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TV Discussion: Week of 3/6/2016 - 3/12/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!

Note: Catch some of the comments from Thursday/Friday shows of last week at the end of last week's thread.


Mike V. said...

Richard Said

Vikings--Eckbert is wanting Judith to desire him. He's a long term player, like Ragnar. I think there is some concern by him re his son. He's kept throwing his son into the fight kind of like David tried to do with Bethsheba's husband-lol. He wants to control Mercia though through Kwinthrith. His son aligning with her will complicate his plans.

Wayward--thanks for the heads up, but it would have to be as good as last time for me to watch since like MJ I watched it as a one and done.

Colony--So, Will knows that Kate is betraying him. I kind of wondered why he didn't approach her then the obvious hit me, he wants Kate to confess to him. Must be hard knowing your wife is betraying you and watching her walk out of the house, etc. The boss coming to the block will be interesting. Seems like the governor has enemies amongst his peers. Like he says, if you guys only knew how good you have it. Interesting observations on the moon. I wonder if the code book Will got is only for this one block of resistance cells?

March 4, 2016 at 4:05 PM

MJ Said

Vikings - a little let down by the 'big twist' that Athelstan shows up. While surprising they def hyped that more then it was worth. But appearing to both Eckbert and Ragnar was asurprise. Crazy queens say kid is Ragnars - doesn't make it so. Just saying.

G of T - you are crazy ! LOL I will watch last 3 or 4 from last season and that is it. Maybe just last 2.

Bates - back this week. Will watch last 2 I saved of that.

Richard - Bats Motel might be a show you want to jump onto. Each season is more intense then the last.

Damien - will check out only because husband is dying to - heard bad things about it though.

Wayward - agreed not surprised got second season due to ratings - but still annoyed. LOL Who am I kidding ? I will check it out and if not good then dump it. LOL

March 5, 2016 at 12:52 PM

Richard Said

MJ, I agree on checking Wayward out.

Athelstan appearing is I think showing us how Christianity will build a bridge since that's what happened over the course of centuries.

Grimm--Now that Adalind has told Nick she loves him and they've been together it makes me think the typical TV drama hype will cause "couple problems"-lol. I hope it doesn't happen for several years, at least for the sake of the boy. Interesting that a town where Grimms hid so many key items is ran by wessen. Am I the only one expecting the town's people to end up OK with Nick and Monroe?

And why did the black claw assassin shoot the mayorial candidate? It makes sense that black claw would want to kill Renard since he's a royal. That's what I was expecting anyway.

BTW, don't forget Adalind's daughter has some big time powers. We'll see if she gets involved in this "global fight for survival" or is forgotten altogether-lol.

March 5, 2016 at 4:38 PM

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike, not a bad idea.

Mike V. said...

Richard, I linked to last week's weekly thread in this thread to try to address your concerns about comments getting lost. But, I also pasted the last 3 comments above so we can continue to discuss them here too. :)

Vikings - I guess I haven't watched previews or read much about Vikings so I didn't know an Athelstan "twist" was coming. I was perfectly okay with the vision Eckbert and Ragnar both had of him. Good point that queen saying that kid is Ragnar's doesn't make it true. And how much time has passed since Ragnar left? How old does that kid look, maybe 3?

Grimm - The biggest foreshadowing on Nick/Adalind was when Monroe said something like how nice she's been and he says, "hope she stays that way." lol Clearly she's going to become a wesen again eventually! You're probably right with the townspeople being okay with Nick and Monroe. Maybe for some reason they want to put Renard in the Mayorial seat? They seem to have been pushing for that already plotwise.

There were lots of flashbacks in this episode too...I can't remember if the one with Nick's mother we had seen before. If not, maybe they brought Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (sp) back and we may be seeing her very much alive in episode 100 (doubtful...but I was thinking that when we first saw her in the ep) Speaking of 100th episodes.

100th Episodes - It's crazy how many shows are hitting that magic number this year. Once Upon a Time, Grimm, New Girl, BBT had 200th episode. Crazy to believe those first 3 shows have been on the air about the same amount of time.

GoT - Yep, I'm crazy and unrealistic! With all of these shows coming back I have no time to get it done!

Bates - Thought I had a couple more weeks...this is going to delay my GoT rewatch! Along with Once Upon a Time. lol

Sleepy - only watched half this morning because of Once Upon a Time.

Wayward - I feel the same way as both of you. We'll see how it goes.

Damien - Didn't hear about it until my twitter feed was mentioning it last night. I'm out! lol

Mike V. said...

No problem, Richard!

MJ said...

Sleepy - loved the introduction of Crane to Mimosas. And that this week's baddie was the Jersey Devil himself ! They even managed to make
Pandora interesting this week. I keep hearing awful things about their ratings lately. SIGH.

New Girl - ok - gave that one up but hearing that they might reveal Schmidt's first name. Mike you have to let me know. LOL

Grimm - def thought they were trying to shoot renard too. Hope they don't forget her first daughter - she could be a great character.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Yeah...I'm not sure it's going to make it past this season. It's a shame. You never know though. All of these networks are giving their programs a little more slack for the long game of building an online catalog. Similar to HBO GO/Now, Netflix, and even CBS with their Star Trek show as an intro....every network is trying to go "over the top" (not the Stallone movie, but the new term) in building a streaming catalog of shows. If you subscribe you'd probably have access to their vast library of shows...all season so you could catch up or watch the whole series from start to finish and then start another one. It changes the discussion from watching LIVE television and more to watching a whole show whenever. If that's the case...Sleepy may live on a little longer so they can at least give it an ending and people can discover it down the road.

Or if Fox cancels it someone like Netflix may give it a new home for the same reasons I mentioned above. You just never know.

As for commenting on the episode...i'll wait until I'm finished! But from what you said, I've seen all of that so far. :)

New Girl - lol I didn't hear that but I'll let you know. I think the show has had a renewed bit of comedy gold. With Zoey D out on maternity leave they had to change the focus of the show and it's been hysterical. I haven't even minded Megan Fox's presence on the show.

Grimm - That bullet seemed pretty aimed at the candidate and no one messed with his shot...but who knows?

MJ said...

I never would have thought that Once started same year as Grimm and New Girl - seems like it's been on forever. LOL

Anonymous said...

Grimm--The shooter had a pic of REnard in an earlier scene. That plus Renard being a royal is why I thought he was the target. I still think Renard is the ultimate target. And yes, the shot to the mayorial candidate was clean.

Vikings--5 people spoke to me about Vikings this weekend. It must be growing. The biggest conerns I heard was violence and nudity. I told them that I don't see another blood eagle any time soon. BTW, the Yidu character is something I'm unfamiliar with from Vikings history.


Mike V. said...

100th Episodes - Well I do remember ONCE and GRIMM started the same year because before either premiered the common analysis was it was the new season of Fairy Tale based shows. Of course, both shows went in totally different directions from the start and much more since then. New Girl just feels like it was more recent, but it wasn't!

Grimm - You could be right...I'm sure I missed some details.

Vikings - nice to hear people are discovering it. Another case for the growing catalog model. lol (I mentioned above in the Sleepy Hollow discussion)

Mike V. said...

GoT - Damage control! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--Of course Jon Snow is dead. Long live Kit Harrington as a transformation. HOpefully not like a zombi, maybe not even like the guy with the brotherhood of banners?(I forget their real name, sorry).

By S6 any fan should know a resurrection is possible for almost anybody--lol. But, they're always a little different.

Gotham--So, Bruce is back and now he wants to kill somebody and open up is dark side. Who's the crazy guy running Arkham and storing the dead villians--as far as a Batman character? I wonder if Gordon's pregnant girlfriend will ever get married to him and/or have the baby?

GoT and Gotham are related in that the dead are not necessarily dead even when killed on screen. To me, the zombie related shtick is too much now. No longer new and interesting, just takes away from the importance of a particular victory/result when someone is defeated/killed. You can't trust a victory anymore which means you(at least me for sure-lol) don't get as invested in the weight of a death scene. Which is horrible since a human death should have some consequence. I could go on as to how this and vampire clics are not good for our kids, but this is not that venue.


MJ said...

Bates - back and great as ever. Watched the last 2 from last season - though the 15 min recap before this episode was great. Read an article with Freddie Hightower - says Norman's spiral will be happening quickly as they are getting closer to the 5 year plan that they had for this show. Loved the farmer just laying him out with one punch. LOL. Did we even know that Emma has a mother (played by Donal Logue's sister) ? Loved the doctor basicly slamming Norma for never getting her son the help he needed. And her trying to flirt with the gay doctor. Was it me or when Norma was waiting for Norman to be released it seemed like she turned around and started walking toward the door ?? Hysterical that she thinks sheriff should marry her so she has insurance. What always confuses me - Emma's mom told the real Norma that she ran from her sick child. So how does Norman/Bad Norma know this when he kills her ?

Shameless - OMG ! I cannot unhear 'come for grandma'. Nor unsee Cornrow Frank. Thought for sure we were going to get a shot of Lip with a wet spot. Hysterical with the guy who snorted the baby laxative by accident though. Glad we are done with Gangster Carl too. Loved the razor wire and land mines. And the guy with the pregnancy fetish was just so creepy

GofT - haven't read your article yet but I heard yesterday that Kit is swearing that he only appears as a dead body this season. LOL yeah right ! But I have to say - fans who avoided spoilers and have not read the books know pretty much nothing about resurrections on the show. Only one that I can remember is that male version of Melisandre we met. Only because I read some stuff after Jon's death do I know where I think they are going.

Anonymous said...

GoT--I looked it up and it was Beric Dondarrion of the Brotherhood without Banners--your Melissandre related guy.

Don't forget Gregor Clegane who Qyborn worked on last season in various eps and Qyborn had him pick up Cersei at the end of her penance walk. He was in shiny armor. You could see his red eyes,blueish skin,etc. Introduced as a new member of the Kingsguard--I don't think yet given a new name.

And don't forget the first one we saw--Drogo!! His resurrection went badly of course which points to what I said earlier, we never know for sure how they'll turn out.

So, there are at least 3 resurrections on the TV show I recall. I don't think any more, but Mike would know.


Mike V. said...

Don't have much time to chat right now...all day meetings.

Gotham - Did you notice Joker was one of those floating people in Strange's lab? It was just the back of the head but it was bright red. pretty sure it was implied to be him.

Shameless - agreed on all!

Bates - I watched but don't have time to chat too much. I don't remember the history on Emma's mother honestly...but she's history now! (and totally saw that coming halfway into the ep btw lol) I'll read your comments more later.

GoT - The point of the article is Kit is still maintaining he won't be in this season other than as a corpse. lol Which is damage control to people spotting him flying into Belfast. I still don't buy it...I don't think any of us do at this point.

As for resurrections...I wouldn't put Drogo as one of them. He was still alive that whole time. They never attempted to bring him back from the dead. Obviously White Walkers creating wights is a form of resurrection too.

(Potential vague spoiler) But there still are potentially other ones from the books they could do. If there is ever a last ditch effort for it to would be this season (Richard, I know you think it won't happen and it's been quoted that it won't happen...I still think it might! Especially if Jaime and Brienne's storylines sync up with the real book 4/5 stories this season)

But to your point...there is enough precedence in the show that resurrecting Snow in the realm of possibilities.

I'll catch up more later!

MJ said...

G of T - I did forget Clegane ! Though was he technically dead ? Poisoned and near death I thought. Hmmm - I don't remember them bringing back Drogo. But these are all people brought back as them selves - from what I read (can't remember character name since we haven't met him) the possible future for Jon would be as another person. I think I'm saying it badly - trying not to spoil.

My only point really was that for tv only people I think it is discussed a lot less often then the people who read the book would realize. Readers have the knowledge from those books but the sow had not spent alot of time on it. Kinda like how us tv watchers really thought the show was about the Starks and their world. LOL

Anonymous said...

GoT--it's a fair point that the book readers more easily identify an otherwise insignificant event. In some ways this is a failure on the part of the show runners and/or they don't see them as being that important. Some would say that those events are not so overt such that the book readers can take away something important and special that rewards their prior efforts.

Clegane and Drogo bring up a point about when does death occur and transformation begin. Mike is saying Drogo never actually died while my point is that he transformed. The later having the notion of passing directly through death--something like a vampire can do-depending on the writer. Certainly they became different in many ways and more zombie like.

Mike, great point about Wights, etc.

We don't KNOW what Jon will be brought back as. I have what I think is a very good idea and would be willing to bet on it, but there's a few different possibilities.

Saw a trailer over the weekend basically pointing out that Danyaeres(I believe) is nothing special. Particularly over the course of history. Wish I knew who that was talking?

Feels strange heading into a season of GoT not knowing what's up.


Mike V. said...

Bates - if I knew that recap was 15 minutes I would've watched it. I just assumed it was an hour. I totally forgot what happened to Norman! Everything else came back to me as I was watching the episode. I think we just have to assume that Emma told Norman why her mom left or about her mom leaving. There's a chance it was covered in the show, but I don't remember!

Game of Thrones - Good point MJ on TV only people not analyzing the show to death like Book readers. Though, I would think there could be some TV watchers that rewatch the show as much as I do and pick up on stuff. That's how I was able to stay on top of LOST as much as I did (and still remember a lot). I don't think there are any official trailers out for GoT yet. There are some that suspect there may not be one. Was it one of those quick clips? I may have seen the Dany one I forget. I's going to be weird heading into the unknown, but could be a good thing too! I still do think there will be a mix of book stuff and uncharted territory. The whole Greyjoy family story was skipped last season and will come into play. And I have a strong feeling Jaime/Brienne stories will now go into book territory. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

GoT. I don't differentiate the promo stuff. It included announcing the return date and time.

There was a voice over with the Targaryan banner and fire and ruins. It looked like Essos. Certainly not showing winter and maybe even showing something from the past? Online not nearly as good as actual TV.

I'm not looking forward to Jaimee/Brienne stuff, mostly because I'm not a Brienne fan.

Interesting that all the banners are torn in the 3 vids.

I agree some book stuff still out there and now that they extended to 8 seasons they have 10 more eps that they have to find material for--cough, lol. They said they had material to get to 70 when they started.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Of course right when I say this the full trailer premieres! lol

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to combine all the scenes in these promos and try to figure out what's going on. Looked like Cersei was close to Jamie. And the High Sparrow crew is going to have to fight for what they want now that Clegane is on station. I was surprised how much KL stuff was in the trailer really. I thought we had moved on from much of that. Also surprised how little Essos, North and Winter stuff we saw.

Melissandre strippping, and a few shots with Davos, lots of variety really. Who was standing in the snow looking down at something low to the ground? Was it Davos?


Mike V. said...

GoT - Davos was at the end of the clip yeah....I'm not surprised at all that we didn't see to much stuff from the NORTH. It's the part shrouded in mystery the most. It was all snippets that really didn't tell you much. I'm sure people will analyze what was shown though. lol

This spoiler podcast I listened to pretty much already have the whole season figured out based on behind the scenes stuff shown prior to this trailer. So this trailer will either confirm their thoughts, add to their thoughts or change them completely. They do think there will be a big battle near the end of the season. And the burning flayed men shown in this trailer might be part of that.

I'm excited for the return that's all I know!!

Anonymous said...

The Targaryan stuff I saw and this trailer both seem to display the remnants of dragon fire.

I will start checking stuff out soon.

Not sure who I'm going to be pulling for now though. Stannis was a leader I liked. Maybe I'll go for the king up north beyond the wall--lol. I like Davos OK too but he's not yet a big time leader.

Do you think they're through shooting now?


Mike V. said...

lol on the King beyond the wall. As MJ alluded to, I'm always rooting for the Starks regardless of who will end up on the Iron Throne. I root for them to reclaim their home and to redeem their father. I think Jon Stark or Jon Targaryan could help with this redemption. (You know...if Jon "Snow" is dead lol) I am pretty certain Arya, Sansa and Bran will play a large factor in the end game too. Maybe even Rickon. I think the story will always in part be their redemption arc.

Beyond that it's not families I root for but individual people....Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne (I know you love her)....I just feel when it comes down to choosing sides of fighting the big fight...Tyrion, Jaime, Dany, the Starks will probably all be on the same side. I could be totally wrong about that. And they all may not be alive at that point.

I really didn't know about the shooting schedule but I googled it. Looks like they wrapped in December so they've been in post production, editing and VFX phase for some time. Wouldn't surprise me if they're storyboarding out season 7 too.

meanwhile the release date of Winds of Winter remains a mystery. At this point he'd probably wait until season 6 is over. I wonder when the ideal time to release it would be. Right at the end of season 6? Dance with Dragons came out in July a month after season 1 ended. Cash in on the interested fans who want to dive into more material. That might be a good strategy for Winds of Winter. The big "IF" is if he was almost finished and just missed the deadline to beat season 6 out. I had heard 1/1/2016 was his deadline....and there is a 3 month turnaround to getting it released...and he knew he wasn't going to make it. Maybe he only needed a little more time for polish and rearranging the chapters as needed.

Anonymous said...

You know a LOT more about GSSM and his writing. IMHO, I think GSSM doesn't really think about release dates. He has others to worry about that stuff. He just writes and rewrites until he likes what he's done and when it's that, then that will be when it's done. LOL on wording.

I wouldn't use the word redemption with the Starks since they didn't violate any law, etc. I would say comeback or something similar.

I expect to see some alliances to be formed this season. Unless they rewrote S6 to delay some things for S7 now that they added S8. My expectation is that the "ending" including the build up to the climatic battle and aftermath will take about 6 or more eps, maybe all S8. So, we can have some alliances start forming by the end of this season


Mike V. said...

No I don't think grrm cares either but if the book was almost done the publisher may have decided to wait until after s6 finishes. That's all I meant.

With stark redemption Eddard stark died declaring Joffrey as king going against his honor for his daughter. And his honoring was tarnished with his bastard son. The one true mark against his mostly honorable existence. When it is determined that Jon snow isn't actually his son his name and reputation is restored. Of course proving that Joffrey was a child of incest would help with the other thing too. The show pretty much sent Ravens across the world indicating that.

So I always believed that Ned would be redeemed by the end of the story. As for the rest yes comeback is the right word.

I can't imagine a 6 episode battle but it's possible. I think there will a lot less battling in that final season that we imagine. Not exactly sure what would be there in place of it. Maybe some minor encounters with white walkers and dragons leading up to the big battle.

I'm on my phone so I can flush out my thoughts better later. :)

Anonymous said...

GRRM vs GSSM--lol. My son goes to GSSM and so I just get used to writing those letters together.

I didn't get him being shamed by Jon SNOW on the TV show. But, I definitely see your point and it is valid and makes the ending all that more special. I wonder if the mainly TV viewers understand it? It's pretty much out in the open about Joffrey re Cersie/Jamie--at least many know. Particularly with the daughter being killed. The High Sparrow is going after her on it too.

I'm not saying a 6 ep battle. From my post:
"My expectation is that the "ending" including the build up to the climatic battle and aftermath will take about 6 or more eps, maybe all S8." I could see 2 to3 eps for the battle if it's on Westeros and Esos. Of course not all 180 minutes will be battle stuff.


Mike V. said...

LOL on GSSM. Makes perfect sense.

I'm not saying that he's SHAMED....Ned Stark is known as an honorable man (really the only one in GRRM's world)..and this is the one thing that didn't add up for him. So, I always just envisioned that being corrected by the end of the series.

Yes...I know the Joffrey stuff is pretty much out in the open...especially on the TV show. I mentioned that as well.

Understood on the 6 episodes...I misread! :) And I agree with your line of thinking.

Anonymous said...

LImitless--interesting ending. The sister being a snitch is pretty bad. He took her in and then she betrayed him. Funny how shows are ok with betrayal as long as it serves the narrative.


MJ said...

Bates - Norman fully became Bad Norma and killed that girl from season 1 that he had sex with that everyone thought was already dead. Can't remember her name now.

Saul - Oh Mike ! What won't you do for your clients ? It's better for Taco to have Tucco go to jail so Mike puts himself on th eline for a beat down by Tucco. As much as we dislike Chuck - he is absolutely right about Jimmy - he wants what he wants and everyone else be damned he's gonna get it. And Kim had every right to be pissed he let her believe he had gotten permission - though def not fair of HHM to blame her. Can't believe Chuck offered to stop being a lawyer to get Kim her place back. Goes to show how little it means to him and how much she does mean to him.

Blindspot - just how does Oscar know what Mayfair's pen looks like ? Another story of someone trying to build a better soldier. I really cannot wait for them to explain how she sometimes has tats of stuff that hadn't occurred when she got them.

Limitless - Brian really getting in deep with the lies - now he knows Sands killed Rebecca's father too. Not sure why Brian was concerned for his sister's safety during a black out though ? And now Mike and Ike know something about Sands. I don't know that Brian took his sister in - thought she was visiting him that one episode. But she thinks Brian is in trouble with drugs and they all had a hard time believing the FBI would want him. Is an intervention a betrayal ? Not sure really.

Anonymous said...

Limitless--Well, I call what the sister did betrayal because she didn't go to Brian first and try to find out what was going on. And really, to bring all of this out in front of the FBI guys seemed strange coming from a family dinner table.

But, you make a good point, Brian may need an intervention. Problem is, it could kill him and his Dad and he knows it. And his sister may have just inadvertently killed her Dad. I doubt the Dad will die, but from what we know, it should be a good possibility now.


Mike V. said...

Bates - oh yeah I remembered he killed her (forget her name too). But I didn't think she was dead. She left town and Norman and her brother helped her get to the bus to leave. (I.e. She left the show to be the new Megan fox in transformers lol) I didn't remember that being the finale though. I guess it was???

Anonymous said...

Vikings--A good setup ep. Lot of pieces put in place. The Auslaug, Ivar, Ragnar thing doesn't make any sense on a historical basis. Ivar was likely very close to his Dad from history. Bjorn being shown with more thought before action may help his character improve. King Aelle back in the scene was good. Loved how he simply put the immorality of Judith his daughter. I think that may have consequences.

Some internal Viking battles coming.


Anonymous said...

Colony--after last nights ep, I'm thinking of giving up on it. The Kate thing has gone from strange/bad to just downright awful. She lies to everyone, including herself and so the character is such a bad person it's unwatchable. The only people she attacks/kills are other humans to start with.

Anyone else watching?


MJ said...

Shield - I liked the new inhumans. And that they were able to go back to their lives to be called upon when needed again. Wonder if it is true what Lincoln said about them getting the powers that are needed at the time. Still not happy Bobby and Hunter are leaving though. Loved the beginning with the 'three months from now' of a ship floating in space. It will be good for Adrian Pasdar to be back too.

Colony - for everyone who had complained about Will not tackling his wife's lies he finally did it. Pretty well too. I am still liking it Richard. Who knew her sister was such a back stabber though ! But to be fair the woman was about to throw the sister to the wolves. But jeez - is she really that committed to the resistance (that she wanted out of) to skip the opportunity to leave and go find her son ?? They have different opinions about how to go about getting their son but when given the opportunity to get out how do you not take it ? Of course he gave no warning whatsoever - so were they taking their niece too while not taking her mom? And how is Will now to explain that his partner disappeared ? Too funny that they used too much explosives. I know there are only so many eps left - I had wondered if we'd get a look at anything alien. So is the alien the Chief Minister - or are they just both on the train ?

Bates - yesh they helped her leave but the town of White Pine Bay - including her mother- thought she killed herself. Yup - killed her in finale. It was his first time really becoming Bad Norma - he talked to her like he was actually Norma before killing her.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I actually didn't finish either Colony or Shield. I got part way through of both and then just erased them. I may pick back up again if you guys keep watching. Kate would not only not go after her son--which was supposed to be a big deal--she wasn't spending much time with her kids allowing them to pursue potentially destructive paths. She was too busy trying to kill other humans believing them to be the enemy. Again, the character to me became too big and unwatchable it made hitting the erase button easy. If I had been Will, I would have grabbed the kids and left her behind. She is too untrustworthy, delusional and puts the kids(let alone herself) in danger with her activities. His character seems to be codependent and needs to break away from a nut job that is hurting her family. Will took this dangerous job to get the son, it was out in the open agreed to by Kate. And yet she tried to equivocate their positions then say she didn't want to go get the son--she's nuts and a danger to herself and those around her--that's all I could see. The final straw that made me erase the show is that the show tried to hold her up as a worthwhile character we should be respecting, etc. When Will didn't leave and protect the kids I saw two dysfunctional people forming right before my eyes and time is too short to watch a show with dysfunctional leads.

I had been invested in this show and saw things opening up and getting better. But last night just made it unwatchable.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Bobby and Hunter are leaving the show??? I must've missed a major plot thread. lol I know they talked about doing something and the other dude (not good with names on this show) wasn't happy about it. But I just assumed it was a storyline within the show. Yeah that 3 months from now thing was interesting. Kind of like Breaking Bad season 2 when they opened with the stuff in the pool and then worked towards it. First thing I thought was...."well that's after Captain America: Civil War" (which looks awesome btw...and Spiderman is confirmed to be in it! It had been long rumored since he plays a pivotal role in the comic story from what I'm told)

I didn't see anything different about this episode than the rest of this season that would've made me want to turn off the episode, Richard. I'm planning to keep watching.

Colony - I just don't think we're going to be able to catch up on it. We fell behind one week and just couldn't catch back up. And it doesn't sound like I'm missing too much by not watching! :)

Bates - Ahh thanks for the clarification MJ. It all came back to me!

Vikings - I thought it was a decent ep as well. I wonder if the Vikings will ever get out of Kattegat (sp) this season. Now with a battle coming to their seems like that will be a longer story to keep them occupied at home before they ship back out. Rollo learned the native French language fairly quickly! Now, I know there is probably a passage of time with all of this stuff, but still!

Scandal - They've taken unrealistic to a whole new level this season. lol Just like that Cyrus has his new presidential candidate to throw into the mix. Fitz and his playboy President and the secret service murdering a prostitute and what not. Don't get me wrong, it's highly entertaining...but it's hysterical how over the top the show is than even before! But, it certainly lives up to its name.

MJ said...

Shield - nope - they are spinning off yet another Marvel show. Cause we don't have enough. LOL

Colony - I enjoy it. And there is only 1 left.

Greys - read the headline Meredith had a new love interest. Didn't they just kill McDreamy ?

Scandal - glad I gave it up.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Pay attention to this new King. I'm honestly not sure exactly how this will go. It really depends on how they portray the norse people and the geography. Keep in mind this season has 20 eps divided up with 10 and 10. So, I think some will get out of Kattegat, particularly Bjorn with his map. I think Ragnar is good for 1 or 2 more trips out of Kattegat. I'll know if it's last based upon where he goes since I know where and how he dies. I would say it was about 3 to 5 months since Ragnar left Paris since cold weather was starting and it's Christmas now. And yes, I wish I could learn French that fast--but he wasn't perfect either. What got me was the Chinese girl speaking Norse so quickly and NO tutor. And it looked like she spoke French too.

Colony--I would have said on Thursday before the show that you were missing something that could really be good. I just don't see how the show can recover from that idiocy last night. MJ, btw, I was hoping Kate would confess to Will vs him approaching her on it.

Shield--I can't either--lol. It just started seeming like so much nonsense happening so quickly like a stage was being set or something and time was running out. I saw a news highlight of the new movie and yes Spiderman was in it. So, it seems a civil war here and bathman vs superman there--hollywood seems to be liking divorces of a certain type--lol. The explanation of how Shield is supposed to operate now seemed weak given the good they've done but it wasn't bad. I guess one thing that gets old is knowing how some new super undefeatable baddie will always end up loosing. Like Ward becoming some superman for the bad only we know not really since skye will beat him up badly. Sitting here writing this out, these plotlines are more easily accepted when they are spread out by years as done with movies in the past. A weekly diet of it makes it less impactful and seem like an eye roller. There's a reason comic books were for kids--lol.


MJ said...

Gotham - been better since it's return. And who knew that Morena Baccarin was preggers in real life - with Jim Gordon's kid ! The actors are dating apparently. Mr. Freeze might actually make an interesting villan. Why on earth do they keep sending a doctor (Baccarin) to do autopsies and psych evals ? LOL DB Wong is doing a fabulous job - as is whoever plays his assistant/nurse. She is just evil !

Mike V. said...

Gotham - I was going to comment on that earlier too! I had no idea they were dating. The TV guide article suggested that Morena's ex husband says that the child was conceived before they split up which actually caused the breakup. Crazy!! DB Wong is doing a great job agreed. And Mr. Freeze is also much more interesting than when Ahhhnold played him. lol

I'll comment on Vikings/Shield later....just had to come into discuss that scandalous Gotham news! lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--so Monroe is sick from the bite then made better from the wand. And they couldn't even wait an ep before messing with Adalind and Nick. She really did a good job showing her desire for normalcy. Loved the trip to Germany. And the 800 year old chest, etc. So, is that a witch's wand, obviously some kind of magic. And Renard for mayor, we kind of thought that might be coming. But, I was obviously wrong on Renard being the target. Blackclaw obviously has a long game in mind.


Anonymous said...

Grimm--some ponderings
1 What if the wand didn't just heal Monroe but took his powers. And if it did for him, could maybe do so for Adalind and be a tremendous aid in the upcoming war.
2 What if the wand does one thing for grimms and another for wessen. This could have some near term accidents and/or long term serious concerns.

Vikings--Bjorn's girlfriend can guide him to whom gave the ring to the bezerker.