Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 13 - The Song Remains the Same

Welcome back all to the Revolution!  I keep saying it, but this show improves with each episode aired.  So, it should be no surprise that this was my favorite episode of the series so far.  It didn't hurt that they unveiled a big answer and it was actually a pretty interesting one at that!  Seems like we're heading into a good direction with the show.  Let's dive into the highlights,.

  • It wasn't long into the episode where we find Rachel explaining to Aaron the cause of the blackout.  We still didn't get confirmation but I'm guessing that capsule in Danny was a precursor to it.  But, apparently there are microscopic computers in the quadrillions just floating around the air across the world.  It didn't start out that way, but something went wrong in their experiments and they started multiplying on their own.   Anyway, the computers have 2 commands.  Absorb Energy, or Replicate it.  And it's all controlled at the tower.  I would assume that this is how the pendants get their energy as well as the amplifiers.  They take advantage of these midichlorians (for lack of a better word) in the air and force them to replicate energy.   Man, imagine if we had some of these in the real world.  No more looking for an outlet to charge your phone!  
  • So, I guess maybe they were targeting a blackout for Afghanistan in that flashback, but it backfired and caused the whole world to go black?  Still need to rewatch those scenes from last week since I clearly missed the point of them in my last recap! (In my defense, I was sleep deprived when watching last week!) 
  • We see that there is a lack of trust between Monroe and Neville, spawned by Randall whispering in Monroe's ear.  Of course, after running through Neville's track record, it certainly makes sense that he may not be able to be relied upon.  But, he still gets sent on an errand to get some important materials.  
  • But, due to some fancy signal communications, the Rebels are alerted to a caravan heading in their direction.  Of course, they probably could have just listened to Lionel Richie blasting on the iPhone!  It would be the only song playing in a 50,000 mile radius.  The rebels took a break from Miles's hardcore fencing training to go set a land mine and blow up the caravan's chances of reaching their destination (literally).  
  • They grabbed Neville as a prisoner who Miles planned to interrogate for a year.  Rachel had other plans.  Kill him now or lose the chance forever.  He's responsible for Ben's death and essentially Danny's since he kidnapped him and started this whole crusade.  Plus, he's Monroe's right hand man.  Neville did his best to try and get under Miles's skin in the interrogations, but he ended up getting his face bashed in instead.  But, it was newly groomed rebel Jason Neville who eventually got the best of his dad.  He fooled us all into thinking that he was going to save his father to save his mother, but instead he got the intel they needed.
  • Of course, Randall already knew Neville would fail so he decided to go himself and get the materials.  An all out shoot-out happened.  The Rebels only succeeded in finding out what Monroe was after.  And it's a doozy.  They were after materials to make a nuclear bomb.  Sweet! 
  • Meanwhile, Neville was working his charm to try and get the priest to hear his confession.  But, he had also found a way to get out of his bindings and killed everyone in the room where he was held captive, including the priest.  Ouch.   Neville escaped to gran his wife and get the hell out of Dodge...(errr Philadelphia).  Now, they'll be on the run.  So Neville is now no longer with the militia but where will he end up?  I keep wondering if he'll end up fighting for the rebels as well, but he's caused them a lot of pain and death.  Could be a tough bridge to cross.  Maybe he'll be his own threat to both the rebels and Monroe and align himself with some other powers.   We shall see. 
  • The whole episode, Rachel was trying to distance herself from the fight and wanted to just stay alive with her last remaining family member, Charlie.  Charlie made the point that she's more like Miles these days and that that's a good thing.  Of course, this tore up Rachel but led her right into the arms of Miles.  After learning of the nukes, she had no choice but to take Aaron on the long trek to the Tower to turn the power back on and give the "good guys" a chance.  Of course, Miles thinks this is a bad idea as there are no good guys, but at least he got some hardcore kissing out of the deal.  So, if there was any question before, they definitely have a romantic history.  And, it would have to have been happening while Ben was still alive.  Definitely some flashbacks still needed there.  
  • So the group has disbanded once again.  Miles, Charlie and Norah stick together (and Jason's there too).  Rachel and Aaron head across the Plains Nation to the tower.   And Neville is going who knows where. 
Good place to call it quits.  Really enjoying the show and can't wait to see what's next.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

I knew you'd do a midichlorian thing ! LOL Only issue I had with the ep is Neville's escape. That nail was across the room on the floor, no way he got that. Neville's wife living on the run should be pretty funny though. Is is just me or is Rachael pretty much the same character as Juliette from Lost ? Just saying.

Mike V. said...

The funny thing, the midichlorian thing really didn't come to me until I was typing (not when I was watching). lol Just seemed like the best way to explain it until they have a name!

Yeah, I saw him have the nail at the end, never saw the nail in the beginning. That was a little crazy. Maybe he walked around whilst tied to the chair?? lol LOL on Neville's wife on the run. Maybe it'll butch her up a bit and make her more like her previous roles on 24 and Grey's. lol (not that they were very butch!)

Absolutely....since they've returned...Rachel = Juliet. And, it's probably why I'm enjoying the show more. lol Seems to add a little weight to the show. I don't even care that they're stealing characters! :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen all the ep yet. Thanks for the recap. Again, Rachel being a great wife/loving mother--I don't see it esp given her past with Miles now. She is certainly not trustworthy. I wonder what Norah was thinking.

The midichlorian thing was good, like comparing some of the militia shooters to storm troopers-LOL. I wonder if there is some sort of extermination process they can get going for them?

Neville going to another group kind of makes sense as we may be getting into a bigger war.


Mike V. said...

Yeah that's my best guess for Neville. Makes sense.

As for extermination of the "midichlorians" (lol)...I don't know if that's the direction they'll go. Maybe eventually...but I would think they'd want to harness that power potential somehow. Or maybe if they destroy the tower, they destroy the source of these teeny tiny computers...they destroy their ability to absorb or replicate power. But, I would think that the microscopic power potential will be in the series for the long haul. Just my guess.

There's definitely some backstory with Rachel being intentionally withheld, but I didn't get a "don't trust her" vibe. She clearly went to the Militia on her own will. But, she was also clearly a prisoner of Monroe's. Maybe she has her own agenda. That could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Over the many eps, including Rachel backstories, she was always distant from her husband and kids. Pursuing her own interest. Not that that's bad, just definitely not the doting/concerned mother. Charlie's not a young teenager, she got where she is along with her brother not because of what happened since the lights went out. Actually, they probably had more time recently with their mother until she left for Monroe. Her secrets from her family is another area that lends to a lack of trust.


Mike V. said...

You see lack of trust, I see intentional lack of information. lol

They showed us specific flashbacks for Rachel but they haven't shown us a lot of why she did what she did yet. But, I've seen enough to know that she loves her family...even if she's had to suppress her feelings for a greater need.

But the fact that you don't trust her even proves more that she's Juliet 2.0! lol

Anonymous said...

OK, I got to finish the complete ep. Pretty good.

1. Anything Miles says you can or can't do, figure the opposite will happen.

2. Tom Neville and Rachel are soo much alike. Her cold cocking the guard, him killing whomever to get the objective accomplished. She has killed quickly as well.

3. Juliette did come to the front in this ep. BTW, Elizabeth MItchell says her character is a pacifist with homicidal tendencies--LOL. Dare I say, a little nuts.

4. The stolen nuke tech indicates the conflict broadening and I think lends credence to Neville going to a 3rd party.

5. The virus can absorb energy and replicate as I heard it. I didn't get that they could replicate energy. Aaron looks like he's found his groove again!!

6. So, will Rachel and Aaron return?? This ep had so much Rachel in it, that it made me wonder.


Mike V. said...

1. lol Probably true.

2. It's a new world they live in. Survival of the fittest!

3. Sounds like it! lol

4. Yep, agreed

5. Yep, replicate was the part that I latched onto. Led me to think where this show could be going. But that's probably how the pendants and amplifiers work. They harness that energy or "activate" the midichlorians in the area. Agreed on Aaron.

6. Yeah, they're definitely making it seem like Rachel is marching to her doom. But, my opinion is, you don't kill off your strongest character/actress! Not when things are just getting interesting. So, we'll see!