Monday, April 8, 2013

TV Discussion Week of 4/7/2013 - 4/13/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  I'm assuming we'll be getting into some pretty intense Game of Thrones discussions.  We have some book readers and some non-book readers.  So, we'll try to precede any book stuff with a "SPOILER WARNING".  And of course, Mad Men has returned as well!   See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Really rough night last night. Only 30 minutes into Game of Thrones, but I plan to finish this morning. No Mad Men or Shameless yet, so I'll be catching up on them during the week. But feel free to discuss and I'll catch up!

Anonymous said...

GoT, loved Olenna, poor Sansa. Margeary showed how to handle Joffrey, reminded of "do you want my brother to come in and get you started"--she tries to figure out a way.

The Reeds coming to the young Stark's aid could become even more important. I didn't realize that the warg could see in the past--may be how they reveal Jon Snow on the TV show?

Grimm--this Juliette line has got to come to a close soon--I feel like it's just dragging on. The lawyer's talents were well suited for a while--I guess the right frog was caught--LOL.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention this earlier. The Bolton's are just gross/awful--flesh flayers, torturers--they are certainly feared. The Ep pushed them to a very active position in the series.
Poor Theon, Robb should never have sent him to his Dad's--pretty predictable what would happen there given his Dad's past. His Dad should have paid a ransom or something to get him back--but he didn't. Lots could be said.


Mike V. said...

GoT - I thought the same thing with the Warg stuff. When Reed mentioned it, I was like "what a perfect way to get a flashback on the show!" I think that is in the book that they can see the past, the present, the future. I just never thought that would be a good way to do it until I heard it on the show. lol Liked the way the Reeds were revealed. Definitely a lot different since they arrived in Winterfell in Book 2. Also different is that they split up Bran and Rickon in the books. Maybe that's still coming but since they built Osha up into a bigger character, I'm thinking she may stick with them. We'll see.

I like how they revealed the warging in the north with the wildlings and then seguewayed into showing Bran with the skills he has. Instantaneously , Bran becomes a far more interesting character to the TV audience (and book audience lol). I love his storyline from here on out. I get so mad because he doesn't get many chapters! I still think he's going to warg with a dragon eventually. But we'll see!

Olenna was awesome. The scene was exactly like I remember it from the books, but Olenna had a bit more bite in the books when I dreamed her up. lol I love that character. A lot of us pictured Maggie Smith (Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, among many other things) playing her awesomely, but they did great casting regardless.

Since Joffrey or Margery aren't POV characters in the book, clearly this was a scene devised specifically for television but it was awesome! She definitely found a way to appeal to his wacky senses. Sometimes I get the feeling like they're trying to play up Joffrey has "swinging the other way" too if you know what I mean. (not that there's anything wrong with that) But, they definitely never allude to that in the books. lol

The Boltons - Yep...I'm glad they're finally building up those characters. Of course, we originally met the Bastard of Bolton in Clash of Kings when he tricked Theon with the whole Winterfell heist. But, it appears to be going differently in the show. The Bastard is with Jaime and Brienne. But, I have a feeling I see where things are going.

Theon, on the other hand, we never hear again about until Book 5 and things we hear are horrid. So, I have a feeling the show is going to show us a lot of it, and already started. Not sure who that dude was in the cell at the end of his scenes that promised to free him....but I DID have a thought how they could redo a season 2 storyline that they omitted before. But, then we saw the Bastard of Bolton capturing Jaime/Brienne. (I think lol)

Jaime/Brienne - Off to a good start! Always loved their storyline. I think it's a bit different than the books already, but it can be...the theme of it is the same. And they did fight in the books and did get captured in the books. Just different people involved.

Like how they handled Roose staying behind in Harrenhal, and why Robb/Catelyn had to leave. Karstark going with them makes sense too. Originally, they were already in Riverrun...Catelyn had been there since the end of book 1 and was with her father when he died. But, they need to introduce Edmure Tully to the show, so that will be coming soon.

Arya storyline - she has met the brotherhood without banners and has run into the hound. They cut out a lot of the story that came before that. A lot of Arya/Hot Pie/Gendry on the was some good story, but it's all good. This works. Like that he was singing the Lannister song "rains of castermere" though I'm confused why he was. Unless, he was doing it mockingly. lol

Catelyn revealing her prayers to kill Jon Snow was haunting. Don't remember it from the books either. I liked it.

Jon Snow stuff was good too.

Sam stuff was good too. I vaguely remember that from the books. I forget who that dude is that wants him dead, but I think it's the guy they threatened in book 1/season 1 to not attack Sam in training.

Mike V. said...

I'm sure there's more GoT stuff and I'll get to it eventually. But that's what I could think of right now.

Grimm - Juliette stuff definitely getting old. I was saying last week that it seems like they're trying to stretch it out for the entire season 2. lol Wouldn't surprise me if that happens. Seems pretty clear now that the ghosts and stuff are her memories trying to come back as we discussed before. I liked the Jury storyline. NIce change of pace. Love the plan they put together to get his sweat. lol Good times. And then there were 2 frogs. Fantastic!

GoT - Just read your 2nd post more clearly and I just looked up the Ramsy Snow/Bolton casting. I guess that guy that picked up Jaime/Brienne was not Ramsy but someone else who is under the employ of Roose Bolton. I know who Ramsy is now...and I do think we might get that season 2 storyline now in a different twist. (rhymes with sneak readers would appreciate that)

Mike V. said...

GoT- Reading HIbberd's recap on EW and remembered the r-mail (raven lol) that Robb got. They heard of the burning of Winterfell and they can't find Bran and Rickon. This almost makes up for them killing all of the ravens in season 2 that announced that Theon had killed them. Now, they can at least be worried that they're no longer living. IT's all the "there are no cell phones in westeros" concept. We know Bran and Rickon are alive in the books but no one else does. So, I was a little upset they didn't go that way in the show. But, this works.

Anonymous said...

GoT--Some of the changes from the books seem to make sense, like "exposing" Selmy early since we would see him, but a lot of it just seems change for change sake. I like how the books handled the fall and surrounding issues of Winterfell much better, it made sense--this seems somewhat confusing and aimless.

Spoilerish info following paragraph only--

Makes me wonder if we'll see someone North of wall end up at Winterfell?

Back to regular commentary.
Cersei is being outwitted my Margeary, kind of funny.

I loved the line when Robb was told he lost the war when he married that woman. Both Catelyn and Robb had some "sins" exposed and resultant downsides in this ep.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Yeah, some of the changes are confusing, but other changes I think they do because they have to make cuts in certain places, they have to make certain set pieces work due to budget restraints, etc...

The Winterfell stuff is definitely bizarre. But, I think it will get cleared up eventually.

Yeah, in the books you get a real sense of Cersei's jealously of Margery. Cersei wants to still be queen and she feels threatened by Margery. Loved Joffrey's increasingly insulting remarks to his mother. lol

Good call on both the sins of the mother and son in the episode.

As for your spoilerish thing (spoiler alert, maybe?? lol)

Not sure who you're alluding to. I mean...i know in book 5 someone ends up there but that's a ways off. I think they're still on schedule with the books for what happens at Winterfell. We're just going to see more of it on the TV show when we read about it "happening in the past" in the books.

MJ said...

GofT - For someone who's not read the books this ep felt like moving the pieces on the board in prep for future eps. Guessing the Hound outting Arya to who ever that was is not a good thing. And what is the Bannerless Brotherhood?? And Jamie was right - that guy on the road def knew who he was, but i don't know who that was he brought back. Actually just read that the guy who took Jamie/Brieanne had Bolton's banner. Ugh - I'll never memorize banners ! Weird hearing Sean Bean's voice in Bran's dream, and ok - he's a wog/warg who can see what animals see but he's the three eyed Raven. I can roll with that. LOL I'm sure it will be useful later. But these are the sibling I posted reading about. But who the heck has Theon? Wasn't it his men who took him, so how's he being tortured now ? Can't remember what now, but I'm sure Sansa said something to Olanna that she shouldn't have. What do you mean 'they show the warging in the north ? What did I miss?

Grimm - yeah agree Richard, Juliette thing is draggy. What a great talent for a defensive lawyer to have though ! Yeah - Monroe sneaking into this guys room and the toad leaping away was funny. And the lawyer going to Rosalee for help too.

Shameless - Just what I wanted to see - Franks a** ! LOL Don't know why I thought someone was dying in this ep but i did. They are purposely leaving the Jimmy thing open. They either killed him and dumped him at sea or he's in Brazil. I sorta felt that the guy who used to watch him brought Fiona the money, but not at Jimmy's request. I felt he just did it cause he felt bad for her. I had to look away from the vomiting - I hate seeing that. Carl was sweet - shaving dad's hair into a mullet so he can heal from the sun. I doubt that Lip will actually go to MIT as then he'd be off the show, and Ian will get busted somehow so he'll be back too.

Anonymous said...

Jon Snow was looking at the guy with the blank eyes--warging--in this case scouting around.

Sansa said Joffrey was a monster.

Theon Greyjoy--held captive/raised as a son by Eddard Stark. Rob sent him to talk to his Dad at the Iron Islands. One of his men knocked him out as they were leaving, getting away from those who were attacking Winterfell. Again, to me the Winterfell stuff is confusing at this point, I guess somewhat because I have the book stuff in my mind and the TV stuff is different.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones -

MJ, definitely a moving pieces ep. But a really good one. lol And all of the pieces are leading to great stuff!

Brotherhood without Banners....You're going to learn more about them. But they did mention in the episode that it's who they were looking for when they were torturing people in Harrenhall last season. Hot Pie made a comment saying they'll just send them back there where they rats dig holes into them. lol I will say that their roots draw back to an event that happened in season 1, with a character that has been recast since his appearance was so brief in season 1. It happened when Ned filled in as King for a day. I'm guessing you're not really supposed to connect the dots in the TV show just yet, but you will. If not, I'll help when the time is right!

As for the Bolton's banner thing. Jaime did mention that the people were with Roose Bolton. You didn't have to memorize the banner.

The warg stuff...yeah, we are slowly introduced to it. But if you go back and watch some of the Bran scenes from previous episodes you'll see he was doing it. I figured that wouldn't come across too well. There's some cool stuff in the book that he does.

As for who has Theon, yeah it's not clear as Richard said too. But, I don't think it's supposed to be. We're in Book 5 territory...we didn't hear about Theon again until Book 5 (in fact, I assumed he died at the end of book 2 even though there were some throwaway lines in book 3). But, instead...they're going to show us what happens to him "in real-time" so to speak. So we're in uncharted territory where book readers know the destination. lol That's why I was telling Richard I think we're still on the same "page" as the book. It'll all be clear soon enough.

Sansa definitely was very open with Lady Olenna and Margery. As for if that's a bad thing remains to be unseen. I'm staying silent on this one!

Richard explained the warging in the north as well as I would have! I think that character has a name in the books, so I'm guessing he does here too. Just can't remember it!

I'll catch up on Shameless as soon as I can!!

mj said...

Oh yeah, i fofgot that scene. Thx. I thought Sansa said something else? Prob remembering wrong. I knoe Theons story/history. But if his own men are the ones who conked him on the head and took him fr Winterfel then who/how is he a prisoner and being tortured?3

mj said...

Hannibal -- was prettty good. I`m staying with it.

Heard Bates gets second season.

Hey Mike - for yr next show you should catch up to Scandal. S1 was good, but S2 is fabulous. Opposite of Revenge. Lol

Mike V. said...

GoT - Yes, he was knocked out by his own men in the TV show (different from book)....but they probably didn't have the resources to burn Winterfell to the ground, right?? So, the question then is...what happened to Theon and his men? There were troops outside of Winterfell that were coming for Theon and his men. And Theon planned on attacking them before his guys knocked him out. Maybe they didn't escape. And if you pay attention to certain lines in season 2 during Robb scenes...we may know who was on the other side of those walls. But, probably not a big deal if you'll be brought up again this season.

Sansa pretty much outed Joffrey as a monster and talked about the things he's done to her to prove that....behead her father when he promised his freedom...make her look at his head. etc... She also hoped it wouldn't fall back on her....if the wedding got cancelled or anything like that. But, I don't think anything else. I'll be rewatching again so I'll let you know.

recorded Hannibal and all of I'll try to catch up.

I've heard that about Scandal. Not sure how I'll catch up since I didn't record the season and don't want to pay by the we'll see if I can figure something out!! lol

Anonymous said...

MJ,And therein lies some potential spoiler info--LOL.


Leslie said...

Mad Men - I think Mike is the only other one who watches, so I won't say anything except that I was trying to nail down what year it is now. Obviously, the late 60's. Hair and sideburns getting longer on the guys.

Hannibal - Kinda strange, but interesting enough to watch some more. Same with Bates.

Revenge - I know it was a repeat last night, but I'm still 3 behind. Don't know how that happened.

Anonymous said...

Madmen, I loved when Don called the Dr his friend. Yet he's sleeping with that guys wife! I like the Dr, but don't recall him from last year. Don is such a sleazebag.

The Doorways, tons of them.

Peggy was great.

Roger more upset of the shoe shine guy then his mother, I don't know maybe just the straw that broke the camels back.

Betty dieing her hair was strange, wish she had found that girl. 15 and too old.


Mike V. said...

Packed Monday night, so I still didn't see Mad Men. I did watch Shameless though!

Shameless - Yeah...we always seem to have Jimmy disappearing from Fiona's life each season. So, we'll probably start next season not knowing where he is. I'm guessing since we didn't see him die, that means he's not. But yeah, you're probably right about the guy who was watching him.

The mullet haircut was sweet and fantastic. lol

I still thought we were going to find out Karen was faking her amnesia stuff. But, maybe next season. As for Lip, yeah it's a tough call. Obviously, he SHOULD go to MIT, but I'm sure something will hold him back. Maybe something to do with Ian enlisting...oh yeah....Ian used Lip's name! So, that could cause him problems with his enrollment maybe. Maybe, he'll do some online classes for a season if he ever gets enrolled!

Great show though, and great season.

Following - I'm starting to get to the point where I can only laugh at the ridiculousness of some of the plots. I mean come on....Claire trying to run away with her son? Did she really think Joe wouldn't have thought of that?? lol There was other stuff too, but that one stuck in my head.

Joe having writer's block was a good time. Finding more about Ryan's backstory with his father was certainly dark and interesting.

It seems like Claire is going to try to cause friction from within the Cult now with Roderick. And of course Roderick is now working with Ryan so we'll see where that goes.

Good to see Mike back too.

I guess HIMYM should be back next week now that March Madness is over...and it should be a straight run of 4 eps to the finale I would think. And possibly we'll meet the mother!

MJ said...

Following - so close yet Joe is behind bullet-proof glass ! Damn. Pretty dark - young Ryan causing the guy who shot his dad to OD. Liked that they were showing Joe as a little needy and having issues. Anyone else think at the end when he was with Emma that he was going to kill her for laying hands on Claire ?? Mike might need a counseling by a professional, of course in the real world he'd have had that before they let him back on the job. LOL So looking forward to a final Joe v Roderick fight. Yeah - was pretty silly of Claire to think she can just get up early and sneak out.

GofT - ah - I get ya now - thanks Richard and Mike. There's more to be revealed yet. ;-D

HIMYM - I'm hoping we really meet her - or see her whole face. What I don't want is to just see her back again or something. Enough already - give me the mother ! LOL

Anonymous said...

I watched a lot of basketball last night, flipped to the following. Ryan and his crew not having back up was silly and not done in the real world. Bullet proof glass, I actually said to myself, surely that's not going to be bullet proof glass, during an earlier scene. Jacob and Joe's exit was a little comical, I mean they wouldn't have left Ryan with guns for example.

Joe not trusting Roderick is actually well founded, but will likely lead to a showdown.

I agree with MIke, starting to make me laugh sometimes. And is it just me or is Claire liking a new look???


Mike V. said...

Following - Not much to add to the comments, but entertaining to read your guys thoughts! lol Claire did appear to have a bit different of a look (if that's what you were asking). Maybe this was after she filmed her Justified stuff and was free to change some stuff up. lol Of course, you may have meant something completely different!

HIMYM - Yeah, I have a strong feeling we're going to meet her which will set up next year's wacky storyline (which I really think I'm close on with my prediction. We'll see!)

Anonymous said...

Claire--mainly that it seems she's wearing more makeup and different hair deal--no biggie.

The Vikings--What an awesome ep. I don't think anyone else is watching though.


mj said...

Vikings. My husbands been loving it. Already renewed for second seaon

Mike V. said...

Viking(s) - I'm recording them...and planning to watch. Just going through some other stuff right now. The only time to myself is my hour a morning that I'm on the treadmill. So I got through Firefly and Serenity. Now I'm stocking up Bates Motel, Viking, and the Americans on my DVR. In the meantime...I've been going through the extended editions of the Lord of the Why? because I have them on blu-ray and I can never watch them any other time! lol

Of course with an hour a day, it's taking me 4 days to get through The Two Towers! It'll probably take me a week to do Return of the King! :-)

Mike V. said...

Naturally, that was more info than anyone needed! lol

Leslie said...

The Following - Agree that it was pretty silly with Claire thinking they could just sneak out like that, and then the magic bullet proof glass to protect Joe! And, did Emma really think she could go and just make nice with Claire and all would be well? Still, I'm enjoying the show. Mike does need some anger management, and it will be interesting to see what happens now that Roderick has been approached by the FBI.

Mad Men - I don't think we knew the doctor and his wife from last year. In the beginning of the episode, I noticed Don wasn't talking much in Hawaii, and I wondered what was up. Didn't think it would end up with him sleeping with his neighbor!

Agree that Peggy was great! Confident and tough.

What was the deal with this violinist? That whole story line seemed out of place. I guess it was tapping into Betty's lost dreams or something.

Anonymous said...

What a great question about the violinist. The answer could take a long time with lots of different perspectives.

One I took was that she was not what she appeared. To Sally she was one thing, but in reality almost an opposite--Betty saw both sides and I think could relate. And when she put the violin case down I think Betty gave up on the girl, letting the girl deal with life in her own way. Maybe realizing Betty has enough problems of her own.


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Whew...what a long 2 hours! Great a fine wine. Just need to sit there and appreciate it. Yea, Don definitely didn't say a word for like the first 10 minutes of the episode (except when he was reading Inferno..lent to him by the Doc's Wife...Linda Cardenelli from Freaks and Geeks lol). Definitely themes of death and heaven with Don's time in Hawaii and strengthened by his ad pitch. Don's the only guy left in a suit at work now that we've reached the late 60's. (I think it's 67 or 68. I'm sure with the historical details given it's out on the web somewhere. But I know next season is the last so I'm sure that will be 69. We know it's Christmas/New Year's for this episode so we're starting a new year) Man...the final season will have the moon landing AND Woodstock. lol

Betty's stories always seem out of place don't they? lol It's like they have nowhere to go with her character now that she's out of Don's main life. But, the kids are still there so she's still somewhat relevant. But, I think we've seen enough of January Jones to know that she wasn't just playing a role with Betty, but she's just not a very good actress. lol No thoughts on the violinist. But Betty and the whole rape comments to Henry (i think that's his name?) was just bizarre! LOL

Roger had so many great zingers throughout the episode too, as always. It's worth watching episodes just for that. Great to see Peggy turning into Don in her new job.

Anyway, that's all I have. Should be easier to keep up with it when it's back to one hour a week! lol

mj said...

Lol on Return of King. I only watch extended but yeah they are long.

Anyone planning on checking out Defiance on syfy next week?

Anonymous said...

I hope I remember to check out Defiance. What day/time? I can look it up too.


Mike V. said...

Guess it doesn't hurt to set the DVR for it. Of course, even with the 2.5 Terabytes of storage, I'm running out of room! lol I'm going to need to start watching stuff or deleting them. :-)

Looks like it premieres 4/16. And the premise sounds a little like The Event - but set in the future. lol

mj said...

Yeah reminded me of The Event a bit too, but also a Farscape vibe too.

Read that Cult is pretty much dead.

Mike V. said...

I read that as well. Glad I didn't start it! :)

Leslie said...

Mad Men - I came across this and had to share after Mike mentioned Roger's zingers this week. This goes all the way from the first season to the S6 premiere. Pretty funny!

Mike V. said...

Whew that's a lot of quotes! I started scanning after a while. lol But they're highly entertaining. Thanks for the link!

Leslie said...

Yeah, one of my favorites is from last year when Lane and Pete had their fight in the conference room and Roger goes, "I know cooler heads should prevail, but am I the only one who wants to see this?" lol

Mike V. said...

Loved that line last season. lol

mj said...

New Girl - meant to comment other day, loved Cece not even saying his name right and trying to get that pic! Young Cece was such a dead ringer for her