Monday, April 1, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 16 - Welcome to the Tombs

Hello fellow watchers of The Walking Dead!  We have finally reached our season 3 finale.  And, to be honest, it was a bit anti-climactic for me.  My wife told me she thought there was a bit too much to resolve by the end of the episode when we were about 40 minutes in.  A few minutes later, I started to see what was happening and realized what WASN'T going to happen.  I guess it kinda makes sense, but this season seemed to be building towards a logical conclusion, and that didn't happen.  So, I'm not sure what to think.  Maybe, we'll end up talking ourselves into liking it.  But, I'll discuss the major events that occurred below!

  • We begin by seeing that the Governor has put the beating to both Milton and Andrea.  He eventually told Milton that he is going to kill Andrea one way or another.  He ensured this by stabbing Milton and locking him in with Andrea.  Milton had the opportunity to get some pliers in a convenient enough position for Andrea.  The majority of their storyline was Milton explaining to Andrea what needs to be done.  i.e. when she gets free, she needs to kill him.  Milton inevitably dies and turns to a walker. (RIP Milton, we'll miss you!)  Andrea gets free in enough time to arm herself, but then the rest happens off camera.
  • The Governor also was rallying the troops to go take out Rick and the prison crew.  But Rick had a plan of his own.  We were led to think that they were not standing and fighting, that they were leaving.  But, it turns out they were just temporarily hiding somewhere outside of the prison.  They gave the Governor and crew enough time to get into the tombs of the prison and unleashed hell on them.  Walkers came out of hiding and Glenn/Maggie were all armored up and started shooting.  The Governer's crew fled the scene, which irritated him to no end.
  • One of the fleers came across Hershel and Carl.  Carl was a little peeved at Rick for the current plan and more.  He decided to shoot the guy who was handing over his weapon.  That dude has some serious issues.  It took awhile but Hershel convinced Rick of what he saw.  Carl defended his actions by essentially saying "someone has to have balls around here".   He blamed Rick for Lori's death (That one is a bit of a stretch), and not killing the Governor when he was alone in a room with him which led to other deaths.  He even stuck up for Merle.  Yikes...kid needs a good slapping.
  • When fleeing the scene the Governor pulled his truck in front of the parade of cowards and told them to head back and finish what they started.  They said it wasn't worth it.  And the Governor just decided to shoot all of them.  The funny thing is, I totally expected this to happen so it didn't shock me too much!  Still pretty horrific.  Included in this group was the guy from Tyreese's group that we all assumed was a red shirt this season.  One girl survived and was there to let Rick and crew knew what happened when they planned to take the fight to Woodbury.
  • Back at Woodbury Tyreese, the standup guy that he is, refused to take part in the prison fight.  He and his sister refused to fight other humans.  When Rick, Daryl and Michonne showed up with the survivor of the Governor slaughter, they quickly were able to diffuse the tension with the Woodbury crew and told of how the Governor has gone nutso.  The girl also helped them piece together that Andrea never made it to the prison so she was probably in Woodbury.  Daryl went to the torture area where Glenn and Maggie were housed and they certainly did find a locked door.  When they busted it open they found a dead twice Milton and Andrea with a high fever.  Yup, she got bit. 
  • We heard over and over in this episode the justification for everything Andrea did.  She just wanted everyone to live.  She wanted no deaths, including the governor's.  But, that didn't work out for her.  But, she was happy that no more people from Rick's crew suffered.  She was also happy Michonne found them, and that would have to be enough.  Michonne stayed with Andrea while she ended her own life with a bullet.  She wanted to do it while she still had the choice.  That same choice that was taken away from her in season 1's finale.  RIP Andrea - you were a great character, but you weren't written too well this past season.
  • I should mention that the Governor was not seen after the slaughter.  He was last seen with Martinez and another one of his henchmen fleeing in their truck.  He did not go to Woodbury or the prison.  I guess for him to be one of the biggest comic book villains, it shouldn't have been assumed that he'd be killed off within one season.  In hindsight, since we just saw him start to become the ruthless villain he is in the comics, we might assume that he's going to still get worse.  So, that gives me promise for the next season.  But yeah, I think most people thought they'd get him at the end of season 3. 
  • Instead, we see the merging of 2 camps.  Rick brought all of the innocent people of Woodbury to the prison showing some of the growth that he has had over the year.  As predicted, Tyreese will now be part of team Rick.  Carl wasn't too thrilled with their crew growing, but that might be another good reason Rick is doing it.  He has to change his Ricktatorship ways and this is a huge indicator that he's standing by that.  We should also note that Rick stopped seeing his ghosts at the end of the episode.  He looked up to where Lori was standing earlier in the episode and she was no longer there.  Symbolism that he is finally ready to move on to the next challenge?  Sure. 
And, alas, we have reached the end of the Glen Mazarra showrunning era.  We've been through 2 showrunners.  Next up is Scott Gimple, who wrote several of the episodes in the back half of season 3 including "CLEAR" (The fantastic episode where Morgan reappeared).  I thought we had a really strong 2nd half of the season, with the exception of this ho-hum finale.  So, I'm excited to see what he'll have in store for season 4.  Still by no means tired of this show and I think there are plenty of things they can do with it.  I wonder how long they'll keep the prison as home base though.  It might get to be a pretty tired setting.  But, I'm sure there will be new obstacles coming this year and possibly the return of the Governor.  We'll see what happens.  Hope you've enjoyed my ramblings all season, check out my Revolution recaps and join in on our weekly TV discussions (including the fabulous Game of Thrones!), and I'll see you next year!


Mike V. said...

Season 4 Tease:

MJ said...

Will check out the S4 teaser. thanks.

Haven't read yr recap yet - will right after I post these thoughts I jotted down earlier today.

Opening on the Gov's eye was creepy - as was his whole speech to Milton. Guess he's not wrong - if at the end of the day you can smell blood and gun powder then you live another day. Felt his comment about his daughter being alive if he'd been like this all along was to give us some sympathy or empathy for the character.

Sooo messed up what the gov did with Milton & Andrea - not shocking since he did it to Merle last week but I don't think he would have done it if Milton had not tried to kill him. He'd have let Milton kill Andrea the probably kill Milton. Good line - you kill or you die or you die and you kill.

Was moved by Michonne's pain - and her hanging with Andrea til the end. And Rick correcing Andrea that it was 'us' not them cause she's still part of them. And Daryl saying they never could when Andrea says no one can make it alone any more. Know you are going to reference LTDA speech Mike - and i guess Rick knows it now as he lets the people stay with them in the end.

Knew that as soon as Andrea got to explain to all us viewers why she stayed she was dying. Was kind of a let down though - that Andra got bit and killed Milton and then herself being all off camera. What made Merle/Daryl so powerful was seeing it, seeing Daryls eyes and face when he killed Merle. I'm feeling a little robbed Also that the Gov just leaves and disappears with Martinez and red shirt #5 ? Guess they want to keep him around for next year too - but just not what I expected or wanted. I wanted to see him die ! LOL Guess they wanted to prove tht 2 black men could live on this show. ;-0 But who knew Andrea has such talented feet ! LOL

Maybe because I was so let down but when I saw who all got off the bus I was like 'oh no, it's all the lame peeps' but hey - he turned Carol and Maggie into crack shots so maybe grandma and the rest will become useful too. And now Carl has a kid a few years younger to hand with - possibly two, and there was a toddler who L'il ass-kicker can grow up to play with.

SO did not see it coming where the gov loses it and kills all his own people - prob should have but didn't. Guess that why he doesn't go back to Woodbury - he could never explain this away.

The plan at the prison was good though - but it was never clear to me who threw that first flash bang, but it was just the thing to totally scare the s**t out of all those non-experienced soldiers. Carl is getting pretty scary tough, which is prob a hint on where they are going next season with him. Was especially harsh him listing all of dad's mistakes ! His eyes were cold man ! And hey - they gave Beth something to do - she killed a walker at the fence.

The bus reminded me of Dale's RV and the 'on the road' season - and of Resident Evil LOL.

Like I said - I was disappointed by the finale - but I didn't hate it. Gov still alive, Grimes Gang still at the prison. Guess we wait and see where yet another show runner takes us next season.

MJ said...

Anti-climactic (fron other blog) is eaxactly right !

mj said...

Just watched the S4 thing - yup - LTDA ! Could be good with some new folks in the Rickocracy.

Mike V. said...

Funny, I thought about LTDA when watching the ep, but figured I beat that horse dead last week. :-) lol

Agree...all the off camera stuff was more disappointing than "artsy" (if that's what they were going for).

The new folks in the prison. Maybe some will emerge, Nikki/Paolo style...but I'm thinking most of them will just be like the survivors of Oceanic 815 that weren't the main cast. They're there as people that need to be kept safe and defended, but they're not the main players. Maybe Grandma though. lol

And yeah...I thought it was funny how Beth looked busier this episode too!

BTW...there is a website out there that compares the story so far of The Walking Dead to the Toy Story franchise. It's pretty funny. lol I'll have to dig it up.

Mike V. said...

Found it lol

Mike V. said...

Ratings for TWD were ridiculously good:

you'd think eventually this would translate to bigger budget! lol

Leslie said...

How could we NOT think of LOST with the eye opening at the beginning and the Governor’s speech both of which were the creepy, bizarro world versions of Jack’s. lol

The last several episodes I kept saying that I was just assuming the Governor was going to be killed, but I sure didn’t expect them to leave his fate open like that! I don’t think the Gov beat up on Andrea, but only Milton. Andrea was bloody when he put her in the chair. Andrea sure was taking her sweet time getting those pliers when she knew it was just a matter a time with Milton. He even told her to hurry up! That was the most visible emotion we’ve seen from Michonne. Very touching. (Mike – fyi - you said a “dead twice Glenn” when you meant Milton.)

I sure feel bad for the two guys who went with the Governor! Now they know not to piss him off! lol

It seems Rick has come back from the edge, and Carl has moved closer to it...a definite step into darker territory for him! He was pretty cold talking to his dad.

Mike V. said...

Yeah...i did think of LOST with the crazy Governor Eye too! lol

And good call on Andrea, you're probably right there.

Thanks for the typo correction. I'll fix!

Mike V. said...

Kirkman interview:

mj said...

Finally read yr recap - swamped these days. I didn't hate the finale, prob should not have assumed gov would be gone so quick. Talking Dead - wasn't that weird caller hysterical?

Mike V. said...

Yeah...well based on Kirkman's interview, it was their intention to make us think that's where it was going and they didn't lol.

No, the finale wasn't awful...just anti-climactic as we said!

I haven't seen Talking Dead yet. It was tough with Game of Thrones and everything else I've had to catch up on. Maybe tonight.

Mike V. said...

Milton Interview

Zainab said...

I usually check this page so I am late.

I was little disappointed from the finale, I mean I wanted it to be a big show down between rick and governor, possibly with cow boy boats and accessories and horses and then standing in empty street going for their pistols. lol! Good thing I am not a writer.
I liked Beth killing zombies. I was like woohoo Beth is learning to rock.
I did NOT see that milton vs governor thing coming that way. The whole sequence where andrea was trying to get that tool and milton was losing his life was very intense. I wanted Andrea to live somehow. I am not against her in fact I'll probably miss her.
One thing that bothers me about whole Andrea and Milton situation. We have seen Andrea becoming a warrior. She went to prison all alone, fighting zombies in forest. When I was watching the sequence, by the time milton started moving toward her, she was done freeing her at least one hand (I thought she freed both hands) how can she get bitten then. That was little bothering so I didn't like the andrea character ending.

I am very interested in Carl's character. He is becoming next Shane. It is amazing to see the transition from weeping face carl to cold eye-d Carl.

Governor just had enough with those people. There is no point feeding people when they can't do what you tell them to do. I wasn't surprised at his outrage.
Next season is going to be very intense. we have loads of people in prison and we all know food shortages and zombie situation so I really hope we get some more awesome characters in season 4 and not just red shirts. Tyreese is going to be the next Dale in my opinion. :)

Mike V. said...

@Zainab - That's weird, when you said you use that link, I thought I may have forgotten to add "The Walking Dead" label to the post but it was there. Weird that it didn't show up for you! But, I am glad that people make use of the site organization that I did! :-)

Yeah, I think we all expected a similar showdown. The issue with the show is that AMC does not give it a very large budget. It makes absolutely no sense since it's one of the highest rated shows on TELEVISION these days, not just the highest rated cable show. You'd think they'd increase the budget a bit. But, it sounds like the writers always planned for the governor to survive this season.

Yeah, they do love turning dead weight characters (Beth, Carol) into bad asses. lol Too bad they never did that with T-Dog! lol

I'll definitely miss Andrea. She had a pretty poorly constructed season story arc, as most fans pointed out all season. She did some questionable things, but I still liked the character. I would've liked to see her get out of this mess and back to her trigger happy ways. I think she's still alive in the comics, so they're definitely going in a different direction there.

Good call that Carl is becoming Shane. Didn't even put the 2 together. Makes sense though, since he did get some 1 on 1 time with Shane before he killed him. (I think Carl killed Zombie Shane didn't he? I forget. I know RIck killed him the first time.)

Yeah, I wasn't surprised by him mowing down his people either.

And, they are set up fairly well for season 4, I think. I don't like that they're still in the prison, but at least their situation in the prison will be different. And Woodbury is a thing of the past so they will probably hit up new locations while having the prison as home base. Tyreese = Dale....makes sense. We shall see!

Thanks for the comments!

Mike V. said...

Speaking of Beth and Tyreese (and let's throw sister Sasha in there). They've all been promoted to series regulars.

Had no idea Beth WASN'T a regular. But, maybe that means she'll get more lines next season. lol

MJ said...

This is pretty funny - not all true but funny

Mike V. said...

Very nice. I got a good laugh out of those. Of course, the comments are just as funny for all the wrong reasons! lol

Zainab said...

ha ha, those memes are spot on! They should put one more about governor on how everyone aims at him and then misses even in finale, tyreese group person could shoot him and had no guts to do that. it is funny! thanks for sharing :)