Sunday, October 21, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 10/21/2018 - 10/27/2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Been away for a few days - and damn - they cancelled Luke Cage ! They did such surprising things in season two !

Supergrl - caught up - was 2 behind. So this season is all about hatred of aliens I guess ? I think we knew the President was alien ? Cute that new girl is like young Kara. ANd yes - Kara was being a little Cat like. Wondered what they'd have J'onn doing - hoping this isn't all it is. Who is that guy in the suit ?!? I know that voice. And really - you hate aliens but are ok following a guy in a suit that looks alien ? Just saying. But umm - no camera would be allowed at Camp David - not even by DEO. Just saying.

AHS - caught up - was 2 behind. Liked going back before the apocolypse and catching up with the witches - but really did not remember the fates of Queenie and Madison - too long ago. Hysterical that CoCo's 'talent' is sensing gluten ! So Kathy Bates - is his mom ? And the android he built in her likeness? So her plan was to have Michael bring back some witches to help stop him ? Hmmm. But yay! On to Murder house ! Constance kept calling the house hers - but she didn't live there in season 1 did she ? Oh how I have missed Moira the maid ! But Ben Harmon was the best - his eternity to jerkoff a the window while crying was hysterical - even when he askes they just remove the crying part ! Rows of roses were good too. Can't remember - who is the little malformed kid running around ?

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - Guy in the suit definitely sounded familiar. We all definitely knew Prez was an alien, the public didn't. Ummm...the new girl is like young Kara, but now she's not even a girl (or used to not be one). Look...I'm all for diversity in casting, but I don't take well to being lectured to on television. This show more than the other DC shows seems to wear its political opinions on its sleeve. And sometimes it's so overbearing it takes away from the story because you're not ESCAPING reality, you're listening to someone preach their opinions. I don't care if they're left or right opinions...preachy is preachy. Stick to the story, be more subtle!

NETFLIX CANCELLATIONS - This is all fueling the rumor that while Luke and Danny are cancelled they may be getting a joint show called "Heroes for Hire" just like they were a team in the comics. Some stuff that the actors have tweeted since is hinting in that direction too. Like I said before, the shows are cancelled, I don't think the characters are. lol

AHS - I didn't remember queenie and Madison's fates either. Gluten thing was hysterical too. Murder house episode was fantastic! I don't remember the malformed kid either. Kathy Bates was part of that cult that took him in right? Connie Britton is his mother. But Jessica Lange raised him as grandmother. It's all kinds of messed up! lol

Legions of Tomorrow - Still a fun show! Season premiere is no exception.

Mike V. said...

Whoops getting my shows mixed up. "LEGENDS" of tomorrow. lol

Mike V. said...

Flash - ahhhh so future Iris sent Nora back which explains the cold shoulder. I was worried about Joe and Cisco in this episode. you have me thinking about all the possibilities with who might not be in the whole season! And of course we have a Harry incarnation back now so I'm fully confused. But really...Sherloque Wells (spelling from closed captions)? LOL A bit on the nose wouldn't you say? lol

Iron Fist - I'm 8 or 9 in. Hasn't been too bad. Not too great either. lol

This is Us - Things are looking rough for Toby, Beth and Randall right now! I read a tweet that said we caught up with the flash forward. ummm I missed it if we did! lol Kevin's journey down memory lane with Jack is interesting, but I wonder where it's going. Of course we know that Jack was "SUPERMAN" even in Vietnam. But surely there are some demons coming. Okay, I'll throw a theory out....Jack somehow is/feels reponsibile for his brother dying! Yes he has his alcoholic demons, but other than that he's a perfect specimen (making a bad name for every other man in the world. I mean come on? Cleaning dishes? Who wrote that episode?? lol). There has to be something surrounding the brother which probably is part of the cause of his alcoholic tendencies.

MJ said...

Supergirl - agreed. CW keeps doing it for the sake of doing it

Netflix - never heard of it but figured we'd still see them

Legends - will try to get to tonight.

Mike V. said...

Netflix - I hadn't heard of it either. When Iron Fist was cancelled that's when I start seeing these comments pop up about HEROES FOR HIRE and how it should've been Luke and Danny together from the start. Then Luke Cage got cancelled....and it got people really thinking this might happen. All I know is...that's 13 less hours I'd need to fit in in a year! lol I'm on board!

MJ said...

Legends - why was I not surprised Gary was a virgin ? LOL Killer unicorn Loved it. Glad Constantine is on board - I liked his show but it only lasted a season.

Flash - yet another Wells ! We'll see if he grows on me. Cute tho that he has to stay to pay back what he was paid. SO - Cisco has to change his meta name now ? What did I miss - you comment Future Iris sent Nora back. I don't recall hearing that when I watched last night ?

LOL on 13 hours less.

Mike V. said...

Legends - Probably because of the title of the episode being "The Virgin Gary" lol! Kidding...but yeah no surprise! Never watched Constantine but remembered there being another show. Wasn't sure it was the same actor. lol Killer Unicorn was great.

Flash - It seemed heavily implied by Sherloque Wells questions of Nora at the end of the episode (something like "did you come back on your own or did someone make you come back?" Combine that with her being cold to Iris in present day and it seemed to make sense. I was ready to theorize about it on the blog and then the previews for next week pretty much confirmed it. lol

MJ said...

CBS all access is having an animated comedy Star Trek ? Uh - what ?

MOd Fam - didn't watch but read who died. Not spoiling - but they said would be a significant character. I don't agree

Manifest - does Cal go to school ? Interesting that he found the stow away tho. But how did he know 'they are all connected' if he doesn't hear the voice ? Interesting that Danny met whats-her-name in grief counciling. Now with them pulling away he's having another loss - so kinda explains why he's not letting them go so easily. Over Michaela and Lourdes thing.

Legends - LOL - didn't even look at the title. Husband had it queued and ready to play when I got to the couch.

Flash - I didn't watch previews. But she was so happy to meet her dad finally so why be cold to the mom who sent you ? I dunno. I just figured she wanted daddy to herself.

Mike V. said...

Star Trek Comedy - I saw some tweets about that. I'm probably out even if I can find them free. lol

Modern Family - I watched. I assumed it was going to be Phil's dad. I knew it would be a recurring character and not one of the core stars. It was still a well done episode even if they overhyped the death ahead of time.

Manifest - ugh I'm still behind. Almost caught up on Shameless (which has gone on hiatus) so Manifest will be next on my list.

Legends - Nice! I'm always in control of the remote so I see the episode names. lol

Flash - I figured you didn't watch the previews and I've gotten out of the habit of watching them too...but caught this one. I could be wrong and may have misinterpreted the preview, but it was the first thing that jumped to my head with the questioning at the end. She may be happy to see her dad, but she may have been forced to go by a desperate future Iris. Jeopardizing the timeline may have been a primary concern of hers.

I dunno...I'm sure they'll have some kind of explanation if that's the case. lol Maybe we don't know the whole story of the future yet. Maybe Iris is the reason Barry is gone in the future....and Nora has never forgiven her...even if it was Iris's idea to send her back??? I'm just throwing stuff out there! lol

MJ said...

Ahs - love that they brought back the VooDoo. Though that was a crazy price that Papa wanted from Cordelia - glad she said no. For a hot second I thought she'd say yes! But OMG - loved Bubbles McGee and her secret talent. Did not expect to get a second Joan Collins appearance. Did they all have like 1 extra talent in Coven ? I don't actually recall this being a thing. And speaking of that - how funny that now Coco sees the calories of everything. Is it wrong that I loved the burning at the stakes ? LOL

Funny - I am up to date with Manifest and behind on Shameless. LOL

Mike V. said...

AHS - no they built up the stake burning as something we'd be happy to see. lol I'll say it...I'm an idiot that I didn't recognize Joan Collins. I mean I knew she looked familiar (in both instances), but I just couldn't place it. lol I don't really remember the ins and outs of Coven. I just thought their powers grew eventually. But yes Coco with the gluten and calories is hilarious! Loved seeing Lance Reddick again on the show. And yet again I had to look up to see why I thought he sounded so familiar!

Shameless/Manifest - lol nice. There's only so much room, we just prioritized differently! There's no Manifest next week which might give me a chance to catch up. But I'll probably end up watching the Wicked Special on NBC instead. lol

MJ said...

oh yeah - I read about the Wicked special. Still haven't seen the play.

This is gonna be a tough weekend. Sabrina dropped last night - know my husband will be dying to see it asap. Also 2 scary-ish shows we watch come back tonight Midnight Texas and Channel Zero. So not thinking I will catch up to much.

And yeah - we def have different priorities. LOL

AHS - funny on Joan Collins/Reddick.