Monday, July 31, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 7/31/2017 to 8/6/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is the place to discuss all non-recapped shows for the week.  I'll see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Strain - All caught up.

Orphan Black - All caught up - Let me know when you are, MJ. lol

Friends from College - Watching this on Netflix with the Mrs. Several Actors/Actresses from other things we've watched. Pretty funny. 8 30 minute episodes. I think we're already halfway through.

Mike V. said...

CW Superhero 4 show crossover - Apparently it's going to be a 2 night event at the end of November. Arrow will move from Thursday to Monday for that week so it'll be SG, Arrow Monday, then Flash, Legends on Tuesday. They said it was the most successful week in CW history last year. lol My progress on LEGENDS has stalled due to my treadmill being out of commission (no fear, I've been facing the elements outside and continuing my quest for slimness!) and me keeping up with Orphan and Strain, and rewatching Thrones on Monday. lol But maybe i'll still get to it.

Anonymous said...

Salvation--I'm really liking this show. And now we're getting John Noble(Walter from Fringe).


MJ said...

Strain - hmmm. Last one I saw they poisoned the blood in the tanker. Not sure if that is up to date. Creepy with the pregnant factory though. LOL

Orphan - no still behind.

Friends College - oh good. I'd not heard great things.

Salvation - behind on this too.

Mike V. said...

Strain - that's the one I just watched. Pregnant factory was the episode before I think.

Friends from College - Finished last night. It was entertaining and a small time commitment. Needs a 2nd season with the way they left off. lol

MJ said...

Frankie and Grace - just finished all three seasons of this. Very funny.

Need to start Vikings. Maybe this weekend.