Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 15 - Home

Hello friends and welcome back to the Revolution!  Solid episode last night full of twists, turns and lots of guns!  Not sure if you heard, but the show has been renewed for a 2nd season!  I'm sure it will only keep improving.  As for my recaps continuing on, well let's play that one by ear!  If you haven't noticed, they've been getting shorter every week!  With that said, let's get to it.

  • It would seem that a little bit of time has passed since we last left everyone.  Not too much, but enough that Miles seems battle worn from leading his new army of rebels and "peach eaters".  We see early on that he has a nemesis in one of his ranking officers.  There was probably history there, but I'm unclear if we ever learned what it was! 
  • Charlie is continuing her new brooding "hey look I don't whine anymore!" act.  She is getting more distant from Miles.  To cut the tension between them she decided to bring up the elephant in the room in what happened between him and her mother Rachel.  Naturally, they get cut off before they can get into the discussion. 
  • Monroe is not happy about his recent battle "setbacks" and decides to play a mind game with Miles by going to their hometown and threatening to kill a woman that they both loved and had relations with.  Good ol' Emma (Annie Wershing).   On a sidenote - We now have 3 of Jack Bauer's love interests on 24 that have graced Revolution.   His wife is the president of Georgia.  Audrey is Tom Neville's wife.  And now Annie (forget her name on 24) is "the one that got away (or didn't go anywhere)" for Miles and Monroe.  All they need is Nina, Kate Warner, and maybe Connie Britton and they get them all! 
  • Miles takes the bait but he thinks he can take down the whole militia by himself.  He was instructed by Monroe to come alone.  Of course, the Rebels were able to interrogate the messenger and be not too far behind.  
  • Long story short, Monroe rips a page out of The Patriot and puts everyone in the town in a courthouse and orders it to be set on fire.  (yes, it was a church in The Patriot)   Miles is single-handedly taking down the militia to get to the courthouse.  He is able to get there but then gets trapped by fire and militia.  No fear, Charlie, Norah and crew are there to help!  
  • Lots of guns are fired, lots of people die and it all ends in a stand-off.  Monroe has Emma at gunpoint.  Miles doesn't want to take the shot.  Charlie will do anything to take down Monroe.  Meanwhile, Emma reveals that she wants to see her son again before she dies.  Once she says that, we obviously know what's coming next.  It's "OUR SON"!  That's right, back when they were teenagers, Monroe and Emma had an affair while she was dating Miles.  (I must say how their appearances changed dramatically from their teens!  It's almost like they were completely different people!)  Emma got pregnant and kept the child a secret.  Monroe and Miles shipped off to the military and never looked back.   Monroe breaks down and wants to find his son as well.   And just as Emma is about to reveal where he is, BANG!  The idiot officer in Miles' ranks shot Emma (either intentionally or by trying to get Monroe...which he did nick Monroe too).   Miles, as promised, shot and killed the officer.  
  • This will probably be Monroe's new motivation for the remainder of the season maybe more.  But, I can't imagine how easy it will be to find him.
  • Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron have crossed out of the Monroe Republic into the Plains Nation (which starts somewhere in Missouri).  Rachel is deep in the books trying to figure out how to get the lights back on and doesn't want Aaron's help, even if he is a certified genius.  So, obviously, that means it's time for Aaron to stumble upon his wife that he abandoned all of those years ago! 
  • Even though it's been like 14 years, he feels the need to find her and apologize to her and vow to never leave her again.  She's very distant at first and we find out that she's being held captive by a bounty hunter.  She apparently killed a Militia guy who was threatening her family.  Aaron was able to help her get free from the bounty hunter.  He does end up apologizing for abandoning her.  She wasn't really thrilled to hear it as the people that she was left with all died too.  But, it seemed to turn out for the best as she did find a man, get married and have a child.  They're waiting for her in Texas.  So, Aaron said his goodbyes and they moved on.  Not sure if he expected her to just wait for him to get his act together and accidentally stumble upon her! 
  • And in the final cliffhanging act, we see that the Georgia President is planning to give Miles a new resource.  And it shouldn't have been too surprising to find out that it's Tom Neville!   As predicted, Tom has joined forces with another country in the new United States.  And it just happens to be the same one that Miles and crew have aligned themselves with.  Looks like we'll all be joining forces to take down Monroe!  (MAYBE)
And I think that about covers it!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Anonymous said...

I stayed up and watched last night.
1. This ep was better than most others.
2. The scenes following Emma being shot drove me nuts. I'm not sure it's the acting, script writing, directing, whatever. But, for Monroe to stand there and look around without even being shot at while he is totally exposed after Charlie and others vowed to kill him-- was ridiculous. They could have handled that a LOT better other than having him stand there like he's so shocked and everyone is so shocked after we have ep after ep showing Charlie becoming a focused killer now. The only shots fired were after he got to safety.
3.Yea, Rachel showed she's not much of a leader in not letting experts help and doing it all herself.
4.Monroe once again exposed himself as being kind of nuts. He's really starting to loose it. Makes me wonder about what Randall will do.
5.Tom spying on Miles storyline--I hope it's not just a predictable series of squabbles/fights/undermining. They're both good actors and deserve a good storyline.

Other than maybe Charlie(IMHO)almost all of the actors are pretty good and the production is pretty good.


Mike V. said...

Yeah, I still think the show is improving with each episode out. So by default I'd say it's the best they've done. lol

But yes...they definitely stick by the storm trooper rule when it comes to their main heroes and villains. Their aim just sucks when it comes to main charactersand it looks silly in this day and age of television! lol

Yeah, I'm not sure if I see Monroe being a major villain past season 1. It seems like there will have to be larger threats. And since he is losing it, maybe this is the beginning of the end for him.

Agreed...all of the actors are pretty good...and even though they've tried to improve Charlie, the acting is still kinda rough! They did trim some fat with Danny though. And since Charlie is like the "Face of Revolution" I don't see her going anywhere anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Just to state for the record--I was a big time Juliette fan before a lot of others(Elizabeth Mitchell). So, when I pick on her here, it's really the character she plays and the material. As she says, a pacifist with homicidal tendencies--kind of crazy. I think she's doing the best she can with what she's been given and asked to do.

OK, I will pick on Charlie(can't recall her real name)--last night she had some fighting faces if you will and they would transform from one to another while she was firing her weapon, in a strange way to me--lol

BTW, while thinking about it a little more, I can't figure out why we had the Aaron storyline with his ex. Thought we had touched on that before maybe not to that level of detail, but in general. Makes me wonder why it was so important. OH well.


Mike V. said...

I was a huge fan of Juliet from the grilled cheese moment onward. lol People hated those first few episodes of season 3, but I was already enjoying her character. lol So, I'm with you there. As for her Rachel character...yeah I don't look into it too much. I just go with the flow with this show. lol

But Charlie's different variations of constipated appearances is always worth a laugh!

As for the Aaron storyline...yeah...I guess they needed something to happen on Rachel/Aaron's long trek to Colorado...and since they introduced his wife in an earlier episode flashback, they wanted to follow through with that. I guess we found out that she moved on with her life. We didn't know how she made out last time we saw her. but, she also got to see that her husband grew some balls since they last were together too. Maybe they'll run into each other again some day. lol

Anonymous said...

Constipated--that's it, perfect description as she "strains" through her "performance". I am laughing SOOO loud right now.

Thanks Mike, I need some serious levity.


Mike V. said...

lol, glad I could help out! :)

MJ said...

Agree some time has passed, maybe they actually walked all the way to Plains Nation instead of Fringing over. LOL Knew you'd bring up that yet another chick from 24 was one! I used to call this one Jackie cause she was the female Jack on 24. Loved Miles's uniform jacket - he's a brown coat ! Now that you've seen Firefly you should get that ! Somehow I did not see it coming that Monroe did Miles' girl back in the day - that usually is a friendship ender so I never thought of it for these two. Guess I should have seen it coming but i didn't - but Tom Neville being there surprised me ! This should be entertaining. The Aaron and his wife thing - not even going there. But I kept rooting for Charlie to shoot Monroe and to hell with Uncle Miles' orders - but she didn't and the President's spy did.

My husband actually caught something during the big battle - one time Charlie actually shut her eyes when she was firing. We had a good laugh about that. But every show has those 'storm trooper' rules really. For some reason we just like making fun of some of them more. I think they were just trying to give the actor who plays Aaron something to actually do and say.

Mike V. said...

Nice on "Jackie" lol and Charlie closing her eyes while shooting..that's fantastic! That's like Luke closing his eyes when he shot the torpedos into the Death Star! :-) (couldn't resist! lol)

Good call on "FRINGING" too and the Brown coats, yep I got it!

And totally agree on Aaron, but I think we all assumed that one day he'd run into his wife again. We may have thought it might turn into something bigger than it did though!

And I totally agree that "Storm Trooper Rules" apply to many shows and movies. Some are just better at not making you focus on it :-).