Monday, February 29, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 2/28/2016 - 3/6/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Re latest comments from last week.

Colony--I def agree that the tutor is a possible agent of some type. I also complain that Kate is not a good loyal wife since she not only fights her husband's efforts re the resistance, but she is lying to him directly and using him directly vs indirectly. While at the same time he doesn't see her duplicity. But, I think that's part of what the show runners want to get across. And, but again, the show is opening up and making this dynamic less important and so I think Kate's situation is going to come into light and then Will and Kate will be more as a team. We don't even know what is left of population, cities, etc.

Blacklist--I think this wedding is not going to end well. Likely Tom will bite the dust. I don't think Liz's Mom is still alive. But, I think there is a relative out there somewhere. And your point is accurate about Liz being on TV, etc. She's very easy to find.

ON Friday I saw the reason we didn't have a Grimm ep was for the Oscars. I guess some watch them but NBC lost me as a viewer that night.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - that doesn't make any sense. The Oscars are Sunday night so it doesn't impact Grimm. I would say that Grimm didn't air an episode because it was the first Friday after February sweeps. Lots of shows take breaks right after sweeps...but since Grimm hasn't aired as many episodes I didn't think they would.

The Oscars were last night and we watched them. Took forever to even fast forward through the show. lol Then watched Walking Dead at Midnight. Whew...long day.

Anonymous said...

What took the place of Grimm?

LOL Oscars being last night. Really?

Are you glad you watched the Oscars?


Mike V. said...

Oscars - I don't know if GLAD is the right word. It's just something I've always done. lol There were some star wars moments so that's always a plus. What I am glad we did was not watch in real time!!! :)

I have no idea what took Grimm's place but they would never air the Academy Awards on a Friday night.

MJ said...

Been sick so my watching has been spotty.

Vikings - will double up this week as have not yet watched it or Legends.

Grimm -- a double episode of Dateline I think took it's spot.

Scandal - I gave it up. Was watching last week's and I am not liking at all that Liv yet again does not see who her father is nor that she's having this weird fling with Jake who is dating someone else. Also not happy with David and his behavior. Nor the President. they just keep going in circles so letting it go. And Cyrus working with that guy who killed the President's son ! It's all been there and done that now.

Billions (last week) - Giamatti blew up that whole deal ! If he hadn't started poking at the fact that Lewis made the deal then the whole thing would be over. Great to get them in the same scene together though. But he really does need to fully recuse himself from this whole thing. The guy who works for him sure looks like a younger Victor Garber. I even IMDB's him - not related. Loved Stern not caving in and telling his wife he has a second family (off camera) and also that guy who let Axe some to his b-ball box only to have it be mailroom night.

No Saul or Blindspot or Gotham. Will try to hit those tonight.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--Well, they are certainly bringing the villians to the front. Interesting no Bruce Wayne this ep. Who was the girl straddling the big guy with the drill hand? I don't recall her. I guess they were trying to show that they make sparts fly--lol.


Mike V. said...

Scandal - I think the point of last week's episode was that she DOES see through her father's games. But yeah...storylines are getting kinda crazy. I'm sure it's all going somewhere interesting eventually. But I can see why people are getting tired of it.

Gotham - Straddle know her. She was what's his face's sister (the eventually elected mayor that Jim killed). I already forget his name. lol Yep Freeze and Hugo Strange were front and center. I'm assuming by the end of this arc Nora Fies will be FROZEN. lol

MJ said...

Saul - Was Mike's daughter-in-law off or is it me ? Was she playing him ? Cause her neighborhood seemed fine to me. And No shots were fired at the time she says she heard them. The papers were not deliered at the time she said she heard shots. They have def gone out of their way to make it look like her and her daughter are the cause for Mike to Break Bad. I think it's too early for it to be Gus Fring or Tucco ? I thinnk this isjust his first stepping stone on the road to Bad. I can't actually remember the deets - why is Mike responsible for the death of his son ? And Jimmy - ugh ! He really is trying to tank his career. As much as Kim's approval means to him he does not want this life and he is trying very hard - subconsciously - to get out of it. I'm surprised how quickly they are moving with that though. They could leave Jimmy where he is for several eps but they are showing Slipping Jimmy/Saul in every one. As much as I dislike Chuck - he is not wrong. And because of that I get that he wants a front row seat for when Slipping Jimmy shows himself for all to see. Found it very interesting that Chuck knew exactly how Jimmy had first gotten those seniors to sign. More interesting was Kim's pulling back on the feet playing when she felt Jimmy had strayed yet again - and her daddy issues as witnessed by te movie they watched and discussed. have read the old lady with the Hummels was from season one - I don't remember her. But i did get the 'ready for my close p Mr. McGill' pun. Call the number from the commercial - 505 -242-7700 LOL

Blindspot - Blonde chick was bad a** this episode. Still not getting how Jane could put the tats on her body for future events, Know the guy was telling her they were the good guys and the FBI/Establishment were not - but don't all terrorists say that ? I get how Jane - with only fragments of her memories is going against her original objective - can't wait to see the whole thing. And the fiance - totally hot ! LOL. But the huge reveal is that she is indeed the girl from Wellers's past !

Gotham - She was Galavan's sister. Took Butch's hand I believe. Didn't hate the episode. Def knew the actress playing Mr Freezes wife - have to look that up. Though Dr Strange seems more interesting. Still say it's ridiculous that Gordon trusts that Penguin will not betray him. DB Wong was great !

Mike V. said...

Gotham - Ahhh DB Wong, I thought he looked familiar. I thought it was more ridiculous that Jim didn't question Nygma more when he said he just happened to stumble upon Penguin in the woods! Maybe he still is suspicious they just didn't focus much on it in this episode.

Really need to watch S2 of Saul. There just hasn't been time!! :-(

Finished Agent Carter and almost done GoT s1 rewatch though! (no way I can watch 4 more seasons before the premiere)

MJ said...

Gotham - i felt he didn't question Nygma too much about Penguin because he's more afraid of what Penguin knows about him and him killing Galavan. I think he was nervous of what Nygma might know.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--I agree MJ. That sword could cut both ways and so cause hesitation.

Vikings--I think this will be the ep where Bjorn starts to develop his legend. I'm suspecting Ragnar will kill floki's wife, but just don't know. It's strange that he's going out of his way to take care of her. There has never been any concern to me that Floki will be killed off. At least not mid season. And given his character's position and purpose on the show I don't see it being killed off without being replaced, for a long time. He serves as a composite character of those who did not want to abandon the old ways and the old gods. That element will be necessary as the Vikings saga unfolds.

One thing that keeps bugging me is that some time back, late S2 or so, I saw a teaser on how Ragnar dies. You may recall that I mentioned it. If you don't know the story then you wouldn't know a certain action leads to his death and so the teaser would not be of any meaning. Anyway, it's been obvious to me that the show has rebooted in a way since the ep with that teaser never aired. I don't think the show runners counted on the sucess of Ragnar's character. The time line pace has slowed a lot but in some ways a few things are out of synch with actual history by being brought forward relative others. Seems to be a case of character appeal becoming relative important vs maybe a little fudging of history. Ragnar can't be alive when the Vikings discovery America for the show to maintain cred however.

Did you guys notice how much Ragnar's younger boys have grown from last season?


MJ said...

Vikings - i refused to read the article on tv but the headline is that tonight's ep will have a surprise hat won't be seen coming. I am behind. Want to try to watch last weeks and the new one both tonight. Since several of my faves are on hiatus right now should be able to.

Criminal Minds - Leslie you still watching ? What a great episode.

Mike V. said...

Vikings - I did notice Ragnar's boys are getting older. I also noticed Crazy lady had a child. Is that child supposed to be Ragnar's as well? I forget. (the one in France or Wessex or wherever that is)

OJ - 5 episodes in. Had no idea that the defense redecorated OJ's home before the jurors came to it. I'm sure some of it was dramatized but I did read an article that this was true. Crazy what that team got away with. It's even crazier that all of this stuff ACTUALLY happened in real life and wasn't just a TV show. (even though it basically was a TV show at the time too)

MJ said...

Carter - lots of talk about whether it is coming back or not. Heard the actress is doing a pilot too. They never resolved the russian chick being out again. And wasn't Peggy and Wilkes kinda hot for eachother ? That just ended somewhere ? I wish they had digged into that file on Peggy !

OJ - yeah the prosecution didn't have a shot ! LOL And the jury was scared I think as well.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--The Princess's child's father is Athelstan and he will be special. Wondered last ep what has happend to him though. I can't recall for sure about the crazy Queen of Mercia child's father. She was sleeping with different people including Ragnar. Ecbert is concerned about the child and so it could be his? Ecbert wants control of Mercia.

I'm wondering when Rollo's wife will consummate her marriage since that was brought up last ep.


Mike V. said...

Carter - Touche' on the Russian chick. I'm sure that's a thread saved for a future season if they ever got it. Who is wilkes? Peggy had a thing going with the scientist and the crippled cop dude (don't know their names)...anyway scientist dude stepped aside because he knew "love" when he saw it. Or something like that...and they got together in the end. I'm fine with how it ended...wouldn't miss it if it didn't come back. But it is an entertaining show.

Vikings - Yeah I'm not talking about the princess. There is that other crazy lady who was in that big battle at the end of the episode. She was with Ragnar too...and she has a child that is a few years old now. I was just wondering if that is Ragnar's kid. Because I know he had multiple wives or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--The nutso lady with the child is Kwinthrith(?spel) of Mercia. And yea Ragnar could be the Dad


Mike V. said...

Vikings -- Right...that's her and Ragnar was confirmed as the father! Good episode last night. Rollo mocking the French language was pretty hysterical.

The 100 - Mythology of the show getting even deeper and more interesting. Really good show. Glad I finally went back and binged it. This episode was a game changer! But obviously, no reason to discuss as no one here watches it! :)

GoT - Season 2 almost done ep 1. Gotta speed things up! I listened to a podcast on some speculations to where season 6 might go. It all sounds very plausible and sounds like there is still plenty of book material they could visit in this season. We've theorized about it here too. There's also a lot of backstory they could fill in with flashbacks and there are rumors to be more of those based on casting rumors and production set sightings. I'm not going to say more than that!

Anonymous said...

Vikings--I really hate that Vikings comes on Thursday night and nobody looks at these Friday posts until next week and by that time the passion has disappated.

Anyway. I've been waiting for 3 seasons to see the bear vs Bjorn scene. It's truly the stuff of legend that has survived centuries. I wish they had more time to do it, but they did a pretty good job of giving it setup, etc time. I hope that the actor can carry out the transition that should be evident when he comes back to see his Dad. Did you notice how the Ragnar thought his son had died? In a way he did--as he grew into an awesome leader. Not surprised Kwinthrith went to bed with the Prince. But that's a big, big deal for him since he has been so strict with his religion. They confirmed Magnus has Ragnar as father.

Floki stuff--I really thought even when Ragnar said he was going to put Helga out of her misery that she was getting a mercy killing except that Athelstan's appearance asking for mercy was in the back of my mind. Interesting how they tied Ragnar and Ecbert together with Athelstan. Christianity ultimately overcomes and unites them all.

So much I could say really a great ep to set up so much of what happened in history. One thing that will happen and will cost a lot of money is the expansion of the Vikings geographicaly as their leaders fight in more areas.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Sorry Richard. I wish there was a better way to arrange the site to track each show discussion. But then you run the chance of people not checking in on each discussion also. And then if I don't post a weekly discussion thread eventually the TWD posts would push it down too far.

The bear scene was pretty cool. I didn't realize that was part of the legend. I did notice Ragnar thought his son had died. I wondered if they filmed that with the same bear that they did the Brienne/Bear scene in season 3. If so, they would've had to bring the filming crew and Bjorn to the US to do it like GoT did. But I think that bear is in filming in the snow may have been tough. lol

Floki stuff I immediately assumed Ragnar was going to cut him down. I've seen too many of these "it looks one way but will definitely go the other way" type scenes. :)

Mike V. said...

Wayward Pines - FYI it Returns May 25th

MJ said...

Carter - yeah Wilkes was the scientist with the Black Matter.

Wayward - was talking about this the other day with my husband. Not sure I will watch again. Was supposed to be one and done. We shall see.

Vikings - only watched last weeks episode - too tired for last nights. Sad that Helga & Floki's daughter died. What game is the king playing by allowing his daughter-in-law/sex toy to learn to paint ?

Mike V. said...

Wayward - I agree. On principal we shouldn't watch it. But they certainly left things open for a "sequel series" at the end. And it gave FOX good ratings during the summer. Seemed like a no brainer to renew. Whether it will be any good is a different story!

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Eckbert is wanting Judith to desire him. He's a long term player, like Ragnar. I think there is some concern by him re his son. He's kept throwing his son into the fight kind of like David tried to do with Bethsheba's husband-lol. He wants to control Mercia though through Kwinthrith. His son aligning with her will complicate his plans.

Wayward--thanks for the heads up, but it would have to be as good as last time for me to watch since like MJ I watched it as a one and done.

Colony--So, Will knows that Kate is betraying him. I kind of wondered why he didn't approach her then the obvious hit me, he wants Kate to confess to him. Must be hard knowing your wife is betraying you and watching her walk out of the house, etc. The boss coming to the block will be interesting. Seems like the governor has enemies amongst his peers. Like he says, if you guys only knew how good you have it. Interesting observations on the moon. I wonder if the code book Will got is only for this one block of resistance cells?


MJ said...

Vikings - a little let down by the 'big twist' that Athelstan shows up. While surprising they def hyped that more then it was worth. But appearing to both Eckbert and Ragnar was asurprise. Crazy queens say kid is Ragnars - doesn't make it so. Just saying.

G of T - you are crazy ! LOL I will watch last 3 or 4 from last season and that is it. Maybe just last 2.

Bates - back this week. Will watch last 2 I saved of that.

Richard - Bats Motel might be a show you want to jump onto. Each season is more intense then the last.

Damien - will check out only because husband is dying to - heard bad things about it though.

Wayward - agreed not surprised got second season due to ratings - but still annoyed. LOL Who am I kidding ? I will check it out and if not good then dump it. LOL

Anonymous said...

MJ, I agree on checking Wayward out.

Athelstan appearing is I think showing us how Christianity will build a bridge since that's what happened over the course of centuries.

Grimm--Now that Adalind has told Nick she loves him and they've been together it makes me think the typical TV drama hype will cause "couple problems"-lol. I hope it doesn't happen for several years, at least for the sake of the boy. Interesting that a town where Grimms hid so many key items is ran by wessen. Am I the only one expecting the town's people to end up OK with Nick and Monroe?

And why did the black claw assassin shoot the mayorial candidate? It makes sense that black claw would want to kill Renard since he's a royal. That's what I was expecting anyway.

BTW, don't forget Adalind's daughter has some big time powers. We'll see if she gets involved in this "global fight for survival" or is forgotten altogether-lol.