Monday, March 28, 2016

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 15 - East (Discussion)

Hello everyone and welcome back to our discussion of The Walking Dead!  Happy Easter for everyone who celebrates.  My family certainly celebrated until the late hours of the night.  I was able to swing WATCHING the episode at the very least, but I don't feel my attention to detail was at my all time best.  (Sometimes the back of my eyelids got that treatment!)  So, this happens at least once per half season and I warned about it this time.  We'll just have a discussion post instead of a recap.  That said, I do have a couple comments to make and will make that after the click!

First of all, on my drive home I was about to throw my phone out the window.  I love twitter and twitter notifications.  It keeps me in the real-time loop most of the time.  But, there's other times when entertainment site twitter handles don't know how to properly tease something without spoiling!  So, when 10:00 hit my phone lit up with "Norman Reedus discusses the episode" and then another tweet that says, "DARYL!!!!!"   Doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?   However, by the time I had gotten home I had decided that because they were so open about discussing this stuff on twitter it must have bene some type of tease on the episode and he wasn't actually killed.

And that's what we all think right?  Even Dwight said, "You'll be alright" as the screen cut to black.  There is no way that they'd kill off Daryl in that sudden fashion without a little fanfare.  He did get his little spotlight in the episode feeling guilty for Denise getting killed, but I don't think that was enough.

Basically, this episode was a "move the pieces into place" episode.  Characters are in place for the finale.   Carol is out there somewhere; Michonne, Glenn, Rosita and Daryl are caught by Negan's crew; Morgan has confessed to Rick about the wolf and talked once again about people "coming back" from horrible things.....all that's left to do is meet Negan and head into this 90 minute finale!

Okay, now I'm handing the discussion baton over to everyone else!  Feel free to chime in with what I missed and I'll add my comments as well.  Thank you for your understanding on the brevity of this post.   Hope you enjoyed my very brief comments and I'll see you next week!


MJ said...

No ! Daryl is not dead but probably quite injured. That was quite a bit of blood.

Mike V. said...

Agreed. Looks like they may have gotten his shoulder or something!

MJ said...

What is wrong with these idiots !?! All the strong just leave to go find Carol ? Then Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go off after Daryl. Abraham and Sasha are the only ones left in town. I couldn't see what was carved on the gun Carl had but reading about it today it's Negen's barbed wire bat (Lucille). Can't be good. And Maggie - those were not labor pains I'm thinking. But how bad-ass is Carol with her coat gun ! LOL And as for Dwight - he just needs to die ! ;-D Lately all I want to say is Shut up Morgan - but I was happy that he told Rick to go back home. And cracked up about the protein bar ! Now that they seem ok with eachother Morgan will probably die.

What I found interesting is that guy recognizing the car from outside the walls of Alexandria - so Negen's people have been aware of Alexandria for some time now.

And it 's possible that it was Rosita that got shot and not Daryl

Mike V. said...

I read about Negan's bat too (in the gun carving)

Yeah..forgot about Maggie...that didn't look good.

surely Dwight dying in the finale would be consolation to whoever we're going to lose. lol

I meant to comment on the protein bar...that was funny! Agreed on Morgan...for a second there I thought Rick might just shoot him after his confession. lol

I also thought it was ridiculous that all of the strong just split town without really considering the repercussions. That's what happens in a "moving the pieces into place" episode. lol

Yeah I thought the same about the car and them knowing it was from Alexandria...I wonder what else Negan and his people know....perhaps about the inhabitants.

Good point on Rosita vs. Daryl. It was all too fast to really tell.

MJ said...

interview with Reedus on Tv line - says Daryl is shot and it is his blood. Won't say where he is shot though. Says finale next week is gut-wrenching and hard core. Also mind-blowing.

Negen appearance

Mike V. said...

I did see that he said the mind-blowing gut-wrenching stuff as well. I'm sure it'll be a tense 90 minutes!

Jason B. said...

Yeah, I think Daryl is okay for now. If something kills him I don't think it'll be the gunshot. Too much points to Daryl dying though, I feel like they're trying to throw us off and it'll be someone else lol. It's gonna be crazy either way.

And I'll be at a walker stalker con next weekend!

I'm excited to get to meet some of the cast and get some pictures, maybe autographs. It's my birthday weekend too, so perfect timing haha. They may even have a big screen showing of the finale after the convention is over, they are trying to make that happen but they aren't positive yet.

Leslie said...

I thought the same thing about everyone leaving, but then again, it worked out last time when some were on the outside when the wolves hit!

When Maggie had her sudden pain, my hubby laughed and said maybe her baby turned into a walker! Funny how they said on TD that there was uproar about Lauren Graham cutting her hair back when the episode was filmed! When I saw her a couple of weeks ago on TD, I just assumed she cut if after filming finished!

Can't believe the finale is already here! We know it will be intense! Heard Negan's voice in the preview. The actor just did a stint on The Good Wife and he was a good guy, so I guess he's gone to the dark side now! Lol!

Leslie said...

*I meant Lauren Cohan. Oops!

Mike V. said...

Nice SuperJ! Have fun at the convention! That would be awesome if you're able to see the finale in that big group too.

@Leslie - I thought the same thing with the baby walker briefly lol I'll say I'm not too thrilled about Maggie's haircut...but whatever! lol Yeah, excited about Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining the cast. I don't know much about comicbook Negan, but feel he'll play a good villain!

MJ said...

Walker Stalker sounds so cool !

I feel Carol is a good candidate to die - she's pulling a Tyreese. LOL Morgan too.

I also thought she just cut her hair during the off season. I think I read the character in the book had shorter hair.

Negen - lots of info about him but not reading too much. Yes he was also on Greys Anatomy and Supernatural many years ago. And Extant last year. Always plays nice guys or guys that are good but live a little outside the lines. It will be hard to see him as a baddie for me. Especially since he is still smokin hot and has a sexy voice too. LOL Sorry fellas - girl talk.

I am preparing for the finale by having a full box of tissues beside me at all times.

Ok - you have got to look at these - they are hysterical[][]

I'm not going to be around for a few days but will def be here on the board come monday !

Mike V. said...

You don't think I know JDM is smoking hot? I can be straight and know that! lol That dude is a man's man! He just walks and he exudes coolness. He also played the Comedian in Watchman which he was technically a hero but he was rough around the edges and broke certain moral codes as a means to an end from what I recall. But one will ever forget the Ghost Denny season of Grey's anatomy. lol

He and Lauren Cohen also played Bruce Wayne's parents in a brief cameo in Batman V. Superman. Spoiler alert, they die. lol

Carol is definitely a good candidate. The fact that Daryl is already shot means he'll probably be safe. But I really do feel like this year more than most that anyone is expendable outside of Rick (I still say Carl. They just can't do that to Rick too lol)

I'll have to check out those videos outside of work!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Mike! Those videos are great! Loved that the walkers were talking!! Thanks for sharing, MJ!

Ah, yes, Denny on Grey's! Who could forget that?! I think that's the first time I became aware of JDM. On TD, they said Negan will be around for awhile!