Monday, April 22, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 4/21/2019 to 4/27/2019

Hello fellow TV addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Now I don't have to re-watch all the Marvel movies. LOL

Mike V. said...

Lol I saw that last night! Combines 2 of my favorite things! Billy Joel and marvel. Lol premiere was last night. Lots of positive vibes coming out of it. I don’t want to read anymore!

Probably will catch up on thrones comments tomorrow. This training is taking up all my time!

Mike V. said...

Lots of shows coming back soon. The 100, iZombie, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Am I the only one still watching SHIELD? I forget. It got really good the past couple of seasons and this is the final one. And I think it was deliberately scheduled after EndGame. lol I was enjoying the break from having a lot to watch in my morning time period. Hopefully this doesn't interfere in my LOST rewatch hopes! lol

The Flash - Last night's episode was hilariously bad at points. The fact that they played off Caitlyn's dad's death just so that Barry and Iris would make up within a 40 minute time period was just really bad writing. And Caitlyn and her mother on the same night of this tragic event (after a very swift reunion) have completely finished mourning and decide to go out for a drink to make up for lost time. lol If it wasn't for the juicier stuff with Reverse Flash and Nora it would've been a wash of an episode! lol

Supergirl - Laying on the politics a little too thick and close to real life again. Poor Sam Witwer (Darth Maul Voice in Clone Wars/Solo, Doomsday in Smallville among other things) deserves better than to be used as a pawn for real life politics. lol Lex was sorely missing in this ep.

Legends of Tomorrow - By far the best CW DC show going right now. It's just fun.

And now Brandon Routh is going to get to show his bad guy chops again. (Rewatching Chuck last summer reminded me how good he is at it) Of course if you read this far and are confused of why he would be a bad guy. Don't worry. He's just possessed by a demon. lol

Maisel - 4 episodes in. Still really good!

MJ said...

Shield - nope - still watching. And looking forward to it.

iZombie - final season of this too.

Legends - am behind but yeah - they bring the cray cray

Deadwood - in season 2 now. Schweringer just had kidney stones - was almost painful to watch. LOL And Seth's wife/sisterinlaw is there now too - think I already mentioned that though

Been switching between Deadwood and Chaos (Chilling adventures of Sabrina) - so getting behind on like every thing else

Brockmire started too. As did Happy.

MJ said...

End game review - def no spoilers - I read it. They loved it apparently

Mike V. said...

Nice on SHIELD and iZombie. I did remember it was last season of that too.

Deadwood - I vaguely remember the kidney stones! Al is the best character. lol Yep I remember when Seth's wife comes to down. Have you met Wu yet? He has some great chats with Al over the seasons. lol

Hear you on getting behind. That's just the binge culture we live in! No rush to watch anything except GoT!

End Game - I'm gonna skip the review because I've read too much already. Everyone loves it. It's a masterpiece. I hope I don't go in too hyped! But this is a movie that the hype is already at all time levels. I'm prepared to be blown away! lol Apparently the cast was in tears at the premiere. Chris Evans cried 6 times. Feige got the largest standing ovation afterwards. I'm ready. 2 more days!

MJ said...

Deadwood - oh yeah - love Wu. Boy everyone always said that everyone was on this show. They sure were right. Garrett Dillahunt has now played a second character - who just killed the 2 whores - one being the Borg Queen. The woman from all the AHS seasons is on. Guard from OITNB as well. And so many others.

Mike V. said...

Geez....I never even made connections with the Borg, AHS or OITNB and Deadwood. Oh wait...Sarah Paulson was on Deadwood? I'm not sure I realized that. It was before she made a name for herself I guess. But's crazy how many people were on that show. That's why it has taken them so long to get the cast back together for a movie to finish it off. They all went off to have careers. lol

Finished Umbrella Academy. It ended with more promise than Heroes S1 for a better Season 2. LOL

Rewatching Infinity War one more time before tomorrow! WOO HOO!!!

Mike V. said...

Gotham - Series Finale was last night. It jumped ahead 10 years and the actors that played Bruce and Selina were not in it. There was a new actress playing Selina (she was given the choice apparently but wanted to do the character justice). IT might be have been the Bruce actor behind the Cowl but we never saw Bruce Wayne in this ep. Just Batman working in the shadows with Joker, Penguin and Riddler fully realized as their true villainous selves. Gordon had the mustache for a hot minute but then shaved it. Lol But they ended the show basically how it needed to. The pre Batman days are over and Batman now protects the city. Good stuff.

END GAME DAY!!!! I have about 35 minutes in my final Infinity War rewatch. Lol I know people have already seen it so I’m treading carefully on the internet!