Monday, April 28, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 4/27/2014 - 5/3/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!

Note: Game of Thrones discussions will be split into a separate post!


Mike V. said...

ONCE - Watched it. Will comment later if I have a chance.

Mad Men - Watched it also. Will comment on this also if I get a chance.

Leftovers - Damon Lindelof's new HBO drama. There was a trailer before Game of Thrones last night. Looks awesome! Starts 6/29.

Leslie said...

Mike - good luck to you and Shanna tomorrow with your daughter!

mj said...

Saw that trailer for leftovers as well! Damnit. Might be losing hbo. Been fighting with Fios - nowthat we've had them so long prices are up up up. Was getting showtime and hbo half price- that ended so we gaveup showtime. Was considering giving up hbob at end of GofT. Hmmmm

Mike V. said...

MJ - I hear you on Fios prices. I'm up to $170 a month. It's ridiculous. I have to do something about it too. But, I can't lose HBO! lol

Thanks Leslie and Thanks MJ!! (for post in GoT lol)

Leslie said...

Mad Men - So Don finally comes clean with Megan about being on leave only to have her tell him they are over! Wonder if that will stick?

Finally, we see Betty! So sad that Bobby was so happy his mother was with him on that field trip only to have her ruin it…..oh no, wait…..Betty said Bobby ruined it. Wake up, Betty!

It was really awkward watching Don walk around the office he once ruled like a lost puppy. I was surprised Peggy wasn’t happy to see him considering she is getting no respect from Lou. Joan didn’t seem too thrilled he was back either. And, he agrees to report to Lou and never be alone with clients??? Wow! That’s a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Madmen--I really disliked how this ep ended. Don reporting to Lou after having a great offer to go elsewhere. He should have got a lawyer and worked out a buy out instead of signing that ridiculous list of restrictions. If he violates any of them, he's lost his partnership--I have refused to sign those kinds of documents and any good businessman would refuse. I have been wondering why he hasn't engaged a lawyer for a while now--crazy.

Peggy has definitely shown her immature side, ridiculous what she said to Don. Many of the others are glad to see him, but Lou will be his ridiculous self to Don now. If I were Lou, I would find a way to force Don out, easy to do with that stupid paper Don signed.

Roger at least is practical.

At this point, I can't even begin to think about where this show will go since this ep finished in such crazy fashion.

Yea, Betty's immature and we all know why her children aren't close to her. She does remind me of an ice queen--lol. A great looking ice queen--lol. But Bobby pulled a bonehead move. She should have tried to trade back for the sandwich with understanding instead of making Bobby feel badly. Then to not eat at dinner to hurt Bobby was just awful.


Anonymous said...

I have ATTUverse for internet, phone, HBO, Showtime, everybody, 2 dvrs and it runs about $170

Anonymous said...

OH no, I forgot. The girl had NO sandwich, so Betty can't trade back. So, she should have worked with other parents to figure out how to take care of everybody or just figure it out.


Mike V. said...

Mad men - my wife brought up a good point. Said that him taking the job pretty much means he does not want to go to Los Angeles to fix his marriage. But he probably just wants to get back in and prove himself. He knows he screwed up. I agree though. I have no idea where this is going. Lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist, wow Liz showed some good acting when coming down on Red. Where has that been? I wonder if she can figure out what her Dad wanted to tell her?

I was right about the photos basically--lol.

Red is in trouble and where that goes will be a big story of course. And Alan Alda will be involved somehow.

Liz going to Ressler after taking her ring off was almost predictable. He never liked Red of course so interesting where that goes romantically and professionally.

Red admitting he killed Liz's Dad shows his respect for her. He must have some tie to her beyond just using her?

Wonder what Tom's up to?

Only 2 more eps this season.


mj said...

Behind on Blacklist again

Vikings fr last week - surprised Athelstan went back. That was some battle - knew they would be surrounded! GuesFloki is not faking it. Wow on 'fixing' Rollo's leg - thought they were actually going to kill a main character

Grimm- did not see it coming that the girl would be a Grimm and not understand what that is. Very interesting

Giving up Once. No time and def less interested

Fios - when plan up in Sept think will go back to comcast. Apparently we will have to switch every 2years to keep it affordable. sigh

Anonymous said...

Grimm--really, another female grimm--Nick's the lonely guy grimm? Theresa the new grimm will save Nick because of Nick's blood in Adalind, etc. I didn't see her being a grimm until the park scene, then was wondering? She doesn't need to just believe in monsters to be unbalanced--lol.

Adalind, I actually feel a little sorry for her and don't blame her for trying to find her baby. Too bad she's not someone you can be honest with.

Shield, still going well and we find out about Tahiti! So, Hill joined the fight against the colonel and troops. Shouldn't she be arrested along with the others now? That storyline is a little weak. They can 't keep carrying the fight without resources and so something's got to change. And oh, in real life it helps to get paid--lol!!!!


MJ said...

Shield - Hill is protected by Stark now that she works for him apparently

Almost Human - cancelled. Not surprised but disappointed - think this show could have really gone somewhere

Following - kenw Joe would live and figured it would be about Claire somehow that Ryan couldn't kill him. So - who picked up mark and dead Luke ?? Peeps saying reporter but I don't see how that tracks

Hmm - on my tablet the words to prove not robot not there but won't let me post without putting words.

Mike V. said...

Cable - ugh it used to be if you threatened to cancel they'd give you a new deal. Didn't happen when I left comcast. Lol

Watched Grimm and agree on comments.

Agree on almost human. Not surprised but they certainly butchered the order eps were aired and shied away from mythology which would've hooked me quicker. Granted this stuff just doesn't work well on network tv anymore. Granted I say that and sleepy hollow was a breakout hit. I think it comes down to engaging characters as always!

Don't blame you mj on once. I'm still watching but it feels like a chore lately! It's not bad I'm just losing interest.

There's a chance I can watch Vikings tonight. Parker and I have been holding the fort down at home while the ladies are still in the hospital for one more night! :)

mj said...

Once - exactly. Just not interested

Orphan - finally thru S1 and caught up to 2 - loving it. Can't believe mrs S killed that lady. Glad. Art in the. know now

Supernatural spinoff - not impressed

Looking fwd to 24 again! Some spevial about it sat night.

Sleepy - I miss that show. sigh

Vikings - will try to watch tonight too so I don't have to avoid Mike and Richard comments tommorrow. Lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--yeaaaaa. There should be some Horic conflict tonight. Rollo may or may not be doing better.

BTW, I think GRRM got the crow thing from Viking lore. Since that's where it originated from 1000s of years ago--lol.


Mike V. said...

Orphan - Whoops, didn't see ep 2 yet! But I have no idea what you're talking about anyway! lol

Can't wait for 24 either!

Oh boy parker's awake. Duty calls!

Anonymous said...

Vikings--forgot that it's the finale tonight!! More popcorn--lol


Anonymous said...

Vikings---WOW Conan ending first thing that came to mind at ending last night, iconic!!! Just, my opinion, but I think on purpose. Loved that shot with the mountains.

OK, we now know Flokie chose Ragnar over Horic, even though he questions Ragnar's relationship with the gods. Particularly interesting given the title and Ragnar saying the Lord's prayer. This was set up starting last season, so I really was beginning to think Flokie just might betray Ragnar. So glad he didn't. I really didn't think he could kill Bjorn and last night when Horic asked him to do so and Flokie's reaction, it didn't go down well with Flokie.

Siggy's storyline with HOric is something I didn't follow much but when she was asked to kill Ragnar's children, I didn't think she would do it. She helped raise those kids. Her putting the ax into Rollo's eyesight was interesting and makes me think she was playing Horic all along, knowing an attack was coming. But not sure. Can't wait for next Rollo/Siggy scene.

There is no guarantee Horic's son will live, likely remaining girls will live. Makes next season opener that much more interesting.

Bjorn's girlfriend is nuts/immature/strange. She told Bjorn she wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her freedom, threatening him with other guys, he does that to her and she storms off. She wants his respect, maybe she should act mature--lol. She has had several interactions where she's been strange. Of course she wants to be a Lagertha or so it seems biggest difference there is that Lagertha's rudder seems to run deep. Per history he marries a princess. Of course he could have had multiple wives?

Ecbert knew Ragnar was the real guy to be dealing with. I said in an earlier post that Ragnar was in the background watching. Looking back from today makes me wonder if he's been preparing for last night in case Horic tried to do to him what he did to Jarl.

Maybe more later.

I hate that this only has 10 eps. Such a great show, well done.


mj said...

Vikings - dang they made my husbandright. He thought Floki was spying for Ragnar basicly. So harsh to kill whole family - but they were harsh times. I think if Siggy believed Horic would make her a queen she would have done as he asked. Bjorn/Thora- shes just making him chase her. I don't remember what now as it was unimportant but she gave him a chance to say something and he chickened out. But she is odd.