibly in vain. I do think it important that REggie's "flat circle" was removed. But he mentioned that they are in Carcosa and is Reggie's Carcosa his trailer park home where he is killed or the whole of the Earth?? You can really go crazy thinking about this stuff--LOL. 3 eps to go and if it weren't for the title of the show, my guess would have been not all is solved.

Intelligence--not a bad ep, probably more to identify Josh as a human vs machine. Ending was interesting with breakfast to be shared.


mj said...

Wow - really busy this week.

Almost Human- interesting with the file in Dorians head - so to speak. And is it legal to just jack into a robot without their permission?

Following - Lilally creeps me out! And Marks reaction to being touched! Wow. Ryan actually showed he had some intelligence left and played dead. Nice! So now Lilly is down 2 'kids'.

Tru Det - I'm just along for the ride on this one.

Castle - convenient how suddenly she was a model once too. lol

Mike V. said...

TD - That's kind of where I'm at with it too, MJ. I know I went totally overboard with LOST and loved every minute of it. But, I just can't get myself THAT invested in all of these shows. I do love watching them though. I would say that my closest obsession to LOST right now would be Game of Thrones (TV and Books)...But, Richard I do read your comments and do find them insightful! lol I just feel that my knowledge on the show is too inferior to keep the discussion up to respectable levels! lol

Shameless - Wow...I don't think Frank is going to make it out of this season....the drama on this show is so intense and this season is definitely no exception. At this point, I'm thinking they probably didn't "kill off" Jimmy...and instead just didn't have him as part of the cast this year. That leaves it open for him to return at some point. I could've sworn they announced that he died though...(in the off-season)

Episodes - Like that they're getting a lead on a post-pucks show. But, I wonder if they'll keep Matt LeBlanc involved with that show too or if they'll all go in different directions. And of course Matt ruined his good relationship with getting in the sack with Charlie from Revolution! lol Loved that she was Morning's daughter...and her name was dawn.

Anonymous said...

Yea, the good thing about TD is that it's only 8 eps so in total, not a lot of investment in time, but it really has so many mystery levels it's just hard to not think about them. Many have compared the audience involvement with shows like LOST.

GoT--I agree that it sucks us in. Just so good.

I can't wait for Vikings return and The Blacklist return. If Vikings and The Blacklist were still running, I might not be as engrossed in TD??

There will probably soon be a time when GoT, The Blacklist, and Vikings will all be on at the same time--I may not be able to sleep anymore due to "over thinking/over analyzing"--LOL.


Anonymous said...

TD--I just can't totally quit thinking about it---lol. I read somewhere that Marty's daughters behavior could be a clue to the Yellow King and his father in law could actually be the Yellow King. Given the girl's fascination with multiple guys on one girl, sex, crowns, etc it does make you wonder. I certainly thought that Marty could be the problem with the girls, but he seems to just be doing the best he can by telling them not to do it. I say the best he can, for a semi absentee father anyway.

It is possible that one of Marty's daughters could become a victim and he asks Cohle to help find her??


Mike V. said...

TD - Yeah, I'm sure many people are getting involved on LOST-like levels. Just personally, I think LOST drained me and I have on some subconscious level not allowed myself to get that obsessed again in a show. lol Game of Thrones has been the closest. I'm also 10 years older now that I was when LOST started and children's music and television shows might occupy part of my brain where deep television thinking was happening! :) lol

Just picked up my season 3 Blu-Ray w/ exclusive disc from Target of Game of Thrones! Very excited to dive into the special features. I started watching the Target bonus disc which was a panel with GRRM, Beniof, Weiss and a bunch of the cast (seems like it was before s3 aired). Entertaining stuff. But, I'm looking forward to getting into the actual special features on the disc.

I'm halfway through my rewatch and 5 episodes into season 2. Episodes hold up and may improve over time if that's possible. Every time I watch I feel like I pick up more subtle clues that they threw in from the books. There has been a lot more Rhaegar Targaryan and Rob's Rebellion talk than I thought there was originally. But still, if people only watch the episodes once (and never read the books), they'd never remember it or put it all together!

Oh right..more TD - Very interesting with Mary's daughter. I thought that was a pretty powerful scene between her and her parents. I could've sworn something bad was going to happen when she locked herself in her room. And they never revisited it....maybe they were dropping seeds for the overall plot. That would be interesting if it ties in.

Anonymous said...

GoT is probably my #1 show for mysteries/thinking overall. And I credit you for that--LOL! Blacklist is close now, but probably because it's been too long since GoT. Yea, I agree and have watched each ep atleast twice. Love the Rhaegar reference and Rob's Reb. The WSJ Easyspeak site has a GRRM area. My family now owns the first 2 books too.

Do the BDs have more extras than what you can get with OnDemand or through the paid HBO website??

April seems so far away.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones: I would say yes the Blu-ray features far exceed anything you can get on-demand. There are exclusive features on the Blu-Rays I'm currently diving into a featurette on the Red Wedding...because it's a Blu-Ray disc it's pretty much airing the entire Rains of Castermere episode in a split screen with commentary from the cast and crew about what went into making the episode....and then there are interactive links during each scene that will take you out for more background information on the history of Westeros/Essos and some of the influences from our world's history that inspired the events. GRRM, Dave and Dan, the cast, and crew are all interviewed during these interactive things too. I was trying to watch it all this morning, but I kept wanting to watch each sub-feature within the feature...and eventually had to go to work. There's also background information on characters, houses, background on historical events in Westeros from each House's perspective (that's on all season sets)....deleted/extended scenes...and even commentary on every episode if you so choose to watch with all of that. I think the only time I listened to episode commentaries was on FRIENDS and LOST DVD/Blu episodes. lol

But's one of the more well done sets out there. Otherwise, I just would've used HBO GO to rewatch the episodes. They make it worth the $30 you spend. Plus, you get the season on DVD, Digital Copy (iTunes or wherever) AND UltraViolet streaming. So, you're never without a means to watch the episodes. lol I like that approach to when you spend the money for the discs they give you the digital/dvd options pretty much free. Not every studio does that.

Definitely need to watch Blacklist and catch up one of these days. We're just barely scraping by on the shows we ARE able to watch right now. lol

I gotta get through my GoT rewatch soon because my mornings will soon be tied up with trying to stay on top of The Americans, Vikings, Bates Motel, Grimm and any other shows my wife doesn't watch with me! lol

mj said...

So behind on comments!

Shameless - why do you still think Jimmy isn't dead? What did I miss? Far as I know he sleeps with the fish - literally. lol. sorry - watched godfather overholiday break

Eps - agree with all you said!

GofT - too funny! Just picked up my blu-ray set this week andwatched it fri and sat! Had already seen ep1 and 2 hbo2 airing on sat nights. Watchedsome Red Wedding extras - but was a bit overkill for me since justbwatched all the eps.

Americans - have 2 final epsto watch b4 new season. Also 2 finals fr Vikings

Sheesh - Bates, Vikings, Americans all come back this week. As does Scandal! Blacklist and Justified and my Supernatural too. Gonna be brutal! Feast or famine.

Mike V. said...

Everyone see that HEROES is coming back next year for a mini-series? Maybe Kring will have learned from his big mistakes the first time around. I'm sure I'll watch it but man that show got bad. Of course, the joke now is with 24 and Heroes returning for their respective networks, maybe a LOST revival will be in the works for ABC. lol I wouldn't hold my breath! Then again...when there's money to make, networks will find a way. But I wouldn't think they could get Lindelof and Cuse back!

Shameless - lol on Godfather reference. The only reason I think Jimmy might be alive is because they never mentioned that he's officially dead nor did they show him die. I thought the producers said he was dead but since it was never confirmed there still is a chance he's out there. I was just saying maybe they left it open in case they brought his character back eventually.

Eps - I forget what I said, but I'm sure it was right on! LOL

GofT - I'm on season 3 of my rewatch now too. But, I'm definitely watching all of the extras. Love that stuff!

Americans - I'm all caught up and ready to go! Vikings, I'll probably just wing it without a rewatch. lol

Yeah...this is gonna be a rough week...Olympics are over, it's still February's go time!

BTW...I tivo'd and watched the About a Boy premiere....Jason Katims has done a great job adapting movies for television shows (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood - which I don't watch, and now this) It was a pretty impressive premiere! Very much like the movie but now setup for the series to take place after the movie ends. lol And of course, it's American vs. British landscape. lol

mj said...

About Boy - on the DVR. never saw movie

Growing up Fisher - not impressed. Thought would be quirkier.

Read that Revolution, Almost Human and Intelligence all on the not likely to be renewed.

Watched both Alm Human and Intelligence - both good. out of time to comment more

Mike V. said...

Didn't record Growing up Fisher, but heard similar reviews from the critics. Critics didn't take too well to "About a Boy" either. It's a tough timeslot going against New Girl for me. Sure, we can record 6 channels worth of stuff between our 2 TiVos but finding the time to watch has been the tougher thing now! :)

Doesn't surprise me at all about those 3 shows. I might miss Revolution a little bit, but as "better" as it has's still not appointment TV or anything. The only thing that makes it that for me is because I've been recapping it. lol