Monday, April 22, 2019

Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 2 - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Hello friends and welcome back for this final march to the end of Game of Thrones! This episode was fantastic.  We’re on the eve of battle and there are lot more poignant moments between characters we’ve grown to hate and love, love and hate.  And through all of this, we are getting hints of how this battle will go down and hints of what may happen in the aftermath.  I thought with the holiday that I wouldn’t be able to do this recap justice.  But, it turns out with a late viewing and less sleep I still found a way to get something out there.  I look forward to our discussion!  Let’s dive in.

Discussion Points

This episode took place completely in Winterfell.  New arrivals triggered a bunch of different meet ups as the North prepped to face their greatest threat yet.  

Before the new arrivals
  • The episode started off with Jaime defending his life and family’s actions against the North.  In addition to him not apologizing for his past actions of King Slaying and fighting Ned Stark in King’s Landing (S1) he also revealed Cersei’s true intentions to never march North.  Instead she’s mounting her forces in King’s Landing.  Tyrion and Brienne jumped to Jaime’s aid.   Brienne spoke of their journey together and of Catelyn Stark’s oath.  This swayed Sansa to support Jaime and in turn swayed Jon (who definitely had other things on his mind).  This scene had everything we ever would’ve wanted and felt earned.   Sure, it probably would’ve taken longer for the North to come around if we had more time.   But, even with things moving quickly to the end this episode had time to breathe.  
  • In the meantime, Dany was not pleased with Tyrion who trusted his sister.  This is not the first mistake he’s made. He mentioned to Jaime that he fell for Cersei’s preganancy changing her.  Of all people it was Jorah who came to Tyrion’s aid.  As much as the imp frustrated him on their journeys he knew that Tyrion’s mind was the best suited to be her hand.  He learns from his mistakes and won’t make them a second time. 
  • In the godswood Jaime and Bran’s talk went about exactly as we expected.  Jaime apologized.  Bran needed no apologies.  He knew Jaime wasn’t sorry when he did it since he was protecting his family.  But Bran isn’t Bran anymore.  Neither of them would’ve went on the road they went on if it wasn’t for that fateful day.  Bran clearly knows Jaime is needed for the battle against the dead but made no promises of any destiny for them afterwards.  This seems to be foreshadowing of Jaime’s fate or it could be a red herring.  I’m fairly sure we’re going to lose people in episode 3 based on what’s on the cusp of happening.  I just hope Jaime isn’t one of them.  There’s still too much to happen in the remaining 3 episodes.  But all the signs are there.  He’s followed his redemption path to completion.  Granted, so have a few other characters in this episode.  
  • Jaime and Tyrion’s reunion discussion was great.  They bonded over their failed relationships with their sister.  Tyrion even joked as rising from the dead and marching south to kill her.  Hopefully, that won’t be the case.  But, I’m sure we will see some of our past friends reanimated as wights before the show is over.  Tyrion bringing up again his deal way to die was a great mirroring back to season 1.  I love that this pretty much implied that it wasn’t an off the cuff joke he came up with back then and that he had told Jaime and possibly others too over the years.  They spoke together later of how they both are no longer the people they were when they first arrived at Winterfell.  Tyrion is giving up his whoremongering.  Jaime is no longer the golden lion.  You know, I had always thought that it was strange that the 2 Lannister brothers gradually went from having golden hair to much darker over the seasons while Cersei’s had stayed as blonde as ever.  Never even stopped to think that it was intended to be symbolic of their growth as characters.  But this episode combined with some light readings this week made me see it in a whole new light.  
  • Jaime and Brienne had a nice reunion prior to their bigger moments later in the episode.  We observed Brienne’s pride over how well Pod’s fighting skills have developed.  And it ended in Jaime pledging his sword to Brienne’s forces on the left flank.  Earlier when Jaime was pledging to fight for the living he gave a nod to Brienne’s “F Loyalty” discussion when he said this fight goes beyond loyalty.  
  • Dany and Sansa’s moment was much needed.  It brought Dany down to a human level.  She spoke of who they’ve both grown to be powerful women in a previously dominant men’s world and how they shouldn’t be at odds with each other.  Sansa mentioned how men do stupid things for women which is why Jon bent the knee.  Dany explains her perspective of her series long quest for the Iron Throne until she met Jon.  She’s here to fight Jon’s war which would make it seem that she is the manipulated one.  Loved the reference to Kit Harrington’s height here when she mentioned how much taller Drogo was.  Everything seemed to be much better between these two until Sansa asked what will come of the North when she resumes her quest for the throne.  Sansa still holds strong to not bowing down to a Southern ruler.  The news will slowly come out of Jon’s true parentage.  And while this may cause ripples in the North initially it may help with that last comment of Sansa’s.  Of course, I still am sticking to my thoughts that there will not be a throne for people to bow down to in the end anyway, but there will need to be something! 
  • Let’s pause a minute from these great discussions to talk about how it was probably mentioned 6 times in this episode how safe it will be for the women and children to be in the crypts.  Yes, the same crypts where all the dead Starks of old are buried.  The dead are marching South with supposedly the man who can raise the dead for his army.  This is like Hagrid saying there’s no safer place than Hogwarts and then there being drama at that school that kept the kids in danger for 7 years straight!   So, we can expect some crazy stuff to go down in those crypts next week!  Count on it!  As far as we know Gilly, Little Sam and Tyrion will be down there among some other minor characters we just met this episode. 
After the New Arrivals

And on the eve of battle when all seems lost, the Elves show up to fight with men at Helm’s Deep once again!   Oh wait, sorry wrong franchise!  But, a few people did show up and brought news and alliances with them. 

  • First to arrive is Theon.  He gave the update to Queen Dany that they had rescued Yara and she went back to take the Iron Islands in Dany’s name. But he came to fight for the North.  It had to be the damn music swelling and Sansa coming in for an unexpected hug because I’m not sure why else I would be getting all emotional for Theon Greyjoy!  I kid.  His redemption path is harder to swallow than Jaime’s but somehow they’ve earned it for me over the seasons.  I’m sure the endless torture as Reek helped a bit. Plus Alfie Allen is a helluva actor!  
  • Then the remainder of the Night’s Watch and the forces from Eastwatch arrived together with news of the Night King’s approach.  They’ll be here before sunrise and the Umbers have unwillingly joined forces with the Dead as walking corpses.   All of the quick reunions and hugs were great here between Edd, Tormund, Beric (strong handshake) and Jon.  Of course Tormund’s quest for Brienne took on a whole new life in this episode too.  
  • Loved seeing the group of people that were together for the battle prep.  Jon, Sansa, Davos, Lannister Bros, Bran, Theon, Dany, Jorah.  There were so many characters we care about I can’t even remember all that was there.  But, here they were on the same side plotting out how to stop the army of the dead.  We’ve been dreaming of these moments for many seasons!  Bran finally reveals key information.  The Night King will come for him. He’s marked and the Night King has been seeking out many 3 eyed ravens.  Leave it to Sam to question Bran when no one else does and ask why.  The Night King’s goal is to bring endless night and erase the world.  Sam started getting deep and philosophical behind death and how it is being forgotten.  So anyway, it seems the goal will be to use Bran as bait for the Night King in the godswood. If they can take him out it will destroy all of his forces.  Theon pledged his and the iron born’s swords to protect Brann.  He took this castle from him and he wants to defend him now.  What’s that in my eyes?  Well the onion knight is in the room maybe he started cutting some up!  Anyway, this is not looking good for Theon.  He’s made all his apologies.  He got a hug from a Stark and he’s pledged to defend a boy that he truly wronged many seasons ago.  I smell self sacrifice!   Here’s another question.  I had speculated previously what if the Night King isn’t even at this battle?  What if he flew his dragon South to King’s Landing?  Seems like it would be a better way to spread his plague of death than a simple march south until they’ve covered Westeros in eternal darkness.  Now, with this plot I’m not so sure.   They also brought up how they’re not sure if dragons can kill white walkers or the Night King.  (Kudos to Arya for asking) Bran actually doesn’t know the answer to this as it has never been attempted.  
  • While they skipped over the retelling we should definitely point out Tyrion and Bran’s moment together.  They talked about their strange journeys. Tyrion actually sat down with the 3 eyed raven to get a brain dump of what he’s been up to.  I’m sure key information was passed in this discussion rather than it just being a tender moment in a castle in the middle of winter with nothing else to do.  
  • Things are looking pretty dire for Greyworm as well.  He’s talking about life after Dany’s quest for the throne to Missendi.  Missendi wants to return to Naath to see the beaches again.  He promises to bring his unsullied with him and protect her there.  They don’t feel welcome in Westeros, but pledge to fight for Dany until she achieves her goal.  Yeah, someone is dying.  
  • GHOST Sighting everyone!  He’s in Winterfell and hanging out with Jon on the battlements!  Not sure how he got there since we last saw him at Castle Black, but whatever.  Ghost is there!   Sam urged Jon to not much longer to talk to Dany about the not so important news of his noble birth. But, the scene turned into a lovely reunion and trash talking of the surviving Night’s Watch members.  Jon, Sam and Edd.  Loved Edd’s comments about Sam being with a woman and a White Walker slayer.  Truly a sign of the end of times!   They poured one out for Grenn and Pyp and watched on for Death to arrive.  
  • Then the greatest scene no one ever saw coming started to unfold.  It began as brotherly bonding between Jaime and Tyrion.  Brienne and Pod showed up looking for warmth by the fire.  Tyrion saw this as an opportunity for a drink.  While Brienne allowed Pod half a cup Tyrion overflowed his cup.  The hilarity only grew as Tormund showed up flirting with Brienne.  And then Davos looking for warmth and no drink.  After Tormund started going toe to toe with Jaime for Brienne’s affections and it ended with him chugging Giant’s milk Davos quickly changed his mind on the drink stance.  Hilarious stuff.  By the end though, it seemed like Tormund grew to respect Brienne more than vying for her affections.  It was clear in this scene how much Jaime cared for Brienne.  I mean, we always knew but it was never more apparent than here.  Tyrion spoke of the collection of people in that room and how much they have collectively survived.  He was inspired to say that he thinks they will live through this somehow.  It somehow got into talking about Knighthood and how women cannot be knights.  Tormund told Brienne he would knight her if he could.  We received new information here that it doesn’t have to be a King to knight someone.  Any knight can.  So Ser Jaime had Brienne kneel and he bestowed on her the knighthood.  And yep, the onion knight was present for this too!  I swear I have smellovision or something because my eyes were uncontrollable in this episode.  (Maybe the allergies getting to me!). Ser Brienne of Tarth ladies and gentlemen!  I hope she survives this long night, but plot development like this is tough too ignore!  
  • Arya had some tender moments with her past companions.  She had a drink with The Hound.  She asked him why he’s here.  Why did he fight with Jon.  Why fight for the North when he never fought for anyone but himself.  The Hound’s quick response to Arya that he fought for her was perfect and all that was needed.  Love those 2 together!  Beric came to ruin the party and speak Lord of Light nonsense.  Arya ups and leaves not wanting to waste her final moments with them.  
  • Earlier in the episode Arya checked in on Gendry’s progress on her weapon.  She also showed off her fighting skills explaining how she won’t be in those “safe” crypts when the battle gets thick.  (I try not to let season trailers influence my own thoughts, but I think there may have been a shot of a fearful Arya in the crypt or some dark place in Winterfell)   Anyway, she did enough convincing to Gendry that she’d put the weapon to good use.  He arrived later in the episode with this crazy 2 ended spear of dragon glass.  Why she wants this still remains a mystery.  I commented last week on theories that it might be needed to try and take down Viserion (dragon).  We’ll see!   But, for now, Arya had other things in mind.  She asked of Gendry’s time with Melisandre and if that was his first time.  He confirmed (quite defensively) that he didn’t do anything with The Red Woman, but admitted he’d been with 3 girls.  That was enough for Arya to hear as she pledged she wanted to know what it’s like before the end.  Not how I pictured these 2 getting together but it was a nice moment.  Also awkward.  We’ve been watching this girl since she was 10!  But, I always was rooting for these 2.  This also ties back to Robert and Ned’s discussion in the pilot.  “I have a son, you have a daughter.  Let’s join our houses!”  Oh yeah, forgot to mention he revealed that he’s a bastard Baratheon son to Arya.  Will these 2 make it out of the next episode?  I have faith Arya will be with us until the end.  Gendry?  I don’t know, but maybe the Baratheon genes will live on after this fateful night.  
  • It was nice to see they found a quick moment between the Mormont family members.  Jorah and Lyanna had a discussion where they wished each other well.  Lyanna also said she will not be in those “safe” crypts when the fighting comes.  But wishing cousin Jorah well?  Oh boy, Jorah.  I always liked you buddy!  Hope you make it, but you gave Dany some final advice to trust Tyrion and align yourself with Sansa?  Not sure there’s much room left for you!   And then Sam gives him Heartsbane in a very tender moment between the two.   Jorah pledges to use it in his father’s honor.  Wait is Davos there?  Crazy onions again! 
  • We then get Podrick singing us a song (which was confirmed that the first verse is in GRRM’s books) to prepare us for a pre-war montage of all our friends sharing their final moments.  Arya with Gendry, Sam with Gilly and little Sam, Sansa and Theon sharing some food together, and Missendi and Greyworm.  
  • We then focus in on those crypts where Jon is facing his mother.  Dany joins him down there.  It’s great that they can keep bringing this information up about his parentage and it never feels redundant or old.  We want to hear it again.  We want to see these people’s reactions when they hear it for the first time.  Dany spoke of Rhaegar and how she heard how great of a person he was.  The raping of Lyanna Stark didn’t add up. Jon explained why, explained who he is and how he received the information from his brother and best friend and how he knows it’s true.   Dany processed how this would make him the last living Targaryen heir (didn’t really process how that makes her his aunt!).  It figures they didn’t have time to process further as the horns sounded.  WAR IS HERE.  
  • The ending shot is on the army of the dead lead by the most White Walkers we’ve ever seen in one shot.  (All of Craster’s 98 male children?). It’s on folks.  It’s.  ON!  
Whew I’m exhausted.  What an episode!  So many important interactions.  It was great to have an episode focus on all these people’s last nights together.  Sure, some will survive episode 3 (unless we’re just going to watch Cersei drink wine for 3 episodes) but this is a pivotal moment in the fight for life.  I’m sure Dany learning about Jon moments before battle will fuel some of her emotions during the battle.  They may come out on the other end with different thoughts on how to proceed afterwards.  But we’ll get there in due time.  Let’s all share a last drink with this crew as they stand now and wish them good fortune in the war that has arrived at Winterfell.   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I’ll see you next week! 


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!

THANKS Mike! Great recap. So at Easter dinner last night we had some guests and GoT was a subject matter so lots of theories put out there. Most though aren't that really much into it---mostly superficial knowledge. Anyway, more than one was betting on Sansa in the end.

After dinner we of course watched together and one thing agreed to is how GoT has moved to be a matriarchal show--by design and even called out by the actors. And to me, at this point shoved down your throat. So, I think it's very important that this ep was a lot about the women being in power and then toward the end Dany saying-- not that Jon would be the last heir, but the last MALE heir. To me it was consequential juxtaposition. I think this was on purpose to give us a clue that he will never rule. I'm still convinced as this show has moved to female power that their child will be a girl to take over as ruler. With Sansa's help of course.

Honestly I was hoping for more than another set up episode given there are so few episodes. But, it did accomplish some things some of which were important.
1. I got my answer about the Night King's objective!! Finally we know now specifically what's happening. I really loved the various points provided by Bran. He wants to wipe mankind off the face of the planet. And now that I write it, I should have known it. I mean he was created to fight man for the CoF!!!! He's just doing what he was made to do!
2. OK, so yea it looks like Bran isn't going past episode 3. I think the Night King can't go South because he has to control his army. But it was a great strategic thought. I think it was very weak when Jon didn't offer to help protect Bran and kill the Night King. This whole set up was really weak to me given what's at stake and asking me to believe that all those in the room TRULY believe Theon's the correct choice to take out the Night King and protect Bran, really. The obvious flaws in these decisions tell me that the Night King will survive EP3 but Bran and Theon along with of course many others won't. And of course with the 3 eyed raven dead it will look very bad for humans as now finally, the Night King after many centuries can finally destroy them since he has destroyed a critical means of keeping their memories. One other note on the Bran bait plan--Dany and/or Jon are supposed to be using dragons to have overwatch so I could see a great dragon fight vs Viserion!
3. We all noticed that Jon was avoiding Dany throughout the episode. I found it well done how Dany learned of Jon's parentage and resultant claim to the throne.
4. Arya/Gendry--finally something that we can feel just good about.
5. Jamie and Tyrion hair--well I thought they were just changing it to allow them to be more like themselves in the real world. IE, less chair time in make up. It's been obvious and Cersei having butch hair as well.
5. Yea, I hate to consider it, but EP 3 will likely be Jamie's last or at least he will be mortally wounded. And good catch on Greyworm, he's headed out too.
6. The Iron Islands will come into play when part of the crew goes there after the WF battle. Yara will take the news of Theon's death hard,etc.
7. I wonder what the Golden Company is doing during all this time.
8. Mike, I know you keep that throne room scene of Dany's vision in mind. And yea, it seems that things will be pretty much blown up.


Anonymous said...

Crypts--That is a great observation btw. All those living people down there with all those dead people and the raise the dead guy coming. I wonder if we'll see Lyana, Ned, Rob, Catelyn coming back?

There's a lot more this episode has about the Night King and 3 Eyed Raven. I'm going to rewatch but it seems there's a lot of nuggets. And if Bran is killed it will end for all time that part of their lives which has been a part of it for as long as mankind has been around. That's even more important than Dany breaking the wheel in the throne world.


Mike V. said...

Thanks Richard! Looking forward to reading this. I’m in training the next couple days unfortunately so I’ll probably be here and there. But I’ll get to these comments!

Anonymous said...

I loved this line by Bran. Spoken to Jamie.

"You assume there will be an after?" Bran replies

Given Bran's ability to see things combined with his inability to tell you if dragons can kill White Walkers makes me think he will die next EP and most likely Jamie. IE, if they are able to kill WW, then Bran wasn't around to see it.


Anonymous said...

I copied this from the Forbes site and he makes a lot of sense about Jon being in Westeros fighting for it, etc while Dany's claim is only by blood.

"My name is Aegon Targaryen," he says.

Daenerys doesn't believe him. She finds the story a little too convenient. After all, it's his brother and best friend who came to him with this revelation. And worse still, worse than the fact that she's been boning her nephew, that would give him a claim to the throne.

It's honestly a little funny how much this bothers her. Her only claim to the throne is by blood. She was raised a Targaryen, but she wasn't raised in Westeros. She's a foreigner whose only interest in the Seven Kingdoms is to rule them after staring at them from afar her whole life. Her claim is simply by blood, and now Jon's claim is better than hers. She should be happy for him, happy to have her brother's son and heir alive and well. She should, for lack of a better phrase, bend the damn knee.

But Dany is not a very good person. All her worst instincts keep coming out and are only momentarily quelled by her advisers. In fact, the only really good thing she's ever done is surround herself with good advisers, but her first instinct with Tyrion is to fire him for his one screw-up (which she backed) and now her instinct with Jon is to disbelieve him and then get defensive over his superior claim to the Iron Throne. She's power-hungry and hardly "just" in any sense of the word. Jaime questions Tyrion on the matter, wondering aloud if she's really so different from other Targaryens. Tyrion seems to think so.

I'm not so sure.

Mike V. said...

Hi again Richard just letting you know I read your comments and I will be back to respond with thoughts when this training is over! Lol I do agree with most of it. Rewatched this morning. Was really a great episode for having no action. Episodes like these help make the battle episodes more impactful. Some of the best Game of Thrones moments are 2 people talking. This had tons of all timers in the episode. And then the group scene was a classic as well! I have a feeling we’re not fully prepared for what’s going to happen Sunday. :(

Anonymous said...

Where's MJ??

So, yes. I think so too on the loss of many. Given the Brienne stuff, I think she's likely to go down too. So, here's my list
1. Bran
2. Brienne
3. Beric
4. Theon
5. Podrick
6. Lyanna
7. Sam's family in the crypts. And the little girl with the scarred face.
8. Maybe Sam? Given Bran's death this could be key in relation to Jon's new claim to the throne.
9. Some of those from the Blackwatch whose names I can't recall.
10. Jamie will likely survive to be a subject of Bron's crossbow. I think Bron and Jamie will need to be together when they die.
11. There will of course be many killed and as I am writing this I feel more comfortable saying the Night King will continue South!


MJ said...

Hey everyone ! I was off yesterday.

Loved that they knighted Brienne ! Sansa/Dany scene was great. But really ? Theon is guarding Bran ? He never wins !! LOL But that is the point - they are setting up his death as a hero. And finally Arya got to have sex ! LOL Yeah - they are just showing everyone living a little before they die. Andletting us hang with everyone before they kill them off next week. Jon trying to avoid Dany was just too funny. And of course he told her - like we all knew he would. Od that neither verbally discussed the relations they have been having. Dany is becoming a real monarch too - like sh'e s never made mistakes? Tyrion as a matter of fact is one of the people who have helped her NOT make some - so cut the guy some slack.

Not sure I follow about the golden hair ? Tyrion was never blonde. Also - it's winter - hair darkens with less sun. LOl I dunno - just think you are over thinking that one. But maybe.

Not sure I love the logic of why the Knight King is coming after Bran - seems too pat. "He wants to erase the world and I'm its memory' - but I'll just go with it. LOL on Smell-o-vision.

Sansa - she might be one of the ones left standing since she does't fight - but I still think no ONE person will be ruling. Some sort of council will be made and she will represent the North on that council.

It's hard - I don't want so many of these people to die. I am pretty sure Theon, Jamie, Beric, The Onion, Jorah all die. Cersie better eventually die. LOL I think Arya dies too and the Hound. Think Brienne actually lives though. Sam could die being a hero and saving Gilly. Grey Worm dies too. And - some my survive the battle but die of injuries later - so we can get all of those emotional scenes and the good byes.

I will not be around for the Penultimate ep - going to Italy for 10 days. But I'll be back for the finale !!! Can't miss that.

MJ said...

So - is this correct ?

Ice - became Oathkeeper and Widows Wail. Oath Keeper is with Brienne. Jamie has Widows Wail.

Longclaw - A Mormont sword that Jon Snow has

Heartsbane - Sam has it - just gave it to Jorah.

Dagger - Arya has it.

Mike V. said...

Ok I have a few minutes! thanks for the easter wishes Richard. We had a good one, but it was a loooooong day which lead to a late late viewing of GoT and a very early recap writing. Felt like the LOST days (almost lol) Definitely was a lot of focus on female empowerment, but yeah that's been a long time coming. There's a chance that is coming in George's books as well as he does say that the books may only differ with the secondary characters.

After reading/watching/listening to stuff about Dany's reaction to Jon....apparently we were meant to take away from that that her initial reaction is a threat to her claim where Jon is surprised because his initial reaction is that they're related. lol Things may evolve from there but that was the initial reactions then the horn blew.

Your first numbers:
1. Yep we got the objective. I caught something on the 2nd watch that Bran mentioned NK is after him because he holds the history of Westeros in his brain and he wants to wipe out all knowledge of mankind. What you said makes sense. He's just following his original design.

2. I did observe Bran making that comment to Jaime as well and wonder if that meant Bran can't see past this battle. Or if he knew that Jaime won't last. It'll be interesting to see what goes down there.

3. Agreed.

4. Agreed

5 (1) I just listened to a podcast and the hair was brought up there. It probably had something to do with contract negotiations and redying hair after S1. It was an important story in season 1, but they may just not have felt the need to keep it up. But you can apply the metaphors if you want. They work. lol
5. (2) I keep thinking Jaime will have one last encounter with Cersei. I mean they said all they needed to say at the end of s7, but if something happens between Jaime and Brienne it would lead to a juicy plot in KL.

6. Yeah makes sense on Iron Islands. They're playing under the rules that the dead can't cross the sea. But NK has a dragon so there's that.

7. Well if NK flies south as I mentioned previously. (not seen with the army at the end of this ep) He could basically take the south by surprise and that Golden Company may end up being a southern army of the dead. I just think at some point that threat has to go further south. I think we discussed that before. But it kind of renders the Bran storyline in winter fell pointless if NK isn't there.

8 Yeah...i really don't see any other way. Someone else may sit on it for wish fulfillment but it will be destroyed before the end. lol

I'll continue posting in a different post!

Mike V. said...

Crypts - So many hilarious memes about this in the 2 days since the episode. But yeah...we might see some reanimated corpses. Ned is beheaded so not sure that would hold much significance. CAT though? Lady stonehart. They could pay some homage to that. That might be what freaks Arya the f out! lol

Think i covered some of these other posts you made in my post above. lol Even Dany's reaction to Jon's info. Yeah Dany certainly has shown that she is conflicted with how she wants to rule. Fire and Blood vs. Wanting people to love her. lol Some kind of dual rulership between her and Jon might keep her more in check than just Tyrion can.

Your death list:

1. I'm undecided but wouldn't surprise me.
2. Ugh...that one would hurt for me more than you! But i mentioned why i hope she makes it a little longer. But the fact that she was knighted? flag.
3. Beric - 99% on this one.
4. Theon - 99.5%
5. Pod - :( he certainly has improved his fighting skills. I dunno. I'll go 65%
6. Lyanna M - Yeah...i can see that.
7. Sam's family - ouch!! That would really suck. But yeah there has to be repercussions.
8. I always thought Sam would survive to write the story of Ice and Fire. (he's basically GRRM lol)
9. Edd? Yeah maybe him.
10. Poor Bronn...I don't know why I trust him to do the right thing. lol But yeah he is a sell sword. Tyrion did say he would double whatever anyone else ever offered him. But Bronn said only he gets to kill Jaime also. ugh.
11. You forgot Grey Worm! he's a goner...soooo gone. 100%
12. Maybe Davos? I'd hate to see him leave but he's a candidate.
13. Tormund. His role is pretty much done.
14. Jorah. Got the sword. Going to honor his father. Yep.amd maybe save Dany one last time.

Mike V. said...

@MJ - Welcome back!

Yeah Theon guarding Bran is definitely questionable....but I did love that intent behind it. And not sure how they got me emotional about his return! He'll totally die in these final episodes and I'm guessing in week 3. Maybe that's why Bran WILL survive.

Go back to the pilot. Tyrion had blonde hair. All lannisters are supposed to have blonde hair. IT's how Ned Figured out Joffrey was born of incest. But as the story progressed, the hair dying stopped. Just Cersei has blonde hair. Definitely not overthinking. It's been a large topic in the inter webs because Tyrion mentioned Golden Lion. But, the reasons for no blonde hair is production/contractual reasons more than metaphorical.

I agree on no one person ruling. It'll be more democratic...but there will still be someone or someones "in charge". Maybe elected or something like that. I think Sansa will be like Governess of the North. lol

Cersei has to be 100% dying!

Think my fam is home now...i'll write more later! lol

Mike V. said...

MJ your assessment of the v steel swords is accurate. I believe the dagger is called catspaw or something like that.

One other detail I noticed. I’m sure I’ll come Into play next week. On the edges of the wall they have placed dragonglass shards.

Popular theory is still that Arya is going to attempt to slay viserion with her new weapon. We’ll see!

Anonymous said...

MJ, good on keeping up with the swords.

Well, the whole Theon guarding Bran as it went down had red lights going off while I watched. Especially when Bran said he wasn't sure about dragons being able to kill WW.
It's actually a little comical.

I've been reevaluating Jamie dieing ep 3. And I've been thinking he may not be mortally wounded. I'm thiking it will be more likely he won't die until Bron shows up and they fight together.

Yes, the NK army is heading further South. I've been thinking that all along too. And the Theon guarding Bran idea just fits that idea.

If the NK avoids WF and flies south--you deserve BIG props! I don't think so due to him being "required" at the WF battle and Bran as his target.

And we both recall Dany's dream about the Iron Throne room being destroyed.

BTW, I've been saying since last season Sansa and Tyrion will rule at the end. So, I'm on board with no single ruler. And they will have Jon/Dany's daughter. Of course, I'm bound to be wrong, LOL.


Mike V. said...

Weird thing about WW and dragon fire. when they were north of wall last season at the very least the Night King walked through dragon fire to throw that spear at Viserion. Not sure if other WWs did too. So there's that. But yeah what Bran does and doesn't know is a little convenient. That's a hard character to write for with him being omniscient and everything. lol Killing him actually makes more sense!

Maybe Bronn will kill Jaime, but if that happens it might be down South and not during this battle of Winterfell. I would be really shocked if they kill him in ep 3. There's so much unfinished business in King's Landing to deal with for all 3 remaining Lannisters.

Little sidetrack from responding to you. I was thinking...everyone discussed how traveling in Winter is close to impossible. What if there is a time jump where Dany has a child, Cersei has a child, possibly Arya has a child and they don't resume their attack on KL until after winter? Only thing I don't like about that is the Army of the Dead bring Winter with them. So if that threat travels south it needs to be dealt with. I do like the thought of the Golden Company being turned into a southern army of the dead still. Not sure it'll happen but it would be interesting. I do agree that he is basically required at winterfell because of Bran. Of course, maybe flying south is his plan b. Maybe they defeat the dead (or most of them) and he retreats with Viserion. But then that renders Arya's spear theory pointless too. lol Unless he kills another dragon. Or there are dragons buried at Winterfell. (YIKES...did I just suggest that? lol)

Yes on dany's dream. Surely they haven't forgotten that.

Yeah I always thought Tyrion would have a place in whatever government after all is said and done. Sansa's role has developed over the past couple seasons. As for sitting on the throne or being ruler of the 7 kingdoms...that depends on what government is set up.

MJ said...

I hope they do not reanimate all the dead in the crypts.

I shall have to pop into that pilot - I def do not remember Tyrion as a blonde.

Noooo ! I don't want Bronn trying to kill Jamie. LOL

Lots of speculation that NK does not go to winterfel himself. Might have some play since they are going to all the trouble to bring the Golden Company in. I know Cersie's plan is to use them for what comes next to Kings Landing - but maybe its the NK ? But that means he does not go after Bran so...

Mike V. said...

Yep that’s the same dilemma with Bran that we were facing with NK going south. But I still think he’ll make his way down there at some point. Too simple to just win that battle in winterfell and it be done. Lol

If I get time I’ll post links to pictures of the blonde Lannister and reminders of how “the seed is strong” :)

Anonymous said...

I think Bronn really likes Jaime and will not kill him. PLUS, when Bron arrives he will quickly realize that humanity is fighting for its' survival. IE, all bets are off. I can see Bron arriving late in the battle or just after to see the devastation at WF. I see those 2 going down together fighting the NK/WW in a subsequent battle.

NK, definitely heading South. Viserion may be the dragon the destroys the KL throne room.

Interesting about time jump. Re babies, you may be onto something. Keep in mind winter is not just 1 year.

The thing I have the most concerns about is what is to become of the all the dead at WF. Will they be brought back as part of the NK's army or will they be burned in time?? If they're brought back, wow, what a large army and how sad it would be to see those guys on the other side. But, Dany's dragons may burn all the bodies.

Yea, I recall a dragon head in the crypt, great point. And there are some in or around the pit in KL.

Yara's navy will be involved more later as well. Maybe at KL, similar to Blackwater Bay battle....


Mike V. said...

Can’t respond fully. But yeah definitely was considering multi year winter and viserion destroying red keep

Anonymous said...

Here's a great article! Has lots of book related elements


Anonymous said...

I've read where more are thinking the NK will go past WF for TPTWP.

But, I can't believe there isn't going to be a huge battle and the NK isn't going to go after Bran. I guess I don't see it as having to be one or the other.

The idea of the NK being focused on the Iron Throne is interesting too.

If Dany is laid up from birthing then the opportunity may arise for Tyrion to fly a dragon and show us his Taragryan heritage.


Mike V. said...

Good call on dragons burning the bodies. Yeah there was only 1 line from Edd about the last person burning all those that don't make it. It wasn't even discussed in the war room.

There are some theories going around that the Starks may get reanimated but not fight for the Night King. They may have some magic that prevents them from automatically working towards NK's end goal. The only Stark (of the ones we know) that I think could potentially come back is Catelyn which would be a cool book shout out to Lady Stonehart. Ned and Robb are both beheaded. Maybe Rickon??? But even that is a stretch.

Bronn/Jaime - interesting thoughts about dying while fighting WWs. I still wonder if Bronn will even come to Winterfell for this battle. But maybe.

Good point on Yara's navy too. I just really am speculating now at what condition the Golden Company is going to be in when the North marches South. Will they be Living or Dead or a little of both?

Good article! Well written. Liked the quotes of the prophecy which I hadn't read in awhile. And interesting takes on it. Looking forward to seeing what twists and closure they bring to us. The sigil symbolism is just too much for me. I like the mirroring between seasons and showing that the WWs are not mindless zombies but outside of that I'm just willing to go for the ride! lol

Mike V. said...

Interesting thought on Tyrion riding the dragon while Dany is out of commission too. And yes...NK with Bran and Flying south doesn't have to be one or the other. It was just interesting that they didn't show him in the closing shot of this episode. But that might have been more to focus on the sheer number of actual White Walkers that are in this Army (i.e. not just a crap ton of wights/raised dead)

Anonymous said...

Golden Company--well, if they are NK dead then it's really bad for the Jon crew. That would mean KL has fallen to the NK. Which reinforces Dany's vision. But that doesn't have to happen for her vision to come true. The Golden Company could have been chased out of KL too? Cersei will be alive after Ep3 so lots of potential ways her death can still go down.

I can see PART of the Golden Company changed by the NK and part escaping with Cersei. This remnant later meeting with Jon's crew. And given your point about the time jump there are all kinds of possibilities!

I had forgotten until I read today that this is the first time the 3 Eyed Raven has been South of the wall--forever the first. So, given the firsts here we are in unchartered territory. Like, given the magic North of the wall is Bran now in more danger South of the wall.

I don't think the TV only crowd may recall the magic difference?? And weren't all the CoTF killed? Another first.


Anonymous said...

Melissandra theory... Hmm that would be interesting re the greyscale girl

Mike V. said...

I heard that theory about Melisandre. I mean I guess it could be. But I'm sure she was just supposed to be a reminder to Davos and Gilly of Shireen. But, it is strange that we haven't heard from her yet. Surely she's coming back. She has unfinished business with Varys and Arya. And of course, the lord of light.

Yeah...I just think a straight up battle with the golden company isn't interesting enough to wrap up the show. There has to be some "army of the dead" interaction. We'll see how it all goes down!

Interesting thoughts with Bran's magic. Yeah...not sure about the CoTF...if they're all killed or not. They could be a surprise arrival at Winterfell??

TV Crowd? Definitely not paying much attention to the specific magic stuff. They barely scratched the surface on bran as it is. They dismiss his power as weird and a joke on the show because they're afraid to get too into it! lol (At least, that's what I hear on my podcasts I listen to lol)

Anonymous said...

there is SOO much thta has been left out of the show.


MJ said...

So Bronn will probably tell Jamin/Tyrion that Cersei is paying for their deaths - and that def could be the final straw for Jamie and lead him to go kill her. I still think it would break his soul though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, once Jamie finds out it will be a heartbreaker. And you guys know how much I wanted them to be happily ever after.

Some have said that she will come to WF after the fall of KL.

OH btw, anybody want to be that Yara kills Euron, LOL. He should have killed her before.


Mike V. said...

Not a bad thought for Jaime's motivation to kill Cersei. Finding out she put a death sentence on him. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Or maybe somehow Arya finds out about it and if Jaime dies sooner finishes that task using his face. So many satisfying ways to kill Cersei. lol

That's not a bad thought either that Cersei will travel North. But I feel like something has to go down with the cast in King's Landing. The ending shot of the new opening credits IS the Iron Throne afterall. lol I still think it'll get destroyed but something still has to go down before that happens.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense for Yara to kill Euron. Even Theon, but I think his day is numbered. lol very very very soon.

Mike V. said...

Forgot I said I'd send pictures of blonde haired Lannisters. This article gets more into why the genetics are important to those book 1 season 1 reveals. But the pictures aren't the greatest to show distinct blondness lol I think in the pilot episode it is the most apparently because they still had some scenes included before they reshot most of the pilot with new cast members. (Dany was recast and Cat was recast) You can tell that people's hair styles changed from one scene to the next. lol

Here's a pic of Tyrion original pilot scenes (it's a meme but it's from the pilot. His hair was definitely lighter in season 1 regardless):

As I mentioned, I don't think it was intended to be symbolic of their departure from blind Lannister Loyalty and more a production decision, but it's still fun to look back and discuss.

The genetic traits of family lines is definitely a big topic in the books. All Targaryens (minus Jon) have Blonde (almost white) Hair and Purple eyes. All Lannisters have Blonde hair. Baratheons have black hair. The Starks it isn't called out as much. But Cat and Sansa definitely have red hair. lol Apparently Sophie Turner started wearing a wig on the show because she didn't want to be a red head off screen anymore. lol

Kind of a similar thing came up with the Harry Potter movies. Harry and Lily Potter have the same color eyes which is a huge plot point that is spoken about in all 7 books to an eventual huge reveal. I forget the actual color but it was different than Daniel Radcliffe's eyes. So when they cast Lily Potter they found someone with the same color eyes as his. I remember that they tried purple contacts for the Targaryens too and they didn't look good on film so they decided to abandon that aspect of them on the show.

All this to say while I may be overwriting about it right now, I definitely am not overthinking it! :)

Anonymous said...

Arya using Jamie's face--that's just weird enough to happen.

OH for certain there is action to come at KL, lots of it. Too much leading to it like the opening sequence and Dany's dream. Let alone the idea of the importance to the Targs for the Iron Throne


Anonymous said...

Great article on ep 3 re Cogman a GoT writer. I'm NOT happy HBO is not going forward with prequel.


Mike V. said...

Richard for clarification they’re not going forward with COGMAN’s prequel. (I read about that). They’re still going forward with THE LONG NIGHT (working title) with Naomi Watts and crew. That is in active production. If you recall they were working on 4 different spinoffs. Cogman was writing one with GRRM and it didn’t gain any traction.

I’m going to check out your link. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Naomi Watts?? LOL, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement carrying forward with GoT cred.

Maybe Thanos can snap his fingers again.


MJ said...

Yara should kill Euron !

Hey - whatever happened to all that talk about Azor Ahai ? Doesn't he have to kill someone to bring the sword Lightgiver or something ?

Arya wearing Jamies face ? What did I miss ? She'd never pass for Jamie - he is waaaay taller then him

Too lazy to go to other post - but Endgame has no clips in the credits. Just FYI

And this is too funny - there are actually sites that describe when you are safe to go pee during the 3 hour 1 min movie.

Anonymous said...

I repasted this from above, it includes a LOT of information including AA and TPTWP theories. Mike and I have heard some that TPTWP is possibly Dany/Jon's child. And that could come into play with a time jump.

Well, given how short Arya is I asked that question a few seasons ago and just had to go with it, lol. Like the face changes more than the face.

Endgame--I haven't got anybody to go with yet. I'm actually looking forward to other movies more like John Wick 3! Don't laugh. I know you want to, yes I can see that smile turning into laugher now.


Anonymous said...

Endgame--I should say that part of my caution in seeing the movie is how I don't like how they're handling the Thor character. Actually I hate it! And I've heard it's even worse in the new movie.

Again, keep in mind my Viking stuff and so I take that more seriously than most.


MJ said...

My mind is BLOWN ! read this theory

question to a site: What did he think of the theory that the Winterfell crypts are actually a terrible place to put the North’s noncombatants, given that they’re full of corpses, which happen to be the raw material for the Night King’s army? His response was to suggest something I had never considered before:

I don’t think the Starks of ages past, so focused on the coming of winter, buried their dead with iron swords because they were stupid men.

In other words: The dead Starks in the crypts won’t rise up and turn against the living; they’ll rise up and protect them.

LOL on John Wick 3 !

Mike V. said...

Long Night - she was the first one signed but a bunch of people are attached now. Look it up on IMDB (you can search long night but it's listed under "untitled game of thrones prequel". Georgie Henley is cast in it. She was Lucy in the Narnia movies, but she's grown up now lol Miranda Richardson. The dude that was in that King Arthur show on Starz (he was King Arthur). one of the robots from HUMANS.

Arya with the faces - She's been tons of characters that aren't the same size as her! She was Walder Frey! lol They don't really pay attention to morphing sizes when they do this stuff. Anyway one of the popular theories of Arya killing Cersei is with Jaime's face. But if it was to be that Jaime would have to be dead. I don't think it's going to happen, but it is a popular theory.

I think I might have mentioned in some of the comments above on the theory of the dead starks rising to protect the living. I hadn't heard it phrased as well as what you posted there MJ! lol That would be kinda cool. I think I posted something about there being old Magic in the Stark Blood or something.

End Game - Heard about the pee breaks. We're just planning bathroom breaks ahead of time! UGH!! I didn't want to know about post credits!! lol but that's fine. You know I'll stay till the very end anyway! I've enjoyed Thor's renaissance. I didn't mind the old version of Thor either though. But Chris Hemsworth is naturally a pretty funny dude so letting him showcase that has been great. He fits in well with the Guardians and it appears Captain Marvel as well. So it would be cool if he sticks around after this movie. We'll see. (I hear you on the Viking stuff though)

John Wick 3 - I saw the first one, been planning to see the 2nd one so I would not laugh at you for being excited for that movie! Keanu had a resurgence with that franchise.

MJ said...

End game - I'm sorry. I didn't think that saying there are no clips in the credits would be spoilery. Now you don't have to sit thru them and be disappointed when none appear. And you can leave and go Pee ! LOL Sorry tho

Ugh - three times I meant to comment on the hair ! Yeah - it was lighter. But I would not have considered that blonde.

Mike V. said...

End Game - It's not spoilery at all. For big movies I just go into "I don't want to know ANYTHING!" mode because it gets my brain working over what it could mean. Someone on facebook gave their couple word reactions to the movie and I couldn't avoid it and it has me thinking what it could mean. Someone at work told me a 1 word review of the movie and I don't want to know because I don't want my expectations to be at the wrong level. It makes sense that there would be no end credits scenes since they're always teasing something next. This is supposed to be an ENDING. (We all know there's a Spider-Man movie in July and lots of untitled Marvel movies next year and every year following but that's besides the point lol) The only difference to me sitting in the theater during the credits now is that I just get to stare at everyone and laugh at them waiting instead of sitting there wondering what they could possibly tag this amazing ending with. So it'll still be fun! lol (No apologies necessary. I'm nuts is all that it comes down to!)

Hair - In that initial shot of him from the pilot it was very blonde. They blatantly made Tyrion and Jaime blonde. It was a huge plot point in the story. But after awhile they just kinda let it go. lol The fact that Joffrey had Blonde hair and all Baratheons have black hair was enough to drill the point home. lol