Monday, March 28, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 3/27/2016 - 4/2/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Final Posts from last week:

Richard said
Happy Easter!!!!!

Limitless--Yes Sands striking out on his own to it looks like set up several taking NZT. And Mora seems to be miles ahead of where Brian is. Not sure about Piper but it sure looks like Sands took her and left the bloody bracelet.

Yea, the cubicle just doesn't look nearly as much fun. I thought some of the restrictions were over the top but I guess they were trying to be funny. But to me they pushed it to the point of being ridiculous.

March 24, 2016 at 5:23 PM

Richard said
Vikings--OK, so I want to get this posted before I forget some things.
1. It's absolutely crazy and doesn't make sense for AEthewolf, Alfred, etc to go to Rome withOUT horses and armed escort. Royalty would not have done that. Unless the King wanted them killed and Ecbert doesn't want Alfred dead.
2. Lagertha--seriously this is becoming funny. I won't go into it all but kind of crazy.
3. Ragnar--since I know how he dies some of the things going on are making me impatient and there's no evidence he was a druggie. There is evidence that he was just the opposite right up until he died.
4.Finehair--setting him up as a kind of brutal Viking and I guess that could have been possible. He certainly had a lot to do with Viking history.
5. Rollo--things are looking good for him.
6. I wonder what's going to happen with Kwinthreth and Judith now?
7. I wonder when Bjorn is going to kill the short guy from royalty with Lagertha?
8. What's Harbard up to with Auslaug? And Ivar? I know Ivar's future and so this is
interesting somewhat.
9. BTW, just for a historic context, the Viking age was from around 793 re Lindisfarne raid to about 1066 with events surrounding the battle of Hastings.

March 25, 2016 at 8:45 AM

Richard said

Netflix downgrading quality. I've been saying that there is no 1080P on these wireless networks.

March 25, 2016 at 10:45 AM

Mike V. said...

Grimm - About 50 minutes into this one. Didn't think I'd get that far and was saying to myself "I'm going to still write about this one and say that it is TOTALLY the mom that is the werewolf" lol Then right before I turned the TV off they figured out that it was the mom. So many of their case of the weeks have that similar type of twist so I always expect it now! It's rarely their first suspect. As for the mythology...looks like the detectives will be examining the assassination now and renard's involvement. And renard and adalind are meeting behind nick's back. Surely, there will be blowback of some sort with all of that!

Vikings -

1.) I just assumed he wanted Aethewolf out of the picture for awhile. But horses? Bizarre...unless walking is part of the journey/pilgrimage/growth process for Alfred. By the time he's done might be just in time for him to head to Gotham to help out Bruce Wayne! (speaking of...did anyone else see B v S? I'll wait to discuss my opinions)

2.) Lagertha - yeah don't know what they're doing with her character.

3.) Ragnar - I'll take your word for it! Interesting he was having visions of Valhalla (I'm assuming) and what he pictures as his happy place. But yes there certainly is a lot of foreshadowing in the show to his death now. And now we have the blind man prophecy too?

4.) yup...they certainly want to show potential infighting brewing.

5.) It does for Rollo...and I know what you've suggested about his future (and read about it as well)...but from a TV perspective, the very fact that they asked him not to turn sides and join his brother suggests to me that they will show some kind of conflict in Rollo's decisions.

6.) funnily enough, I don't even recognize those names. lol

7.) That seriously has to happen!

8.) Keamy returns! No idea what's going on there but it was creepy how the kid laughed like he did when he was a baby for Harbard.

9.) Ahh the battle of Hastings...that sounds quite familiar. Do you know if they plan on covering that whole period with the show?

Netflix - Doesn't surprise me. So that's specific for watching video using your mobile plans (i.e. phone, tablet or mobile hotspot)....I don't even know how you'd be able to tell 1080P, 4K vs something less on a device that small. Most people can't even tell on large screens and most people that claim they can are probably lying! lol I'm all about good picture quality and in an ideal world would still prefer Blu-ray to any digital mediums at home...but the convenience of digital makes it comparibly cumbersome to take a disc out, switch the inputs on your units and put the disc in....skip past all of the previews at the beginning of a disc and then navigate the menu to finally watch the movie. With all of my digital copies...I can access them on any device and continue it in the same point on any other device and even watch many of the special features.

That said...I'm sure for my first Force Awakens viewing at home, I'll pop in the disc and watch all of the disc features. For subsequent viewings, the digital copies are too easy to resist!

MJ said...

Americans - did we discuss last week ? Crazy with that pilot leaving the stuff on the bus - and Philip killing that guy on the bus too. Thought for sure they were going to kill Pastor Tim.

Sleepy - how weird - Washington crossed the Delaware - so he could go to the catacombs ?? LOL Nutso. And the holes are the notes to Star Spangled Banner ? Golden thread shows the way! This show is just too funny.

Grimm - Oh Drew Wu ! He's going to become a werewolf ? I hope not. Should have seen the twist coming that it was the mom - but I didn't. LOL By Friday night my brain is half off any way. So now Renard will black mail Adalind with their kid ? I know he rally can't believe in the Black Claw - he has to have some reason for doing this.

MJ said...

Oops - meant to say that Orphan Black is getting an 'after' show just like Talking Dead I hear. Don't know if every week or just after the premier.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--Wu--yea, how's that going to turn out? Is he goig to be worse off than a wessen now? I liked how Adalind turned the tables on REnard. He's got to pick a side soon. And really she's got 2 children by 2 different men while not being married to either--not a good start to life. Interesting how Eve is keeping people honest so to speak.

Vikings--The Harbard stuff and Ivar is great, isn't it. I have read where they're going to take it through the whole Viking age and so yes up to 1066--at least that's the plan. There is so much that year so it's like a creshendo of sorts involving so much of what is being laid now as a foundation.

Kwithrith and Judith are the 2 girls left at Wessex with Ecbert. One,the queen of mercia and the other is Aethelwolf's wife/Ecbert's mistress. Both have slept with Ecbert and so I'm hoping they don't go to some orgy thing and that this was to just get rid of AEthelwolf so Ecbert can play with the girls.


Mike V. said...

Americans - Not sure if we did, probably not. That pilot was freaked out! Philip killing to Tainted Yeah we had discussed they probably would consider killing Pastor Tim...but it got more complicated with Paige's confession. Really good show.

Grimm - I know I still have to watch the last 10 minutes but that's pretty funny! (don't really care that much about spoilers with this show! lol)

Orphan - I saw that as well. I don't think I have a lot of time for after shows in my arsenal. TD is different because it was the original and Chris Hardwicke is pretty funny (I love his Nerdist Podcast too) I'll probably pass on OB, but I'm sure that some hardcores will enjoy any more of that show that they can!

Vikings - Yeah maybe there will be a large time jump eventually. They certainly have spent a lot of time in the Ragnar age.

Ahh duh on Judith and Kwithrith...thanks again for the clarification (I think I asked for those names before!) I don't think I realized both slept with Ecbert. I thought he just was with Judith. And that was all out in the open now. I guess the Kwithrith was a previous season? And she has been with him AND Ragnar?

Anonymous said...

Kwinthrith has pretty much sold herself to keep her kingdom. And in previous seasons she was played to be a little crazier than now.

Batman vs Superman--what I'm hearing is that it's a movie to introduce WonderWoman. She's portrayed has having the capability and maturity to stop the childish batman vs superman stuff. And it introduces some other DC universe characters, etc. Kind of makes Batman and Superman look not so superior. So, from what I've heard we'll probably catch it as a matinee or BD later.

BTW, If I recall WW correctly, her deal is the invisible jet, the lasoo of truth and the wrist cuffs that deflect bullets. She wasn't portrayed as a great fighter but that wasn't her deal. Her deal was to find the truth and stand up for the wronged.


Mike V. said...

BvS - I don't know if that's ALL that the movie was (A Wonder Woman intro). It's a movie to kickstart the Justice League...but they're trying to do in one movie what was built over years with Marvel. It was a giant mess of a movie. Entertaining at times, but still overly dark for a Superman entry.

The highlights were most certainly Affleck as Batman and Wonder Woman. But, it was a long movie and they tried to do way too much in one film.

I'm not sure what movie people watched where Wonder Woman helped in stopping the BvS feud. That really wasn't the movie I saw.

No invisible jet in the movie, but there was a lasso and wrist cuffs. lol

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Okay, I'm returning to an older theory of mine on Crane's next love interest. It's not the FBI agent. It's Betsy Ross! I just assumed in the earlier part of this season that they were building her and Crane's romance up because she's probably alive in the present day (or will be soon). Based on that letter she left Crane in the flashback I've never been more convinced. She mentioned something about how she's not sure what the "future" has in store for her but she'll never question her love for Crane. It's happening!! lol

As for all the historical lore in this episode, yes it was fantastic. And don't forget the Hamilton Musical reference! You know I had to love that! lol

MJ said...

Supergirl - Supergirl, Wynn and Flash geeking out on eachother was just so adorable. ! LOL The actress does that so well. Loved that Cat Grant would not let him be called The Flash - and that she's all like in Kara's face about knowing when people hide who they are talking about the Flash/Barry Allen. Very creepy end though. Some issues with ep though - Supergirls baddies are all aliens - Silver Banshee was not. She's more like a Meta Human/cursed victim. The throw away line how now they don't hold aliens without a trial so Barry showed them how to build a prison cell that could hold them - ridiculous. Cause he showed them that in what 10 minutes ?? LOL On the Flash they closed all the gateways so Barry having that thing on that opened one must be their back-door way to tell us they built one ?

Sleepy - yeah they could go that way with Betsy - but then she stated that all she'd be know for is the flag and Crane kinda said 'that could never happen' and it then did. So not sure. Yeah - thought of you with the Hamilton reference.

Shameless - ugh Frank ! Knew he would not stay a decent person but to put a hit out on Fiona's fiance ?!? Knew Ian would get screwed lying on his application. And that Lip was heading right for ruining every good thing in his life. But Deb - I actually gasped when she dropped little Francis - and kept on sleeping.

Bates - that stripper surely does not know how lucky she is that Julian started trouble before things went too far with Norman. But she sure caught on quick that he was talking about himself as another person. Who ransacked the house though? Doesn't seem like Romero's ex would have done that - unless she hired someone to do it for her.

Mike V. said...

Supergirl - I heard the flash crossover was pretty good. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch much of either! But I have been recording all of this season of The Flash so I may go back and watch all of it this summer.

Sleepy - Well it's possible that she was only remembered for the Flag UNTIL 2016! :) But since she's a historical figure, she might have to go by another name in the present day if they go that way. Maybe I'll back up my 100% certainty to 75% due to your good points. lol

Shameless - That was quite the downward spiral of an episode for everyone wasn't it??? Surely the finale will right some of those wrongs and give them a shameless way of coming out on top. The dropping of Francis was awful to watch I agree! \

Gotham - I watched this too. Still working on getting to ONCE and BATES. Man, you miss one day of watching TV and you're behind forever! lol

MJ said...

Flash - they tell Barry not to change to past - but he never listens. LOL Time wraith was cool though. Old Wells was fun to see again - his whole if you came back that means I failed was hysterical.

LOL on being behind. I didn't even miss a day and am behind.

Vikings - as of tomorrow will have 3 on Dvr. Sigh. Will just have to marathon at end of May or early June.

Mike V. said...

People vs. OJ - One episode to go! Wonder if he'll be guilty or innocent? LOL Seriously though, this show has been so well done. Definitely the surprise of the season.

Vikings - it's easy to fall behind!!

Bates - I'm almost done with the ep but couldn't finish it this morning. I see you referring to a stripper and I just got to that scene lol

Shield - They're starting to get into the CIVIL WAR topics on the show. So, I'm sure we'll see a radical change in the show after Captain America: Civil War is released in theaters. (If SHIELD is even airing at that point. I'm sure it will be. At least 1 or 2 eps)

MJ said...

Saul - at first I thought that Chuck was gong to be wrong and Jimmy did not take the money from his dad. Loved Jimmy and the crazy clothes to get out of Davis/Main without giving back that bonue - but the bathroom thing was just nasty ! Wondered if that desk is his dek in Breaking Bad - I honestly don't remember. i was very glad Jimmy was honest with Kim and said he'd be 'colorful' if the partnered in a firm. But how does he look so shocked that she says no to being law partners ? Funny when Kim called her possible future boss Howard by accident. I just don't get the feeling that they even really want her for her skills - like there is something else behind the whole thing. Maybe they do expect her to talk about what she knows on Sand Piper despite what they are telling her.

Blindspot - I think they hit all the cop show nuggets this week - injured guy won't stay in hospital, working alone to protect your team, cop blackmailed into not investigating due to loved one being threatened and breaking up with that loved one. Though Reeds boss was not fooled that he suddenly is ok with Jane.

Supernatural - 11th season and still making damn good television. But you still can't kill a Winchester !

OJ - in som ways I'd wished I'd watched - just too much stuff. Hearing Underground on WGN has been very good. I might start taping it and catch up in summer - only 4 eps have aired yet. It's about the Undgerground railroad I believe. This generations Roots.

Mike V. said...

OJ - It should be on demand for awhile if you ever want to go back. But I hear you on too much stuff!

Blacklist - I'm way too far behind on this one to care but did anyone see there's going to be a spinoff?

Americans - Have about 5 minutes left. Yep, I had to leave for work so couldn't even watch that! lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist spinoff--well I just checked and it looks kind of dumb. I like Eggold with him being in it tha tells me I was correct in him being killed off asap. You can almost 100% predict a death or similar when wedding bells ring on TV--lol. It's just too predictible.


Mike V. said...

Blacklist spinoff - Well I don't know what's going on on the show or much about the spinoff...but how could he be killed off if he's going to be on the spinoff? Unless it's a flashback series? lol Or he's "pretend" killed off?

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--good point on if it is a true spinoff. They're being cagey on what the show's about.

Vikings--Wow, Harbard is taking advantage of the henhouse while the rooster is away--lol. He's of course Odin in disguise. So, did Gisla give us some idea about a meandering Lagertha's future? Rollo has definitely positioned himself a strong leader now with the Franks. I can't wait until he essentially founds his own country which in turn takes over other countries. Ecbert and Mercia, there you go. Ragnar being an addict is hard to watch. He's not done raiding yet though! Finehair is of course biding his time looking for his spot to advance his ambitions and those ambitions may conflict with Bjorns'.

My new Viking book is filling in a few things I did not know.

May take my son to see Batman vs Superman matinee today? Should I take some "no doz"-lol.