Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Revolution: Season 1 Episode 18 - Clue

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Revolution!  This very much seemed like a chess move episode of the show.  Getting everyone in position for the finale, which makes sense because there are only 2 episodes to go.  (strange episode order with 20 for the season)  Let's dive into the details!

  • Monroe successfully interrogated Norah after 21 days of torture and found out what is going on with her friends.  Of course, I think it was pretty obvious where Miles was.  The big reveal was that Rachel and Aaron were Colorado bound and what that represented.
  • Then, that guy that was working for Randall all of a sudden changed allegiances and brought Norah back to Georgia along with an amplifier.  She spilled what she spilled to Miles.  So now, EVERYONE is Colorado bound.   Kinda sucks that Rachel and Aaron had to walk all the way across the country and everyone else is flying helicopters.
  • Of course, Miles and crew had to stop and refuel somewhere in the plains nation and that's when the delays started happening. Their pilot was killed and then Miles started suspecting a mole.  Obviously, we all assumed it was the turncoat guy, Tom Neville, Jason, or Norah (since she had some kind of injection and couldn't remember what she was doing).  But noooo, it was that dude that Miles recruited a few episodes back.   Monroe turned him by threatening his wife.  Long story short, Jason killed him.  Norah thanked Miles for defending her.  So, Miles said that he has some flying experience and they are continuing on their journey. 
  • Randall found a way to survive Monroe's wrath by explaining that there is more to the tower than just putting the power back on.  There were lots of experiments going on there that the government frowned upon.  This intrigued Monroe, and possibly the audience.  Of course, what it did was start to explain that this power outage was just the beginning of the story.  We'll see where they go with it!   Oh yeah, and someone changed the access codes to the tower (an underground facility that goes half a mile into the ground.  Or maybe a mile, semantics!).  Randall swears he'll figure something out.   We also see that it was not just one guy that killed the guard watching Grace in the tower.  We still don't know what happened to Grace but there's a whole slew of people in control of the tower.  Makes me think that the battle against Monroe will be next week, but then they'll still have to deal with this other adversary in the finale.  We'll see.  
  • Rachel and Aaron arrive in Colorado and do catch on that Monroe is in town.  Rachel gives the information to access the tower and sends Aaron on his way.  Rachel said her plan was to kill Monroe and that's what she's going to do.  She wants her revenge and she's willing to give her life to do that.   She rolls into Monroe's tent.  Randall is there as well.   And she pulls the pin on a grenade while holding the handle.   And for the very final frame of the episode, she lets go of the handle.  OH BOY!! 
Well, there's not much time to diffuse that grenade, so something is definitely about to happen next week!  It could be a dud, I guess but maybe they won't be that predictable.  One thing I know is for sure, next week is Memorial Day weekend, so I'm not positive I'll be watching this Monday night.  We'll see.  But, considering my recaps have shrunk to this (see above), it's not like we'll be missing much if I don't get to the recap right away (or ever)!  Anyway, hope you enjoyed my ramblings and maybe I'll see you next week!


Anonymous said...

Mike,again your posts go down a LOT better than the show--LOL. I turned the show off after yet another predictable scene where Miles didn't want someone to go and they did--Norah.

I don't think Rachel will die, she's one of their best actors. Oh wait, that may be why she dies--LOL. At least sending Aaron on and her pursuing Monroe was consistent.


MJ said...

Wow - thought last night was the next to last - forgot we got pushed out til after Memorial wkend.
Pretty good ep, lots happened even though not finale. Did not see that the guy at the base killing was Miles old buddy. Surprised by how many people in the Tower too. Can't imagine them killing Rachael but also can't see how to save her without it being so cliched ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Thanks Richard! lol I'm surprised by that because the last few weeks I've been half asleep by the end of the episode. That's not saying the episode is boring, more that I'm exhausted on Monday nights! Yeah....Rachel dying seems far fetched, but I could see them doing it as a way to "surprise" the audience. lol It's not like Elizabeth Mitchell was originally cast to be a series regular. She actually was cast in place of Andrea Roth who played Tommy Gavin's wife on Rescue Me and had a small role on LOST (as the wife of Goodwyn, whom Juliet slept with lol). Anyway...not sure where I'm going with this. Guess it just wouldn't surprise me if they killed her off. Since she even said she was never going to see Charlie again.

Of course, they could just do something cliche' like MJ said. lol I dunno we'll see!

Yeah, I was actually trying to figure out how they were going to get to 22 episodes this season when they were airing the finale the week after memorial day. I guess the answer is that they're only doing 20! But, it's still bizarre, I agree, that we'll be airing 2 eps out of May sweeps. I think a shorter episode order would be much better for a show like this. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

GOOD POINT on what Rachel told Charlie, adds to possibility of her dieing.

Oh well, I don't like what they've been doing to her character anyway. Of course I could say that about most of them--lol. I like the actor playing Miles a lot but they have him saying some very futile lines, etc.

The funny thing is that Monroe is probably the most believable character to me. He's just a psychopath reaching a crescendo whose followers are questioning his sanity--lol.


Mike V. said...

And the funny thing about the actor playing Monroe is that he was THE CAPE on that awful NBC show that lasted 12 episodes. lol

Yeah, I like the actor playing Miles too. He may have been the onyl redeeming quality of the Twilight movies (which I had to see for my wife. At least she agreed that they were awful!)