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TV Discussion: Week of 5/19/2013 - 5/25/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  We'll be getting into some pretty intense Game of Thrones discussions.  We have some book readers and some non-book readers.  So, we'll try to precede any book stuff with a "SPOILER WARNING".   See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Amazing episode! The Tyrion/Sansa wedding was perfection in all of its awkward awesomeness. Sam finally "slayed" a white walker, but it was done totally different from the books. He originally did it in the battle at the Fist of The First Men which is how last season ended/this season began. But, I guess they wanted to expand on his story a bit. The thing is, Sam gets himself a nice nickname because some of his night watch brothers witness him doing it. Here, only Gilly sees it. But, I'm sure she'll tell tales of his bravery. The scene was done really well...and it's a nice added touch that he did it to defend Gilly and the unnamed baby.

Arya and Hound scene was great too.

Loved Cersei's coldness to Margery and her explanation of the story behind Rains of Castermere. They've definitely integrated that song well into the show starting last season. There may or may not be a reason for the song's importance! :-)

Joffrey threatening to rape Sansa...I believe that was straight out of the books....him making a fool of Tyrion at the wedding...definitely in the books. Tyrion's drunken rant and threats on the king MAY have been modified from the books...but it was fantastic! He definitely got drunk. lol

Then there's the Dany storyline. We finally meet Daario! In the books he is a rugged guy with a blue beard. Here we have a guy straight off the cover of a romance novel (can't take credit, it was in James Hibberd's EW recap lol) I thought the guy that wanted to take Dany every which way from Sunday (The Titan's bastard) looked more like the Daario type, but he's pretty dead now. lol

I'm sure there's more to discuss but just wanted to type up a few things for now!

Oh yeah, and it sounds like this year they are wisely skipping Memorial Day weekend to air their 9th episode. Last season's 9th episode was Blackwater and aired on Memorial Day wknd. And even though it was their biggest budget episode, the ratings took a hit. Looks like we'll have to wait 2 weeks to see this story continue!

Mike V. said...

OH yeah...just read some comments on EW and reminded me of my favorite line of the night. When Sansa says she will never want to sleep with Tyrion, he says "And so my watch begins" LOL A joke that only works in the 7 Kingdoms! lol

Mike V. said...

And I skipped the whole Gendry/King's Blood stuff....but I figured Richard was going to cover that! :-) lol I thought for a little while Stannis was doing the whole "Bond Villain" move by explaining his entire scheme to Davos so that Davos could foil it later one. But, then the scene continued and we realized that Davos is Stannis's conscience. lol

As mentioned before Gendry is filling in for another character in the books (another of Robert's bastards)....and it's definitely taking a different turn so far, so we'll see where this goes!

Anonymous said...

GoT-jI've got to rewatch since I missed the first part and need to see the leaches in the fire again. I thought I saw a key thing there, but am not certain. Leaches don't just catch fire naturally quickly.

Madmen--At first I didn't like this ep, kind of dark & disjointed, then when Don said car companies "turn this place into a whorehouse", I loved it. That line brought together the ep as it was supposed to and explained some of why there was no Joan. After all, they are making a LOT of money--lol, Ken's storyline was great and funny. Still no office opened up in Detroit, unless it's just Ken. Frank's daughter, what a wild thing-she finally got what she was looking for and the glasses guy was creepy watching her with Stan--another whorehouse ref. Megan really screwed up staying away so late. The whole robbery stuff was creepy. Glad to see Betty more back to normal, gearing up for the campaign. I wonder if it will involve Don's ad agency. And still no name yet.

I watched part of an ep from a couple years ago when they were first getting started and were desperately working on getting Heinz. And now it's gone. So is Vicks and so they need to diversify with Chevy.


Anonymous said...

GoT--OK, so it does appear the leaches caused sparks like small qtys of gun powder might. I suspect it shows that special blood. I don't think Stannis realizes this only that it's royal blood. But Melissandra I think gets it. Great explanation of why Stannis believes. They show has done a lot to show us there's something to the one true god. Great foretelling by Stannis. Melissandra on slaughtering sheep was just cold/crazy, that woman reminds me of Rachel--lol.

Finally, we see what the dragonglass does--should have been earlier as Mike says. But, hard to have the crows at the fist of first men I guess. Loved the tree. Sam forgot the dragonglass.

I agree about the character playing Daario too. Things are getting ready to start moving in Esteros.

Have to comment on the wedding--Joffrey moving the step stool was hilarious and yet sad/mean. Last ep and this ep, Shae not acting like much of a whore or girlfriend, more like a &$^#h. Great scene with the sheets, but it's kind of like instead of being grateful she's spiteful or something. Obvious to all now about Tyrion's ill feelings towards Joffrey. Agree on Tyrions line about his watch. Sansa only 14, I'm glad they put that in there since we don't have a real understanding of the ages of the characters.

Cersei holding her own against the Tyrells and yes loved the Rains of Castemere scene. Wasn't Tyrion talking about all the debt a few eps back--lol. I think Tywin realizes something that Cersei doesn't--lol.

And another wedding to come next ep, can't wait. Arya and Gregor on their way too.


Mike V. said...

Didn't get a chance to wach Mad Men last night, so probably will tonight.

Game of Thrones - Didn't realize the leaches sparked...interesting. I did like the little nod to Mellisandre's tolerance for poison when she opted to drink the wine first before Gendry. Still made the audience nervous. lol There's a couple things that I want to discuss in BOOK STUFF also. Yeah...the show definitely is going out of their way to try and prove that the Lord of Light is the real deal. Whether it's true or not, I can't say! It all could just be magic...which we know exists in this world. Interesting that Stannis saw a great battle in the snow. That could be foreshadowing so many things. lol I would assume the ULTIMATE battle in the snow against the Walkers (yet to happen in the novels)....but it could be something else also. Don't want to say too much.

I don't remember the crows being there when Sam slayed the walker in the book. I thought that was a show addition. Of course, there is significance to the crows and the tree and all of that, but we're not quite there yet in the show! I was yelling at Sam when he left the dragonglass there! lol

You say things are getting ready to start moving in "essos" when most book fans would say exactly the opposite! lol I don't mind Dany's story though...or the knot. I thought it was interesting storytelling.

Yeah, I was surprised they went with Sansa being 14. She was 11 in the books and probably 12 or 13 when she married Tyrion. So, they didn't age her too much for the show. Meanwhile, they did age Dany because she's supposed to be 13 when she basically gets raped by Drogo. lol

***********************BOOK STUFF (SPOILERS!!!!!) ***************************************************************

Okay, so we see the 3 leaches go in the fire. One for Robb, one for Baylon, one for Joffrey (btw..loved that they cut to Joff drinking wine at Tyrion/Sansa's wedding right after his leach went in the fire lol TV Viewers will love that on a rewatch after certain events) This is starting to make me think that the J/M wedding might be episode 10. There's still plenty of stuff from the fallout that could fuel season 10...and that would be a crazy episode to end season 3 with especially immediately after RW. But, we'd need to introduce the Viper before then and I don't think he's been cast yet. But, here's where Mellisandre and Stannis may THINK serving the Lord of Light is causing their enemies to be vanquished when much more is at play. But, all 3 of those people who's names went in the fire....we do know that their time is running short!!

****************************************************************END SPOILER***********************************************************************************************************

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - Anyone see it? I'm ready to discuss!

Anonymous said...

GoT, exactly, no crows at first of first men. So, I am thinking they introduced and made a big deal of those crows for a reason--I'm thinking for next season--lol, just a guess.

I get your take with Dany and it's right on so many levels. But Daario and some of the upcoming events will mark some other significant changes I think for the TV show. I don't think they'll have the TV audience experience the dullness of a knot--lol.

Yea, one of the leaches for Baylon. You're right about magic vs reality on the lord of light stuff. Not everything has turned out as Melissandre says it will. And if you look carefully at the leaches sparking, they shrivel as they would for real. So yes, to me it is more like magic than reality since Davos/Stannis didn't look inside the fire to see what really happened--lol--at least that's my observation.

Definitely thinking there will be a significant cliff hanger in last ep. It would have to be something big to follow the next ep.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Good point on introducing the crows. Still think that might be a couple seasons off though unless they advance a certain storyline quicker.

I agree...I think Dany's story may translate better to screen than it did in the books. I really didn't mind it. But, I guess if I was a fan that has been reading and waiting for years and years I might be more frustrated with her storyline.

******BOOK STUFF*************

Definitely need to end with a cliffhanger. But there are different cliffhangers they can use. I wouldn't be surprised if they move the epilogue of Book 3 to the end of season 3 (instead of season 4).....there's a big moment that happens then that doesn't really matter WHEN it is revealed. It could be argued if it's more impactful this season vs the end of next season. Either way it should definitely be a season finale moment! But, it wouldn't surprise me if it was another wedding either. lol

MJ said...

GofT - lots of pieces moving to get us to the finale. Been feeling that way for 2 weeks now. Did anyone not guess that the Hound was awake when Arya wanted to bludgeon him ? Did margaery really think she could cozy up tp Cersei? LOL Oleana was saying what I said a few weeks ago - but she was funny. The stool removal at the wedding was amusing - and Tywin saving Trion's hide for talking to the king that way was interesting. Hate Joffrey's veiled threat to visit Sansa. Was it me or was this ep overly potty-mouthed ? LOL Those Second Sons guys were a good time - did not see it coming that the one guy (Dario?) killed the other two, or how he did it. Not even sure what Melisandre is up to - but it can't be good since she mentioned Joffrey, Greyjoy and Robb. The thing with the birds was creepy but really Sam? You drop the tool that killed a white walker and run away without taking it with you?

Dexter - tvline has a great trailer. Man Debra is messed up.

HIMYM (from last week) yes it's official - the last season is the weekend of the wedding. Guess it will end at the train station? LOl I'm sure not - they will surprise us. And sure there will be lots of flashbacks and such.

Will catch up to everyones comments when I can - busy today

Anonymous said...

GoT, kind of spoilery book stuff.

Yea, L Stoneheart "rising up" or even some escapades thereafter would be an interesting way to end the season.

The PW would be a heck of a way to start next season. "Everybody loves a wedding". Can't wait for Ds--LOL.

I must confess a lessening of my T-blood theories after the leach scene. They do not require the leach scene to be true, but it would have been awesome to have seen it true.

To me, the first real ice/fire scene was with Sam this ep.

----NON GoT, NON book stuff------

Continuum--starts Friday June 7. I hope I don't forget--lol.


Mike V. said...

GofT - No, I think we all knew the Hound was awake! Lady Ollena was great in this reminded me of you talking about all of the crazy family lines these pairings have caused when she told Loras that he'd be his sister's step-father or whatever it was. LOL Things are definitely moving towards the finale (or the penultimate episode....the Penultimate episode for this show and many other shows usually tends to be where big things happen! lol)....If the show did its job...the relevance of these episodes that led up to the end of the season will be even greater! Yes, the main guy from the Second Sons is Daario. As I mentioned, he looked way different in the books but I guess they're going for an "OMG he's gorgeous" vibe to vie for Dany's affections. lol (but you'll see that when you catch up! :-)) And yes, Sam dropping the blade and running was just silly....of course, when they originally found the dragonglass...they found a whole bunch of maybe someone has those!

Dexter - I heard there was a 3 minute trailer...haven't checked it out yet. But I did watch a scene from the premiere a few weeks back...and Deb totally looked messed up! (Grocery store scene)

HIMYM - cool that it's official. And totally goes along with how I've been seeing them approach this 9th season. I think there can be flashbacks, flashforwards and all sorts of stuff...and they can use Wedding Weekend as a way to chronologically keep us on track. I always just assumed the series finale would be Barney and Robin's wedding and that Ted and the mother would meet. It sounded like they figured that was how they'd end it too (with the mother being revealed then too) until they got the 9th season. That's when they decided to reveal the mother early but not have Ted meet her. So, now we have an opportunity to learn more about the mother before the end. So yes...I think them meeting will be very close to the end. I think there will be a scene with Future Ted and his kids as well...(which has already been filmed years ago). And I also think the FINAL SLAP will be near the very end of the series...if not the final thing that happens. lol I've had a pretty good track record so far, so I'd just count on this as fact. :-) lol j/k

Mike V. said...

*******GOT - BOOK SPOILER STUFF*************

You got it...Stoneheart. lol Although, I don't know if we need to see her rise up or just have her appear like she did in the book....and killing a frey. Though, Arya dreaming about Nymeria getting CS from the river would be a cool thing to see too. But, they usually stay away from the wolf dreams. They did a couple with Bran.

Yeah...I think it's either Stoneheart or PW that will end this season. But, I have just been assuming PW would be next season...early leading to everything that followed after. I wouldn't be surprised if we start getting into book 4/5 stuff next year too. RW is more than halfway through book 3.

I dunno if that's really the first Ice/Fire scene...I know what you're saying...but Dany's Dragons being born, White Walkers showing up in the early moments of the pilot episode, White walkers attacking the rangers, WINTER IS know all of that is related to the overarching story of the show. And possibly Stannis talking about a great battle in the snow. (unless they're talking about when he brings his forces to the wall to take out Mance's army....also season 4 I'm guessing) And of course, there's the pending battle at Winterfell that will open up book 6. (Stannis's blizzard march lol) Anyway...yeah Sams moment is a key moment to know how to fight the walkers!


Leslie said...

Mad Men – This episode was dark and disjointed as Richard said, but it was that way on purpose to mirror what was going on with the characters, and it made the viewers feel all disjointed, or at least I did. I loved Don’s line about the place turning into a whorehouse every time they get a car, but when the episode really fell into place for me was when they revealed (or I figured out) that the whole weekend when everyone thought Don was working on a campaign for Chevy, he was trying to figure out his “pitch” for Sylvia. The flashbacks to Don’s childhood certainly showed more about how really screwed up things were for him and how that has manifested in his adult life. He was molested by the prostitute who cared for him and nursed him back to health, then beaten by his stepmother. When the girl put the stethoscope to Don’s chest and said it’s broken, the look on his face was priceless and that moment was powerful!

The storyline with the “energy” shots and Ken’s song and dance and throwing darts at an apple drawing over Stan's head was hysterical! Then, Stan kissed Peggy and she didn’t seem as surprised as when Ted kissed her.

Then, add Sally reading “Rosemary’s Baby” and the woman coming into the apartment to rob them. I’m glad that Don confessed to Sally that he had left the back door open to let her off the hook. It was also very telling when Sally said she realized she didn’t know much about her dad. A strange, but very interesting episode!

I also caught up on Once, Revolution, Bates, Revenge and BBT!

Revenge – MJ, I was surprised they killed off Declan and that Emily confessed to Jack, too! WOW! Really sick that Conrad used that bombing for his campaign. At least he worked it so the employees were gone. Then, Victoria’s first son shows up. Guess they haven’t actually cast the actor yet.

Anonymous said...

GoT--The timing of the next book I think is key as far as matching up books and TV seasons. I'm sure they have some plan/understanding of when it will all come out but it appears to me anyway, that GRRM doesn't like to be rushed. It looks like now the show is up, up, up so they may try to stretch out the TV seasons?

Let me think, do I really want 12 seasons of GoT?? Yes, because I love it and NO because it will cause the inevitable dragging out of action which could lead to dilution and subsequent boredom.


Anonymous said...

Madmen--yea, the elevator scene was priceless, no words.

I took what was going on with Don/Silvia as somewhat related to the whorehouse. That is, in the last ep he treated her badly and had her kept, much like he was kept in the room as a boy when he was sick. I know, not a perfect parallel, but he treated her like a whore and then the soup made it all better and I think he was trying to see how he could make it all better. Similar to how the soup and soup campaign made him feel better. Just a thought--lol.

Interesting statement about him being molested--I hadn't even considered that as the case but after I read your post, you are ABSOLUTELY correct Leslie. No wonder he's screwed up.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - They don't talk too much about being concerned about GRRM's pace. I know that they have had discussions with GRRM on how the series will inevitably end just in case anything happened to him, but I have to think there is some clause in the contract that if he's alive and kickin, his books must be written before they're adapted. lol I don't know.

I don't think the issue will be with book 6...i think that will be out in time, but maybe not book 7. It's just a matter of writing the thing, which is apparently a very time consuming process. I think he's worked out all of his writer's block issues....he just needs time at his desk to write and needs to be inspired to write. And he definitely is a busy man with all of his other projects.

But, I actually just read an article where a producer said they will probably do 7 seasons of Game of I don't know what that means about these later books being adapted. Surely, lots of books 4 and 5 can be condensed or weeded out....but books 6 and 7 still need to exist! lol

Such a strange predicament to be in. It's almost a question of why they started this franchise before the books were finished.

I know Beniof and Weiss said they would keep making the show as long as GRRM kept writing. So, I don't know who this random producer is that said 7 seasons. lol

Leslie said...

Mad Men - Richard, not to get too serious, but I think most people wouldn't think of that scene as Don being molested because there is that double-standard thing when it's a boy. But, Don's whole outlook toward women stems from his messed up view from the "role models" he had as a boy. Part of him wants to be in love and have all the romance, but there's that dark side to him where women are simply objects there to meet his needs. I think you're right that his time with Sylvia has really portrayed that well. He is such a flawed character, for good reason.

MJ said...

GofT - song? What song? Crap - I wasn't paying attention/retaining stuff about songs ! Damn them. I understand why they would hold off next week - but it bums me. Almost had some equal nudity time with Gendry - but not ! What I don't get about that whole thing with the slugs - how did that show powerful magic or powerful gods? Taking a slug full of blood and throwing it on a fire and then it pops is not magical nor does it prove anything. I didn't see special sparks or anything. Agree with Richard about good that Sansa's age was mentioned. We tend to think of her as a little stupid - but she's really just young and naive. Crow thing was spooky - too many watching of The Birds. You both keep mentioning 'the knot' and I have no idea what that is so I'll assume its a book thing.

Continuum - my DVR still has it as a series so I won't miss it. Will re-watch the finale again too.

HIMYM - producers have already confirmed they know they have some stuff to close out - and mentioned slaps specifically.

Revenge - yeah I was horrified that Conrad was behind that. Crap - I can't remember but I think they said what Takeda's secret was - oh yeah - his fiance or something was on the plane. Thought it would be bigger than that.

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - What a crazy episode. You guys pretty much covered the inner workings of the episode and what everything symbolized. I will say that I too thought the flashbacks were there to show exactly WHY Don is as messed up as he is. It was nice that they slowly built to this flashback heavy episode with just little hints of it in previous episodes. When we first saw them we didn't see how they tied in....and of course, now we see. But, yeah, I did pick up that Joan wasn't in the episode also...and Don's line at the end pulled her right back into it. Anyway, it was definitely a crazy episode...hysterical at times as you guys noted. But, enjoyable. Just when I think this show has lost its ability to surprise/entertain's been on quite a tear the past few weeks.

Bates Motel - Finished the season this morning. Nothing too shocking. I figured we'd see more about the Sheriff/Nestor Carbonell/Richard Alpert in the finale. He cleaned up the mess....and pretty much implied who runs the town. Definitely still a shady dude! I had a feeling Norman was going to kill the teacher instead of getting it on with her. lol They hinted at that all season (the getting on) so it would seem too obvious for that to happen! Then once he started seeing images of his mom again, we knew he was going to do something nuts! Another mystery for the town to be consumed with next season. I did enjoy the show though and am glad I started watching it! Carlton and crew did a great job!

Mike V. said...

GofT - song = "Rains of Castermere"'s a Lannister song. First time we heard it on the show was in Blackwater last season. Bronn was singing it in the bar. The Brotherhood without Banners were jokingly singing it when we first met them this season. Apparently, they played an orchestral version of the end credits last week too. Now we heard it in this episode and Cersei talked about the backstory for the song. The main thing to know is that when you hear's a Lannister song.

My guess is that the intent of the slugs is that they expect it to be some type of VooDoo doll effect on the named people. This did not happen in the book. I didn't notice any sparks or anything either...and don't know what that really means. And it will be interesting to see if anything happens or doesn't happen to the named people to see how Mellisandre and crew react. In the book, Mellisandre wanted to sacrifice Edric Snow (another of Robert's Bastards) to please the Lord of Light....but Davos thwarted it. In this story, Gendry takes that place....but instead Stannis tells Davos his plan so that Davos can help change his mind. So, instead of sacrificing Gendry, they do this slug thing to get his blood. Maybe they're still planning to go through the sacrifice story. And if that's the case, I apologize for maybe spoiling! lol

The Knot is the Meereneese Knot. It was a big issue GRRM had with writing books 4 and 5. Tyrion actually referred to one of the whores being one of the few people in Westeros that has perfected the Meerenese Knot. It was a nod to that term to the book fans. It has to do with one of the character's storylines...and how he couldn't figure out how to get them where they need to be in the scheme of things. A lot of other character's plots are impacted by this character's plot...and it turned into a 10 year writer's cramp of a nightmare...which caused the delays of books 4 and 5. We think he's through it now and just needs to finish writing the final 2 books.

HIMYM - Oh yeah...I had no doubt that they'd close any loose ends up. They have to have a list or bible or something that they tick and tie. They've always been good about tying things up introduced in earlier seasons. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

GoT--I may be making more of it then I should, but you may want to rewatch the slug scene and listen to what Melissandra tells Davos/Stannis beforehand. They definitely cause a spark when each is thrown in seperately. In the real world that wouldn't happen. She's trying to make the case for Gendry's special blood because Stannis/Davos doubted her. This was her way of proving she's special and Gendry's blood is special. I think she's using some sort of magic vs it really being a lord of light thing.


Anonymous said...

GoT--again on the slugs. The most important take away for me on this scene was that Melissandre may not be the instrument of the lord of light she claims. In the last several eps we've seen a guy resurrected from the dead which is proof that the lord of light is true--at least that's how I take it. Melissandre was not involved in that. Thinking back on it, I think she was a little surprised by it-can't recall for sure---lol memory fade.

So for me the bottom line(at this point) is that the lord of light has some reality but Melissandre is not a true priestess as she claims. So it makes me ask the question of why is she doing all that she is doing and for whom.


Anonymous said...

GoT--OK, I know I'm OCD now--lol. Melissandre could also believe that she is a priestess or wants very badly to be one. I want to say there was another event involving a flaming sword at the beach where Davos seemed right in questioning her.

On the other hand the lord of light may have priests/priestesses that need help from magic?

I think what she believes Stannis to be is critical to the main story. So deserves some pondering, imho.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Interesting points on Mellisandre vs. Thoros of Myr and their relationship with the Lord of Light. You could be right...but it's more than the book ever tried to show.

****BOOK STUFF (mild spoilers)****

Of course, Mellisandre does eventually realize that she read the fires wrong and changes her trajectory towards someone else. So, maybe the show is just enhancing how in the wrong she is right now and eventually she will start, pun clearly intended, "seeing the light" LOL

Anonymous said...

GoT--book stuff

Yea, AA being foretold and who that might be seems to have been put into the TV show some. With Melisandre referencing the lord of light and Stannis as the chosen one--at least that's what I think she has said. AA was present the last time the white walkers were a threat and so his return makes sense from "legend". We know she identifies someone else later--JS, but will that be another false deal.

For some reason I think the next book will bring a lot more to bear about her, the lord of light and the true next AA. Trying to understand her legitimacy now is fun in speculating about the future.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Book Stuff

Good point...she may be wrong again and maybe the writers have advanced knowledge of that. But, I just can't imagine JS not playing a big role in the series' end game. Of course, GRRM has surprised us in the past in who we think are main players for the long haul and they end up not being that. But, I agree, it's fun to speculate. Hopefully, the next book will shed light on a lot of things, but I'm sure many of the major mysteries/prophecies will be finally revealed in the final book. I just wish we were close to a release date! And I don't think we are. lol

Mike V. said...

Bates Motel - Totally didn't catch that Norman's teacher was the one that Bradley's Dad was having an affair with. Apparently, she was wearing a "B" necklace in that final scene. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing first part of 2015 for Winds of Winter. Have you read the released chapters?


Mike V. said...

That sounds about right for Winds of Winter. Of course, GRRM has never met a deadline that he could meet! lol

I actually have not read the released chapters. I've thought about it and then just haven't gotten around to it. I think I'd prefer just to read it all when it's released. He sometimes edits what are in those released chapters so it's almost like reading unfinished work!

Anonymous said...

Grimm--good ep. Loved the switch involving Adalind, did NOT see that coming--great writing. Will she get her powers back, probably for next season. She's going to be trouble again. I will have to watch again since I was so tired. Wow, Nick is being taken away. Now we know why they were building up so many to come help him. Will the sergeant who was bitten have wessen problems somehow and get pulled into the group? Loved the interaction between the royals. So many things going on there.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - I hear you on being tired. I barely made it to the end of the episode but I did! Good episode. Juliette stuff finally behind us. And she's in on the group. I thought similar things with the Seargent being bitten. We'll see. Though, I just assumed after that whole ordeal with Adalind and her comment, that her powers WERE back. I think a season without powers is sufficient. lol

And yes, nice cliffhanger with them taking Nick. Obviously the Renard's brother has taken great interest in him. So, it'll be interesting to see where that goes next year. I was surprised that Nick's mother didn't resurface for the finale. So, I wonder when they'll pull her back in. All in all a great 2nd season!

TVD - MJ, not sure if you're still watching this but my wife and I are finally catching up on it now that the TV season is basically over. We watched 2 last night, 16 to go. lol I guess we'll do Revenge or Nashville next. Then time permitting, Scandal...but we'll have to wait until season 2 is available on Netflix unless we're going to pay for it all. lol

Anonymous said...

You could be right on Adalind. We know that Nick will have to go through all the stages before he can get the antidote/serum/whatever--lol. So, we'll likely see him in that crazy state over in Europe. Perhaps in Europe his mother will join in.

Wow, the crew were trapped in that car.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Ahhh touche''re right his mother probably will be in Europe..good call!

Game of Thrones - So, my weekly ritual is to listen to every podcast known to man about Game of Thrones after an episode airs. (okay, not true...maybe a choice couple lol) A book reader brought up the good point that the dragonglass Sam used shattered when he used it in the books. I really don't think that was the case in the show though. It looked like it just dropped to the ground and they bolted. lol I'll have to rewatch.

Anonymous said...

GoT--the dragon glass was in the back of the wright when the wright came apart and so the dragon glass hit the ground and did not appear broken. No close up available to be for sure.

BOOK STUFF--------
I don't think the Viper will make it this season, but maybe the PW could get started and we could see T with wine on his head. In a way the PW has so much going on that there could be some good cliff hangers there.


MJ said...

Grimm - I love their finales' notes at the end. Last year it was 'sorry', this year it was something like 'come on - you knew we would'. What a great ep. My husband has coined a new phrase - instead of bumping uglies now it's bumping vulgas LOL. When Wu got bit I thought for sure he was getting sick or something. Juliette being in on the whole thing was just funny. But how creepy was that whole thing with the witch doppelganging Adalind ? Wonder what Renard is going to do with/to his brother once he finds out he took the Grimm. thought the B was for Blue Fairy. j/k !

Bates - knew the blue fairy was gonna die! Just couldn't figure if Norman would do it or Mama Bates finds out she had sex with her son and kills her. Cause we all knew when the teach was 'thanking' him for keeping her phone conversation between them that she was hot for him. Sheriff was funny 'you can come out now Norma'. Found it interesting that Norman was actually driven to kill the teacher by his mom - in his head any way. Just wondering - since we didn't see Norman do it - did he ? We only have Norma's word that he killed the father too.

GofT - slugs still not making sense. It was like she was trying to prove something to Davos (ep descrition even said that she's proving her god it the true god) so doing a voodoo doll like thing with the slug and having it have an affect on someone not present proves nothing to Davos. i did watch it again and besides a sizzle on the grate I saw nothing. But anything that is thrown onto a hot grate that is damp will kinda sizzle. And I do not want to know how anyone in the real world would know that throwing a blood filled slug on a fore with a hot grate will not sizzle. Just saying. Knot - oh yes - I do remember Tyrion mentioning it whent he tool Poodrick to the cathouse - just thought it was an amusing thing to say and not important to remember. Melisandre seemed surprised that he was resurrected 6 times as opposed tio resurrected at all was my take on that. I understand the point you are making about her - but most gods have more than one priest. I agree - dragonglass dropped to ground when whitewalker shattered.

TVD - I gave this show up probably 5 or 6 eps into this season. Same old same old with the originals or whatever they were called. Teen angst got to be too much for me too.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Actually, I think the "SORRY" was at the Mid-Season hiatus. lol It was like "new episodse in March. SORRY!" lol I forget, but there may have been one at the season 1 finale. In either case, I agree, they're hysterical. Nice on the VULGAS lol

Bates - Was that "B" comment for the bates comments? lol I'm guessing yes. And funny! Interesting question on if Norman did it or not. I guess there's always a chance he didn't. But who would've done it?? OOOHHHHH...maybe it was the guy that she had the phone conversation with earlier in the episode. Good point! and good point on Norma's word too.

Game of Thrones - That's what I thought too about the dragonglass. So, guess the show is just making Sam look like more of a fool than he really is in the books. lol As for Davos proof...if anything were to happen, they do have R-Mail (raven) so if something happened to any of these characters...I'm sure they would get word of it.

The Knot is nothing you need to REMEMBER per say. It's just a term that GRRM used frequently to discuss is writing difficulties. It really has nothing to do with the story itself. Except maybe the name of the Knot is related to where the issue took place. :-)

TVD - Probably smart! I'll let you know if it improves. :-) Probably not.

mj said...

Oops - yeah the B was for Bates.

Leslie said...

Bates - watched the finale last night. You guys already covered it, but one thing I laughed at was when Norma showed up for counseling for stress for "normal life stuff". Yeah, if you're CRAZY! Both actors (Norman and Norma) do really well in this. They have the subtle crazy and the all out there kind of crazy! lol Didn't catch the "B" either necklace. Felt bad for Emma at the dance, but she doesn't know she's actually lucky.

Leslie said...

Oops - meant "B" necklace either.

Mike V. said...

Bates - Funny, I actually read it "B Necklace either" the first time around anyway! lol They definitely cast the show very well. Agreed. Not sure if you guys know this, but the actress that plays Norma - Vera Farmiga is actually Taissa Farmiga's older sister. She was the daughter in the 1st season of American Horror Story. Vera actually was in that movie Up in the Air with George Clooney a few years back and was nominated for an Oscar if I'm not mistaken. And agreed, Emma is lucky for Norman not to be interested in her. Well, not yet at least!

Leslie said...

Bates - Yeah, I knew they were sisters. The first time I became aware of Vera was in that movie with George (which was very depressing).

When this show first started, and I knew Norman looked familiar, but couldn't place him. He was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland. He is going for a completely different character type with this role!

mj said...

I`ve seen Vera in many things, great actress. Did not realize about her sister though

Some new shows look decent for this summer - hopefully any way. Bridge, Under Dome are two i am looking at.

Leslie - u gonna watch The Killing? I think i will - i like those characters.

Leslie said...

MJ - Yeah, I plan to check out The Killing. It will be interesting to see if they change the format that each episode was a day. That's the main reason they didn't solve the murder the first season - it was only 13 days.

I'm gonna check out Under the Dome especially once I heard it was Stephen King.

Mike V. said...

Wasn't planning on watching the summer TV but if you guys are...maybe I'll need to! lol

But mainly it will be catching up on the guilty pleasure shows that fell by the wayside during the main season.

Hope everyone has a great memorial day wknd!