Monday, July 24, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 7/23/2017 to 7/29/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is the place to discuss all non-recapped shows for the week.  I'll see you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Talking with Chris Hardwick - The Damon Lindelof episode finally aired. I basically knew most of the stories he told, but still love hearing him discuss/process Lost and The Leftovers. It's worth a watch or a listen whenever they release on the Nerdist Podcast (actually I think the podcast is uncut so it might be longer)

Anonymous said...

Talking - I taped it last night but haven't watched yet.

TWD - see the comicon trailer yet ? Looks good !

Mike V. said...

Is that you mj? Lol

I did see the comic con trailer for a few things. I posted some stuff on the last weekly post. I'll try and carry them over to here after my meetings. :)

Mike V. said...

My posts from last week with comic con links are below. Quick update for this week - Didn’t get to strain and orphan this week yet. We did finish OITNB though. I’m annoyed at the cliffhanger! Lol

Posts from Last Week:

Benioff and Weiss (game of thrones show runners) announce their next HBO show - confederate. Sounds promising and a lot like the man in high castle but civil war themed.
July 19, 2017 at 5:02 PM

Orphan - Caught up. Susan made her move and isn't looking good now! This season is like a greatest hits tour of villains. Truthfully I don't remember the one lady from the insane asylum that is out and about now. lol But Crystal returning was a good time. (Krystal?? oh know who I mean!)

Strain - Got about 10 minutes left...but they did a little time jump and we have another fictional Philly on television. At least they did research and brought up real streets and squares. lol Can't speak for Route 13 in North Dakota but I'm guessing they looked at a map. lol

Orange - Think we have 3 episodes left...they just captured Piscatella in the bunker.
July 20, 2017 at 9:25 AM

Twd - season 8 comic con trailer!
July 21, 2017 at 4:10 PM

Vikings - back 11/29 and trailer.

MJ said...

iZombie - finally watched ! And oh Ravi ! Took the cure than made Liv infect him. And Major went bac to being a Zombie. SIGH. But we all knew that the 'vaccine' was def not what it seemed. Didn't get Liv going back to the zombie look just as the public is starting to attach zombies - but whatever. though he chick was kinda right - putting all the zombies on one island does make them a big target.

Midnight Texas - any one looking at it ?

Asteroid show - been watching. Not bad for a summer show.

Talking - yeah that was me ! LOL Watched it - good show.

Strain - yeah they have gotten all weird now with all of them sepearated. LOL on fake Philly

OITNB - hmm - can't remember off the top of my head how it ended.

Orphan - she led the Castors - the male clones.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Forgot you weren't caught up. And now of course, I forget a lot of what happened! :) lol I do remember the Zombie island though and agree that was a bad idea. And remember there is a public awareness of zombies now. Forgot about Major and Ravi! Crazy how these things just leave your brain after a few weeks. :)

Midnight Texas - sounds familiar, but not sure I remember what it is.

Asteroid show - I'm so out of the loop! lol Didn't even hear of it.

Talking - was a good time. The whole imagery of riding the motorcycle with Tom Cruise was hilarious.

Strain - still gotta watch ep 2.

OITNB - you are plagued with my iZombie memory! lol The 10 people in the pool bunker were holding hands, piscatella was shot in the head (killed) by the tear gas pellet or whatever it it was, and the swat team was coming into the bunker...also everyone was getting on separate buses to go to new prisons.

I told my wife I had a prediction on how the next season will start. It'll be months later and everyone will be in different prisons and they'll flash back to how it all ended. But it'll be far enough in advance where maybe some will be returning to Litchfield. I dunno lol

Orphan - ahhh that's what I was thinking but couldn't quite remember. almost done the latest episode.

Mike V. said...

Orphan Black (caught up) - Ugh...the eye sequence. I had to turn away, but I still caught some of it. That was rough to watch. But nice that Rachel came around at the end and wouldn't let them take Kira. 3 eps left!

Strain - started the latest ep, but still more to watch.

MJ said...

Talking - yeah that was so funny ! And the story where he had to pay 3 people 1,000 dollars too.

OITNB - oh yeah ! Pscatella killed by the Max guards and the separate buses. LOL True enough - easy to forget when there is so much that we watch. Interesting prediction.

Orphan - 1 behind. Know it was Krystal heavy though. And that Alison comes back.

Asteroid show - Richard also checked it out - just can't remember the name. LOL

Midnight Texas - just started on NBC. About a weird town with a medium, vampire, werewolf and some interesting characters. Def not a serious show.

MJ said...

Hey - Robot thing much improved today. Doesn't take me 10 mins to post now.

Mike V. said...

Good news on Robot! Maybe the settings I selected finally caught up (Doubt it. I'm sure everyone on blogger was complaining)

Talking - yeah having digested a lot of Damon content in the past some of the stories I heard before (like the $1,000 one. I may have actually listened to the nerdist podcast where it happened lol), but I always like to hear them again.

Orphan - I'll stay quiet. :)

Asteroid show - must've left a big impact!

Midnight Texas - I think I read some headlines that implied "this is not true blood" lol

MJ said...

Asteroid - Show is called Salvation.

Mike V. said...

ahhh...ok. Might sound familiar, but not really ringing a bell! lol