Sunday, October 28, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 10/28/2018 - 11/3/2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Star Wars--Boba Fett cancelled.

This article has much I agree with and I post to just let you know some of the reasons why I've not been crazy about the new SW stuff.

I'll check out Rogue One soon since this article while critical overall thought it was decent.

Camping--tried this new HBO series and couldn't get past half the second ep.

Ray Donovan--So, it started again last night and now it's in NY. Not liking Liev looking tired/worn out.

Seals--I was wondering how they were going to keep interest up in the show. So, the new storyline seems legit too.

I don't post much anymore because it seems what I watch vs the others doens't have much intersection.


Mike V. said...

SW - Yeah I heard about Fett being cancelled. This is the 2nd time it's been pushed so obviously they were having a hard time coming up with a good story. And they're more cautious after SOLO (even though it was a solid movie!) Mandolorian is a go for TV though. (So basically a boba fett type character but hanging out on the outskirts of the galaxy doing who knows what)

Rogue One was fantastic. I've always said you'd probably enjoy it. Most people seem to be enjoying the stand alone films more than the saga films. I still really liked 7 and 8.

I don't think the franchise is in trouble (as I see in the URL) but I will read the article. They're slowing things down and admit they went too hard too fast (straight from Bob Iger himself). George took his time creating these stories and it has been proven that things can't be rushed.

Still have hope they'll work out a good story for a stand alone Obi-Wan film with McGreggor being the perfect age to do it.

I hear you on TV content Richard. We're all on different paths at this point! I'm just at the era with my children where I don't get much time to watch TV. And the crap I watch in the mornings on the treadmill is stuff my wife can't be bothered with and I don't care enough to sit down and watch when I'm not on the treadmill. lol (i.e. CW DC Shows and what not)

I'm still watching BBT which is in its final season. It's been okay. Howard dressed as Sheldon was classic. ....even Sheldon as Howard. lol

But with TV commentary in's just tough these days with all the options out there. And it's only getting worse.

Shameless - All caught up. Will move to manifest catchup next (Whenever we have spare time)

The Good Place - Still fantastic! BTW...I was watching Ealges/Jaguars yesterday morning (London game) and every time they mentioned Blake Bortles I had to laugh and thought of Jason Mendoza. lol

Supergirl - They're laying the crap on really thick still. It's really painful to watch. Make Earth Great Again.....EARTH FIRST? Come on! I rolled my eyes several times through the episode. Cool to see Sam Witwer on TV again though....(outside of his Darth Maul duties on Clone Wars, Rebels and perhaps a recent film...spoiler alert! lol)

Mike V. said...

SW - Reading this article. And this is turning into a LIVE COMMENTARY on the article as I go through it. Very opinionated. (Wouldn't expect much less from breitbart! lol)

Mind Boggling success of Force Awakens? How??? They could have filmed a turd for 2 hours and had Harrison ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher looking at it and it would've been a huge success. Bringing those characters back to the big screen with a movie that functioned was the cause of that success. It helped that the new characters were pretty engaging too. (I still love it on home video. I don't know what the dude is talking about. But I know you agree with it.)

Rogue One's success was actually MIND BOGGLING. It proved you didn't need a skywalker in a SW film to be a success. It still was very central to the main story though. (and if you count Anakin Skywalker as Darth Vader with his brief moments in the film...then I guess that did help sell it. And there are other cameos as well)

Oh here we go with the feminist agenda. Yeah, based on my Supergirl comments...I can get annoyed when things are too in your face with political correctness and a too obvious "AGENDA". I'm not seeing it that much with Star Wars. These are well thought out characters that contribute to the story.

Dawson's Creek 2??? Seriously?? Luke died yes...but he's still going to be a prominent presence in episode 9. It's the end of the Skywalker saga and he is a key part of that. (as is Kylo Ren now.....and an outside but doubtful chance that Rey is too)

This article is getting harder to read with all of the "WOKE" lingo. Solo flopped for more reasons than not Harrison Ford and Billie Dee Williams playing the iconic characters. It was too soon after TLJ. It was too soon after Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2. The movie itself I still say was pretty solid.

BTW I've read all of this commentary on the SW films in other places. It's not news to me...just the fact that this is published as a piece of media. I don't need my Star Wars turned into a political debate. I just want to enjoy my star wars without thinking about it!

They comment on the prequels not being flops, but they're not going to comment on the prequels basically being about the G.W.B. era of politics? and Liberty dying with thunderous applause? lol and this was under the Lucas era and not Lefty Liberal Kennedy in charge with her feminist ways? tsk tsk.

I'm going to save this link and all of its doom and gloom speak of SW post episode 9. Star Wars will be back and it'll still be big. An Obi-Wan film is all but guaranteed. Rian Johnson is still working on a trilogy. beniof and Weiss are still working on a series of films (some think it might be Old Republic related a la their Game of Thrones expertise in space lol)

They're going to give the closure to the Saga its due and they're going to be working out their growing pains in the process. And then we'll see the flame reignite. Will it be for everyone? No, not the skeptical among us. But, I'll be there fully awaiting my next star wars adventure.

Disclaimer: My slander against Breitbart does not declare my political affiliation. I have to time for any slanted media left or right! lol I just want unbiased not in my face reporting and entertainment! (hard to find these days)

Mike V. said...

One more note on Star Wars success....stay out of summer. It's too busy. Keep Star Wars as a Christmas tradition. It works now. And I'm actually going to miss it this Christmas!

MJ said...

CAOS - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - it's been awesome. Loving it.

Didn't get much else watched - as predicted.

MJ said...

Oh meant to add that I have recorded Camping but have not yet watched.

Didn't even know Breitbart had entertainment info

SuperG - haven't seen last nights but I agree - don't like being lectured to from a tv show. I am there to be entertained

Mike V. said...

lol CAOS...pretty funny acronym. I'm sure it's good! (NO TIME!!!!! :( )

Not even checking out camping...don't even know what it is. lol

Supergirl - hopefully it dies down. It's painful from what used to be a fairly entertaining show.

Anonymous said...

BBT--my wife and I thought the last ep/halloween ep was one of the best ever. They seemed to be getting back to some great comedy. And yes--sheldon/howard visa versa was great and Bernadette acting like she's not mean--really, lol.

SW--well, I felt hit over the head with a hammer on the PC correct stuff in the last few movies. So did my son and daughter and they watched it on their own with friends and told me later.

Media--Yea, I am convinced there is no neutral outlet. So, I've decided to just deal with the ones that have staked out an honest position(identified as left or right) and consider what they say in light of their stated position.


Mike V. said...

BBT - yeah it was funnier than I had expected it to be so I can agree with that assessment!

SW - I see a lot of that commentary out there. But, I just don't see it blatant in the movies. not like what I've been seeing on Television. Sure, casting is definitely more diverse these days...but with Star Wars I don't think that really impacts things. It's a show with a bunch of different alien species anyway. we'll see what happens if they attempt to start throwing more romance into these stories how PC (or more specifically: "LEFTWARD LEANING") they've truly gotten. lol

For the record, the fact that the protagonist is a girl in this new trilogy was straight from George Lucas. How they went about introducing her was more the writing team. But George's whole idea of Luke being a hermit on a deserted island (taking himself out of the fight) and this girl finding him was all part of his story treatment for episode 7. (they just really saved that story for ep8) Of course George was also going to expand further on midichlorians with Microbiotes or something like that....(he explained this on some AMC Sci-Fi show that James Cameron hosted) did NOT sound interesting. lol As far as I'm concerned Star Wars was always FUN and these new movies have captured that aspect of it. The prequels were more serious and were filling in the mythology...which was good, but I want more fun! I don't need deep think pieces.

Media - Makes sense. I just can't stand all the conspiracy theory crap I read on the ultra right or left sites and the commentary on social media that it inspires. It's all too much for me. What happened to people having level headed conversations about stuff? lol It's all name calling and conspiracies. (I know the internet gives voice to the loud minority, but it still drives me nuts!)

MJ said...

Gberg - you see the Karaoke one yet ? OMG I was cracking up - dating myself but loved rick in my teens.

Finished Sabrina. Now have to catch up on everything else. SIGH

Also been watching weekly Eli Roth History of Horror. Know no one here is. But we love our horror here - and tis the season.

Media - husband a huge news whore now. Drives me crazy. I stay away from it all. And won't comment on my leanings here. ;-D

Camping - only reason will look at it is cause of Jennifer Garner. Still like her.

Mike V. said...

Media - Don't even want to know. Don't even care! lol I'm the same, stay away from the drama. (except on Facebook and Twitter and any comments section anywhere. It's unavoidable. But I never engage!)

GBERG - Oh yeah we're caught up. Rick Springfield was great. My Aunt goes on his cruises. lol (I wouldn't even know they existed if she didn't show me pictures!)

Iron Fist - was pleasantly surprised when I was watching episode felt like it was wrapping up. Sure enough, it was the finale! So I'm done! Started Daredevil season 3! Good so far but I'm only like 20 minutes in.

Camping - ahh yes I did see her on the cast list. Let me know if it is any good. Doesn't sound like Richard likes it!

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones -

EW has the cover story for the final season. Hibberd was on site for the series finale and table reads and a bunch of other stuff. He brought up an interview with Beniof and Weiss from years ago where they were figuring out how to film the final episodes (brought up the movie(s) idea that GRRM was always throwing around...but due to success HBO got them the money they needed to pull it off)

Still reading but it's good stuff! Probably gonna need to start my rewatch soon. lol Get back in blogging shape!

Mike V. said...

I should add to the above post. It's mostly spoiler free, but there are some tidbits about how the season will open and the setting for a large battle. We had speculated about that 2nd part. It all makes sense, but if you don't want to know tread lightly! lol

MJ said...

GofT - I will have to check it out. But yeah - we all know a very large battle is coming so not a spoiler. LOL. And we all know season will open with Dany horrifyingly finding out she schtupped her nephew ! LOL Just kidding.

I doubt I can rewatch it all. Maybe just last season.

This is Us - caught up. Was 2 behind. I knew the 'sad Toby' story would be dull and predictable. Surprised she got pregnant on the first IVF attempt - thought they'd drag that out. But doubting she will carry to term.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - It was the setting of the battle and it being the "BIG BATTLE" that I thought was a tad spoilerish. Makes me speculate if other events will even happen.

lol on Schtupped!

I don't know if I can rewatch it all either. But I like to do it on occasion.

This is Us - This is TV don't think after one failed pregnancy they won't give her a win this time? BTW...I brought up a theory on the Vietnam story and the brother last week....I think I said we're going to find out that maybe Jack killed his brother (maybe accidentally or something like that) wife said that the woman in the picture...and the medallion...maybe Jack has another kid. I went with that and said maybe Jack's BROTHER had a kid. lol We'll see!