Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 2 - The Bridge

Hello friends and welcome back!  This was that episode of The Walking Dead where tensions were high and people were looking for ways to build a better future!  Okay, while I kid it was another solid episode to keep this old show chugging along.  There were interesting plot developments to keep track of as well as we move along.  Keeping things brief as always so let's dive in!

Discussion Points

The episode was bookended by Rick recapping Day 35 of Bridge building to Negan.  Negan warns how everything is going to go south at some point and it will signify his return to power.   What happened in this fateful day of the metaphorical (Deep symbolism here guys) and literal bridge building?  

  • Maggie, Michonne and Jesus argued over how some decisions shouldn't be made by just one person and they need to be governed by common rules.  This played out with Earl's punishment for attempted murder on Maggie.  Another callback to Hershel with the alcohol problems and getting a second chance.  Maggie eventually let him return to plowing and stuff and opening trade back up with the saviors.   
  • There is an issue with missing ethanol from the saviors though, so something tells me this might be related to the missing saviours that went AWOL as well.  
  • I'll admit, I'm sure Rick and Eugene talked about some important statistics and scenarios during their entertaining walk but I couldn't only translate about 33% of Eugene speak.  Was a good time though! 
  • I don't know the name of MUSCLES Savior dude so I'm just calling him that.  But he was causing some crap again and even was messing with Henry.  That set Daryl off and led to some fisticuffs and eventually led to a mess-up with walker herd control.   (Shout out to Tara's walkie talkie nicknaming.  Mother Goose, classic)   Also awesome was Rick going all EWOK on the walkers and sending the logs after them.  A lot more graphic than I remember the storm troopers taking them though!  
  • But, the worst casualty of all was Aaron.  Enid has come up to speed under the supervision of Siddiq, but her call was to amputate his arm which definitely was not looking good.  Aaron gave some inspiring speech to Rick afterwards of how it was all worth it and he's glad to be a small part of the new world they're building.   Maybe he needs to preach that stuff to Daryl who is totally on a different page.  
  • So I guess Carol and Zeke are engaged?  Carol downplayed the whole thing but she did put on the ring to (try on for awhile).   Loved that she didn't let him give his speech.  
  • So Gabriel is not a catholic priest.   I love that they made that clear before he put the moves on Jadis!  
  • Speaking of Jadis, when she was on watch she say a flying vehicle in the sky!  Don't think it was a helicopter, so what was it? 
  • And then there's the AWOL Saviors.  Hilltop Savior dude (don't know his name either) said they left families behind at sanctuary so he doesn't think they just up and left.  He also accused Rick of sounding like Negan with his talk of protection.  
  • In the end we see Muscles leaving the bridge site (as he was kicked off the job by Rick) but then he got either killed or captured.  So, I'm sure this is all related to the next challenge to face this growing community.

And that's about all I have for tonight.  Looking forward to discussing more in the comments with everyone.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!  


MJ said...

Damn ! Enid had to cut Aaron's arm off ! Part of it any way. Thank god they kicked that jerk out - of course he was just gonna go back to Sanctuary - til he got stopped by someone anyway. And the saviours with the ethenol disappearing ? Gotta be Whisperers right ? But Jadis and Gabe ? Ewwww. And why is a half-blind man on guard duty ? SIGH. But hey - there's the chopper again.

Muscles dude is Justin - which I had not remembered either ! LOL And those storm troopers had helmets on Mike ! LOL. I totally thought it was the helicopter. Lights looked like it to me any way.

MJ said...

Read something today that did not occur to me - cause - ya know - it's been 8 years. LOL But Aaron losing his hand takes the place of Rick who lost his hand in the book.

Also - glad they mentioned Georgie - the lady who collects records. I loved her and was very intrigued by her and her people.

Mike V. said...

Georgie = ELLEN DEGENERES! Lol (my hot take from last year. I know you didn't agree lol)

I was in all day training yesterday, should have time to respond to all of this in a bit. :)

MJ said...

LOL No - cause I know the actress playing Georgie so I do not see Ellen at all.

Mike V. said...

I know the actress too, it was more the pants suit and sneakers she was wearing (or that's what I recall her wearing lol)

Good call on Aaron losing an arm instead of Rick. Hadn't considered it. I immediately thought of Hershel losing his leg.

It probably was the helicopter again. We've been seeing damn helicopters since season 1. Did we ever confirm what the first helicopter sighting was? i.e. is it different than what we're seeing now?

Whisperers....have we met them yet or is that a comic book group we've been waiting to show up? In any case, it felt very much like the LOST Season 1 incarnation of the OTHERS. faceless and stealthy.

BTW...this Justin guy has been on a lot of other shows I watch. Agents of SHIELD and The 100 come to mind. He always plays the same type of character. lol

MJ said...

Whisperers - waiting to meet them. I know stuff about them - what they do. Could be a little similar to the others. Of course

Helo - I think the first we saw of any was the Governor had taken one down - or it crashed and he killed the soldiers. this one is different I thought, but the same as last year

Justin - was a Russian on something. And on Shameless ! He was Karens boy-toy and baby daddy I thought ?

I am very disappointed to hear the ratings are down. I think both eps have been very good - as do many at work who watch it.

Mike V. said...

Whisperers - ahh ok.

chopper - okay, I thought we had seen more with that, but forgot when.

Justin - RIGHT! forgot about Shameless. I don't remember what he was on that. lol

Ratings - yeah I think people are just getting burned out. I still hesitate to push play every Sunday at 9, but I have a blog to write. (have is a strong word! lol) I have enjoyed the 2 eps this season though.