Monday, January 20, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 1/19/2014 - 1/25/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Didn't get around to any of the Sunday night shows. Was watching the Niners and the refs blow the NFC Championship game. lol

Will probably watch Grimm this morning.

Also, stumbled upon this HIMYM interview with the producers about the final episodes and possibility on final slap (they better be lying! lol). This site gets blocked at my work because it's mainly a video game review site. lol But, anyway the interview is good

MJ said...

Didn't watch much Sunday night shows either. That was an interesting game - while the refs
did have some questionable calls it was like neither team wanted to win. LOL Seattle's
Oline was just horrible the first half, and 49ers didn't appear to have much offense unless
Kapernick ran it. But the second half was another whole story, esp the 4th quarter.

I'm ticked at Fox. Originally I was unhappy that Following was 10:30 and a 90 min show.
Really? They do it to try to get extra eyes but I hate sitting thru all that crap after the
game. So it makes me just tape the show - and I made sure to tape over just in case.
THEN - the idiots started it early ! WTH! The whole point of The OT is to have a buffer
after games so as not to change the schedule - they started it cause the Simpsons kept getting
messed up. Luckily I still have Fox in the buffer and had to hit record on The OT, then take
my orig recording and start that early and lessen the overage after. What a pain in the
butt. Damn you Fox.

Pretty behind on alot. Still haven't watched Revolution ! LOL

Mike V. said... wasn't the greatest game anyway! lol

Wait..they started The Following, early??? Ugh...guess I'm gonna have to find it streaming somewhere. We didn't plan on watching either because it was so late. Totally agree with The OT's purpose. They screwed that one up. Oh well, we'll figure something out!

Welcome to my world on being behind! :-) I have MLK Day off from work, so I watched Grimm and am watching AHS while doing a little house prep for baby 2! lol Obviously, very kid-friendly entertainment whilst I do this! :-)

Leslie said...

I recorded The Following also, but set it to run a half hour longer just in case it started late! Starting early should NEVER be an option! Could it be different since I'm in the Central time zone?

I behind on stuff, too. You guys are not alone! lol

Leslie said...

*mean I'm, of course

mj said...

Lol we watch too much. Watched a Following season recap - had forgotten quite a bit!

Himym-interesting article. Surely they were joking on last slap. Lol

mj said...

Grimm - the Monroe\Rosalee story was cute. At first i was like do they know hes a blutebau? But they did. Guess i was wrong about the mixed race being an issue. Blondes new talent was interesting.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - I think I zone out during the Adalind parts. She's been away from the action too long. So, I missed her new power! lol Yeah, I thought Rosalee's family might be concerned about what he was too...but guess not. Decent to see Charlie from Fringe in another role and also Jesse's last girlfriend from Breaking Bad. lol (at least I think that was her)

I'm sure I forget a whole lot from The Following...but I doubt I'll watch the recap. lol I'm sure we'll only watch one of the Sunday shows it'll be interesting to what my wife picks! I really have no preference of Shameless/True Detective/Episodes/Following.... (Of course Revenge is still on the backburner for probably summer) Once TWD starts back up though, that is the #1 priority! I think all of these shows should be wrapped up by the time GoT returns. I wonder what's going to air on HBO in the weeks between True Detective and Game of Thrones. I think there's a 2-3 week gap. lol

Leslie said...

The Following - Just saw this, "The Following will replay its premiere on Monday, Jan 27 at 8/8c, leading into its regular time slot debut."

mj said...

Following - thanks Leslie, not sure with all chgs i made I got it all. Apparently alot of peeps watched - numbers were up.

Grimm - Adalind made her coffee cup move, and maybe the lights flicker. Agree on Charlie and the girl, tho Leslie and ialso know her fr The Bridge

Mike V. said...

Following - Still didn't watch but in addition to airing next Monday (thanks Leslie!), I have the FOXNow app on my Samsung SmartTV hub. I'm able to stream the episode there as long as I'm logged into my fios account. We opted for True Detective and HIMYM.

HIMYM - Loved the episode. It was a way to dot i's and cross t's of a lot of small mysteries built up over the course of the show. The Truth Serum. lol Granted while this worked on HIMYM, this is the type of episode people probably would've been given if LOST answered every question flat out in the text of the script. And it wouldn't have worked well! Anyway, loved the PLEASE answer to Barney's job and that it was a revenge plot all these years. lol Marshal/Lily stuff is rough but it was a nice way to recap their relationship over the 9 years. The names of the children are perfect. Luke is obvious due to Ted's (and we can probably assume Mother's) Star Wars obsession. Penny, I forgot about but that's a callback to the Lucky Penny episode from season 1 (here's a summary Basically, Ted found the old penny and a lot of events happened after that that almost made him move to Chicago...or maybe finding the penny prevented him from moving which allowed him to meet the mother eventually. Cool that they brought back Chicago into the mix in this last season too remembering that now. I'm sure Ted told her that story and being a hopeless romantic just like Ted, they agreed to name their child Penny. Good stuff.

True Detective - Another entertaining hour. I have no theories on what's going on yet. lol Still don't know their names. But Matt M's character is one giant mess! Of course, Woody's isn't much better. Loved how even future Woody was still rationalizing for cheating on his wife. You know they're building up something between Matt M's character and Maggie (Michelle Monoghan sp). Funny that I know her character's name. Or at least they're building up suspicion on Woody's part. Anyway, we'll see where it goes!

Gonna watch Sleepy this morning. Snow's coming so I'm probably working from home! lol

Mike V. said...

Sleepy Hollow - Mark this one down under "I should've seen it coming but totally didn't!" lol We all knew Crane's son was probably going to return, but I never even considered John Noble being the son! I think the first episode he was in I thought he might be more evil than we thought, but John Noble did his thing winning us over with his Walter'ness...but then out of nowhere Denethor, steward to the King of Gondor showed up and he was the 2nd horseman of the Apocalypse! LOL Good stuff and it guarantees Noble as part of this cast for awhile since the 4 horsemen are central to the theme of this show. I figured Abbie (Not sure how they spell it on this show) would get stuck in purgatory as a cliffhanger but it was still crazy. The jokes with the text messages and Crane wanting a smartphone were hysterical. Also him stumbling into a revolutionary war reenactment was classic. Even his wife not understanding his new vernacular at the end showed promise for where this show could go in season 2. You know...if Crane ever recovers his wife from the headless horseman Abraham. Crazy stuff! Sucks we have to wait until September to see more, but if we return to that level of quality I'm good with it!

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Interview with Kurtzman

Anonymous said...

The Seahawks/niners game was GREAT!!! Really down to the wire and my pick won!. Kaepernick missed several throws that night.

Grimm--I thought Rosalee's family wasn't cool with him being a Bleutbaud--maybe I missed something. Yea, Adalind's powers and who she owes them to will be interesting.

Does anyone watch Blue Bloods with Seleck?


Leslie said...

Yes, I watch Blue Bloods, but haven't seen last week's episode yet. Also, didn't get to watch Blacklist or Intelligence last night.

MJ said...

Sent home at noon ! Boy - roads bad here in south Jersey. Can't even tell how much we got since blowing so bad.

Sleepy - wow ! that was some finale. And now we have to wait until September ! I hate that Ichabod really did betray Abby by leaving her there - even though she told him to.
Knew Andy would probably die (pretty sure he is) - but not that the Sineater (Walter) was War and their son to boot ! Guess should have seen that coming. No way Jenny is dead though. Now Katrina's with Headless and Ichabod's in another grave.

I got that Abby and Jenny witnessed War's ressurection - but got lost in that Abby was sent to stop it from happening but was too young? Who sent her ? And 'the saints name is a sign' Henry isn't a saint - he's the horseman War - so how does that phrase make sense ?

And a very clever way for him to get 'new' old clothes. Washington's tomb was pretty cool, and loved the idea of Zombie Washington. Texting joke was fun too. The ep had it all - grave robbing, people put back in graves, demons made from cocoons, demons attacking, horsemen, trip to purgatory, seeing mini-version of yourself, so much was in these eps.

Following - very good beginning to the new season.Thought Claire would live - but
only because it does not seems she is back on Justified! LOL I'm goig on record
now - his sponsor was creepy - first hidden follower??? Or is it the supposed
survivor of the train ? Both prob too obvious to be true - remember how many
thought that Mike or the Profiler lady were followers ! Sure no one surprised
Ryan is still tracking it all. Interesting that now there are different factions.
Now that I say that - was like that last time too - every one had their parts - but
Joe was in charge last time. Not clear if these guys are operationg without Joe.

The Luke/Mark thing was totallt creepy. And Emma is all punk now. Joe is sporting
that new Dexter look ! And his hookers daughter likes him.

HIMYM - Jabba Drunk! Too too funny. Robin wealthy ?? Guess it's Sparkles money.
Ring Bearer is a bear ! His job is PLEASE! Excellent episode. Them saying that he had been working with the feds all along - as learned later - was an odd one
though. just read yt comments - totally forgot Lucky Penny

Lily/Marshall - very typical married fight. Esp him throwing it in her face that she took off for SFO on him that time, but calling her art a hobby was low.

Think it's the mother she called to pick her up ? Guess not since the Mother is at the hotel after all.

Names Penny and Luke - star wars and Lost ? Know you already went there Mike ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Nope I explained where penny came from above! Didn't even really think of lost! Lol

I'll write more later. Everyone is home because of the snow lol

Mike V. said...

Niners/Seahawks - Yeah, Kap definitely did not close out that game well. But, he was the main source of offense for the rest of the game so it's tough to blame him solely! lol

No Blue Bloods here.

Snow has been pretty crazy! Looks like the roads are clear here so I'll probably have to go to work today. lol

Sleepy - In Kurtzman's interview he didn't really confirm Andy was dead, but he mainly talked about bringing him back for flashbacks and stuff. I don't think Jenny is dead either and from what he said in his interview, it sounds like she's 99% not. lol

Yeah not sure about the Abby 10 years ago stuff. Maybe she was aware of what she was doing back then but that was taken from her memory?? Henry/Sineater said that he took the name to spite it. That was his sign.

Definitely was a good episode!

Still no streaming app wasn't working well yesterday so we watched Shameless instead.

HIMYM - That actually makes sense that Robin would be wealthy from Sparkles, but she said it was old family money. I like how they referred to it as craploads. lol Ahh...when I posted earlier, didn't see that you read my comments! lol My bad.

The fight was definitely a typical fight...and a great culmination of what they've been through. I've seen some good arguments for both sides in the commentsphere. Marshall DID take some jobs he hated to pay off Lily's credit card issues. But yeah...the hobby thing was a low blow.

As for who picked her up...yeah a lot of people are convinced it's the mother. I guess it could be since she did know about the Marshall job thing. But, I don't think she has a car! Plus, Lily got in the backseat. A lot of people think it's Ranjeet. My first thought was her father or the Captain (doubt that one though). Ranjeet makes a lot of sense. We shall see!

Justified - I watched it last night, but I was kinda sleepy. I missed a lot of what was going on in the Boyd storyline. But, it would seem that his cousin is screwing him over. You know, I thought his cousin was dead...but I think I'm thinking of his character on Revolution! lol The Raylan stuff was hysterical as always. Monroe dude is totally creepy (or was...didn't he get shot?)...and Raylan almost got that girl killed because of his suspicions. Not sure if we've totally cleared Amy Smart's character from any wrongdoings (Social worker). Guess we'll see! The Crowe stuff was good too.

Shameless - Love that they're having 4 babies now. Fiona's road rage was great. Though the whole "lying" thing with the boyfriend? I guess it's a serious issue in relationships and something Fiona has a hard time not doing, but it just seems a little cheesy. lol Deb and the 20 year old? Totally creepy. I can't tell if he knew she was that young or not. But, he certainly didn't stop his advances when he found out! Lip at college was hysterical and heartbreaking all wrapped up in one. Love when he asked the girl he knew from home to blaze one up and bang one out. lol Still no word from Ian. And well Jimmy....just no news yet. Then the whole liver thing with Frank is crazy. But is his liver really failing or is he up to his old shenanigans with his son? I don't know why you'd fake the need for a liver transplant though. But, I also don't know why you'd pour alcohol into your eyes. lol I guess any way to get it into his system??

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--Another great ep. I'm not a Tom fan, but was kind of rooting for him to get a life and quit being a lackey for Liz. Although going out on a date isn't what I had in mind, for example he could go out with some buds. The sub teacher I think is working for Red and came from the Vicap? Meera being the mole is not surprising, after all she's a spook--lol. I'm wondering if tied to Alda? I wonder what Red will do with that list?

Intelligence--missed last weeks ep, but with this one found out that Josh's wife blew up. Did she do it to herself or was someone killing her? The Mei stuff changes things.


Anonymous said...

The Blue Bloods--one of the VERY few my wife will watch with me. LIke the several story lines.


mj said...

Himym - yeah prob to have Rangeet back one last time. Rewatched and they did say family money. Def bot Lily and Marshall have good arguements.

Shameless - not even going into Carl gettingbFionas blood typed! Or Debs friend watchingpirn - and them showing it tous! Lol. interesting about another daughter. Def don't think Frank faking. And the alcohol in his eyes- yikes. Weird no mention of Ian even.

Justified - shocked in the end that Johnny was on the phone.

Blacklist - I'm getting annoyed that she is coming off dumber then a bag of hair. I know she was new to profiling when Red said he'd only work with her but come on. And its like the FBI works for him - not the other way around.

Intelligence - Richard - his wife swallowed the explosives so theywere inside her whenthey blew. Vwhich iswhyspeculation that she is still alivebon the web is odd. Don't know how they'd pull that off

Following see what Lesliesaid is true that airingpremier next week. but - premier was 90 mins and reair only 60

Mike V. said...

MJ - You think there were more commercials than normal in that 90 minutes? I'm guessing I'll just buy the ep on Amazon and we'll watch it that way. (The Following btw lol)

Anonymous said...

Klondike--miniseries with the Prince from Winterfell. Opening creds similar to GoT. Not bad at all.


MJ said...

AHS - shocked they killed Fiona ahead of the finale. Quite the head count with Ax man
dying as well as Kathy Bates and Voodoo Queen too. Got a little confused - so Marie and
LaLurie were in hell then ? Queenie even gave LaLurie one last chance to redeem herself -
but she laughed in her face. Loved the Madison/Misty smackdown. Fiona's comment to her
daughter Cordelia - you didn't need to take your eyes again, the power is always in you -
is that a clue that Cordelia is the next Supreme ?? She always seems stronger when she
has no physical sight - or is that me ??

Any guesses on the next Supreme ? To me Queenie and Misty are too obvious. Don't think
it will be Madison. Think Cordelia isn't really tough enough. So I'm feeling Zoe. Which
means it is not Zoe. LOL

New Girl - wow - I was 3 behind on this show. So watched all 3 and now it's one big show
in my mind. LOL Loved her birthday one though.

Justified - loved Raylan being all like 'you know I'm a Marshall' when Allison was lighting
up. Thought the guy would be an ex of hers - not a kids father. That mansion owner choking
that chick was harsh though - and then he sends her in to get the gold ! Loved the BB gun
Wynn used to get info, and Raylan basicly set Wynn up to get killed.

Following - I didn't feel there were more commercials - makes me wonder if they will trim
some stuff. The did do some recapping - but not 30 mins worth. But - I FF thru the commercials
so can't say for sure.

Am two behind on Revoluton. Sigh ! Maybe watch tonight.

Mike V. said...

Klondike - I kept seeing articles about that. I just assumed it was a movie for some reason. lol What channel is it on??

AHS - Whoops..i read that first sentence and shouldn't have! LOL It's okay though, I'm not too sensitive about AHS spoilers. I'm like 10 minutes into the episode and will finish it soon.

New Girl - Yeah this latest episode was easily the best of the season. I always wanted Coach to come back for an episode or 2...but being around for the rest of the season (minimal) is a little much!! He was okay in this ep though.

Justified - Yeah, agree with all of that. Not sure if you recognize that mansion owner as George Mason from 24! lol But the choking was definitely rough. Liking this season so far.

Following - Gotcha...we're still planning to purchase the ep and watch. Probably this wknd. lol

Revolution - It may work better in a marathon viewing anyway! I really don't know why I'm still recapping. It's still a fun show to watch but not much there to discuss besides what's on the surface! lol

Anonymous said...

Klondike is on Discovery channel I think. I just set my dvr to record Klondike in HD and watched when it showed up. They are currently doing the 3 ep sequentially so you can get them recorded pretty quickly. Based on a true story. Abbie Cornish is good in it too.


Anonymous said...

MJ on Blacklist.
1. Yea Liz needs to concentrate on being a profiler more than a field operative--LOL. But, she's getting better. What do you think about her and Tom?

2. The FBI made the deal to pursue the people on his Blacklist as long as they are worth the FBI's time. I think that's why it seems like they work for him since he has the intel they need to pursue the bad guys. Alan Alda's character would probably agree with you though!!


Mike V. said...

Thanks Richard! Not sure why I asked. Just wanted to make sure I got the channel. Not getting sundance still annoys me! DVD set!

Btw one episode left for The Americans and I'll be all set for season 2! It's been really good!

Mike V. said...

AHS - Okay, finally watched all of it. Was still surprised because more than Fiona died in the ep. lol I have no idea who the next Supreme is, but I was suspecting Cordelia too. They never really have considered her as a possibility. Zoe probably makes the most sense if it's one of the younger ones. Maybe it'll end up being none of them! lol

I have no idea what was going on with LaLaurie and VooDoo Queen. Yeah, I assume they are both dead though. I guess Queenie made a deal with the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Wasn't that a swing band or something during the swing revival a decade ago?? lol)...anyway, I had to look up who the actor was playing that guy because he sounded so familiar. It's our very own Colonel Broyles/Matthew Abbadon/dude from The Wire...LANCE REDDICK! Good times. lol

Leslie said...

Blacklist - I still am not buying that Tom is all innocent. I think there are still some secrets going on with him. I was wondering if the sub was the same girl Red was looking at on Vicap. LOL that MJ said Liz is coming off as dumber than a bag of hair because you would think they had a good enough budget to get her a better wig! LOL!

Intelligence - Agree with MJ that I don't think his wife could still be alive.

Following - I'm hoping they just added a bunch of commercials in the one after the game because I deleted that recording to catch it on Monday.

AHS - 2 behind on this. Hope to catch up this weekend.

Rake - anyone watch this new show yet? I recorded it, but haven't watched yet. I like Greg Kinnear.

Mike V. said...

Following - Yeah, I still haven't watched either. We may be able to sneak it in over the weekend. If not, just gonna record it Monday again. And what I miss, I miss! lol

Rake - Did not watch and did not record. I like Greg Kinnear, but I just can't take on any more! :-) And I haven't been hearing too much buzz on this one, so I'm just assuming the odds are it isn't going to last. Granted, I've been wrong before. See: Sleepy Hollow. lol

MJ said...

AHS - oops - sorry to spoil. ;-) You didn't realize that was Lance Reddick? Too funny.
In talking with a co-worker Queenie went down to hell to make her deal with him - he hell
was the Fried Chicken place. Then he brought LaLurie and Marie there - and their hell was
LaLurie in that cage being tortured and Marie being forced to kill her first innocent.
And most are saying they are both gone.

Blacklist - So far Red has not lied to Liz really so I have to think that Tom is not what
he seems. But they are pulling that bandaid too slowly - need to move it along. Or make
him less wimpy ! LOL I know what you are saying about the deal they made - but he keeps
gaining more intel or things from what he brings to them. Like they'd really let him !
in some eps he at least sort of took what he wanted. This time she just gave him the list.

Leslie - I know, right ! her hair is horrible. I saw her at the macys t-giving parade
and she had a Bob - so either it's a wig or very bad extensions. LOL

Americans - I'm waiting for the final 2 to air so I can re-watch them. Except for those
crazy wigs I liked it. LOL Was interesting to see the woman from Justifed in this role
soon after she left Justified - actress might be Martindale? Can't remember.

Rake - of course I checked it out ! LOL I can't help myself. Wasn't bad - but nothing
too exciting. I too like Kinnear - and his character is very charming. He does some not so
good things - but he is very smart as a lawyer. It's enjoyable fluff in the same vein
as Castle so far.

MJ said...

Damn - almost forgot ! Tvline has some info on the 200th HIMYM this monday. Should be a good ep from the sound of it.

Also some info on the character Mike from Shield. I didn't understand it since I was never a fan of the comics but those of you who were might want to know.

Mike V. said...

AHS - Well, how was I supposed to recognize him with all that makeup and stuff on!? lol I thought he sounded very familiar, I just couldn't place it. :) No problem on the spoiler, it was my fault for reading it! lol The Hell thing makes total sense, and kinda what I gathered. But that explained it better than I could've!

Americans - I opted for AHS this morning instead of the Americans, so I'm about 10 minutes into the finale. Yeah, it's Margo Martindale. She's definitely interesting in this role. Not sure if she survives the finale considering she's on "We're the Millers" now on CBS. lol

Rake - It was what I assumed, and I read Matt Roush's (TV Guide Mag) review. It's basically the courtroom's answer to HOUSE. i.e. a very untraditional lawyer who will break all the ethical rules in the book to get the job done. Apparently, it's an Australian import. Anyway, he wasn't too impressed and my thoughts usually align with his! In any case, probably not something I'm going to invest in. :)

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Yeah, I've been waiting for this episode for awhile. I read in an interview months ago it was coming, and we always speculated that something like this would be cool. We definitely need to see her lose her yellow umbrella and find it again. We need to see her see Ted teaching the wrong class. And obviously hanging out with Rachel Bilson!! lol But yeah...looking forward to this one.

SHIELD - I'm so far behind and was never a fan of the comics either. With the movies though I'd always do some further digging to see what they used as source material. But, this show has sparked little interest in me to do that! :)