Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 16 - The Love Boat

Welcome back to the Revolution!  Another decent episode in the books.   Basically the episode could be summed up as Neville works with the Heroes, and Rachel/Aaron keep heading out West but there are conflicts!  Then, of course subplots for Monroe and at the Tower.  Let's highlight some of the important stuff.

  • Miles has been conflicted with his new General role in the Georgia Federation.  He is already turning back into the brutal guy that he used to be in the militia.  So, adding Tom Neville to the mix didn't help matters.  They were tasked with recruiting some scientist dude that is currently held captive for the militia.  They hatched some crazy scheme to get him and then kidnapped his family from the Militia.  So really, nothing changed for the scientist dude except who had him captured.  
  • Naturally, Charlie and Norah did not stand for this.  They thought Miles had changed.  Miles went into the whole "this is who I am" type speech.  But, by the end of the episode had a change of heart.  (This obviously is supposed to continue to tell us that Charlie is a good influence on Miles.  Maybe Norah too.)   While getting caught in gunfire with the Militia.  Charlie, Norah and Miles took the boat with Scientist dude and his family and snuck away.  Mr. Neville was NOT happy. 
  • There was a whole scene during this encounter where Tom was going to kill the scientist so the militia couldn't get him back, and Charlie had her gun on Tom.  Tom, once again, was not happy. 
  • Neville and his son did not make up even though they were working for the same side too.  Tom tried to let bygones be bygones but Jason wasn't up for it.  Neville also made reference to Monroe getting a little crazy and he was happy to be working with people who knew what they were doing.  But, that was before he was NOT happy (did I mention that?)
  • Anyway, by the end of the episode Miles put Neville in his place.  He mentioned that he kept winning for Georgia, so the more he wins the less President Foster will need to keep him in line with people like Tom Neville.  So, in other words, he stated that Tom is expendable.  
  • Miles reward for all of his noble efforts?  Some sexy time with Norah.  I guess she was really happy that he saved that family!  Miles certainly is juggling the baggage of several women right now, even one that just died last week! 
  • Out West, Rachel and Aaron are starving and begging for food.  But, it's winter and no one is sharing.  They ended up stealing from some dude and he caught them.  The penalty for ANY violations out in this realm is death.  So he asked them to get on their knees and brace for their end.  Of course, this was the opportune time for Rachel to unveil her present from Miles.  She shot the guy dead and then they fled from 2 guys on horses that heard the shots.  (Sheriffs??) 
  • They ran and ran and Rachel tripped and broke her leg. OUCH!  Looked very similar to when John Locke fell down the well in season 5 (do I even need to mention the show I'm talking about?).  Aaron showed his stubbornness as a friend and as someone willing to go the distance for this cause.  He refused to leave Rachel to die.  He reset the leg and made a splint.  And then they prepared for the arrival of the guys on horses.  They did the ole' It's only me in this van, Aaron left me trick.   Once they were in the van, Aaron came out from behind and stabbed the one guy.  Rachel took care of the other one.  
  • Rachel also started sharing how Aaron needs to make it to the tower.  The book that they retrieved a couple episodes ago contained a picture of a young Google-working Aaron.  Apparently, he was researched back then.  Maybe he was even indirectly involved in technology that caused the blackout.  But, in any case, we just learned that Aaron is important.  And, maybe this is why Rachel didn't want to discuss the book with him last week.  
  • Meanwhile, Monroe is licking his wounds back at home base.  Randall is getting a little annoyed at is idiocy.  And Monroe decided to yell at Randall and call him his IT guy.  I don't recall them getting too much into the fact that Monroe has a son yet.  But, I'm sure it will be coming. 
  • And, in the tower, a noise was heard in the lower levels.  Grace and her watch dog are concerned.  He cuffed Grace to the computer and decided to go down and check it out.  Struggle was heard.  And then the elevator started rising.  Blood was everywhere, the door was opening and.....

Who is on that Elevator!? Well, I think everyone we know is accounted for so who on Earth knows?  My guess is that it's not someone on the side of our heroes.  But, I guess we'll find out next week! 

That's all I have for now.  Next week I'll be travelling on Monday, so there's a good chance that I won't be able to see the episode that night.  We can probably just cover that week's Revolution in our weekly TV post.  I'm sure it will be sufficient!  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

I thought this was a good ep - god tension between Neville and his son. Was sure they were lying about having his family though. But that broken leg - yikes ! Did not see it coming that Aaron was in the book had to admit.

Mike V. said...

Been busy and out of town all wknd but I saw revolution moving to Wednesdays at 8. That might be better for it! 10 is way too late. Lol

Mike V. said...

Is moving. And in the fall (season 2). Ahh iPhone posting. Gotta love it. Lol