Monday, February 22, 2016

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 10 - The New World

Hello friends and welcome back for our ongoing Season 6 discussion of The Walking Dead!  I loved last night's episode and would love to dissect every detail ahead of our discussion.  However, my children had other plans for us on Sunday evening, which as we know is more often the case these days for me.  I'm not complaining, nor will I ever be!  So, this post is going to be super brief and then we will continue the discussion as we always do in the comments!

Discussion Points
  • Loved everything about Rick and Daryl's road trip for supplies.  Law of averages conversation, their run in with the new and very entertaining character Jesus, finding the supplies, losing the supplies, shotgunning an Orange Crush, sharing a Kit Kat, the list goes on.   There was a light humor to the episode that's rarely found in such a dreary environment of a show.  It was a nice tone to have before things start getting nuts again! 
  • Obviously the big turn in this episode was Rick's new attitude on recruits and Daryl acquiring the opposing view.  We'll see what happens with Jesus, but he seems to be too great a character to have him end up being a villain.  If I had to guess, this is a popular comic character. I'm sure someone can confirm. 
  • The Spencer/Michonne/Carl/Enid stuff was good too.  Powerful scene with Carl luring Deanna's reanimated corpse to her son to be offed by someone that loved her.  And even more emotional when Carl explained why he did it to Michonne.  Only in a Zombie apocalypse can the expression, "I'd kill you again if you turned" be one of the sweetest things you could ever say!  
  • Maggie and Enid had a little brief scene too.  Enid's been distant and Maggie told her she's there for her.  Seems like a planting seeds for a future episode scene. 
  • Eugene talking about the special corn (I think...volume was low) and Daryl/Rick just responding with blank stares was fantastic too. 
  • And of course, we all figured it was coming but maybe not so soon. Michonne and Rick got. it. on!  And then of course were ready to throw down in the buff when Jesus came a knockin'!  I didn't watch much of Talking Dead but I did hear them say that a couple months had passed since the last episode.  I had assumed similarly due to the tone of the episode.  Rick and Michonne joking around in the beginning and end of the episode with their toothpaste commentary and all.  So anyway, 2 months in a zombie apocalypse is probably enough time to mourn the loss of his ALMOST girlfriend Jessie.  Of course, with what Rick's been through even a half of a day might be a justifiable length of time! 
So, Jesus is ready to talk to Rick.  Probably about where he's from and what he has to offer.  He has some impressive combat skills, Rick noted his cleanliness and close shave so he clearly has a place he calls home and perhaps a crew of his own.  It was risky for them to bring him back to Alexandria, but maybe this one time it will work to their advantage (and I'm sure disadvantages will follow because you know...serialized television show set in a dark, post apocalyptic zombie-risen world.)

I actually typed a little more than I expected to, but we also know I tend to do that too.  I'm sure there's tons I missed so please fill in the gaps in our weekly discussion!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Earlier I jotted down a few thoughts while waiting fo this post - and promptly lost/deleted them. SIGH

The domestic bliss was surprising - the kids playing - mom and dad teasing each other. Rick smiling - have we seen that before ? LOL It won't last. I thought Talking Dead said 2 months passed but a co-worker said they said 3. Considering Rick was falling for another woman 3 months ago the Michonne thing seems quick - but it's not I guess. They have been living together for ages now. And now that Rick is all about the better world and life he wants his kids to have Michonne and him make sense.

Yikes Carl - just because you killed your mom does he think that all sons want to ? Just saying.

This Jesus guy (know he said name was Paul but Jesus more fun) is something else. Don't think he is bad. Read that with all the talk of Negen there was actually a character also coming that had the skills of say Michonne and Daryl but that was not bad - think this is him. Loved how he untied himself and got on that truck that fast. Can't believe they left that truck in gear and let it roll away. LOL the rick and Daryl show ! Funny how they have reversed places - Rick now wanting to bring people in and Daryl not wanting to. Guess he is leary after those others took his bike and bow.

Yeah - I guess you are right that Rick had some time to move on. Still quick to me but they have been living together - and I think the real catalyst is Ricks change in mindset. He wants a home for his kids with some safety and normalcy.

Agree the Maggie/Enid thing is for a reason. Strange no Maggie/Glen in the episode. Really besides the Grimes, Michonne and Enid there was only a brief Eugene and the doctor as the only other characters in the whole episode. It was grain that I've never heard of FYI.

Mike V. said...

Oh the bliss definitely won't last. I think I said the same thing last night when it was happening. But it was a nice pause in the insanity. Interesting on the 3 months vs. 2. Rick and Michonne have formed a pretty tight bond over the years....we never would've even considered it when she showed up back in the season 2 finale. The 3 of them (Carl too) have been pretty tight since the CLEAR episode in season 3. And have been acting like a family unit in this crazy while it SEEMED rushed, I think it's justifiable in this universe.

lol on Carl and killing mothers.

Yeah...I think I read something similar about Jesus....I think he's on their side too.

Thanks on the grain...I totally couldn't hear him...just knew it was funny. lol

Since Gimple took over, he's definitely had more focused episodes on specific characters which helps the show in my opinion. The premieres/mid-season finales/mid-season premieres and season finales seem to show EVERYONE...but in between I think they focus on more specific storylines to flesh out the characters a bit. But the fact that Glenn/Maggie really haven't had a reunion scene is pretty strange now that you mention it.

MJ said...

The grain line was : "criminally underrated grain … the envy of all corns." so we were both right. LOL. Very true about keeping the focus on smaller groups of people - bu I wanted to see Glenn and Maggie reunite ! LOL Guess we will see none of that with any of them as we have moved forward in time now.

Mike V. said...

Ahhh I thought I heard corn!! :) Thanks for the quote.

Yeah...I guess we really won't see that reunion. Unless they're going to flash back to it for some reason. (Doubtful) I guess they kinda had a reunion last week. If I'm not mistaken they all piled into the gas tanker to take it to the body of water. But there was no Jin/Sun like reunion. lol

Jason B. said...

Yeah on Talking Dead Danai Gurira definitely said 2 months. But yeah it wasn't really too quick considering Rick only knew Jessie for a month, maybe a little more, total. Still, in the comics the death of Jessie and Carl being near death for at least a few days is what led Rick to connect with someone else and end up with her. I don't know how I feel about there just being a time skip the next episode and now the Andersons are all in the past.

Haha I see what you're saying with Carl, MJ. I think he was thinking more along the lines of Spencer SHOULD be the one to do it, maybe he had even seen Spencer out there before and when he saw walker Deanna he realized that that's what he had been looking for.
Also, I don't know about you guys, but I really hated Carl for quite awhile after he left that walker alive and got Dale killed in season 2. I've since come to like him fine, but hearing him say to Enid that he wouldn't leave the walker out there alone because Michonne was out there was awesome to me. What happened to Dale still haunts him and he's not gonna let it happen again. And it was such a subtle comment that the first time I didn't realize the implication of it haha, I love small things like that.

I do know what's going on with Jesus, but I'm not gonna spoil it haha, it's no fun that way! But if they follow the comics you should know what's going on in the next few episodes, maybe even the next one.

Yeah, I think they just skipped the Glenn and Maggie reunion this time. At the end of No Way Out they were together in the infirmary as well. They were only apart for like about a day to be fair, vs with Sun and Jin the last time it was 3+ years haha.

Mike V. said...

Nice analysis on carl there Super J. I'll be honest. I totally forgot it was Carl's fault that Dale got killed.

Yeah...I guess we already had a Glenn/Maggie reunion before when they were apart after the prison. So maybe they didn't want to focus on it too much. Sun/Jin had 2 big reunions on LOST, but yes the last one was 3 years. lol It's a good point that it was only a day, but it was a day when she feared she lost Glenn...and they focused on her not giving up hope and giving up hope. And then finally he shows up and they didn't even get a moment. Not even 5 seconds! (although I may have missed the infirmary scene or just forgot about it) It's more of a case for the world they live in I guess. I'm sure they have a moment coming especially if Maggie ever gives birth to their child! I wonder if they'd do another time jump to advance that story a bit.

We appreciate you not spoiling the Jesus story!

Jason B. said...

Yeah the infirmary scene only showed them for a second, I think Maggie was sitting on one of the beds and Glenn was giving something to her, so they had already had their reunion after things calmed down. It does seem like something they could've shown, even if only just a few seconds, given how much they focused on Maggie as you said. One of the previews for next week is a scene with just the two of them talking though, so maybe that's to make up for it haha, I don't know. I don't remember what they were talking about in it.

Leslie said...

I loved this episode! The Rick and Daryl stuff was great! Funny to hear on TD that they watched Butch & Sundance to prepare. The tone was a great change after the intensity of last week's episode.

They have set up the Rick and Michonne thing for awhile now, so it wasn't a surprise, but I loved how it played out. I think in their world, 2 months is a LONG time!

I think what Carl did as far as Deanna showed a lot of maturity on his part. He wanted Spencer to have the chance to take care of her himself, and it was really touching when Carl told Michonne he would do it for her.

The Jesus character definitely has some skills, so he would be a good asset to our group, so I hope he's a good guy.

Mike V. said...

Super J - ahh right that sounds familiar. I'm sure they will dedicate time to them soon enough. If I was betting they'd probably have a storyline together since they haven't in awhile.

Leslie - That makes sense that they would watch Butch and Sundance....I agree The Rick/Daryl stuff was really entertaining. And a nice change of pace as we haven't seen them working together recently. Totally agree on the 2 months in their world. I think it just SEEMS fast because they skipped over the months between episodes. But yeah...they've been building up that relationship for awhile.

The Carl/Michonne scene definitely was touching. Just a little funny when you step back and think about what they're saying to each other! lol (out of context of the world they live in)

Yeah...I'm guessing they wouldn't have made the Jesus character so likable if he wasn't going to be on their side. We'll see how it plays out!

Leslie said...

This is hilarious!!

MJ said...

OMG Leslie - that was fabulous. Also - i totally remember the truck being out of gear wrong. Though Rick left it in reverse.

Yeah - only on this show can the promise of killing you if bitten be a sweet thing. LOL

I believe that Maggie and Glenn were apart like 3 days. I understood not seeing it - but wanted to. LOL

Mike V. said...

Lol on the Benny hill video. I actually learned today from Reddit there's a site out there that will basically add this song to any video. Someone did one of the fight scenes from the r rated version of the hobbit 5 armies extended edition. Lol

MJ said...

Andrew Lincoln interview - hinty of things to come but not real spoilery