Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 3 - Warning Signs

Hello friends and welcome to another recap of another episode of another season of The Walking Dead!  I'm getting concerned folks.  I thought we had 5 episodes to go before the show went beyond repair.  Now we've learned things will change much sooner.  I guess that means the next two episodes are going to be pretty crazy.  Things were already ramping up by the end of this one.  It's been a solid season so far, but I just don't understand what the future will look like after they do what they're gonna do.   But, I'll get more into it after the jump!

Discussion Points / Recap

Okay recap is pretty short.  It was a mystery of why people were disappearing.  We found out that Justin was killed and walkerfied which sparked tension between Saviors and everyone else.  Long story short, it was the Oceansiders led by Cindy who wanted revenge for what Negan's crew (including Simon, Justin and Arat) did to her family and their crew.  They were inspired by Maggie's hanging of Gregory.  Rick's rules were not the only way.  After we found out the gory details of what happened to Cindy's 11 year old brother, Daryl and Maggie turned their backs and let them finish what they started.  Maggie and Daryl are done with Rick's "all must live for the future" mantra and want to go to Negan.   To kill him?  To make a deal?  Who knows?  All we know is it is signaling the end times for Rick.  

Sidenote:  Jadis/Ann was suspected for taking people as well and Gabriel lied to protect her.  Rick asked Gabriel to keep watch on her.  We found out more about what Ann was doing with the Scavengers as Jadis.  She was trading people to the Chopper people.  And there's something about As and Bs.  When Gabriel was going to rat her out to Rick she knocked him out.  So no telling what's going on there.  But she talked about a better life with the chopper people.  

There's tons of other little sub-notes to make, but I want to cover just one big question at this point.  We now know that Rick only has 2 episodes left.  Do we really think they're going to 100% legitimately kill Rick so that he can never return to the show when they end it?  I think we may have had this discussion in a previous week and maybe it's already known.  But that is just crazy to me.  If you kill Rick you essentially killed our way into this world.  This isn't Game of Thrones where there was always a hidden hero coming into his/her own.  This show was built around Rick, the comic was built around Rick.  And now that they won't end the show due to money they're going to write him off and turn it into something else?  Oh I get it, Michonne is definitely going to be pregnant.  So what then?  Are we going to jump 20 years into the future where this new person is our leader?    And isn't it getting a little old?  Every time there is a person that is standing for life rather than killing, they get killed off the show?   

I know I'm 2 episodes early on this, but I still speculate they're going to leave it open ended somehow. I really don't know how, but can we really have a series finale without a living Rick in it?   How long do we think this show will last without Rick Grimes front and center?   As I type this I'm sitting next to my wife who already wants to give up and pretty much keeps watching because I'm still typing these recaps!    Anyway, I'm willing to stick with the show to see where it goes, but I'm still going to learn towards them keeping him alive but at this point will not be surprised if it goes another way.  (especially with the happy montage of the day with Judith and Michonne)  

PS: Jed is the worst.  

Definitely looking forward to discussing in the comments with the few of you that still read and comment!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

TWD - they really needed to cut out the saviours that are just not interested in their new way of life. Can't make people want to be part of a community - so kick em out ! Have to say - did NOT see it coming that O-side ladies were the killers. And glad to see that Maggies hearing that her hanging of Gregory spurred it all seemed to give her pause. But Jadis - needing to deliver and A/B - yikes. Didn't take long for her to show her true self.

MJ said...

I thought they might kill Rick originally - but I dunno now. I know Maggie ain't dying. Just can't figure out what scenario they can come up with that makes them BOTH walk away ? I keep coming back to Rick must die cause he'd never leave Michonne and Judith. Maybe he gets kidnapped an no one knows if he is dead ? But - where do you keep someone hostage in the apocalypse so doesn't make sense either.

But I don't agree that killing Rick kills our way into this world. We are already very entrenched with others stories by now. It really hasn't been all Rick's perspective in quite awhile now.

When Rick became a farmer we saw Hershel's version of the world. Getting a taste of Maggie and Daryls now. Have seen Gov version and Neegan version. Even Carl over took Rick as the narrator of the story for awhile.

I'm looking forward to the change. With Rick it's been a pendulum - kill all save everyone over and over. Maybe now we will get something in between. And now some others will learn that it ain't so easy to be in charge too.

Mike V. said...

TWD - I'm not sold Ann/Jadis is a baddie yet. lol Maggie may have been concerned for a minute about what she inspired, but she sure went ahead with her future plotting!

Yep...I'm in the same boat with figuring out what they'll do with Rick. It's tough to come up with a scenario where he'd just disappear. Kidnapped or something like that is the only thing I can think of. I just read that andy Lincoln is directing a season 10 episode, so he'll still be around the set in SOME capacity. (just sayin lol)

True on narrator changing. That all happened, but Rick was always the face of the show. I just don't see how him leaving (in whatever capacity...death/disappears) affects the show positively. I'm sure there still could be some interesting storytelling when he leaves, I just wonder who will be around to see it!

MJ said...

Yeah - I had heard about him directing.

Yet when they killed Carl every one said he had become the new face. LOL

I'm willing to wait and give them a chance. FTWD certainly turned itself around after getting rid of a bunch of cast.

Jadis/Ann - well she's not good. LOL I think this move is more of a - these people are not going to just settle down and get along so I'm out !

Oh schnap ! Did we just solve what they are doing with Rick ? LOL Jadis is taking him to the copter peeps as her type A !!!!! She's flying him to her new camp !

Mike V. said...

Okay when I say "face of the show" I mean the LEAD ACTOR...the man on all the posters, the one selling the tickets. Top Billed guy. That has always been Andrew Lincoln since the beginning. Jack Shephard in LOST. he took the backseat on occasion, but it was always centered around his hero's journey.

The death card on this show has always been the one who is still pulling for humanity. That became Carl and now Rick is keeping Carl's flame lit so now it's him.

Yeah FTWD was never as successful as TWD a reboot could only improve things (I still haven't caught up and don't really plan to. burned out on zombies!) Yes I'm willing to give the show a chance...but if history proves anything, the show will last another season or 2 before they have to start considering ending it. (Once Upon a Time, X-Files (new seasons don't count), That 70s Show, Vampire Diaries, The Office come to top of mind....btw...all of those examples where the lead left...they came back for the series finale) Of course even if Rick is killed, he could still come back in some form for the finale. flashback, dream, etc...

Jadis - no not great. But we've met a lot of not great people that end up being on the same team. lol (in this show and in others!) could be on to something there! Maybe Rick DOES get taken away. lol

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