Monday, June 1, 2015

TV Discussion: Week of 5/31/2015 - 6/6/2015

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped TV. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Wayward - watched last week's ep - what the heck was that that grabbed the sherriff's body ? They really are going out of their way to get Burke to stay. Giving him a second chance and no punishment, bringing his family to him. Even the sherriff being told to back down by whoever that was on the phone. And how about that nurse that seemed to really enjoy Sherriff Pope being put n his place. How creepy was that sherriff when he's just in their home eating ice cream.

Anonymous said...

WP, yea I was hoping that what grabbed Pope was NOT a zombie--lol. When I saw that I was also wondering if maybe the fence is not to just keep people in but bad stuff out of WP. I think the time differences are key here. It's like they're in some kind of weird place with maybe a time space thing happening or maybe aliens? I'm not sure yet, but Ethan may be there to help them vs there as a captive. And for some reason they aren't telling. I think when the guy said they needed someone good, that was a key.

And those creepy kids at the store are a part of it.

The sheriff said that the truth would be too much. So, maybe aliens are using WP as a kind of lab?


MJ said...

WP - Hah ! I also wondered if aliens were in play. Something like we have to have people in this town for the aliens to watch or mess with or something. And maybe the aliens are controlling the time so that is why years go by in WP that do not outside. Sort of in teh Cabin in the Woods type of thing if you saw that horror movie. Either that or the town in somehow in another dimension.

Daredevil - this has been pretty good - almost done with it. There are fight scenes in every episode of course but some of them have been awesome. Last night saw one that was just horrible to watch from liking the character but filmed brilliantly.

Whispers - any one watch last night ? I have it taped

Aquarious - any none ? It was merely ok. Really just a cop show. Great music and good laughs at the clothes but nothing special

Mike V. said...

I'm back in town! Still catching up on stuff. Finished big shockers there but it was entertaining.

I'm hearing Orphan Black is good so maybe that's next. I've been recording WP so we'll see if I can get to it.

Still want to watch Daredevil...there just isn't enough time for everything!!

Leslie said...

Wayward - Crazy show! I also think they need Ethan there for some reason, or they wouldn't be putting up with him and helping by bringing his family in. I wonder whose town it will be now that the sheriff got it? lol

Whispers - I saw most of it before I fell asleep. Interesting and a little creepy!

Aquarious - Yep, I watched it. Agree with you, nothing special.

Episodes - Watched the first season this weekend. Pretty funny!

Mike V. said...

Episodes - It's a great show, Lesklie! Enjoy!

MJ said...

Saw a few tidbits about various shows today.

Homeland - Carrie's not going to be with the CIA this season ? LOL

Shield - making Lincoln (Skye's inhuman pal) a regular

Comic-con - they were starting to anounce the panels yesterday. Sleepy is getting one as is Horror Story

Episodes - I love that show ! Especially that first season when Merc takes their show which he 'loved' and changes everything about it. he's so bad that i love the character. And taht Joey's co-star's age is such a mystery. carol/Berverly walks are my fave.

Orphan Black - started a little slow in my opinion but yes it has been good.

Mike V. said...

Nice Updates MJ, thanks! I did see the Comic-Con Panel one but nothing else.

Agree on the highlights of season 1 Episodes. I think there was one other large twist that happened at the end of that season, but not sure if it might have been season 2 so I'm not going to say anything else. lol

And sorry for that spelling error on my last post, Leslie!

Leslie said...

Episodes - I put it on my list because of what you guys have said in that past.

No worries, Mike, I thought it was my Russian name! lol

MJ said...

LOl on Russian name ! Yeah - I think I thought of the very same twist but was afraid to say it in case I was wrong when it happened as well.

SyFy channel has a show coming up called Geeks with Drinks (mid July). Normally I'd have no interest in self described trivia geeks paying while drinking but Zach Levi (Chuck) is the host so I might check it out.

Mike V. said...

lol on the Russian name. Nice one!

Daredevil - 2 episodes in...I'm liking it! Didn't realize Jess from True Blood is in it. Obviously during the 1st ep...I figured she was a one episode guest star. lol

Geeks with Drinks - sounds like it might be up my alley! lol Speaking of Zach Levi...they just confirmed a Tangled TV series on the Disney Channel and he and Mandy Moore will reprise their roles....this may not sound interesting to all of you...but with kids...I'm pretty excited! lol

Mike V. said...

Daredevil - 3 eps done. They just revealed the big bad which I already knew is being played by Vincent D'Onofrio. Still an entertaining show! Hopefully will fly through pretty quickly then can move on to Orphan Black.

Blacklist - I know, way behind the rest of America but we finally finished!! I had read a spoiler that Lizzie killed Tom. And I totally thought it meant she killed the Tom we like. LOL I would've probably been done with the show if they did that. It's much better when he's involved in the stories. But yeah they totally flipped the script on Lizzie...which I think Richard you had been speculating about her dark side. Interesting that the reveal on the whole father thing was that she actually killed him. I never even pondered that! But it was a good finale to an overall ho hum season. Maybe this new direction will reenergize the show next year!

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--you would not believe how many fans, particularly women, are denying she killed her dad. It's like all the posters on the sites have lost their minds. They are in denial and say it isn't her biological father, that her memory is confused, etc. I have never seen a fan base so screwed up in my life. They literally make stuff up like Red was a woman given how "he" cares for her. It's frigging wierd how wild this stuff is getting and I've quit posting on those sites.

Yea, her killing Connelly was just the latest in her life of crime--lol. AND almost no one gets that. They don't even talk about how she's a criminal. It's almost all about her parentage and love life, etc. There's a group of fans that think Liz and Red are romantically involved, or should be. Lizzington shippers--lol.

I have quit watching the show for details and wish I hadn't bought the S1 blue ray set. It's still unopened.

I like the show a lot for what it is.

Vikings still #1 to me--lol.


Anonymous said...

Wayward Pines--Peter killed himself, ick. Ben is being lied to/brainwashed. Cool that Theresa was training to be an agent, bet she has skills. Great conversation about what is the fence for. And Ethan is climbing out, maybe--lol.

Kate seems to be checking Ethan out, maybe she's wanting out again???

The nurse as a sheriff would be like hitler stuff.


Anonymous said...

WP--So, did everyone see the boy without a shirt? Was it a group of those boys that took the sheriff?

And that makes me question if there are aliens involved, maybe not. But something/someone is behind wayward pines that has a lot of power and.or money. The children are coming more into play now. I am beginning to wonder if Ethan was chosen in part due to Ben?

They're only 2 shows i'm really watching now, WP and GOT


Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Those theories by fans are hysterical! I'm glad you joined our side by not overanalyzing the show! lol It is what it is. Still entertaining though. Seemed pretty clear cut where they're going with her character. I don't think the actress can handle that arc, but it should be comical to watch!

Vikings is a good show, but definitely not my #1. I think GoT gets that title right now for shows still on the air. A lot of my favorite shows have ended this year though. Justified, Sons of Anarchy, among others. Still plenty of great shows on, but none that I'm super excited to watch the night it airs. But, that probably also coincides with my phase of life where I can't get too excited about too much because there's no time! lol

WP is still on my back burner for a future binge.