Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly TV Discussion - 10/29/2012 - 11/3/2012

Hello TV Addicts! This worked well last week so we'll keep it up.  This is a weekly posting to discuss any and all TV that is not covered in regular recaps.  (i.e. anything other than Fringe, Revolution and The Walking Dead)  I have mentioned a couple times now that I will be out of town the weekends of 11/2-11/5 (Monday too) and 11/9-11/11.  So, my commentary on those shows will be delayed during those days.  If your too anxious to wait for me, feel free to discuss those in these weekly posts as well.   Enjoy and see you in the comments!


MJ said...

Wow - no one has been here ?

I'm caught up on SOA, Revenge, Once, BE, Homeland and Dexter !

Don't want to say anything since I'm the only comment it would be hard for you not to read it Mike ! LOL

MJ said...

oh - Grimm too. Feels like another life time ago that I saw Grimm.

Mike V. said...

I've been home from work with the storm and have been hanging with the fam so Haven't had a chance to comment! lol I was coming on here this morning to comment but then got sidetracked. Leaving for Tennessee this afternoon then won't be back until Tuesday. Will have LOTs of TV to catch up on then! But, maybe I'll be able to catch a few things streaming on the iPad down there. lol

First of all STAR WARS/DISNEY!!! WHAAAT!?!?!? Who's excited for Episodes VII-IX? I'm still in disbelief. So Disney owns ABC, LOST and Star Wars now. I can almost smell Lindelof of Abrams getting involved with this! Big things on Twitter (and eventually EW) - Who will be the first star wars character to show up on ONCE? And now Hurley's revised Empire Strikes Back script can become a reality! And fingers crossed for a Star Wars themed park at DISNEY WORLD!!! (like Harry Potter)

So excited about this. Hopefully, the movies will be good too.

I watched everything except GRIMM, BE and Revenge.

SOA - WOW craziness. That damn Clay. He's doing it all over again. We're going to want him dead by the end of the season again! At least Jax wasn't in the dark too long about Gemma's involvement. (You were right, she was high and driving lol) Nero is starting to show his true colors too. Maybe he'll be the one to take out Clay! The Juice subplot is cooking up too! I like Juice, but I feel his time is coming soon. Lots to talk about here, but I gotta move on!

ONCE - Totally knew he was Dr. Frankenstein once we went black and white. Before thought was thinking Wizard of Oz. lol I wonder if they always planned on him being Dr. Frankenstein or came up with that later. Anyway, cool story. Nice with Emma getting 1 up on Hook too. Good episode again!

Dexter - The show is so on fire right now. Loved this one too. Can't remember his name on this show but Kushka (?) Terminator guy is a badass. Love it. Loved him on Rome but he was the hero there. lol Dexter almost got caught by LaGuerta!! Love that Deb asked if there's anything he needs to know about the stuff with Hannah and he said No...since she doesn't want to be involved in his murderous side. Of course, there's definitely some sexual tension there I guess we'll see where that goes! Lots to talk about there too.

HOMELAND - WOW, that was an incredible hour of television. The interrogation was AMAZING. The subplot with the daughter was very Kim Bauer of her. But, I'm sure it will tie into the main plot at some point. So Brody is working with the CIA now. But surely, they'll keep that ambiguity going. I'm guessing he'll appear to be working both sides. But kudos to them for keeping the plot moving forward and not stalling. very exciting!

Mike V. said...

BTW - the next "weekly post" is set to automatically post on Saturday. I figured you guys could just discuss FRINGE, TWD and Revolution in there too. Depending on the amount of discussion had, I'll make a call on whether it's worth posting a separate post to discuss them!

MJ said...

Disney owns Star Wars now ? Will have to read about that ! Wow. Movies 7 to 9 ? Huh ? I'll have to come back to this one.

BE - my husband totally called something ! that is all I will say.

Once - yeah once it went black and white (plus lightening in credits) we knew too. Surprised though - we had so many guesses on Whale and we were not even close. Poor Emma - You're like THE Capt Hook ? She can't quite get her head around them all being real some times. Did we know the Hatter was so involved in sucking Regina into her dealings with Rumple ? I don't recall knowing that.

Dexter - yeah - Hannah isn't even hiding from Dex that she did it and is enjoying remembering it too. Deb taking the old military don't ask/tell is amusing. We will see - I really don't see Deb as the type that doesn't want to know. Too funny Dex getting caught in that wedding pic dancing. Terminator guy ? Not getting who you are talking about. Couldn't believe they arrested that mob boss ! Figured since he knew about Dex killing the guy who killed the cop that the last thing they would do is arrest him. And Dex 'I'm no little fat guy'. LOL

Homeland: Did not see that coming - Brody becoming a double agent ! LOL Don't trust him though.

Have a good trip ! Stay safe.

Mike V. said...

Star Wars - YEP! Huge news yesterday. There's lots of into on EW and even I am still picking up my jaw from the floor on this one.

BE - Not sure when I'll get to this, but I'll try to remember this. lol

ONCE - Ahh missed the lightning in the credits. Well, last year I think we were under the guise that it would only be fairy tale characters even though they were very careful not to be specific in the pilot. Plus we saw the door to OZ in Jefferson's episode last season. So, yeah I don't think we ever would have gussed Whale was Doc Frankenstein. lol I don't think we knew Hatter's involvement with Rumple and Regina before no.

DEX - Terminator Guy IS the Mob Boss! Deb said that we are looking for the terminator after he killed all those dudes in Dex's setup in the bar. Loved Dex's comment too.

Homeland - I'll just say I didn't see it coming SO SOON. I just always assumed that if Brody was going to stay a major character on this show in the long run, that his ambiguous nature would allow him to eventually work for the feds too. Maybe not as a Double Agent.....but he is on the INSIDE of both sides, so it's a nice area to play with. But, I didn't think they'd pull that card this early. So, it's definitely a high adrenaline ride. I like that they're taking these risks and writing themselves into corners that they'll have to work their way out of. That's where some of the most brilliant stories come from!


MJ said...

SOA - they are def giving us that 'Clay can't survive this' again vibe. Glad they did not drag out Jax not knowing Gemma was driving his kids high. I too am feeling nervous for Juice !

Mike V. said...

SOA - Of course, I guess Juice has dirt on Clay too so maybe if he thinks he gets ratted out that it'll be Clay that gave him up so he'll spill the beans on Clay. I could totally see that happening. Jax is looking for evidence on Clay and the word of a brother might be all he needs. We'll see!

Grimm - Had a half day today, so I watched! Pretty creepy stuff. I'm sure they did a ghost story for Halloween, but pretty crazy that ghosts now exist in this world. I wonder if that was a 1-off halloween story or if the Crying Woman will return next Halloween!? A little progress was made with the Juliet/Renard thing. More eye contact, and this crazy spanish/mexican lady that knows about the cat curse. I also wonder if they'll bring her into things again, or if Juliette knowing that it's a curse will be enough for her to investigate more.

MJ said...

SOA - Uncer 'next time a glass will do' (or something like that) was hysterical. Was surprised that Gemma told Nero the truth after Clay had already told the lie. But i really thought that Chibs was gonna get killed by Frankie ! I don't blame tara from punching Gemma in the face - but that could not have been good for her healing hand. The best was Jax making Gemma be a double agent against Clay ! Yowsa !

Grimm - agreed - creepy. Mexican woman veeery interesting. Think Juliette and renard will heat up this week. Liked the cop who came to Portland to follow this case too. ALso agree it was odd not having a Wesen case but a ghost instead. Guess trying to keep it fresh.

MJ said...

NBc on friday at 8pm is doing a concert featuring Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Sting, Christina Aquilera for Hurricane Sandy. On all NBC owned channels - supposed 8 to 9pm but it goes over could affect Grimm. I WAS going to watch the Revolution repeat that was going to be fri 8pm (since I missed it monday) but I'll get it on demand !

Mike V. said...

Mj I think rev airs at 10 tomorrow. Per NBC site. I would like to see that benefit concert!! Hopefully my TiVo listings will update so I can schedule it! Lol

Leslie said...

Modern Family - This show just cracks me up! Loved the whole thing with Cam and Mitch confirming the new boyfriend is gay, and Mitch trying to hide Cam's fat jeans. Then, we have Phil trapped under the Harley. And, the best was Gloria and Uncle Grumpy, and Jay coming out in the same outfit and Claire saying, "She married her puppet!" LOL!

AHS – Kinda bad timing with this episode entitled “Nor’easter”. I guess we learned that Bloody Face is hard to kill. The possessed sister is pretty creepy. Kinda funny that she’s screwing with Sister Jude. So, was the thing Sister Jude saw in the hall the same as the creatures in the woods that we got a glimpse of? Pretty bad that the 3 escape and then come back in when those creatures started chasing them. And, the doctor amputates the girl’s legs?? Harsh punishment in this place! lol

MJ said...

AH ! I guess they finally updated their site then. Thanks.

MJ said...

Mod Family - I agree - always cracks me up. Loved that Gloria married her grouchy puppet.

Revenge - did we ever discuss this? I cannot believe that Mason figured out that faux-manda is not Amanda ! And I'm cofused about Nolan Corp. So because David worked at Graysons when he gave Nolan money - Graysons owns part of Nolan Corp ?? A little over my head. Glad that Emily told faux-manda the kid is Jacks though.

Ugh - been out of sorts all week. I only lost power for 13 hours but my sister is still without power, as is my brother. My friend in Long Island has no power and has her entire first floor in the back yard as her house flooded. So sad.

Leslie said...

MJ - It's been a weird week for me too, but I can't blame it on a hurricane! It's sucks to be without power! I was without it for a couple of days in a storm one time, and it just screws up everything. At least you and your family are all safe.

Revenge - I didn't totally get that about how the Graysons own part of Nolan's company either so don't feel bad. I had a feeling when they focused in on Fauxmanda's back in the hospital that it was gonna mean something. We know Mason won't let that slide! And, what do you think Kara is up to?

Mike V. said...

Just watched mf on my iPad (still out of town). Hysterical! Agree on all the funny stuff Leslie. Phil with the bike and shantsz too! Lol

MJ said...

Revenge - yeah I def saw mason look at her back too. They made sure we didn't miss it. I think Kara is there to take some names ! She's looking for Mr White hair who we now know is her husband and she thinks the Graysons had something to do with him disappearing so she's going after them.

MJ said...

Once - how'd we all not say how funny it was that the name used was Henry Gale ! Especially with who is guesting next week. But I did feel sorry for Regina that she had to 'dust' her dear Daniel.

Read these quips elsewhere and liked them - probably EW.
1931's Frankenstein and 1935's The Bride of Frankenstein were both directed by James Whale.

Yep, "I/we was/were cursed!" is totally the new "We were on a break!"

From the way those horses were carrying on when Zombie Daniel entered the stables, you'd think someone had just said Frau Blucher.

Have a great weekend everyone.