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TV Discussion: Week of 5/5/2013 - 5/11/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  I'm assuming we'll be getting into some pretty intense Game of Thrones discussions.  We have some book readers and some non-book readers.  So, we'll try to precede any book stuff with a "SPOILER WARNING".   See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Watched Game of Thrones. Didn't get to ONCE or Mad Men yet.

I'll comment more on GofT later, but it was awesome as always. The whole climb up the wall was really well done. The Gendry/Mellisandre stuff is a change from the books but one we predicted in our "book stuff" discussions. lol They eliminated another bastard of Robert Baratheon from the book sand Gendry will be used for that storyline instead. It works. In the books Arya and Mellisandre never when she said "we will meet again" has book fans going "WHAT!?!?". lol Perhaps the producers have talked to GRRM about things we haven't experienced yet! Or, maybe they're just going to add another scene of these 2 encountering each other to help close this diversion from the books. Guess we'll see!

RIP Ros. She never existed in the books. I know lots of book fans hated her because she took away minutes from episodes where they could've been spent on more literal adaptations. She didn't bother me. And once again, it just goes to show how SICK Joffrey is. We do need the reminder on occasion, especially this season where he's been almost non-existent. But, I do wonder if the writers wrote her out of the show to appease the book fans. lol

Littlefinger has left King's Landing and with it Sansa's hope for escape appears to have left with it. I wish they would've shown the scene of Tyrion breaking the news to Sansa while Shae was present. I really forget if that was in the books. I don't think it was. And Cersei/Tyrion's siblingly discussion was nice. And we found out Joffrey ordered Tyrion's execution during Blackwater. crazy crazy crazy!

And of course there was the whole Robb negotiations with the Freys. That scene was almost literally adapted from the book. And yes, another reason why I thought the tagline of "WEDDINGS ARE COMING" would have been appropriate for this season! lol Poor Edmure has to get married to make up for Robb's indiscretions. To a Frey of all things. Good stuff.

Next week is a GRRM penned episode (like the script...obviously he penned the idea of the whole series). He writes an episode every year. Last year was Blackwater, I forget what he did the first season. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be great! I'll be out of town, but I'll be setting my brother-in-law's DVR...or using his wifi to HBO GO it! lol

Guess I wrote more than I thought I would right now. But, I'm sure I'll still write more later! :-)

MJ said...

GofT - haven't read other comments yet - just wanted to post real quick, will catch up later.

I think the actor playing Jon Snow did such a good job looking embarassed when Ygritte praised his talents in the sack! LOL Interesting that she finally says she knows he's not done with Nights Watch - I was assuming they didn't believe him but it was nice to hear it said. Interesting to me (non-book reader) that Melisandre was so surprised that Beric could be brought back 6 times. Poor Gendry - this can't go well for him. Did i understand it that Melisandre is predicting Arya will kill 3 people ? 'A man' gave her the 3 wishes. Coincidence that 3's keep coming up for her? So many new faces - it wasn't til after I'd finished watching the show that I realized it was Catelyn's brother who now has to marry a Frey. This is, apparently, the season of weddings. But - Tywin and Olenna was the best scene of the night with the 'sword swallower' and incest talk. Too funny when she hints that surely Tywin himself has been with a man too. RIP Ros - that Joffrey really is insane though. And - our useless scenes of each ep - Sam sings to Gilly and baby, Jojen has a seizure. THe seizure is all I remember about that scene any way.

Vikings - finished that up this weekend. Pretty good show. Not happy that Ragnar knocked up the other chick, but how'd she know so fast that she was preggers ?? Was very sad when everyone back home was so sick and dying. Can't remember his wifes name ?Agatha? has now buried a daughter and lost a baby. Not surprised Rolo is going to betray him. Strange way to end the show really since when they made this they could not know they'd ever have a second season.

No Once or Revenge yet.

Mike V. said...


Well...Ygritte said SHE didn't believe him, she didn't indicate the others didn't. But, the fact that Orell cut the rope on the 2 of them indicates something. They're pretty much all just out for themselves. But, Ygritte just wants Jon to be loyal to her specifically.

Yeah...the whole Mellisandre meeting Thoros of Myr was very interesting. None of that is in the all of the revelations there are completely new. So, it surprised me too that Mellisandre was surprised. I'm not sure what Mellisandre was inferring with Arya and all of the eyes she saw. Well, I have guesses...but it's based on my knowledge of where her story goes. I'll have to watch that scene again. I was more interested in the fact that she said "we will meet again" when they haven't in the books! lol

Yes, it is indeed the season of weddings...hence why I teased "W's Are coming" all those months ago! lol As for how many happen this season? I can't say...they're splitting book 3 over 2 seasons afterall. But yes, now you know why they had to introduce Edmure Tully to the mix. (he was in the books earlier than he was in the show...of course so was Riverrun as a setting)

Yeah...Olenna is pretty much getting a scene with a different character in every episode. This scene wasn't in the books either (of course most of the scenes in tonight's episode weren't in the books...outside of the Jon Snow and Robb Stark stuff). The Sword Swallower comment was hysterical. Olenna is a great character with so many great one liners in the book. They're doing her character justice on the show. Great stuff.'s tough with the Bran scenes...he's an important character and they have to remind us that he's still in play...but his chapters in the book are so much more interesting than they are on the show. Sam and Gilly...well...I'd say the most important reminder from that scene to keep in mind is that he showed Gilly that he has the dragon glass/obsidian dagger with him. (they uncovered that last season at the Fist of the First Men when they were digging for dung lol) Surely, the Night's Watch rangers of old buried it there for a reason!

Vikings - Well, according to Richard a lot of this show is based on history. So Ragnar did have sons from many wives or something like that. I still haven't done my research. :) Lagertha is the wife. And yeah...Rollo definitely has been played up as untrustworthy since the first episode. But, he has yet to screw over his brother. So, we'll see if that continues or not next season!

Bates Motel - 3 episodes in...still enjoying. Looks like the Deputy has a little secret of his own!! (has the girl handcuffed in his basement)

MJ said...

Hadn't realized bookers hated Roz - but I avoid all that so... I guess it could have been to appease fans but ususally this stuff is written and filmed long before the fans can react as they watch so I doubt it. I kinda felt they were continuing to show Joffrey sexualizing that bow - remember how him and Margaery were when he was showing it to her? Agree - would have been great to see Shae's face (and Sansas) when Tryion told her she's marrying him. LOL Glad it was Joffrey that ordered his uncle killed - didn't make sense that it was Cersei to me really.

I knew they like to remind us of the other characters - just sometimes bugs me to have them there and yet they are really doing nothing. Surprised we didn't get a Dany scene as well showing her riding her horse. LOL Forgot to say - very funny with Jamie trying to cut his meat. LOL He looked like a petulant child.

Bates - the girl in the chains surprised me at the time. It gets a little interesting now on that show.

Mike V. said...


GofT - What I meant is, book readers haven't liked Ros since her introduction in season 1 since she didn't exist in the books. Her storyline takes away from other opportunities to adapt book stuff. (I'm not in this group of fans btw lol) So my point was that maybe they wrote this season's arc in response to that. But, it could have always been the plan too.

Definitely playing out Joffrey's obsession with his crossbow. lol

I wouldn't say Bran and crew are doing nothing...we've now learned that the "green dreams" (what was happening to Jojen Reed) has side effects...causes seizures. We learned that Hodor still says HODOR. :-) We also know they are continuing to move North...and now they know that at some point, Jon Snow was not at the wall but beyond it. Their whole point for going to the wall is to meet up with Jon. Well, that was Bran's whole point for going..not necessarily Jojen and Meera's. lol

Jaime and the meat...yeah it was funny. Forgot to mention that stuff. Definitely interesting that Roose Bolton let Jaime go...just without Brienne. Being on of Robb Stark's's interesting.

Bates - I'll catch up eventually. Not sure how long the season is (guessing 12 or 13 eps)...might be able to catch up by the end of next week.

MJ said...

Ah - I see now about Roz.

Oh - totally forgot - Tywin's line about appointing Loras to the Kings Guard should he refuse to marry Cersei def tells us that he is not Kings Guard now as you have been thinking.

Mike V. said...

Yeah I thought about that too last night when I heard that line. I could have sworn though that he asked to be in the King's Guard in the season finale last season. I need to rewatch it and see. Maybe he didn't.

And of course, I could be confusing it with the books where that did happen. lol So maybe I indirectly spoiled something that MIGHT happen in the show. :-) But, it's relatively minor!

Anonymous said...

GoT, haven't seen it all yet, but to me the key thing with the scene using Sam was the dragonstone dagger.

Vikings, Mike--you're close enough--Ragar's sons are very famous and had huge impact on Europe. I think Rollo is about equality more than he is about getting his brother. We'll see where he goes from here. Siggy might have something to say about it all--she seems pretty level headed.


Mike V. said...

GoT - I said the same thing Richard. lol And it's Dragonglass or Obsidian. lol

Vikings - Good point on Siggy..and glad I didn't mess up the history to much! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me straight on the dragon glass

That was sick, what Joffrey did to Roz. Great wall scenes with Jon and Ygritte. Ygritte's got the right idea with Jon. I'm thinking they're scaling the wall to get an advantage when they attack the castle. Some really great views and comparisons of the lands on either side.

The scene with Tywin and Olenna was great!

I think this ep really tried to bring the sun god forward as legitimate with the resurrections. Great stuff with Gendry/Melissandre. Makes me wonder if she wants him to age(he must have the right blood)--lol. I can't help but wondering about the sun god and targaryeans as they relate to fire-lol.

I'm still not getting the investment in time for Theon torture. I just didn't see him as being that important. And related to that--I totally agree, we were robbed of the Tyrion discussion with Sansa/Shae. He tried to tell Shae that this might hurt. I think she got that part.

So, it looks like Jaime and Brieene are going to be split up. Loved that she helped him with cutting up his dinner. Strange to see her in a dress--lol. Maybe Cersei will see Jaime soon, will be interesting. Good scene where Tyrion and Cersei both recognize they need him.

I took the 3 colors of eyes re Arya as the 3 deaths she was given by Joqen. But of course there is one yet to come--at least that's how I remember it. So, Melissandra IMO was seeing past and future, again showing her powers I guess. Interesting that she sees her as dark.

Great ep.

Revolution--I am writing this while watching REvolution. Had to turn it off, just couldn't stomach the Charlie stuff--not because of her acting. But I feel like the writers can't make up their minds what to do with her. Now all of a sudden after eps where she's turning into a killer, she has a problem with the hostage!!! It feels like there's not much of a rudder which leads to meandering on many character fronts. Maybe Mike's comments will make more sense.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I severely missed Vikings this weekend. I may have to resort to reading more--lol. Saw the Thor trailer prior to Ironman 3, so that helped-lol.

GoT--forgot to mention that I met 2 people who watch and say they love the show. I asked them what they think about Jon Snow parentage(the question that GRRM uses)--they looked at me like I was nuts--lol. I guess I'm now almost a GoT geek. Makes me glad that Mike does this blog.


Anonymous said...

GoT--on Olenna comment about Cersei/Jaime. It's interesting that Targaryeans marrying one another was accepted and they were the rulers for so long yet the practice is looked down upon.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones:

Richard, you're thinking about why they're scaling the wall. You don't know!?! Sometimes your book knowledge confuses me! lol Unless you're pulling a James Hibberd (EW recapper) and just pretending not to know. :-) But, I agree the effects at the top of the wall were pretty impressive.

So by Son God I'm assuming you're referring to the Lord of Light. Yeah, it's tough not to put some money on the Lord of Light seeing some of the things that have happened when praying to him. Smoke babies, seeing things in fires, resurrecting people. Of course, then there is the Faceless Man stuff...with Jaquen's ability to change his facial appearance. But, since we haven't explored that too much yet on the show, I don't want to say too much!

Theon stuff - well, I believe that the producers fell in love with Alfie Allen (The actor) and wanted to keep him on the show. Obviously, he does play a factor later on. If you cut a series regular from a couple seasons, they still need to work. He could get picked up by another show in the meantime and not be able to come back. I think the torture scenes are VERY relevant to the show considering what happens when we find him in book 5. It may make absolutely no sense to a non-reader right now, but it will once they reveal what is going on. The fact that skin was pealed off of one of his fingers could possibly clue in a non-reader if they've been paying attention to minor lines of dialogues in previous seasons. But, I doubt that's the case! lol

There was more to the Brienne dress stuff in the books. I think it was the only dress around and it didn't fit right or something. Can't really remember. But yes, definitely strange! Maybe he'll get to King's Landing soon. Maybe. :) lol

I see a little different meaning in the eyes for Arya. But, it is related to Jaquen. I don't want to say much in the non-book stuff discussion. But, there definitely is a darkness in Arya.

Yeah...that Jon Snow parentage question doesn't really work well on TV Viewers, unless book readers have shared the theories with them. lol There just hasn't been enough history shared on the show to provide that insight. But, when reading the book it's a lot easier to come up with that guess. Glad you're enjoying our discussions here. Me too!

I actually thought the same thing about the disgust with incest....since the Targaryans did that for years. But, I'm not sure that was really accepted. It is, Cersei's justification for what she's doing though.

Revolution - Recap is up...I didn't focus too much on Charlie...but I think her character has been the same since the hiatus. Less whiny, more attempted bad assery. But, she still has the hint of a conscience. lol

I saw Iron Man 3 this wknd too. Good stuff! And I also saw the Thor trailer and VIKINGS did come to mind for me too. lol

MJ said...

Once - either I don't remember my Peter Pan or they have changed that all up. When you go to Neverland yo can't leave? But they only wanted a boy so they brought her back? Yikes ! They made this shadow so scary that to then have Wendy be excited for his visits actually makes no sense to me. But wow - Tamara and Owen have a home office and have wiped magic off our world before? They really need to stop telling us how Emma can tell when someone is lying - cause she cant ! Any guesses where Bae had been vortexed to now? I don't have any. But why would they have taken the cuff off that stops the Evil Queen from using magic ? Really ? And Rumple - he wanted Belle to make him believe he could be good again, cause he wants to be good for his son and grandson, so when Belle became a bad/trashy Lacey and liked him evil he now suddenly doesn't want to be there for his son and grandson ? I'm not enjoying this season as much as last - maybe cause it seems like its the same thing over an over. I know it's the nature of they show that good will eventually triumph but that is what is kinda getting dull. Regina and Rump both keep trying to redeem themselves - and failing. Snow keeps giving them more chances. they keep adding new characters but we still end up in the same story at the end.

HIMYM - I wanted to crawl into that tv and smack Robin Sherbatsky ! Ted of all people is finally being the logical one and saying not everything is a sign - Ted said that!! Then Robin has to suck him back into thinking that maybe they should be together. I know we discussed a couple of weeks ago if Ted would try to convince himself yet again that he loves Robin still - but I didn't think it would be Robin who started it ! Damn her ! Laser tag stuff was cute, the triangle was fun to mention again but two grown people who have a kid can't decide what to take to Italy? Really? Fanny pack was fun too. I only hope they are not going to do something lame - like her dad or Barney has the necklace. No way Barney could know, and not fitting with the father really. My question is - why does Robin never call Lilly when she needs something ?

no revolution yet - will prob watch tonight

Anonymous said...

You're right, lord of light.

Oh yea, I get Arya's dark side totally. I'm wondering if the exchange between Arya/Melissandra was to make Melissandra more important too. I forgot to mention that the Bran journey North seems to be taking a long time vs the distances others are traveling in the same time frame. Maybe that's something that doesn't translate well, or I'm just missing something.

There are some things in the TV show that when I see it, I understand the relevance and importance. So, I then think about how those who haven't checked into the books might be missing key points. I forget some of the things in the books too. But there are so many little gems in the show that non book readers would have a hard time understanding how things fit together, etc.


Anonymous said...

GoT--I just can't keep from thinking about this today--lol. Aren't the only NON incest Targaryeans(T bloodline) living today, born out of wedlock and/or have another last name and may not realize it? Maybe this should be a book stuff discussion?


Mike V. said...

ONCE - I actually just got Peter Pan on blu-ray for my son so I've been brushing up on my knowledge. A lot of the scenery was very familiar to me in Bae's flashback. But, no...I think we're getting ONCE's twist on Neverland. The shadow definitely was creepy! We know in this show Magic always comes with a I guess that applies in Neverland too. The Tamara/Owen stuff definitely was heating up this week! And very interesting that there was something that happened before Storybrooke. Makes sense...since we know Bae was there before too...and he was brought to Neverland. Funny on Emma not being able to tell when someone is lying. lol I'll just assume that Bae has been transported to Tatooine since Disney owns Star Wars now. lol He'll get picked up by the millenium falcon and be back in no time! :-) Actually, I really just assumed he went back to Neverland. I know you don't age there...but maybe you can heal there too!?

I'm going to skip a few of your comments and just say that I agree. lol This season has definitely been a bit bizarre. I'll be interested to see how they flip things for season 3 to make it more (or less) interesting!

HIMYM - Yeah...I guess that was the one twist in the Robin/Ted saga that hasn't happened yet. Robin falling for Ted. I mean...I know we keep going back to this story...but in the scheme of things it does make a little sense. Ted started the story for when he met Aunt Robin for a reason. There's a lot of history I guess we can justify it. I just hope that it doesn't feel rushed when he's all of a sudden in love with the MOTHER and he still had some kind of thing going on with Robin right up to that. next week is the finale I think. I'll be on my way home. I'll be making it a priority to watch that over anything when I get home that night. I have to know if we meet the mother this year!! lol

As for the Marshall/Lily stuff...yeah it was kind of silly...but still funny. And I agree bringing the triangle back was great. And definitely weird that Robin never called Lily.

Revolution - Enjoy. I do like the show, but I'm feeling like recapping it is a waste! I'll finish up this season (except next week...and maybe Memorial Day), but I don't know about next year! Feels like we could say all we need to say about that one in our weekly posts. lol

Richard...I'll get to your GoT comments next!

Mike V. said...


In the book we know that Bran and crew are not taking "The King's Road"....they're trying to remain out of sight. The whole realm things they're dead and they need to keep things that way. So...I think it's fine.

Chronologically...this is how long it took them in the books too. Same with Jamie and still takes a long time to get to King's Landing, but it's much longer if you're staying off the main road.

Mellisandre - yeah...I think they definitely want to build up her role more. In the book there was another priestess that the Brotherhood I think this encounter kind replaced that too.

I totally get that...there seems to be a lot of gaps if TV viewers are reading without book knowledge. But, I think there's usually enough there for them to make the connections they need to. But, when we get into the history of Westeros and how that may tie into some current plots...I don't think the show has been able to reflect that.

BOOK STUFF: (maybe lol)

The bloodline stuff....hmm not sure. AT VI (Which we're not sure if he really is one or just claims to be one) and JS are the only ones I would think fall into that. Maybe TL (but probably not) Dany, Viserys and Rhaeagar were born from Aerys and his wife. Don't know if his wife was his sister too though. lol

I hear you on not being able to stop thinking about it. I'm usually pondering it too and listening to podcasts about it to and from work. lol

MJ said...

LOl on tatooine.

HIMYM - agree - don't want the Mother part rushed and since Robin is thinking she might be marrying the wrong guy a week before the finale - I'm not having a good feeling.

Gof T - I think you guys are forgetting to mark your book stuff Spoilerish sometimes. I saw something about incest Targeryn blood and quickly looked away ;-D Strangely - I mentioned to someone who has read the books that you (Mike) had said Ros wasn't in the books but he thought she was - just that her personality was different. That's all he would say so as to not spoil for me. He also said what you had, the change with using Gendry instead of another bastard.

Anonymous said...

If you don't recap Revolution, I vote for GoT. I wonder what others think? Of course, it's your time. I don't think GoT has as many eps/season??

It's kind of funny, but if you didn't recap REvolution, I probably wouldn't watch it at this point. I gave it a try, but have already discussed some of it's many weaknesses. Honestly, to me Continuum was better. Mandmen is good too and currently running.


Mike V. said...

MJ - I just assumed you knew that when we said "Book stuff" that it would possibly be spoilery! lol Sorry! :-) But as for Targaryan's and incest...that's a well known fact. Cersei says so in season 1 when defending why she and Jaime did what they did. But at least I used abbreviations for certain characters I might be talking about :-)

Ros definitely is not in the books, so I'm not sure who you're friend is thinking of! lol She has taken the place of certain characters in the book for certain scenes (i.e. when Cersei thought she captured Tyrion's whore)...but there definitely was not a character who worked her way up from the brothels of Winterfell to become Littlefinger and Varys' spy. lol

@Richard - My problem with recapping Game of Thrones is that I know too much. I think what I do is sufficient for the show...and we still discuss it. Though I had entertained having separate discussion threads for Game of Thrones from the other shows. lol I do watch Mad Men as well...but that show is almost over...and people who recap that look into the many layers of the show which I just don't have the time or patience for! lol That said, I still haven't watched this week's.

Also...not sure if I'm looking to pick up new shows to recap. It's a time consuming process...and my life has gotten a lot busier! But, we'll see what happens. :-)

mj said...

He def might be confusing Roz and someone else. I don't know what I was trying to not read but that comment did not say book stuff. Maybe I'm wrong and not spoilery.

Agree Richard - Continuum was better, and will be back soon!

You're le-ife def more complicated as Parker gets older. Whatever you decide to do will be fine. Just our discussions are fun too.

Anyone a True Blood watcher? I saw a trailer the other day that made me realize how much i've forgotten!

Mike V. said...

MJ - Funnily enough, at the end of Richard's comment about incest he mentioned "maybe this should be a book discussion" lol But you didn't read that you're good!

I'm still a True Blood watcher...but I haven't seen the trailer yet. (i don't think) Can't believe we're going to have TB AND Dexter's final season this summer..and in August the final 8 of Breaking Bad! No rest for the weary! lol

Thanks MJ on understanding my situation. lol I'm sure I'll figure out something. I powered through the end of Fringe giving that the full recap treatment with pictures and all. And I saw that as the end of an era for my blogging. Everything I've done since have been more rush jobs. Game of Thrones has been the show that I've been most passionate about since LOST and that i feel I have the most information to discuss....but's a fine line of what is safe to discuss for a TV audience vs. a TV/Book audience. But, I feel we do it justice in these comments here.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Forgot to say that I thought the locket may not have been in the case Robin dug up because maybe Barney already got it for her. Seems like a way they could twist that litle cliffhanger back in Barney's favor. I dunno...we already know Barney will be climbing out the window at his own wedding so who knows what's gonna happen?

I still think they may flashforward next season...maybe to after Marshall and Lily get back from Italy. But I really have that hunch that this season will end with us meeting the mother (maybe not Ted officially meeting her). But, naturally, it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't meet her either! lol I haven't seen any major casting news events coming out. Of course, maybe they have a lot of confidentiality agreements to keep it under wraps since it's such a big reveal!

Anonymous said...

GoT-so should we consider backstory areas as book stuff? I was thinking that backstories aren't really spoilery but add to the current story?


Mike V. said...

@Richard - It really depends. We don't know how much backstory they're going to get into in the show. I really feel like some of the history revealed in season 3 had big indications for one of the greatest mysteries (and possibly most easily guessed if correct) of the series. (i.e. Who is Jon Snow's mother? And possibly more. lol)

I have discussed this stuff previously in the comments here in a "read if you dare" type way. lol

GRRM is also in talks to bring a Prequel Series to HBO....that could cover a lot of the backstory stuff as well. Difficult to tell.

Then you have Jaime Lannister revealing a big part of his character through his perspective of the Sack of King's Landing. So, if that little bit of history was revealed would've kind of been spoilerish. But the fact that King's Landing was sacked as part of Robert's rebellion...that just seems to be common knowledge at this point...and explaining some of the history expressed in the book is nice to clarify the situation.

I like to bring up all of the motivations of Robert's war because I think it helps tie things together. There is one event that was a central focus point in the book's history that still hasn't been mentioned in the books...and that's the Tournament at Harrenhal. Jojen Reed talks about this to Bran in their journey's north...and he had heard the stories from his father Howland Reed. I think other people discussed the tournament from different perspectives as well.

You know...if they're going to keep showing these not too value added scenes between Bran and his crew...they could tell some of those stories! Not sure how well it would be received on screen though.

As always, it's just a fine line you have to walk with how much you reveal! I think we know what the key plot points are that should absolutely not be spoiled. We've been pretty good at not mentioning them. But damn...when they happen...I think the internet is going to breathe a collective sigh of relief! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--One key area is Melissandra's adventures if you will. With the backstories I think it adds a lot to what's going on with her and possibly Stannis. Certainly brings huge interest with the Bran/Reed storyline. Even the TV series asks the question of who Jon's mother is.

Totally agree the Tournament at Harrenhall is absolutely a big determinant of why we are where we are. And even if they showed it and pulled a scene like where they just did with Tyrion/Sansa it would still add a lot, maybe more questions(ie JS).

Forgot to mention that the scene with Varys and Littlefinger I thought added to what's going on. Not even 200swords--he's really been counting--lol. Also great to understand their motivation. I thought Varys was going to show is hand for a while.

My daughter referred to GoT as that show where a lot of the key characters get killed off every season--lol.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Well, the TV Show asked ONCE who Jon's mother is. I would bet that half of the TV audience has probably forgotten about it. Considering a scene later Ned Stark talks about the bastard's mother being Wyola when he and Robert were talking about the good ole days. (i think that was the name) The only thing that is consistent is that Jon Snow keeps getting referred to as Bastard.

Yeah the Varys and Littlefinger scenes are always good at providing some backstory.

Funny with your daughter! lol Not too far off from the truth! :)

Mike V. said...

Finally watched Mad Men - Saw that merger coming from a mile away once what's his face entered the bar. But, still very interesting. Not sure the repercussions for the rest of SDCP. Loved Don telling off the Jaguar dude, despite Joan getting upset about it. Pete going from on top of the world to the dumps within minutes. (Though I did think his father-in-law didn't have a right to get so angry with him as he was in the same boat) The Roger stuff was great this ep too. Oh and Jaguar guy's wife was hysterical at the dinner. lol

Looks like Peggy may be getting interested in her boss too. But, we saw that coming as well. Can't stop picturing him as one of the gay neighbors on Desperate Housewives though. lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Almost forgot about it and to me 10 is too late. But it was a good ep and FINALLY we seem to have movement on the Juliette front. Funny where she was asking Monroe if Nick is basically dealing with what she had gone through(an interesting plotline to have them each kind of walk in each other's shoes). So it looks like we're going to have a core group for next season. I'm wondering if the sergeant will get brought into the loop?

What a great wessen(or maise--not sure of exact word/spel) and that girl was cold--"I can't help it if they like me"/"you must kill him for me to be with you". Really. Anyway she's likely to end up on the other side. BTW,why does the other side have all the hot girls--lol.

Madmen wasn't in OnDemand last night, maybe tonight. I did check out Defiance though.


Mike V. said...

Yeah I forgot about Grimm too. I have an app on my phone that reminds me when a show I watch is starting. Lol So then I remembered and watched! Good ep. Agree with everything you said. Finally Juliette remembers!! And still enough time in the season for her to learn a little more. I think it would be comical if they leave the Sargent out of the loop for now. It might get more difficult to have plots like that but I, sure it's doable. Reminds me of smallville when Clark kept finding new and exciting ways to keep his secret from Lex, Lana, Chloe, etc... They kept that going much longer than I thought they could! Lol

Leslie said...

Richard – Every TV addict needs a DVR! I couldn’t be an efficient TV addict without mine! :)

Mad Men – Looks like Peggy will be working for Don again! I think this merger will affect her the most, but it should be a great storyline, especially now that she is fantasizing about her boss.

I loved Don telling the Jaguar guy off, too! He had it coming for sure. But, I felt bad for Joan. Great acting there. The look on her face and tone in her voice said it all. I thought it was weird that Pete, Burt and Joan were the only ones in the meeting about going public. Don't think that’s very realistic. Certainly a double standard from his father-in-law, but Pete was cheating on his princess! Couldn’t help but laugh when Pete fell on the stairs when he was coming down to yell at Don.

ONCE – I assumed Bae was transported back to Neverland. I think we'll see him again. Agree, that shadow was creepy! It’s also been awhile since I saw Peter Pan, but isn’t Neverland the home of the Lost Boys? Is that why Wendy was sent back? And, I wonder who the home office is that wants to get rid of the magic?

Bates – I’m also enjoying this one. I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet. The fact that it’s a prequel doesn’t spoil anything. Norma is one crazy wack job! No wonder Norman is so weird! It’s been awhile since I saw Psycho, but don’t I remember him having stuffed animals at the motel office? I thought of that when he started feeding the dog.

Haven’t watched Revenge yet, and now I’m 2 episodes behind on Revolution.

MJ said...

Revenge - don't know if you have watched sunday's ep yet Leslie - but the snark was in full swing in this one. Best ep in a long time. Even Daniel was in on it - all of them pretty much directed at Victoria. Victoria - I don't make mistakes twice, Daniel - except bastard children. Zing! Cannot believe they killed Takeda ! Does this mean we will never know what he was really after with the Greysons? I got confused about the news airing the Govs wife saying he was ill - did the wife go public with that intentionally or did Victoria tape it and leak it ? And moving to Paris - how does this help Emily get revenge on the Greysons? Fun to watch Emily rub it in that Victoria was in David Clark's house and sitting on his swing. Charlotte being preggers was no surprise - saw that coming. Did we know that Aiden's dad was the baggage guy who put the bomb on the plane? I didn't remember that. Have to admit - got confused with Falcon this time. She says that Bastard son was paid off years ago so Victoria is playing him when she asked him to find the kid? Huh? And why would Emily not want their money taken ?

Mike - you should catch up to Scandal this summer !

HIMYM - they prob will have it that Barney has the locket - and I think that's lame. There is no way he could know it was there.

Grimm - it's like they're the new Scooby Gang now. LOL

Bates - don't want to say anything cause not real sure where you are but hope you are paying attention to Normans behaviors

Mike V. said...

I think you've mentioned Scandal 10 or 15 times. :-) lol You're not the only one. We'll see if we can fit it in! Lots of catchup from THIS season to do so we'll see!

Out of town so I'm gonna be brief for now!

I think I'm 4 or 5 episodes into Bates.

Mike V. said...

Saw the rumors brewing about this yesterday when touch got cancelled. More details emerging on a 24 return!

I guess this would probably replace the movie idea (maybe). Would be interesting how they'd approach real time with 13 episodes. Guess we'll see! If they do it right I could see this being a successful return. I miss Jack!

Anonymous said...

Madmen--WOW what an ep. I loved so much of it. Joanne telling off Don was great! Pete--what can I say, so much happening--deserved and not. Roger looking good again. Peggy with all kinds of stuff happening. At least Don knows to let her have her freedom and respect. And he's enjoying his wife again.

I wonder who's going to Detroit to open the new office? Pete's probably ready to leave--lol, but just don't know if he could handle it and you've got to have some creative/copy types for sure.